Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 18-She’s the Kind of Woman I Can Tolerate
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 18-She’s the Kind of Woman I Can Tolerate

Liu Sijie stepped on the throttle and the car sped up.

Xia Yu twisted the doorknob and shifted into a sitting position. She turned her entire body to the side and leaned her upper body against the thick leather seat.

Silence returned to the interior of the car. There was only the sound of the heavy, rapid rain, which beat on the glass and made the mountain outside seem like a blur.

Shen Yan looked at the time and gave a call to Fang Yuan, "I might not be able to come."

She even had the heart to strangle Shen Yan. Being late had already left a bad impression on the Old Madame, Now he even dared not to come.

Thus, Fang Yuan rejected him immediately with a commanding tone, "Come no matter how late you are!"

Shen Yan naturally knew that this matter was very important and he also wanted to sit in the conference room of the headquarters right now.

But was that possible?

Since he was going to leave a bad impression on the shareholder. It wouldn't help even if he rushed over. So he might not go as well.

"It's really urgent, we'll stay in touch." Shen Yan ignored the nagging Fang Yuan and directly hung up.

However, just as the phone call ended, Shen Yan felt his right arm sink, while Xia Yu who was beside him suddenly leaned over.

What was going on?


Shen Yan patted Xia Yu's shoulder. She did not move, and continued to sink downward with her head on his shoulder. Her entire body seemed to have landed on Shen Yan's arm.

Even if it was raining, she shouldn't have ended up like this! Could it be …

Shen Yan's heart sank.

Xia Yu covered her stomach and curled up into a ball. It was unknown that there was rain or sweat on her forehead. Her lips were white and her eyelids seemed to completely wrinkle from the pain.

"You …" Shen Yan was about to ask when she suddenly grabbed his hand.

Xia Yu put her face on his shoulder, but held tightly onto Shen Yan's fingers. Her thin and cold hands had nails digging into his flesh, becoming tighter and tighter. As if she was trying to transfer something to him.

Shen Yan was caught unprepared.

However, his left hand couldn't pulled out, Xia Yu's body was still sinking. Her face was close to his arm. Eeven through a layer of cloth, he could still feel the cold and wet warmth on her face.

Shen Yan was forced to twist one of his arms and grab her waist in an attempt to help her up. Xia Yu had already fallen into a semi-coma, limply lying on his lap.

Shen Yan's heart tightened. He quickly took off his jacket and draped it over her body. He kept urging Liu Sijie, "Quickly, quickly, the nearest hospital."

"Acute appendicitis, hurry up, prepare for surgery!"

Then here came the messy footsteps …

Xia Yu was pushed into the operation room, feeling as if she was soaking in cold water. Her consciousness was floating in the air with the figures in front of her.

There was a faint sound in her ears and a piercing light in front of her. The pain in the depths of her body was sharp and distinct, But all her senses seemed to have been separated.

Xia Yu didn't know how long she slept. When she forced open her eyes, she saw a person sitting in front of the bed.

Shen Yan had already been sitting on this chair for nearly 3 hours. It can be said that he had maintained this posture ever since he arrived at the ward.

For the past three hours, he had been thinking about something, or rather, what he might lose tonight.

Seeing that the person on the bed had woken up, Shen Yan lifted his heavy eyelids and asked, "How do you feel?"

Try to cut a piece of flesh off you? Xia Yu licked her dry lips, "Not good!"

It was already good that she didn't die, So what else could she do?

Shen Yan harrumphed, knowing that she must be like this after she waked up.

"Oh you, what's so important that you can't bear it? If something happened to you while you were on your way …" His tone was clearly questioning, but his voice was hoarse and low.

God knows how much he'd suffered in the past few hours.

He thought more than once, If Xia Yu didn't meet them, What would be the consequences?

Even now, when he thought about how Xia Yu looked in the car, He still felt a lingering fear.

Just because of this, he had been stuck in a dilemma for three hours.

Xia Yu had just finished her surgery, and her body was already feeling weak. Now she was sitting up on the bed, holding on.

It was hard for her to keep smiling at a time like this.

"Don't say it like that. Because Zeng Mina has been playing with you since she was young. Is she someone I can tolerate?"

With a single sentence, she blocked Shen Yan's path.

Shen Yan pinched his fingers, seemingly wanting to teach Xia Yu a lesson. But in the end only one sentence remained: "Can't you just walk back and be mad at me? Don't you know to make a phone call? Even if you don't call us, You should at least call a taxi? "

"I want to call, but I need to get a phone!" Xia Yu's tone was almost mournful, She wished she could bite and bleed.

She was too careless. She didn't even know when her phone was taken away.

"Didn't you say that you left because you were in a bad mood when you had a conflict with Bao Na? How could there not be a phone?" Shen Yan's eyes turned colder as he said, "You just said that you couldn't tolerate Zeng Mina. Did you start a conflict with her or with Bao Na?"

To actually ask such a retarded question. Did Zeng Mina spend so much effort to get herself into such a damned place just to treat her to a meal?

Not to mention the smart Young Master Yan, even a three-year-old child wouldn't believe it.

Alright, since you asked. I, Xia Yu, will earnestly answer you once, It is just that you are my superior, "Bao Na is an interlude, the main character is Zeng Mina. I wonder if Young Master Yan still has any questions about my answer?"

Shen Yan let out a long breath. If this woman was someone who knew how to compromise, She wouldn't have retorted against Zeng Mina and embarrass her.

"I'm sorry, I apologize for her. "Actually, she regretted it quite a bit. She heard that something happened to you, So she urged to come here to see you. She got into a car accident and stayed in this hospital."

Since the matter has already happened, Shen Yan only wanted to reduce it and everyone could take a step back.

"Does she hurt?" Xia Yu was stupefied, just what kind of day was it today?

"Yes, Jiang Wen accompanies her." Shen Yan stood up. From the moment Zeng Mina was injured to the moment she arrived at this hospital. She had been hiding this from him. It was only when Xia Yu came out of the operation room that Jiang Wen sent him a message.

She did not care about her injuries and instead kept asking how Xia Yu was doing. When she found out that Xia Yu was not in danger, She was finally relieved. She cried like a child, and even Jiang Wen felt sad when she heard it.

"Go and see her. Say hello to her for me. I'll see her later." Xia Yu looked at Shen Yan and said.

"En, alright. Rest well. I'll come back to see you in a while."

Now Xia Yu was fine, it was time for him to visit Zeng Mina.

Staring at Shen Yan's back, Xia Yu was a little lost in thought, She couldn't react for a long time.

She had a feeling that something was wrong, but she couldn't tell.

Xia Yu's eyes were slightly sore because of the overhead light. She rubbed her face with her hands and turned her head to look out the window.

Outside the window it was dark. The rain had stopped and the world was quiet.

Finally, everything had stopped.

Xia Yu slowly bent her straight upper body and curled her arms around her knees like a tired bird.

But in the shadows by the door, she didn't see the person standing there.


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