Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 26-He Was Alone Eventually
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 26-He Was Alone Eventually

"Miss Xia, do you have any other instructions?" Aunt Wu did not leave immediately after settling Xia Yu down.

After all, this was the first time that Young Master Yan had brought back a woman to stay overnight. Even if Young Master Yan had explained that she was his secretary, Aunt Wu still felt that she was very unusual.

One of the most powerful skills a servant had was good eyesight. Without the ability to read people's expressions, it was impossible for one to stay by the side of the eccentric Young Master Yan for so long.

Xia Yu laughed tiredly: "Aunt Wu, you can call me Xia Yu or Xiao Yu. Sorry to trouble you so late. I'm fine now, you could go to rest.”

"It's no trouble at all. I'll be downstairs. If you need anything, just call me." Young Master Yan said that she just had surgery and now she was exhausted, she really needed to rest.

Aunt Wu closed the door and go downstairs after a few words. When she reached the corner, she couldn't help but turn around to take a look.

Although Young Master Yan had never brought a woman to stay overnight at his house, but he had brought women to this place.

If one asked Aunt Wu what she thought of these girls. Aunt Wu didn't need to think to answer immediately, beautiful and arrogant.

Right, they were all without exception arrogant and condescending. Of course, that was not in front of Shen Yan!

How about this girl? She was definitely beautiful, but unlike the others, she was cold and noble.

She was also polite, even to a servant like Aunt Wu.

None of this was important, the key point was that Young Master Yan seemed to value her very much.

Xia Yu leaned on the bed. Her wound hurt a little after driving for a few hours.

After swallowing two painkillers, she found that there was no water in the room. So she could only carry the teacup downstairs to get some water.

When she returned, she heard voices coming from the corridor.

Shen Yan seemed to make a phone call. She did not know the exact details, but it sould be something related to work. It was probably something that he was worried about. Because his tone was extremely bad, and he was almost roaring


Shen Yan had his back facing Xia Yu and she couldn't see his face.

In Xia Yu's impression, he was unrestrained, handsome, and had a jade-like face that was like snow. A pair of alluring fox eyes that captivated countless of girls' hearts, even the thousand year old fox demon was nothing more than this.

How could such a person get angry? Xia Yu was stunned.

In her mind, she started to picture his expression of roaring, but there was nothing after a long time. The person liked Shen Yan had an elegant name in her hometown. It’s called the Smiling Tiger. It was hard for people to imagine that they would get angry.

Xia Yu didn't like this kind of person. There was a nagging feeling. If she was careless, she would be tricked by him.

Very quickly, another man's face appeared in Xia Yu's mind. He looked similar to Shen Yan. The cold and domineering aura of a king made people feel fear.

The image of Shen Yan who was wandering around with women was completely different from Shen Mo's cold and restrained appearance.

As to why she suddenly thought of comparing them, Xia Yu did not understand. Shen Yan who was in front of her suddenly turned around, and before he could retract the furious expression on his face, he was shocked by the straight-back Xia Yu behind him.

What was she doing here in the middle of the night? Furthermore, her hair was disheveled and her face was cold.

Shen Yan immediately frowned: "You're still awake?"

"I was planning to sleep." Xia Yu shook the cup in her hand.

He didn't pay more attention to her. He moved to the side room and slammed the door. Soon, the sound of water could be heard from inside.

Xia Yu stood in the hallway for a while, thinking that this man's personality was really strange.

After taking a cold shower, Shen Yan's emotions had finally calmed down a little.

In the past few years, he rarely lost his temper and he was admonishing himself to "endure" everything. However, Zhang Hanyu's call had touched his bottom line.

Zhang Hanyu had agreed long ago that Tengfei could rent the Shenglian Auditorium for holding an event, and he had even signed the letter of intent.

But now, he just kicked Shen Yan out after saying "Young Master Mo's plan was even more economical and practical.”

More economical and practical ? What did that mean? He was obviously trying to flatter Shen Mo, while stepping on Shen Yan.

In the entire Shen’s Company, who didn't know that he was getting very well with Shen Mo? If you, Zhang Hanyu, wanted to support Shen Mo, it shouldn't be so obvious, right?

With such obvious favoritism, Shen Yan directly got angry at Zhang Hanyu over the phone.

But after taking a cold shower, he quickly calmed down. He shouldn't do that. In last 28 years, his most proficient skill should be "bearing the humiliation in order to carry out an important task". How could he fall out with others over such a small loss?

The more Shen Yan thought about it, the more he felt that he was rash. Suddenly, his phone rang.

On the screen, two words were displayed. They were Fang Yuan.

"Hey, Young Master Yan, I didn't disturb you for calling in the late night, did I?" The woman's voice was deep and gentle.

He had just vented his anger, so his tone wasn't too good. "I've just finished my work, do you have something to talk to me?"

Fang Yuan paused for a moment, then asked with a probing tone: "Young Master Yan, did you quarrel with someone?"

Shen Yan instantly understood, then he turned around and placed his hands on the edge of the pool. He breathed twice to calm down.

"Who do you instead of to talk to me?"

"No, no, I just heard the news that the Shenglian is going to cooperate with Shengda, so I wanted to make a phone call to ask about it." The voice on the phone revealed caution all along. This was the usual way that Fang Yuan spoke in front of Shen Yan in so many years.

Shen Yan did not answer.

Fang Yuan sighed and continued, "Although we have already signed the letter of intent, there is no official contract. President Zhang is still the President of branch company after all. Your tone is too heavy. "

Pressing his fingers against the edge of the marble pool, his fingers gradually turned blue and white. "He went back on his word, why was my tone too heavy?"

"This …" Fang Yuan could not answer him.

"It's very late, I'm going to sleep. Don't call me again for this sort of thing!" Shen Yan immediately hung up his mobile phone and raised his head. Inside the mirror, there was a pair of black eyes that were deep and cold.

Outsider thought Shen Yan was playful. No one knew what kind of person he was.

He grew up under the influence of Shen Mo. Everyone only knew that Shen Family had a genius Eldest Young Master.

As for him, the Second Young Master, he only knew how to waste Shen Family's prestige and influence.

Sometimes, impressions were really scary. No matter how hard Shen Yan tried these years, others still felt that he was inferior to Shen Mo.

It seemed that it was still hard to change prople’s impression.

Shen Yan sighed, even his mother had told him more than once, not to fight for it, not to make his grandmother angry. To obediently be the Second Young Master who did not steal the limelight, and to take the portion that he deserved, everyone would be happy.

But as the Second Young Master of Shen Family, he did not want to live the life his elders had arranged for him. Even if no one thought well of him and no one supported him, he would not hesitate to try.

Since he was a dragon, he should soar into the sky.

He knew he was fighting alone. His opponent was very strong, and the battlefield was very wide. But no one was behind him, no one was shouting for him.

He had always fought alone. Before, now and in the future, he was alone eventually.


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