Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 27-This Is Nothing
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 27-This Is Nothing

Shen Yan couldn't help but laugh when he thought of this. He pinched off a small part of the cigarette in his hand, put on some clothes, then left the room and went downstairs. He suddenly raised his head. In the bright living room, a slender figure was sitting on the sofa.

In that instant, the flowing light spun. It looked like a dream.

You thought you were alone, but there was someone sitting there silently. Her hair was made up a bun, her head bowed, a few strands of bangs falling and making a shadow over her face.

Shen Yan felt something was pulling his heart.

So she was still here.

So he wasn't alone tonight.

"Still awake?"

Xia Yu raised her head, "Your look of getting angry is really scary!"

She sitting here and waitting for him was only for saying this? Shen Yan raised his eyebrows, "Oh, it looks like you remember me!"

Shen Yan returned to his cynical and playful manner. This “remember” seemed to circle around his tongue, sounded especially ambiguous.

Xia Yu obviously did not plan to continue chatting with him on this topic. Of course, no matter what, he was still her boss, so she had to give him face. She smiled: "Young Master Yan is a big shot. There are a lot of people who remember you. I am an insignificant person, so it doesn't matter!"

Xia Yu's words were true. Ever since the Young Master Yan had returned to S City, who knew how many famous women and young celebrities rushed to him.

Don't look at the fact that he had only been back for a short while, there were already some reporters who had photographed the romantic story between him and some female celebrities. This was a strong sense of existence. Even Xia Yu, the person who did not care about anything outside the window, knew about it …

"It seems that you are still quite concerned about me."

"Boss, my life depends on you. If I don't pay attention to you, I'll definitely starve in the future."

"Oh, tell me what other gains did you get?" Shen Yan's fox eyes flashed with a smile.

"Young Master Yan’s love life is good, but there's a small problem in your career. But with the wisdom of Young Master Yan, this small trouble is nothing. " Xia Yu said casually as she met his gaze.

All the employees of the Shen’s company knew that Zhang Hanyu was an hardcore supporter of Shen Mo. If there were some troubles with him, that would be a dead end for Shen Yan!

But this girl said it was a small problem!

"If I understand you correctly, you have a solution, right?" Shen Yan asked with interest. In the middle of the night, and she was so weak, so she must have something to say to himself.

Shen Yan could not think of any other reason for Xia Yu to sit here.

"Well, it depends on how you understand it. Since President Zhang has already stated very clearly that he will cooperate with Young Master Mo, then he will definitely cooperate with him. " Xia Yu said leisurely as she licked her lips.

"Continue!" Shen Yan squinted his eyes slightly.

"It's impossible for Young Master Mo to leave, but it's still possible for you to join them."


"Shengda sells clothing, Tengfei sells cosmetics. If the two companies work together to organize an event, not to mention saving half of the expenses, the Old Madame would even be happy about it. "

This method was indeed marvelous. Before the Old Madame made the two brothers compete for the President, she had already been troubled for a long time. She was worried that the two brothers would be estranged.

With such a collaboration at the beginning, the Old Madame would naturally think that they were competing in a healthy way. No matter how fierce the competition, they always put brotherhood and the company's interests in the first places.

"As expected, it's a good idea, but I don't know what my elder brother will think about this, will Zhang Hanyu agree or not." Shen Yan agreed with Xia Yu's suggestion.

No promotion, no sale. If Shen Yan did not achieve the sales targets, how could he be able to win against Shen Mo?

Xia Yu smiled and said, "Since Young Master Mo is the person who is raised by the Old Madame, his mind would not be that small. As for President Zhang, he is Young Master Yan’s advisor, it was normal for him to think everything for Young Master Mo. Why don't you ask around and see if they're together now?"

"There is a big chance that they are together." Shen Yan must have some actual facts behind his words, otherwise Zhang Hanyu wouldn't call him in the middle of the night.

"Are you sure?"

"I'll have Liu Sijie to confirm it."

Ten minutes later, Liu Sijie called back, confirming that Young Master Mo and Zhang Hanyu were in room number 6 of the Red Lip Bar.

"Would you like to call President Zhang or I call him?" Xia Yu asked.

"You call him." Although Shen Yan accepted Xia Yu's suggestion, it did not mean that his anger had gone.

Xia Yu took out her phone, found out Zhang Hanyu's number. She thought for a while and put down her phone, "Young Master Yan, how about I use your phone? "

"Why? Didn't you say that his mind is big? " Although he said that, Shen Yan still handed the phone over.

"Just make ensurance." After that, Xia Yu dialed Zhang Hanyu's number.

At this time, Shen Mo and Zhang Hanyu was tasting wine and chatting about Shen Yan: "Shen Yan, that brat, is lucky this time. Xia Yu went to hospital because of her urgent illness. Otherwise, even if he doesn't die, he will at least lose a layer of skin."

Zhang Hanyu had already received the news, knowing that the one who was going on a date with Shen Yan was Zeng Mina. The contempt in his heart grew even more.

Although Zhang Hanyu disapproved of Zeng Mina using the beauty's trick, and did not know how Zeng Mina knew that there would be a meeting of board of directors at night. Or, she did not know about such a meeting, only wanted to make troubles for Shen Yan.

But Shen Yan knew clearly that she was already engaged to Shen Mo, he still went to meet Zeng Mina. With his character, he was not fit to compete with Shen Mo for the position of President.

"He was lucky this time. There is still one more year, I refuse to believe that his luck will always be so good."

Shen Mo laughed lightly as he raised his wine glass towards Zhang Hanyu.

Zhang Hanyu raised his too.

Just then, Zhang Hanyu's phone rang. He took it out to have a look and showed it to Shen Mo. He put down his wine glass and picked up the phone, "Young Master Yan, what's the matter?"

He did not like Shen Yan, but he could not ignore the identity, Second Young Master.

"President Zhang, I am Xia Yu." Xia Yu's voice came from the other side of the phone.

"Xia Yu? Why are you using Young Master Yan's phone? " Zhang Hanyu was truly shocked, and asked while glancing at Shen Mo.

"Jiang Wen had My phone, she gave it to Liu Sijie, but he forgot to give it to me because he was busy with other things. So I could only use the Young Master Yan's phone. " Xia Yu had explained it very clearly. She had purposely mentioned the previous matter to remind Shen Mo that Old Madame was paying attention to them.

"Oh, what's the matter?" Although Zhang Hanyu guessed that Xia Yu called for Tengfei's conduct propaganda , he pretended to be confused.

"It's like this. Regards to the conduct propaganda, Young Master Yan has new ideas and wants to organise the event with Young Master Mo together. What do you think?"

"Together?" Zhang Hanyu subconsciously raised his head and look at Shen Mo.

"Agree!" Shen Mo said.

"Good idea, I think Young Master Mo will agree. Let's do it like this, I'll reply to Young Master Yan after I ask Young Master Mo about it. " Zhang Hanyu hung up the phone.

Xia Yu made an "Okay” gesture to Shen Yan and threw the phone over.


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