Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 29-All things come together
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 29-All things come together

Zeng Mina could not wait and immediately went to Tengfei.

At the gate, seeing her coming from afar, Shen Qiang’s heart suddenly jumped to his throat.

When she did not notice him, he hurriedly slipped into Shen Yan's office and said. "Be careful, your goddess is here!"

Shen Yan was signing a document and did not hear what he had said clearly. He raised his head and asked: "Who?"

"Zeng Mina will probably be here in five minutes." Shen Qiang repeated what he just said.

"Isn't her leg injured? Why is she coming? " Shen Yan was stunned.

"My brother, you are the only one in the world who believe that she is injured in the leg." Shen Qiang's tone was full of ridicule.

With a thump sound, the pen in Shen Yan's hand was cut into two halves. Shen Qiang had never seen his brother's expression so bad before. He lowered his head and kept silent, holding his breath.

"Young Master Yan, the mall is pressing again. They asked us when we were going to ship the goods." Secretary Cai Yanyan knocked at the door and entered.

"Let Fang Yuan urge the business planning department." Shen Yan said as he raised his head to look at Cai Yanyan.

Hardly had Cai Yanyan came out of the office, a call from the business planning department rang. They said that the future eldest young mistress would come over to try makeup and asked who would be in charge.

Why did this young lady come over? Shen Yan thought to himself and glanced at Shen Qiang at the side, and answered: "Ask her to rest in the guest room, Fang Yuan will be there shortly."

Very soon, Fang Yuan entered the office, "Young Master Yan, can you ask someone else to replace me?"

Zeng Mina was famous for being high maintenance, and Fang Yuan always tried to evade her. After hearing how she had played tricks on Xia Yu yesterday from Liu Sijie, she became even more unwilling to meet her.

"Who else should go if you won’t? Me? "

Xia Yu did not go to work today, so everyone was talking about it.

Now, no one in the entire Tengfei was willing to receive her. Shen Yan was clear about that.

Shen Yan was afraid that if he sent some else, it would not be able to restrain her, so he had to send Fang Yuan to wait on her. He did not expect her to behave like the others.

Although Shen Yan seemed calm, but in fact, he had already gotten very angry.

If she would not help Shen Yan get out of this predicament, there would be no one else. Gritting her teeth, Fang Yuan said quickly: "I'll do it right now!

Shen Yan then nodded and indicated her to go out.

Before Fang Yuan could even catch her breath when she came out of Shen Yan’s office, Zeng Mina was already walking towards her. Fang Yuan was actually a little nervous.

Seeing Fang Yuan’s expression, Zeng Mina laughed and asked: "What's wrong, you don't look very well!"

"It's fine. Work matters. It has been resolved!" For Fang Yuan, it is not a lie.

Zeng Mina patted on Fang Yuan’s shoulder reassuringly, "Don't mind, Shen Yan has always been serious about work!"

The mistress' posture seemed to be full of comfort, but it meant something else.

Even if Shen Yan was also one of the candidates, but compared to Shen Mo’s strength, everyone knew who was the master of the Shen’s.

Fang Yuan neglected it and smiled: "I understand, thank you, Miss Zeng, this way please!"

Zeng Mina nodded and followed Fang Yuan to the dressing room.

"Fang Yuan, the new secretary Xia Yu has been close with Shen Yan. I heard that she stayed with him last night, you should be careful." Zeng Mina slightly teased.

Fang Yuan was stunned a little bit, but for a moment, she came to herself and said: "This is Young Master Yan's private matter."

"It's not all his business. Be careful of your place." Zeng Mina seemed to be concerned about Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan didn’t say anything while the staff brought a set of cosmetics. Fang Yuan asked the makeup artist to try on the cosmetics for Zeng Mina.

Zeng Mina sat in front of the makeup mirror, glancing at the color of the cosmetics, her face suddenly changed: "Why is it color no. 5, not no. 2?"

As everyone knew, No. 2 was the best seller, and naturally it was the best makeup product of Tengfei.

However, Fang Yuan did not prepare No. 2 for her!

Did she even know that she was the mistress of the Shens?

"Miss Zeng, after professional analysis, we recommended color five to you based on your skin color. Of course, you can change your makeup after try-on, if you're not satisfied. " Fang Yuan explained with a smile.

Zeng Mina raised her hand and swept all the makeup on the makeup table to the floor, and unrestrainedly said: "What? Change? Don't you think that I didn't know that you guys were doing this on purpose. Where's Shen Yan? Ask him to come over here.”

The staff present looked at each other without saying a word or moving. This young mistress was obviously here to cause trouble. They were really lucky today.

"Why aren't you going?" Zeng Mina slammed the table and stood up.

"Miss Zeng, since you like color 2, then we will try color 2." There was no choice for Fang Yuan but to compromise.

This was more like it, Zeng Mina finally calmed down.

The makeup artist next to Fang Yuan tugged on her sleeve and whispered, "Sister Fang, we can not change the color. The numbers used for each model are already fixed."

Different colors apply to different skins. There is no such thing as a good color number or a bad color number. If color no. 2 sells better than the others, it can only be said that there were more of these types of skin.

If Zeng Mina changed the color with others, and the makeup would not achieve the desired effect, and nor did the promotion effect.

The makeup artist would not dare to shoulder such a huge responsibility.

"Miss Zeng, what do you think?" Fang Yuan awkwardly looked at Zeng Mina.

"What do I think? I always use no. 2 color. All of the makeup artists in our company said that there's no problem at all, and you guys clearly did it on purpose. " Zeng Mina had decided that she would use color No. 2.

"Sister Fang, what about you telling Young Master Yan?" Zeng Mina wanted to mess around, they did not dare to offend her, so they could only ask for Shen Yan's permission.

That was the only way.

Fang Yuan had to call Shen Yan.

It just happened that at this time Liu Sijie brought Shen Yan a bad piece of news.

Luo Jiancheng said that he could sign a contract, but the condition was that he would only sign the contract with Fang Yuan.

Shen Yan was angry and he vent his anger to Fang Yuan: "You can't even do a little thing, what else can you do?"

With that, Shen Yan hung up the phone, not caring about Fang Yuan’s feeling.

"Young Master Yan, how about asking Xia Yu follow the case of Sheng Da, she just came over from there and got to know its situation." Could an ordinary person hold Zeng Mina? It wasn't that Liu Sijie was directing against her, people like her should be tamed by someone like Xia Yu.

"Xia Yu, Xia Yu, is it that the company can't run without Xia Yu?" Shen Yan was completely enraged.

It was diamond cut diamond when Xia Yu and Zeng Mina met. Placing the two of them together would make a huge mess.

Liu Sijie laughed dryly: "I didn't mean that, didn't that Luo Jian want Fang Yuan to go to sign the contract, Fang Yuan can not be in two places at once?"

"Why are all these things come together?" Shen Yan impatiently pulled his tie and slammed on the desk, and said impatiently: "Call Xia Yu, get her to come to work."


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