Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 19-Meeting with Future Sister-in-law
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 19-Meeting with Future Sister-in-law

Xia Yu had been sitting on the bed with her hair loose and wet, the light blue striped hospital gown was large and wide. When she sat there, her back formed an empty arch. Looked like the shell of a little turtle, wrapping round her slim body, exposing a large part of her slender neck, which shone in the light.

This should be a very fragile woman! But it didn't seem like it. It was as if there was a huge power hidden within her body.

Unconsciously, Liu Sijie touched the wounds on the back of his hand. A few rows of dense bloodstains had been dug out by Xia Yu's fingernails. After a long time of solidification, some of the wounds had already scabbed over.

When Xia Yu stopped their car, she couldn't even stand up. After forcefully getting into the car, she was in much pain and about to faint. Half of her body was lying on Shen Yan's leg, her eyes closed, her face was pale, and her eyelashes were covered with a layer of rain and fog. She was trembling while the car was bouncing.

As he was thinking, the phone in his pocket vibrated.

It was from Fang Yuan. Liu Sijie grabbed his phone and walked all the way to the stairs to answer the phone.

Liu Sijie lifted his head to adjust his mood. "Hey, did it finish there?"

Fang Yuan seemed to have just swallowed a few rounds of explosives, started to explode, "Yeah, what time is it? Where is Young Master Yan? It’s a three-hour meeting, you can catch up even if you come from Beijing!"

Fang Yuan didn't even know how she had endured the past few hours.

Liu Sijie's mood was not much better than hers. His two eyes stared blankly ahead, forgetting to answer Fang Yuan.

"Hey, what's going on with all of you today? He didn't even come for such an important meeting, Do you know how his older brother bullied him? " Fang Yuan was not the type of person who liked to talk about right and wrong. But today, she really couldn't hold it in any longer and was afraid that she would explode.

Liu Sijie smiled bitterly. Actually, he could already predict how Shen Mo had make use of this opportunity to slandered Shen Yan during the meeting. However, all of these were already unimportant.

"Did the whole meeting end up with denouncing Young Master Yan?"

"What do you think? Young Master Yan was not present, Young Master Mo can confound the black and white. Old Madame has always in favour of him, So you can imagine what happened! "

Sigh! Liu Sijie used the tip of his leather shoes to kick a cigarette butt thrown by someone at the foot of the stairs.

"That's it . We'll talk about the details when we get back!"

"What's the use of you coming back? The key is him, Does he know he should come back?" Fang Yuan sneered, "In the end, beauties are more important than his career. Young Master Mo is in the conference room. Young Master Yan and Zeng Mina rarely have such a good opportunity, It's normal for them to stay for a while, how about one night? Anyway, he can't get anything back by coming back now."

So it turned out that this little girl could say harsh words, but she was only half right. The reason Shen Yan delayed such an important meeting was not woman, “This matter is more complicated than you think. I still have matters to attend to, Let's talk when we meet."

Liu Sijie didn't explain further. Today, Shen Yan abandoned such an important meeting to send Xia Yu to the hospital, He still didn't leave even after her surgery. This kind of disregarding the general situation really didn't fit with Shen Yan's personality in the past.

Once Liu Sijie explained it to Fang Yuan, she would definitely get to the bottom of it.

Too troublesome. Liu Sijie was afraid of this kind of trouble most.

Not to mention that Shen Yan's strange actions today, even he could not tell the specific reason for it.

It was as if he had been struck by evil!

What could Liu Sijie say if the person involved could not explain it?

Liu Sijie hung up the phone and turned around to look at Xia Yu's ward.

The light in the ward was still on, He could imagine the woman sitting alone at the head of the bed.

Taking a deep breath, Liu Sijie walked in. "Xia Yu, can I trust you?"

"Tell me about it!" Xia Yu raised her head, her face was still pale.

"There was a board of directors at the headquarters just now. Even the Old Madame participated in it herself, except for Young Master Yan!" Liu Sijie looked at Xia Yu and thought for a moment about the words, the spoke very carefully.

Xia Yu leaned her body back, this way of sitting made her feel more comfortable.

As she stopped their car, she could faintly hear them talking about the meeting, "Are you worried that the board members will directly disqualify Young Master Yan?"

Xia Yu spoke much more directly than Liu Sijie.

"It's not that I'm worried, it's very likely to happen." It ended at the begaining. Liu Sijie really couldn't accept it, he ferociously punched the bedstand.

So unfair!

"What are you doing? Did the bedstand offend you? " Xia Yu cast him a sidelong glance.

"You don't know how much effort Young Master Yan has taken to try to get this opportunity, but now those people just negate it only by saying some words." How hard it is for Shen Yan to endure, Liu Sijie saw it with his own eyes, how could he not be excited?

"Negate it? What’s the reason?"

"Today, the board of directors supposed to confirm his candidacy officially. But he didn't join the meeting, that means abstention."

"The reason is that he went to the deep mountains to meet with his future sister-in-law privately? Or is it that Zeng Mina's actions were directed by Young Master Mo? " Xia Yu's lips curled up in ridicule.

Liu Sijie was startled. He raised his head to look at Xia Yu, as if considering her words.

It was very obvious that what was placed in front of Shen Yan today was a trap. On the surface, it seemed that Shen Yan had entered the trap, he was also caught red-handed by all the directors. Then he was out directly.

Since the future eldest young master’s wife was involved in the matter, they could just directly pull Young Master Mo into the water and muddy the waters.

Xia Yu's way of doing things wasn't out of the question, it was up to the Old Madame believing what they said or not.

"Do you think the Old Madame is most likely to accept?" Liu Sijie couldn't even speak quickly. Xia Yu was poking a hornet's nest right now, they might even end up with some bumps on head.

"No matter what, it is Zeng Mina who invited Young Master Yan. Just based on this point alone, there are many things that can be done." Xia Yu said lightly.

Shen Yan's reputation had always been out in the open, and it wasn't a secret that he was secretly in love with Zeng Mina. He put down the board of directors to have a private meeting with his future sister-in-law. If this matter got spread to the public, what would the reporters write about it?

Xia Yu could imagine it, the Old Madame could also imagine it.

This was a matter that concerned the reputation of the Shen family, did the Old Madame allowed others to talk about it?

"Is that good?" Liu Sijie was somewhat hesitant. After all, this was a very important matter.

"When Zeng Mina framed Young Master Yan, did you see her being hesitating?" Xia Yu's lips curled up playfully. While helping Shen Yan solve his problem, she also vented her anger by the way.

Since Zeng Mina had dared to hurt her, so can't blame her for being heartless.

Xia Yu never thought of herself as a good person. She would have her revenge due to injustice.

This time Zeng Mina hurt her, there was no reason for her not to pay the price.

"Should we discuss it with Young Master Yan?" After all, the Shen family was involved, So Liu Sijie had no choice but to be careful.


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