Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 25-Go Home With Me
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 25-Go Home With Me

In the ward, Xia Yu leaned against the sickbed, while Shen Yan sat on the chair by the bed. The two of them did not speak, and just sat there.

Shen Yan's gaze landed on Xia Yu's face, and the fox eyes narrowed slightly.

Zhuo Jiamin's slap was not a light one. She had made crystal nails, causing Xia Yu's face to swell up. In the middle of the red mark, a few streaks of blood were cut out by nails.

Shen Yan watched as his chest tightened for no reason, and the tip of his finger lightly touched her cheek.

Xia Yu felt the tip of his finger, and she lightly hissed.


"No!" Xia Yu hurriedly turned her face away. Her voice was obviously stiff and cold.

Shen Yan's hand was still held in the air, but the alienation in Xia Yu's words made him feel as if a feather was scratching his heart, making his heart itch. He wanted to take a step forward, but he didn't know how to let go of this impulse.

That scene seemed to have been frozen. Xia Yu tilted her head slightly. Shen Yan raised his hand up in the air for a moment. Finally, he put it back into his pocket.

Another round of silence followed. Xia Yu hated this atmosphere and felt it was weird.

Just as he was about to say something to break this awkward situation, Liu Sijie hurriedly came in and directly walked to Shen Yan: "Young Master Yan, there's a problem. Luo Jiancheng needs us to add 10% of the commission before cooperating with us. What do you think?"

Ten percent more? Shen Yan's fox eyes turned into a dangerous shape.

The price he gave Luo Jiancheng was already very fair, and he still wanted more? Why didn't he just directly rob them?

"Who’s in charge of this deal before?"

"It’s..." Liu Sijie hesitated for a moment before saying: "It's Fang Yuan."

She? Shen Yan exhaled, raised his head and looked at Liu Sijie, "The dealers are waiting for the goods. We can't delay. You deal with it yourself."

"Alright, I'll go now." Liu Sijie did not hesitate, and turned around to leave.

Shen Yan and Xia Yu were the only ones left in the ward again.

Shen Yan kept on sending messages, looking like he was in a hurry.

Xia Yu stayed in the ward for a while longer. She wanted to tell Shen Yan that he could leave first if he had something to deal with.

But now, Zeng Mina was still here, and so was Zhuo Jiamin. Shen Yan definitely wouldn't be at ease if Xia Yu was facing them alone.

After thinking for a while, Xia Yu said: "Young Master Yan, the smell of the hospital is too unpleasant, I want to go home."

Shen Yan raised his head and looked at Xia Yu, then said “wait” and went out.

He had probably gone to ask if Xia Yu could leave the hospital right now, because when he came back, he had a bag of medicine that the doctor had just prescribed.

"Let's go. The doctor said you should take the medicine on time, and don't let the water touch your wounds."

Although Xia Yu had a minimally invasive surgery, she still had a small wound on her abdomen.

Xia Yu nodded. Just as she wanted to change out of her hospital clothes, she realized that her own clothes were drenched. They were taken off by the nurse during the operation and was thrown to somewhere. She probably won't be able to find them now.

"You can leave with this. I've already paid for it. Then, put on the coat. It's chilly in the night after the rain. Be careful or else you might catch a cold." Shen Yan threw his jacket over to Xia Yu.

He was so careful. Xia Yu acknowledged and took the jacket.

Shen Yan drove while Xia Yu sat in the front passenger seat. Along the way, the two of them did not speak a single word. One was looking forward while the other was leaning against the seat and staring outside the window.

When the car drove into the city, Xia Yu wanted to tell him the address of her home, but he immediately drove to the direction of his home, "You just had surgery, it’s not safe if you're alone. It's better to come to my house. There is servants to take care of you, it would be better."

He was not discussing with Xia Yu, but told her that she was going to stay at his house tonight.

The car drove straight to his garage before stopping.

Even though it was summer, because of the heavy rain and the low temperature at night, although Xia Yu had covered his clothes, she still felt a little cold. After the surgery, her looked pale. Under the light, her slender body made people feel panic.

Xia Yu subconsciously stroked her arm a few times. The wind was blowing onto her body, it was probably too cold.


"A little!"

Shen Yan reached out and put his arm around her shoulders. He wanted to give her some warmth.

Xia Yu subconsciously retreated a few steps back, with an obvious wariness.

The scene was that there was a distance between them. They faced each other across the distance.

Was he being looked down on? Shen Yan was faintly angry.

"Go with me!"


"You don’t understand? Go home with me!"


Xia Yu felt that many things that happened tonight were out of her control, including this man in front of her. So, she didn't know how to answer him for a while.

As Shen Yan walked in front, he realized that no one was following him. When he turned back again, Xia Yu was still standing at the same spot. They were even further now, she had become a small shadow in Shen Yan's eyes.

They gazed at each other from a long distance.

The wind blew Xia Yu's hair, causing her face to become unclear under the light. He only felt that her eyes were calm and bright.

Shen Yan frowned, he no longer had any patience.

"Not going?" His voice suddenly grew louder, and travelled into Xia Yu's ears along the wind. His tone was cold and hard, and carried a bit of deterrence.

Unexpectedly, Xia Yu obeyed him, walked quickly and then stood in front of him.

"Come here!"

After hearing that, she took another step towards him. They stood side by side without the slightest hesitation, looked like a couple who had been together for a long time. There was a tacit understanding in his voice, something like he commanded and she obeyed.

Shen Yan was very satisfied with Xia Yu's actions. A girl should be like a bird rested upon a man.

She had a stinky face all the time. Her face was so stiff as if someone owed her. She didn't feel tired with herself, but others would when they looked at her.

Shen Yan opened the door and went in. The lights were on.

"You sleep in that room tonight!" He pointed to a bedroom.

"Ok, good night!"

"I still have some work to do!" The meaning behind his words was that he would not sleep for the time being.

The servant heard and came out, got surprised to see Shen Yan bringing a girl back.

Even though Shen Yan was known for having relationship with many women, he had never brought a woman to spend the night at his house.

But the servant did not reveal any surprise, did not intentionally look at Xia Yu, and only said to Shen Yan, "Young Master Yan, you're back."

"En, this is Xia Yu, my secretary. She just finished an appendectomy and no one can look after her because her family is outside this city. I'll have to trouble Aunt Wu to take care of her for a few days." After Shen Yan finished speaking, he turned around and entered the study.

"Yes, Young Master Yan, I will take good care of her." Knowing that Xia Yu just had surgery, Aunt Wu did not dare to neglect her.

Did he mean that she would stay here for a few days? Xia Yu subconsciously looked up as she heard the sound of closing the door.


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