Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 16-There’s Only One President in Shen’s
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 16-There’s Only One President in Shen’s

"Young Master Yan, it's reasonable to say that I shouldn't talk too much. It's just that Secretary Xia is too undue." Jiang Wen put on a look on the side. She didn't know what to say about Xia Yu.

Xia Yu had once again offended Zeng Mina?

This little girl, she was really...!

Shen Yan was stunned for a moment. After a while, he nodded his head thoughtfully and took out a cigarette from his bag.

"Maybe it's because you've just gotten to know each other. It will be better when you are really know each other. " Shen Yan's face did not look good, it was as cold as the heavy rain in the mountains.

"I'm fine, just ignore her. But she's your secretary and she is weird. You have a good temper, I am worried about you. " Zeng Mina sighed.

"She dares! Mina, I know that you have been wronged. You calm down for my sake. Later, I will definitely criticize her. " Shen Yan also knew that Zeng Mina was not feeling well, so he tried his best to comfort her.

"Let's not talk about her. You haven't been here for a long time, right? Have a walk with me. " Zeng Mina stood up, strolling in the rain was her favorite.

Jiang Wen handed an umbrella to Zeng Mina, and Shen Yan accepted it.

Zeng Mina liked to walk in the rain, saying that this feeling was very poetic. Shen Yan had always known it , and it wasn't the only time he had accompanied her to walk in the rain.

"Shen Yan, are you still going to rush back to the company? Why don't you leave first! " Seeing Shen Yan looking at the intersection and not intending to continue walking forward, Zeng Mina turned to Shen Yan and said.

Shen Yan tilted the umbrella over his head slightly to Zeng Mina.

"What about you?"

"I'll stay here for the night. Let's talk on the phone later."

Shen Yan thought for a moment, "Then I'll go down the mountain first. When are you going to rehearse? I'll have Xia Yu prepare it. "

"It'll be next week at the latest. Don't criticize Xia Yu, she doesn't dare to do anything to you, but she'll vent her anger on me again later." Zeng Mina suddenly lowered her head and grinded her feet against the rain-soaked grass.

"She dares?! Mina, Xia Yu is a bit straighter, but I believe that she knows the seriousness of this situation. " Shen Yan's handsome face turned cold as he forcefully suppressed his displeasure.

She was traigher, she knew the seriousness of the situation. When these words entered Zeng Mina's ears, coupled with Shen Yan's expression, why did she feel that Shen Yan was favoring Xia Yu?

This really surprised Zeng Mina!

Xia Yu's beautiful face, which carried a hint of nobility and chilliness, was replayed in Zeng Mina's mind and it disappeared in a blink of an eye.

Alright, even a beauty like Zeng Mina had to admit that Xia Yu definitely had the qualifications to be protected by Shen Yan.

There shouldn’t be more words.

She knew Shen Yan's temperament, even though he was always laughing and acting like he was easy to talk to. In reality he wasn't different from Shen Mo and wouldn’t allow anyone to go against his wishes.

Xia Yu didn't listen to his orders and left early, it would already be enough for Xia Yu to be criticized.

When she thought of Xia Yu's dejected appearance, there’s nothing she was dissatisfied about.

"It's just that you were in a hurry this time, and you don't have the time. We even haven't had a good meal." Although her tone was soft, there was a tone of reproach in her tone.

Shen Yan gently smiled, "If you want to blame me, then blame the company. There are lots of businesses; we can arrange to meet again another day."

"Really?" Without making a sound, Zeng Mina moved closer into the umbrella. Her fingertips were lightly touching Shen Yan's hand that was holding the umbrella handle.

"Then, I'll wait for your call." Her voice was low and a little shy.

Shen Yan nodded his head and handed the umbrella to Zeng Mina. He said goodbye to Jiang Wen and ran through the rain to the car parked by the roadside and left the Bamboo Fence.

Zeng Mina stood beside Jiang Wen and looked at Shen Yan's back. Her lips curled up into a cold smile.

“Shen Yan, I know you're good to me. But Shen’s only has one President, I only have one husband. So don't blame me.”

"Sister Mina, do you think Young Master Yan would fire Xia Yu?" Jiang Wen's gaze followed the back of the man in front of her, was unable to move away.

Why was Zeng Mina so lucky? The man she wanted to marry was outstanding. The man who liked her was also a dragon amongst men.

Why wasn't she as lucky as her?

For a moment, all sorts of envy and hatred filled her heart.

"Not really!" Zeng Mina's thoughts went back to Shen Yan's words. He had never defended a subordinate in such a manner in front of her.

He fell in love with that elfin? With Shen Yan's character, it was very possible. But, so what?

"Directly being expelled is not fun anymore." Zeng Mina added.

“Xia Yu, don't think that Shen Yan will protect you and everything will be fine. If I can't play you to death, then I'm not Zeng Mina.”

If Shen Yan were to turn around now, he would definitely be scared by the ferocious expression on her face. It was a pity that he did not even look back as he entered the car. In his eyes, Zeng Mina was still that pure goddess.

"Xia Yu might have a reason to leave first, I'll ask her later." Liu Sijie's eyes were always staring straight ahead. It was raining so heavily and he drived on the mountain path at night, So he had to be even more careful.

"En!" Shen Yan turned around. The hills were thick, and the rain was heavy. Zeng Mina and Jiang Wen stood quietly in the rain with a black-patterned umbrella over their heads.

The originally ordinary scene was imprinted into his mind for no reason. When he recalled the indifferent eyes of Zeng Mina some day in the future, he would feel it’s a dream.

"Young Master Yan, do you think Young Master Mo will come to fetch Miss Zeng?" After all, Zeng Mina still had another identity, Shen Mo's fiancee.

No matter what, Liu Sijie had an obligation to remind Shen Yan.

Well, it was absolutely true that this woman was his future sister-in-law.

Since she chose his older brother, he respected her choice.

"No way!" A very definite answer.

He understood his older brother.

The rain was getting heavier, and the sound of the wind was terrifying. There were nothing on the mountain road, only a black MPV speeding by.

It was so quiet in the car that the phone rang was louder than usual.

“Assistant Liu, is Young Master Yan here? There was a shareholders' meeting at nine o'clock. The Old Madame was also there. " The call was frome Fang Yuan and appeared to be very urgent.

How could she not be anxious? The meeting would start at 9 o'clock, it was already 8: 30 now.

"Why didn't you inform me earlier? What are you doing! " The Bamboo Fence was almost two hours away from the city, and they couldn't get back in time.

Liu Sijie, who had always been a calm person, even had thoughts of cursing.

As a senior secretary, why didn't Fang Yuan inform Shen Yan immediately after receiving the notice?

"It was an interim notification. As soon as I received it, I called Young Master Yan, but I couldn't get through. Now it is not the time to talk about this, hurry up and find Young Master Yan. "

This was a crucial meeting of whether Shen Yan could officially become a candidate or not. It was very important that she didn't have the time to explain it to Liu Sijie.

Interim notification? Liu Sijie's heart was filled with bitterness. Did Young Master Mo know this beforehand?


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