Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 23-Zeng Family Makes Money by Showing Her Face
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 23-Zeng Family Makes Money by Showing Her Face

Seeing Shen Yan, Zhuo Jiamin was also surprised. Her beautiful eyes stared straight at him: "Young Master Yan, the one who is injured is your future sister-in-law."

"Does Miss Zhou mean that it is well-deserved that someone else's child got injured?" It was unknown when Second Madame walked in. She patted Shen Yan's arm and said, "Loose it. If someone continues to falsely accuse you of molesting her, you won't be able to explain."

Shen Yan then shook off Zhou Jiamin's hand, causing her to take two steps back. Zhou Jiamin's hand was probably hurting from being grasped. She touched her wrist, stared at Shen Yan twice. Then she turned and smiled at Second Madame.

"Second Madame, our Mina is a big star. Do you know how many works she will miss due to this injury? Can this slut afford to pay? "

Zhou Jiamin wouldn’t let it go. The Second Madame did her best to control her temper, but her expression was already not good.

"Miss Zhou, do you mean that the Zeng Family still needs to rely on Mina to make money?"

After hearing Second Madame’s words, Zhou Jiamin blushed, "Second Madame, you know that I don't mean that …"

"Alright, we don't want any accidents to happen. Shen Yan will give president Zeng an explanation. As for you …" Second Madame laughed coldly, "Even though you and president Zeng have a good relationship. In fact, you are still an outsider."

The meaning of the Second Madame was very clear. Zhou Jiamin was just an inamorata, she did not have the qualification to talk to Shen family's Second Madame.

Being humiliated in public by the Second Madame, Zhou Jiamin was so angry that her face was contorted. However, since this was a public place, she could only bite her lip and endure.

"Alright, I understand Second Madame's meaning. You should go and explain it to president Zeng!" After saying that, Zhou Jiamin left with her assistant, driver and servants, leaving behind a long trail of strong perfume and the sound of high-heeled shoes.

Second Madame stood there and glared as she angrily muttered: "What a rubbish is this woman, relying on her looks to seduce men. Zeng Ziqiang was blind to spend money to raise her. For the sake of being an actress, that girl Mina, she actually regards her as a mother. "

Second Madame's contempt for Zhou Jiamin was very obvious. She really disliked this kind of woman who relied on her skills and looks to climb up high.

After making a ruckus, Zhou Jiamin left, leaving them alone in the corridor.

Xia Yu sneaked a glance at the Second Madame. The Second Madame's aura was truly strong enough to make Zhou Jiamin can not have a foothold.

Seeing that Xia Yu was wearing a big hospital clothes with a pale face and extremely weak body, Second Madame hurriedly said to Liu Sijie who was beside her: "This is the child that Jiang Wen teased, right? Fortunately, you found her in time. Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable. Quickly, help her to the bed and tell the doctor to use the best medicine."

The Second Madame said as her eyes reddened. She helped Xia Yu onto the bed with Liu Sijie.

Shen Yan was a little confused. He thought that his mother had come to punish him, he didn’t expect that she didn’t say a word about absenting from the board of directors.

This was not the character of her mother!

"Mom, why are you here so late?" Shen Yan didn't feel safe. His mother didn't mention it, he felt uneasy. So, he asked openly.

"I came to see the child." Second Madame turned to look at Xia Yu, and then said to Shen Yan, "That child Mina is too despotic. She wants to take revenge on others? It’s fortunately no one died. Otherwise, let’s see what she can do. "

The more Second Madame thought about it, the angrier she was. The Zeng Family's child had harmed other people, and no one apologized. But if their children got hurt a little, they came to run wild.

How could a child from such a family be compatible with Shen Mo? She really didn't know what First Madame was thinking. Becoming related with the Zeng Family by marriage, wasn’t she just pushing his son into a pit of fire?

"Mom, why do I not understand what you're saying?" Despotic, revenge, when these two words came out from his mother's mouth, Shen Yan already felt that something was wrong.

Second Madame glared at Shen Yan and sighed in her heart.

Shen Mo was forced by his muddleheaded mother to get engaged with Zeng Mina. But her own son? He actually liked her!

He really liked her, but what about her? This incident was a good lesson to Shen Yan. Let’s see if he would still be a fool in the future. Second Madame said angrily, "When Mina heard that something had happened to Xia Yu, she was afraid of taking responsibility. So, she called your Grandmother and pushed all the blame onto her assistant Jiang Wen. Your Grandmother now knew the reason why you were absent from the meeting. She worried about the child. So, she asked me to come over and see what was going on. It's fortunately that I came. Otherwise, who knows how the Zeng family would torture this child. "

Second Madame didn't like Zeng Mina, but she was quite unhappy that Zeng Mina rejected her son and chose Shen Mo. She needed an excuse to vent her frustration. Now this matter had occurred, of course she would make use of it.

With Shen Yan's understanding of Zeng Mina, she would never take the initiative.

Shen Yan turned around and glanced at Xia Yu.

Xia Yu looked at him. Her eyes as calm as usual.

Even so, Shen Yan could still see something else in her eyes.

“The things happened can no longer be changed. This is a lesson for her. No matter what, she is still injured. Since you have come, why don't you go and take a look?" Shen Yan secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

Although his mother did not explicitly say that the Old Madame would continue to let him compete with Shen Mo, Shen Yan could already guess the outcome.

"You don't need to tell me. I have seen her when I came. " Regards to matters about face, Second Madame would always do it very meticulously.

Since her son's position as a candidate was preserved and Xia Yu was no longer in danger, then let her have a good rest.

The Second Madame asked Xia Yu a few more questions with concern, then instructed Shen Yan, "Take good care of this child, I will be going back first. First Madame had visited Mina too. I have to go back and take care of your grandmother. "

It was rare for the Second Madame to have a chance to win against the First Madame, now everyone was not around, she decided to tell something to Old Madame.

"I will take good care of Xia Yu, don’t worry. Driver, drive slowly and be careful. " Shen Yan escorted his mother out, exhorting the driver.

Liu Sijie followed along to send off the Second Madame.

Xia Yu called him: "Assistant Liu, please find Jiang Wen and get my phone back."

Liu Sijie turned his head and smiled, "Alright!"

Shen Yan and Liu Sijie saw Second Madame's car driving out of the hospital gate. Only then did they look at each other.

Then they both laughed.

"Xia Yu is really brave, she actually dared to force Zeng Mina to call Old Madame." The moment Second Madame said it, Liu Sijie knew what was going on. He truly admired Xia Yu a little.


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