Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 21-Being Forced
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 21-Being Forced

Xia Yu laughed, her beautiful eyes gleaming. "Miss Zeng is really generous. Xia Yu thanks you first. Ah, what does Miss Zeng want me to do? Let me guess first."

It was good that she was interested. Disdain flashed across Zeng Mina's heart as she smiled, "If you are interested in guessing, I have no objections."

Xia Yu stood up, took a few steps in the room, and turned around to face Zeng Mina.

"Xia Yu was involved with Young Master Shen. She was pampered in Tengfei and even didn't put the future wife of Eldest Young Master in her eyes. The future wife of Eldest Young Master thought about overall situation and took the initiative to made peace, who would know that Xia Yu could be so reckless that she got angry in the Bamboo Fence and left. The future wife of Eldest Young Master had a car accident in order to find her. Young Master Yan even delayed the meeting for her. Was it like this? Miss Zeng." Xia Yu's lips curled up in amusement as she looked at Zeng Mina with a faint smile.

"Miss Xia is indeed a smart person, I like smart people like you. If you have no objection to my proposal, please tell your price. " After half a night of tormenting, Zeng Mina was also tired. She had received the news, the board of directors had dispersed. She had to settle this matter before the Old Madame asked.

This brainless rich person, other than the things between a man and a woman, couldn't she talk about anything else?

Being pampered, so she could think this out, "I don't have any objections, but I have to make one thing clear with Miss Zeng. It's only been three days since I met Young Master Yan, how can he spoil me? "

"You've only known each other for three days? Impossible, Young Master Mo gave you the position as a Public Relations Manager, you even didn't accept it. " Zeng Mina was so shocked that she almost fell off her bed. If Xia Yu had nothing to do with Shen Yan, she must have lost her mind that she did not want to be a Public Relations Manager but to be a secretary for Shen Yan.

"I broke Young Master Yan's luxurious car, and he threatened me. I was just forced by him." Xia Yu showed that she wasn't stupid. She wanted to be a PR manager, but she didn't have a choice, right?

"You …"

Shen Yan had always liked to rob Shen Mo's people. Not only did Zeng Mina know about this, there was no one in the entire Shen’s who did not know about it.

That was why Xia Yu went to Tengfei. They didn't have any relationship, so what chould she do?

Zeng Mina fell against the headboard.

Xia Yu raised her brows, and her face suddenly changed, extremely cold, and she lowered her body, almost touching Zeng Mina's face.

Word by word, she said, "Miss Zeng, Shen family have their status today, there can’t be simple people in their family. If you play around with them, You might end up getting hurt. Listen to my advice and take the initiative to confess to the Old Madame. Try to gain some understanding, Otherwise you might lose the position of future wife of Eldest Young Master."

Confess what? She framed Shen Yan? Would Shen Mo still want her after that?

"I did not frame Shen Yan. I just don't like you and want to teach you a lesson. He was the one who was worried and decided not to join the meeting of the board of directors. It has nothing to do with me." Zeng Mina gave Xia Yu a hard shove, She hated Xia Yu so much that she started to itch.

"How does it have nothing to do with you? If it wasn't for you, I wouldn’t have been injured and he wouldn’t have stayed in the hospital. " After Xia Yu finished speaking, she stood up and walked out. When she reached the door, she heard a "dong" sound behind her.

The bowl of cherries rolled off the bed, and the blood-red fruit fell to the floor.

"What are you doing? Clarifying for Shen Yan? Don't forget that you were forced to Tengfei by him. " Only now did Zeng Mina understand the purpose of Xia Yu's visit.

Letting Zeng Mina take responsibility for everything. Young Master Yan saved his employees, he might even be able to get a reward from the Old Madame.

So it turned out that she wasted half a day and made benifits for Shen Yan?

But if she didn't want to say it this way, then this woman would accuse her of having affair with Shen Yan. Or else she would accuse her of having been taught by Shen Mo to set a trap to Shen Yan.

Could this woman be more vicious?

Xia Yu stopped, but did not turn back, "Miss Zeng, no matter how I got to Tengfei, my current position is President's secretary. It's my duty. Whether you forgive me or not, I have to do it. It’s true that you framed Young Master Yan. Like you said, there's no need for me to kill you. It's not easy for you and Young Master Mo to get together, I'll give you half an hour to think about it. If there's still no movement from the Shen family after half an hour, I'll explain the situation to the Old Madame. "

"What do you mean?" Zeng Mina got out of bed, Her voice became sarcastic. "You forced me into a corner, and you still want to get thanks from me? In your dream! look at yourself, how hypocritical, how disgusting!"

"You can choose not to say it. It looks like Young Master Yan has no any chances of winning, so it's worth it to drag Young Master Mo down." Xia Yu's expression meant “no one was forcing you to do anything”.

"Old Madame will not let the Shen's get controlled by outsiders forever."

"I know, otherwise the Old Madame would not let the two Young Masters compete. But if the two Young Masters weren't able to take on such a heavy responsibility, why would she do that? After all, Yang Weiye has been the President for so many years, and there's nothing wrong. Why not wait until the Third Young Master grows up and help him to take over the position? "

But the third party would benefit from the tussle. Since Zeng Mina was born in a wealthy family, she should understand the simple reason.

The reason why she chose Shen Mo was not because she loved him more than Shen Yan, but because his odds of winning were higher than Shen Yan's. Now that Xia Yu was making it clear that even if she was finished, she would dragged Zeng Mina in. Persuade Old Madame to let Shen Yan continue competing with Shen Mo, or die together.

Letting Shen Yan participate in the competition would at most serve as a foil. Dying together was something that Zeng Mina was most unwilling to see. Of course she knew what to choose, but she just couldn't swallow her anger.

She was the grand Young Miss of the Zeng family, up and high. And what was Xia Yu? A lowly secretary, someone that a loser like Chen Wenxuan was able to dump. What right did she have to control her?

But the reality was, Xia Yu was controlling her.

Gritting her teeth so hard that they almost shattered, Zeng Mina continued, "For the sake of many years of friendship with Shen Yan, I will explain it to the Old Madame. I'm not afraid of a malicious woman like you."

Friendship? If you knew what was friendship, You wouldn't do that.

This pathetic and pitiful woman, she didn't know how many men would get hurt by what she had done.

One day when she looked back on the past, would she regret her foolish actions today?

Xia Yu suddenly turned her head, glanced at her foot wrapping like a rice dumpling, and mockingly said: "Didn't you get into a car accident? Why does you foot not look like that! "

"I'm not afraid of telling you that I'm not injured at all, just go and tell Shen Yan!"

Xia Yu ignored her and continued to walk outside.

Zeng Mina chased her like a madman, shouting towards her back, "Xia Yu, you listen carefully, I won't let this go!"


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