Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 17-Misfortunes Never Came Single
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 17-Misfortunes Never Came Single

Could it be that Zeng Mina knew about this meeting beforehand and decided to meet Young Master Yan in the far place ?

Liu Sijie turned his head and stared at Shen Yan for three seconds, He even forgot he was driving.

"Drive carefully!" Shen Yan reminded him from the side.

Only then did Liu Sijie recover his wits. Subconsciously, he stepped on the brakes. "Young Master Yan, what should we do?"

Shen Yan reached out to take Liu Sijie's phone, motioning for him to continue driving. "Drive steady, there's no need to hurry."

"Yes!" It's useless to be impatient, right? Liu Sijie had already calmed down.

The car slowed down a bit, and he soon heard Shen Yan start to talk on the phone in the back seat, " Fang Yuan, I'm still on my way back to the city. I'm sure I'll be late, will you go to the meeting instead of me?"

Fang Yuan, on the other side of the phone, was filled with dissatisfaction as she spoke in a rushed manner, "What qualifications do I have to attend this kind of meeting for you? Besides, what did you want me to say there?"

"You don't need to say anything. Just keep an eye on Shen Mo for me!" When he received such a phone call, Shen Yan had the urge to hit someone. However, he couldn't find an outlet to vent his anger.

This caused him to feel the most aggrieved.


Fang Yuan had nothing to say.

"Also, keep an eye on..." Shen Yan paused for a moment. Then, he seemed to have recalled something to tell Fang Yuan.

Before he could finish his sentence, he heard a screeching sound. The brakes of the MPV began to rub violently against the wet gravel by the side of the road. The MPV skidded across the path and almost crashed into the mountain.

"What was that noise over there?" Fang Yuan also heard the sharp sound of brakes, and her hearts immediately tensed up.

Shen Yan also didn't know what happened. It was raining so heavily outside and the windows were covered with a thick layer of water vapor. So he couldn't see what was going on outside.

"Maybe there's a problem with the car, so we hung up first." Compared to her, Shen Yan could still be calm. He put away his phone and patted the front seat. "Liu Sijie, what's going on?"

Sitting in the driver's seat, Liu Sijie tightly gripped the steering wheel. His eyes stared blankly for a long time before he finally squeezed out a single sentence between his teeth.

"Driving in the mountains, it’s courting death!"

Even the refined Liu Sijie was cursing. Shen Yan couldn't help but frown and was about to say something, But he saw a figure running over from the white fog surrounding the window.

"Open the door!"

Someone was knocking on the windowpane outside, rapidly and urgently. Unfortunately, the fog was too thick for Shen Yan to see the person's face.

"What's going on?"

"Who knows, crazy person?" Liu Sijie was extremely resentful. "Please sit. I'll get off the car and take a look at the situation."

Liu Sijie quickly opened his umbrella and got out of the car.

Shen Yan was still sitting inside the car, unable to see the situation outside, but he could vaguely distinguish that the other party was a woman.

She grabbed Liu Sijie's arm. No, she was half-leaning on him.

From Shen Yan's point of view, that woman seemed to have unrelenting bluffed Liu Sijie. Shen Yan was a little disgusted in his heart, he hates people who mess around.

Swindle? There weren't even any witnesses in this damned place, and the weather wasn't good either. It was a good time to swindle.

"Liu Sijie!" Shen Yan called Liu Sijie in the rain and said impatiently, "We still need to be in a hurry. How much money does she want to swindle?"

"No, Young Master Yan, she …" Before Liu Sijie could finish speaking, the woman's body tilted downwards. He didn't have the time to talk to Shen Yan and hurriedly supported her. The umbrella in his hand fell to the ground and rolled around. It was quickly swept away by the mountain wind.

The situation seemed to be different with Shen Yan had expected. With a stern face, he pressed the button and the window slowly rolled down …

In that instant, the wind swept the water into the car, leaving behind only the silent hills. Shen Yan heard his own heart thumping which missed a beat.

Xia Yu was completely drenched outside the window. She hung limply on Liu Sijie's body. Her slender white fingers tightly grasped his arm.

At that time, Shen Yan's mind was empty for a few seconds and he felt as if the whole mountain was covered with rain.

He sat in the car and couldn't get a single drop of water. But the rain poured down on Xia Yu and Liu Sijie without leaving a single drop behind.

The woman outside the window was battered. Her face was half covered with hair and her chin was dripping with water. Her lips were white. However, her eyes blackened and blurred because of the rain.

Because of the torrential rain, her eyes were a bit hard to open. But it seemed to have some sort of evil force inside. There was a huge whirlpool hidden under the calm ripples, causing you want to hide when the eyes were staring at you.

"Get in the car!" Shen Yan quickly opened the car door and dragged Xia Yu inside.

It was very cold outside. The wind and rain was heavy, but it wasn't any better in the car. Xia Yu was shivering nonstop.

At this moment, Liu Sijie also got into the car. He threw her a box of tissues from the front. "Wipe yourself, you will feel better."

"Thank you!" Xia Yu's voice was low, even somewhat strenuous. After receiving the tissue, she no longer moved.

Liu Sijie glanced her and saw her leaning back in her seat. Her face was as white as a sheet of paper. It was probably because she had been drenched by the rain and was too cold.

God knows how long she was in the rain? Liu Sijie's mouth twitched twice before he turned around and started the car.

"Why are you here alone? You met a robber? " According to what Zeng Mina said, Xia Yu should have already returned to her home in the city by now. Shen Yan felt a baffling burst of anger.

As for why, he was in no mood to ponder over it.

"All this is thanks to you!" Xia Yu raised her eyelids. Her vision was blurry, and she had to push her body up a little. Her voice was intermittent, and she was slightly out of breath.

This tone seemed to have a meaning!

Shen Yan's hand that was holding the phone slightly paused and he couldn't help look at her.

The moment his gaze landed on her, he felt that something was wrong with Xia Yu. Not only was her expression unsightly, she had also been pressing down on her stomach since she got on the car.

"What's wrong with you? Can you still persevere? Don't scare me! " Shen Yan's tone was clearly flustered and uneasy.

Liu Sijie's eyebrows shot up as he glanced at Xia Yu through the rearview mirror.

Based on his understanding on Zeng Mina. Since she had already cheated Xia Yu to come, she naturally would not let her go so easily.

Due to Shen Yan's face, he didn't ask what was going on. However, Xia Yu's pained expression was seen by him. "Are you not feeling well, Xia Yu?"

There was concern in his voice, as well as a faint sense of anger.

Zeng Mina, there was a limit to everything. This time she's gone too far!

If Xia Yu really had something wrong, Could she be at ease?!

"I can still persevere. If you have things to do, you can drop me when you reach the city center. You can leave first!" Xia Yu's teeth were chattering and her voice was also trembling.

She was conceited, she wouldn't have seen her own situation. The timid people would have been scared to death when they saw her.

She was like this now, Shen Yan wouldn't dare to leave her alone!

The house was broken while it’s raining.

"Hurry up, the nearest hospital!" Shen Yan ignored Xia Yu and directly said to Liu Sijie.


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