Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 20-You Make the Price
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 20-You Make the Price

Xia Yu nodded. He was the leader, and there was no reason for them to decide for him: "He is currently in Zeng Mina's ward."

"Mm, I'll be going. Have a good rest." Of course, Liu Sijie knew where Shen Yan was. He stared at Xia Yu for a while longer before clenching his teeth and walking out of Xia Yu's room.

Xia Yu watched him go and intended to lie down. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the cornflowers in the vase on bedstand.

Shen Yan said that this was sent over by Zeng Mina.

She was really considerate. It was the middle of the night and the place was very remote. It must have taken a lot of thought to buy flowers.

Since she was so considerate, It didn't make sense that Xia Yu hadn't gone to see her.

Xia Yu got off the bed, wrapped up the cornflowers, and walked towards the nurse's office. After asking about Zeng Mina's ward, she went straight over.

The door was open. Zeng Mina was leaning against the headboard. One of her feet was entwined like a dumpling. She threw the cherry into her mouth with one hand and talked on the phone with the other. When she looked up, she saw Xia Yu standing in front of the door and quickly finished the cherry in her mouth.

"That's it. I'll deal with you when I get back!" She hung up the phone, then hugged a large bowl of cherries as she angrily looked at Xia Yu.

Xia Yu strolled in.

Zeng Mina took a tissue and wiped her hands. "Can you get off bed now? Shen Yan said it is really serious. In fact, you are acting in front of the president to show your pity! "

After bullying Xia Yu, Zeng Mina was in a very good mood. Her attitude was rather vile, but her words didn't sound too repulsive.

Xia Yu wasn't angry. She placed the flower in her hand onto the bedstand, lowered her upper body, and moved closer to Zeng Mina.

"I'm not a movie queen. Why am I acting? I'm just here to verify something with you! "

"What is it?"

"About you and Young Master Yan …" Xia Yu shot a glance at Zeng Mina. In front of her was a bowl of cherries that had just been washed. The cherries were blood-red as they were gathered together. There were even small drops of water on them.

She purposely did not finish her sentence. Her expression was clearly full of meaning.

Zeng Mina was not comfortable because of being watched by Xia Yu. The first time she saw Xia Yu was in Shen Mo's office. Xia Yu was wearing a white shirt and a black skirt. Her makeup was very light. Other than a wristwatch, she didn't have any other accessories on her body.

The outfit looked simple, but she was definitely not ordinary.

At first, Xia Yu gave Zeng Mina a cold and lofty feeling. But Zeng Mina was not annoying because she had seen many cute and playful bitches since she was young. On the other hand, Xia Yu, who was not flattering, made Zeng Mina admire her more.

However, after having interacted with her a few times, Zeng Mina was somewhat afraid of Xia Yu's gaze. Her eyes looked calm and harmless, but she seemed to be able to shoot an arrow from her eyes at a critical moment.

Like now, Xia Yu stared at her, and she felt as if her clothes had been stripped off and there was nowhere to hide.

"I have nothing with Shen Yan."

"There is a rumor that Young Master Yan has a crush on Miss Zeng. I thought you was touched and took the initiative to take a walk with him in the rain." Xia Yu imagined such a scene. A handsome man and a beautiful woman were walking with the poetic romance. It was intoxicating.

Zeng Mina was startled as she instinctively replied, "You are speaking nonsense. It's not the truth."

Xia Yu was still calm: "If this has nothing to do with romance, then why did you ask Young Master Yan to do it? Could it be that Young Master Mo asked you to make an appointment? He already knew that the meeting of the board was going to be held tonight, so he deliberately made Shen Yan absent? "

"It's not the truth. You...you, get out!" A trace of fear flashed through Zeng Mina's eyes. Even Shen Mo did not know about the meeting of the board that night. She only heard about it from the Old Madame's personal assistant.

She felt that this was a good opportunity to directly beat Shen Yan. So she planned to lure him to the Bamboo Fence. But now, this woman wanted to pull Shen Mo into the water. This was something that she absolutely could not allow.

Compared to Zeng Mina's panic, Xia Yu was calm and composed, "It's not a private relationship, nor framing Young Master Yan. Why did you make an appointment with Young Master Yan for no reason? You have to know that you are now his future sister-in-law. You have to have a reason to meet Young Master Yan even if you take the risk of humiliating Young Master Mo, right? "

In the face of Xia Yu's confident words, Zeng Mina was momentarily at a loss for words.

After mumbling for a long time, she said, "Isn't it because of you? What grudge do I have with you that you have to make things difficult for me? I asked him to meet because I wanted him to act as a go-between for us. "

Alright, this could be considered as a reason. Xia Yu nodded: "So that's the case, but your explanation is too far-fetched. You are the future wife of the Eldest Young Master, and I am an ordinary employee. Even if I manage to convince myself that this is true, do you think the Old Madame will believe it? "

"You …"

Zeng Mina had nothing to say. It would be normal if Xia Yu ingratiated her. But making things difficult for her, was she courting death?

There was nothing to say? Xia Yu snorted lightly, "With your past relationship with Young Master Yan, I'm afraid the Old Madame will directly believe that you and Young Master Yan have a private relationship. Young Master Yan is also the grandson of her, so she will not say anything. But what about Young Master Mo? Will he still marry a woman who is involved with his brother? "

Zeng Mina knew better than anyone how hard it was for her to coax Shen Mo into marrying her. Not to mention Shen Yan, he would never tolerate any other man who had rumour with her.

If she couldn't be Shen Mo's wife, what was the point of her doing such a thing?

What was this woman trying to do? Her expression turned uglier and uglier as she said, "Xia Yu, if you keep spouting nonsense, I won't let you off."

“Even if I don't spout nonsense, you won’t let me off.”

A trace of ridicule flashed across Xia Yu's eyes. With a calm voice, she said, "Miss Zeng, I just have time to analyze the situation. Don't worry, my mouth is really tight. I will forget about it the moment I step out of this door. But whether others will forget or not, I do not know. "

Xia Yu's meaning was very clear. She was an employee of Shen's company. In order to keep her job, she could pretend to be deaf and mute. What about others?

When Shen Yan met with her at the Bamboo Fence, He should have a reasonable explanation for missing the meeting of the Board of Directors. Either Zeng Mina was involved with Shen Yan, or Shen Mo had colluded with Zeng Mina. Both of which were not what Zeng Mina wanted.

Xia Yu had given her these two results. But Zeng Mina had the third one, She lifted her proud head and looked at Xia Yu very carefully.

She was just a lowly secretary, following Shen Yan for the sake of money. Now, she didn't discuss with Shen Yan and directly came to negotiate with her, it was all for the sake of profit.

As long as she was greedy, everything would be fine. After Zeng Mina thought about it, her mood became much better, “Xia Yu, you are the first person who dared to extort me. You are courageous, I admire you. Do something for me, I’ll pretend that nothing happened and pay you, and you can set the price for it. Say it, how much do you want? "


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