Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 24-Do Not Harm Me
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 24-Do Not Harm Me

"Does she dare to shame my brother if she has no guts?" Shen Yan squinted his eyes slightly. He was thinking. If Fang Yuan dealt with today’s matter, how would she handle it?

The news of Xia Yu throwing her resignation letter on Young Master Mo's face had spread all over Shengda.

Young Master Mo had probably never been so embarrassed before. Liu Sijie laughed and pointed to the direction of Zeng Mina's ward: "I'll go to get Xia Yu's phone."

Shen Yan nodded and directly walked towards Xia Yu's ward. He still owed Xia Yu a "thank you", right?

"Xia Yu, thank you for today’s matter!" He thanked her seriously.

But why did Xia Yu feel that those words from the dignified Young Master Yan sounded funny? She was stunned for a few seconds before reacting.

She pursed her lips, "It's boring. Don't just talk. It's better if there is some benefit."

Why was this girl so philistine?

Shen Yan looked her up for a moment, then suddenly laughed, "It's practical to give myself to you, isn't it?"

He narrowed his eyes and suddenly approached her.

The distance between them suddenly shortened. It was already too late for Xia Yu to retreat. She could clearly smell the scent of tobacco on his body. Subconsciously, she reminded when they were on the way, she had been lying on his knees all along. Although her consciousness was already very weak at that time, the smell of smoke on Shen Yan's shirt and fingers had left a deep impression on her.

"I didn't offend you. So, don't harm me." Xia Yu forced herself to raise her head and meet the mocking gaze.

However, her heart beat was disappointedly quickened.

Shen Yan's heart was slightly startled. Why did he feel that he was being looked down upon?

If others had heard his words, they would have fainted because of happiness.

However, this girl said he harmed her? In her eyes, was he really just a nobody? Shen Yan had a smile on his face from start to finish. There were some veins on the corner of his eyes, but his gaze was like a sharp sword that wanted to pierce through Xia Yu's heart, allowing him to clearly see what was truly happening inside.

When Liu Sijie came to Zeng Mina's ward. Zeng Mina was crying in front of Shen Mo, and looked miserable: "Auntie, Young Master Mo, actually, we can't blame Jiang Wen for being rash today. You didn't see Xia Yu's arrogant appearance."

First Madame held her in the arms, feeling extremely pained. "Auntie knows you're wronged, Auntie knows about this matter, and your Grandma knows about it as well. But after all, we have a higher position, and she is an employee of our company. If we do not handle it well, others will have excuse to talk about us. Someone with ulterior motives will take this opportunity. "

Xia Yu was making things difficult for Zeng Mina. Half of it was because of Shen Yan, and the other half was because of her cousin. First Madame didn't know, but Shen Mo knew it clearly in his heart.

In the end, it’s him who had been heartless first. In regards to today's matter, Xia Yu was wrong, Zeng Mina would definitely not be that innocent.

When Zeng Mina's sound of crying was a little softer, Shen Mo said, "Since you have grudge against Xia Yu, even if you forcefully participate in the preliminary auditions, you won't be happy. Why not let it go?"

"No. If I withdraw now, others will think I have no ability." Zeng Mina's attitude was very firm. If she withdrew and wanted to bully Xia Yu, she would have to find a chance to get close to her. Right now, it felt so good that she could bully her anytime.

"I don't approve Mina's withdrawal either. She's just a mere secretary. Does she want to overturn the sky and the future wife of the Eldest Young Master has to avoid her?" First Madame was also full of anger.

Second Madame visited Zeng Mina symbolically, then she went to Xia Yu’s ward. In her eyes, this future daughter-in-law was less important than an outsider?

After hearing Second Madame's words, Zhou Jiamin's heart was already filled with anger. Seeing that the First Madame seemed to be very dissatisfied with the Second Madame, she took the opportunity to add some spice to the conversation, "I think Xia Yu is just pretending. She purposefully stood in the rain and waited for the Young Master Yan to gain his sympathy. Even if the driver had left her halfway, couldn't she called for another car? "

"Miss Zhou is right. I will investigate this matter." There were too many oddities in the events of today. First Madame was inconvenient and hasn’t got time now. However, if Xia Yu really dared to provoke Zeng Mina, she would definitely not let her off.

"First Madame, Young Master Mo, you are all here. I’m looking for assistant Jiang Wen, and wanting to trouble her to return Xia Yu's phone, thank you!" Liu Sijie's arrival interrupted the conversation in the room.

Xia Yu's phone? Shen Mo squinted and glanced at Jiang Wen at the side.

Jiang Wen, who looked miserable a moment ago, couldn't help but shudder. She hurriedly lowered her head.

"Assistant Jiang, thank you!" Liu Sijie reached out his hand to her, waiting for Jiang Wen to put the phone in his hand.

"Jiang Wen?" Seeing Jiang Wen still standing there without moving, Shen Mo called her.

"Yes sir!" Jiang Wen regained her senses and quickly took out Xia Yu's phone from her bag and gave it to Liu Sijie.

"Sorry for disturbing you!" Liu Sijie nodded politely towards everyone and left, not stopping them from continuing their conversation.

As for what they were talking about, Liu Sijie did not know, but he knew one thing. No one would say that Xia Yu pretended to be poor to gain sympathy.

Old Madame Shen, who was in Shen’s old house, had not moved in front of the window after returning from the meeting.

That's right, she thought highly of Shen Mo, and had always been nurturing him as her successor. So far, this child did it well. He had never let her down.

However, one day, she suddenly discovered that Shen Yan, who had always been carefree and happy all day, was not as bad as she thought. He even gave her a lot of surprises.

She realized that she had neglected this grandson's business talent and decided to give him a chance and see if he could bring her more surprises.

The meeting of the Board of Directors was something that she had purposely told her assistant to divulge to Zeng Mina. She wanted to see how this grandson would react.

Or rather, how would his team respond?

As a result, she was quite satisfied.

There were still some regrets, Fang Yuan, who remained loyal to Shen Yan, showing her mediocrity.

She had to understand that in the future, it was possible for Shen Yan to take on this burden of entire Shen’s Company. Loyalty wouldn't be enough.

"Old Madame, Xia Yu is Miss Wu Shiyu's cousin. Do you think she is someone Young Master Mo sent to spy on Young Master Yan?" The one who spoke was the assistant of the Old Madame.

Old Madame shook her head, "I don't think so. I actually really admire this child's courage!"

The assistant laughed and said, "It's really surprising that she dares to force Miss Zeng. Her character is not as same as Miss Wu Shiyu’s. "

"Yeah, if Wu Shiyu can be like her, I think Little Mo's mother won't object to their relationship." It was not that Old Madame did not see the pain of her grandson. It was not that she was a stubborn old woman who wanted to make for Shen Mo a suitable match.

With Shen Family’s current status nowadays, there was no need for a woman to help them to improve their status.

But as the madame of the Shen Family, she must have exceptional courage and wisdom. Wu Shiyu obviously did not have these conditions, "If Little Mo's girlfriend is Xia Yu, I'm afraid they will not break up so easily."


"Nothing, pay more attention to Xia Yu for me."


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