Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 28-Enjoy The Pleasure of Fulfilling His Reques
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 28-Enjoy The Pleasure of Fulfilling His Reques

Shen Yan turned off his phone, smiled and said to Xia Yu, "Are you hungry?"

"I’m alright." She had been a little hungry before, but now she was not, and wanted to rest earlier.

"I'm hungry, come and eat with me." Shen Yan did not call the servants, and directly took the food from the fridge, and put them into the microwave.

It seemed that he ate erratically, or else the food would not be so well-prepared.

Well, eat with him.

Xia Yu helped him to place the hot food on the table.

Just as she sat down, Shen Yan said, "Drink some wine."

He wanted to drink in the middle of the night? With whom? He alone? Xia Yu had lots of inner thoughts, but in the end, only some simple words came out of her mouth, "where is it? I'll get it for you. "

She stood up again. Shen Yan looked at her.

What was his mood at that time? He felt a little joy, a little relief, and even a little pride.

Shen Yan was enjoying the pleasure that Xia Yu was willing to fulfill his request.

Her questioning gaze met with Shen Yan's gaze, and he swept his forehead with his finger.

"Forget it, no drinking. You are not allowed to drink alcohol after the surgery!" After saying that, he picked up the chopsticks, took a piece of vegetable and put into his mouth. He began to chew slowly.

His looks of eating was quite elegant.

Xia Yu felt a chill run down her spine. At that time, she didn't even have the strength to get angry, she just grinded her lips with her teeth.

Was this man playing tricks with her? Was it interesting?

But she didn't know how much Shen Yan enjoyed it, the pleasure of being able to completely control her.

Shen Yan did not eat much, and Xia Yu ate some symbolically. Very quickly, they all put down the bowls.

Xia Yu stood up and wanted to clean up, but Shen Yan grabbed her wrist, "Put it down, Aunt Wu will clean them up tomorrow. You should go to rest."

She didn't say anything. She went straight back to her room and closed the door.

Shen Yan returned to the study room. After he finished the work and left the room again, it had been an hour.

Around 4 am in the morning, the entire S City was under the starry sky of summer night. It was completely silent, there was no sound could be heard from the room.

Shen Yan opened the bedroom's door and walked in.

He turned off the bright lamp, there was only a bedside lamp left. The dim light shone a warm orange light in the bedroom. Shen Yan leaned on the bed and took out his phone, seeing that there were many missed calls.

They were from Liu Sijie. He frowned, moved his exhausted body, and called back.

"Hey, Young Master Yan! Zhang Hanyu will probably have to be settled by Xia Yu, after all, she is his former subordinate. " Liu Sijie just had karaoke with Luo Jiancheng, then received a message from Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan told him that Zhang Hanyu fooled Shen Yan, and Shen Yan got angry.

If it was someone else, Liu Sijie could deal with them. But it’s Zhang Hanyu, so he had no indea.

But this time, the event was extremely important. So he had no choice but targeting on Xia Yu.

"You don't have to worry about this. It's already been settled." Shen Yan briefly told him the plan of working together with Shengda.

"What a talent!" Liu Sijie laughed. Originally, Zhang Hanyu wanted to make troubles to Shen Yan, but now, Xia Yu just kicked the ball back.

Zhang Hanyu could have rents twice, but now only once.

Well, it was his former subordinates who understood him well. Fatal strike!

"She's a talent, right? So that’s the deal. Let Fang Yuan make a plan tomorrow." Shen Yan's tone was full of pride.

"Yes, I'll tell her later."

"Hm, how is it going with Luo Jiancheng?"

"There's still some problem with him." Liu Sijie paused before continuing, "He's a little angry, but it's not a big problem."

"Then that's it." Shen Yan hung up the phone and turned off the bedside lamp.

After lying down, he realized he was not sleepy and sat up again.

He lit up a cigarette and smoked slowly in the darkness.

Maybe because she was too tired, Xia Yu slept surprisingly well. When she woke up, the sun was high and it was 8 o'clock.

Xia Yu almost crawled up, the thin blanket on her body fell to the ground.

Her action affected the injures, causing her to frown in pain.

She walked out of the bedroom quickly. The room was completely empty, and the sunlight had already filled the entire living room.

"Xiao Yu, you're awake?" Aunt Wu came out from the kitchen and said with a face full of kindness, "Young Master Yan has already gone to work. When he left, he said you should rest at home and don't be hurry to go to work ."

At least he had some conscience. When Xia Yu heard that she didn't have to work, she wasn't worried anymore.

"Breakfast is ready, I'll bring it out for you now. After breakfast, I'll accompany you to the hospital to change your medicine. " Aunt Wu went into the kitchen and brought out the breakfast quickly.

It was a ham omelet and a glass of milk.

"Thank you, Aunt Wu!" Xia Yu sat down to enjoy her breakfast.

After breakfast, Aunt Wu took out a few sets of clothes from the locker room and gave them to Xia Yu: "Young Master Yan asked someone to bring them here in the morning."

Only now did Xia Yu remember that she had not brought any clothes with her when she came here.

He was really thoughtful. Xia Yu took the clothes. She didn't need to look at the label, it must be very expensive with this kind of quality.

She changed her clothes and went to the central hospital, being accompanied by Aunt Wu.

There were a lot of patients. Aunt Wu let Xia Yu sit on a chair in the lounge to wait. She queued up to get the number.

"Is this Sister Wu? What's wrong with you? " It was a woman about Aunt Wu's age.

"I'm fine, that girl is sick." Aunt Wu turned her head and found it was Aunt Jin. She was the servant of Young Master Zhang who lived in the same community with Shen Yan, then pointed at Xia Yu and explained to her.

Aunt Jin looked at Xia Yu who was sitting on the chair with pale face.

"This girl is quite pretty. I heard from my Young Master that your Young Master is fickle in love. Could it be that this girl just had an abortion?" Aunt Jin lowered her voice so that only they could hear each other.

Aunt Wu shook her head. "No, it's acute appendicitis. She had the surgery yesterday and came to change the medicine today."

"Ah, why isn't she in hospital!"

"She said that she had important work to do and didn't have time to stay in the hospital." Aunt Wu looked at Xia Yu and continued, "Last night, she even discussed work with our Young Master Yan late in the night. Young Master Yan thinks highly of her."

Aunt Jin, who had wanted to gossip, realized that there was no news worth mentioning. She chatted with Aunt Wu for a while. Just now, it was Aunt Wu's turn, so they parted.

Shen Yan went to the company early in the morning, Fang Yuan was earlier than him. As soon as he arrived, she put the first draft of the cooperation plan with Shengda in front of him.

Shen Yan always had an affirmative attitude towards Fang Yuan 's efficiency of the work

He read it carefully and made some modifications. Than he let Fang Yian printe it out and took it to the Shengda.

Hearing the news that Shengda would cooperate with Tengfei, Zeng Mina was overjoyed.

Was Shen Yan doing everything he could to shut her out? Why did he take the initiative to come over?

It was known that she was the exclusive model of Shengda. In this collaboration, there was a rule that they should share models. Did she become a model of Tengfei?


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