Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 22-The Ending Is So Boring
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 22-The Ending Is So Boring

When Xia Yu returned to her ward, Liu Sijie welcomed and supported her: "You just finished the surgery, you should rest more!"

"I just visited Miss Zeng." Xia Yu went to bed with Liu Sijie's support.

Liu Sijie even carefully covered her with the blanket: "Is Miss Zeng alright?"

He only asked casually, but in his heart, he was wondering, the reason Xia Yu entered the hospital was because of Zeng Mina.

With Xia Yu's personality, she didn’t stab Zeng Mina was already good enough. He was surprised that she took the initiative to see her.

"She is fine. She was eating cherries and chatting with her friend on the phone when I got there." Xia Yu only told him what Zeng Mina was doing when she got there, but she didn’t say what kind of expression Zeng Mina had on the face when she left.

If she said it, Shen Yan would not be able to stand by the window and watch the night scene so casually.

Xia Yu lifted her head and glanced at Shen Yan's back. Quickly she retracted her gaze and lightly smiled at Liu Sijie.

Liu Sijie lifted his head and glanced at Shen Yan before speaking to Xia Yu, "Regarding today's matter, no matter what, we must give Old Madame an explanation. Master Yan's idea is that it was all his fault. No matter what decision Old Madame makes, he will obey. "

It was not that Shen Yan had never thought of using Xia Yu's sudden illness as an excuse, but he really could not persuade himself. When he met Xia Yu, it was already 8: 30 pm, he had just left the Bamboo Fence not long ago.

Putting aside the matter of Xia Yu, he would never be able to attend the meeting in time. A mistake was a mistake, there was no need for him to intentionally hide it.

"Why didn't he give himself three seconds to think about it when he tried to seduce his future sister-in-law?" Xia Yu said coldly, her expression as calm as usual.

The corner of Liu Sijie's mouth twitched. Actually, he wanted to say something like that, but he didn't have the guts to do so.

Xia Yu had only said what he did not dare to say.

How could this woman say this? If not for the fact that she had just finished her surgery, Shen Yan would have directly thrown her out of the window. He turned around, "Xia Yu, you're a girl, don’t be so mean.”

Xia Yu glanced at him: "Young Master Yan, you told me in the day that she is your future sister-in-law. You didn't forget about it, right?"

Why was it so awkward talking to this woman? Shen Yan could say nothing, and felt a little depressed in his heart: "Right now, it is extremely possible that my older brother will directly take over the position of President. I am likely to be transferred to the headquarters to get a casual job. Xia Yu, what do you plan to do? "

If he did not take over the position of president, Shen Yan did not need so many people to follow him.

Since Liu Sijie was his assistant and friend, he would naturally follow him. Fang Yuan was his classmate and had always been his secretary, she would naturally follow as well. There was not a problem to make arrangements.

It was only because of him that Xia Yu offended Zeng Mina. Without his care, Zeng Mina would play her to death. He felt somewhat guilty towards Xia Yu.

"You're admitting defeat so quickly and making arrangements? Maybe things aren't as bad as you think. " Xia Yu suspected that she had heard wrongly. After fighting openly and secretly for so many years, the Young Master Yan had already been eliminated?

Was the end of the story too boring?

“Young Master Yan, although in the story of the successor of Shen’s Company, you are set to be the second male lead. I do not expect you to snatch the male lead's position. At the very least, you have to be worthy. Act a few more episodes before you die.”

“Even if you couldn't do it, you should die like a man.”

“What is this? Let alone me, Xia Yu, many people will look down on you.”

"My older brother has always been the hope of everyone. The reason Old Madame gave me this chance is purely because of considering about the kinship. After making such a big mistake, it's not good for her to plead for me in front of the board of directors."

How could Shen Yan not feel helpless? But losing was losing.

Since it was already a given, what was the point of him continuing to struggle on.

“Well, now you've put down your weapon and surrendered. Why should I worry about the that?”

Raising her head to meet the man's eyes, Xia Yu's heart involuntarily skipped half a beat. No matter how failed the man was, Xia Yu had to admit that he was definitely a demon.

Perhaps, he was not born to be a President. If he took a step back, there would be a wider world. Would he even have greater results?

Xia Yu felt that she should say something to him anyway: "Young Master Yan, this matter is indeed a pity. I believe that everything will pass and there will definitely be a day that Young Master Yan succeeds. As for my future, you don't have to worry about it. It's common for us employees to change jobs. Of course, it would be even better if Young Master Yan could remit my debt. "

This girl, even He was in such a miserable state, she still thought about her debt. Shen Yan did not know whether to laugh or cry as he looked at her.

How could Shen Yan, who was a Young Master, know the importance of money to an ordinary person? Of course, Liu Sijie could not directly persuade him to remit Xia Yu's debt, but it was still alright to introduce some job to her.

"Xia Yu, I have a friend whose company can not compare to Tengfei but has great potential …"

Just as Liu Sijie was talking, the sound of high heels could be heard from the corridor: "Which ward is that bitch hiding in?"

The sounds of opening the doors were so loud, causing the patients in the ward to complain.

However, these people did not seem to be restraining themselves. They were still searching for someone one room by one room.

"What's going on?" Shen Yan asked.

"I'll go out and take a look."

Liu Sijie was not sure either, but before he could move, the door was opened.

A large group of people came over. There was about six or seven people. Before they could see who they were, they heard a "Pa" sound. The sound of the slap hitting Xia Yu's face was crisp and clear, and it made Xia Yu's ears ring.

It was not a part of the plan, which was the reason why Xia Yu's reaction was a little slow. Only when the pain from her right cheek reached her nerve endings did she realize that she had been slapped.

The one who beat her was a beauty. Even though Xia Yu rarely watched entertainment gossip, she could find out who she was. She was the star of the recent popular series, "The Beautiful Woman". She was the female lead. There were her beautiful photos everywhere in the country.

"You are a jinx. You actually caused injury to Mina?" The beauty's voice was sharp, but the delicate makeup on her face looked ferocious from her anger.

Xia Yu forced herself to stand still, and raised her head. Suddenly, she felt that it was a little funny. She did not expect that the beauty would be the first one to stand out in Zeng Mina's stead!

"Who do you think you are?" Even after being slapped, Xia Yu's voice was still as cold as before.

"Huh?" The beauty's heart skipped a beat. "You still dare to talk back. It means that slap was not solid!"

After saying that, she raised her hand to slap again, but was restrained by the people behind her.

"Miss Zhou, it is enough!" Shen Yan grabbed Zhou Jiamin's arm.


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