Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 30-You“re different from others
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 30-You“re different from others

The doctor was applying new medicine for her when Xia Yu received Fang Yuan’s call.

She stared blankly at her cellphone as the corner of her lips twitched. Didn’t he tell her to have a good rest?

However, she was still willing to serve the future young mistress.

Xia Yu said to Fang Yuan: "You do your own business, get Shen Qiang to answer the phone."

Fang Yuan quickly handed the phone to Shen Qiang and let out a long sigh of relief. Finally, she had escaped from Zeng Mina's grasp.

You were so happy? You would rather confront the wolf Luo Jiancheng than Zeng Mina. Was she that terrible? Shen Yan frowned, looking at the view of Fang Yuan’s back.

"Sister, it's me. Are you feeling better?" Shen Qiang took the phone and expressed concern for Xia Yu.

"I won't die for the moment, you go to the makeup room and tell Zeng Mina that she either tries on the makeup test as requested or ask Young Master Mo to take her back." Xia Yu did not have a good temper as Fang Yuan, she immediately let out a bunch of harsh words.

"Ah? Do you really mean that? What if she doesn't comply? " Shen Qiang became tongue-tied.

The smell of gunpowder was too strong.

"Just tell her as I said, before I go back to the company, if she hasn't tried the make-up as requested, I'll call Young Master Mo." With that, Xia Yu hung up the phone.

"Honey, you're going to work!" Although aunt Wu did not hear what Shen Qiang said, she did hear Xia Yu said that she was going to the company.

"There is some emergency that I need to take care of. I'll be going to the company in a while." Xia Yu smiled at aunt Wu.

"After such a big operation, you haven't had a good rest for a day and a half." Aunt Wu cared about Xia Yu.

"I'm okay. Aunt Wu, don't worry." Xia Yu laughed, but in her heart, she scolded what a mess Zeng Mina had caused.

She'd better leave before she went to the company, or she'll be in trouble.

Fortunately, Zeng Mina was wise enough as she quickly tried on her makeup and left immediately after receiving Shen Qiang's message.

Everyone stared blankly at her, thinking that she had been possessed.

Of course, she was still holding back her anger. She didn't forget to send a message to Xia Yu when she left: you wait!

It was really very short message.

Xia Yu's lips curved up in a cold smile, was this a threat?

She wasn't scared, so she might as well use her full strength if she had the ability.

Shen Yan stood at the window of his office, watching Zeng Mina driving away her car and seeing Xia Yu get off the car and composedly entered the company. He had a mixed feeling at this moment.

Liu Sijie rubbed it in and said: “there is always one thing to conquer another”.

Xia Yu solved the headache for everyone in a few minutes.

Nothing was easier than fault-finding. Shen Yan glared at Liu Sijie and turned to the desk and continued working.

When Shen Qiang passed on Xia Yu’s words, he did not intentionally evade anyone, and very quickly, the news of Zeng Mina been done with by Xia Yu was spread throughout Tengfei.

It was rumored that Xia Yu was sent to the hospital due to Zeng Mina yesterday.

Today, that Xia Yu did not come to work was also considered as confirmation of the rumor. However, Shen Qiang quickly passed on her domineering order which directly knocked out Zeng Mina. It didn't seem like she was affected by Zeng Mina at all.

Therefore, when Xia Yu entered the company, everyone couldn't help but be stunned. Even when she entered her office, they were still not back to reality.

Shen Qiang hurriedly entered her office. "Sister, you've thoroughly offended her this time."

"It’s not a big deal, then be it. At worst, your brother can just kick me out and vent her anger out." Xia Yu said calmly.

"You are at ease. Rest for a while first, I'll go and buy you a cushion." As Xia Yu had just returned from the operation, Shen Qiang was rather sorry for her.

After that, without waiting for Xia Yu's reply, he ran out. At the door, he saw Fang Yuan walking out in a fluster. He approached her with a smile, "Sister Fang, where are we going?"

"I’m going to book a table as I will have dinner with the manufacturer tonight. Leave the car key for me." Fang Yuan stopped and said. Because the manufacturer would definitely drive there, so she had to keep up appearance.

Shen Qiang had a half old new Audi, but he focused on the first half sentence: "You want to accompany the manufacturers to have dinner? Which one?"

"It has something to do with you?"

"No, Sister Fang, those people are not good. They want to take advantage of you!"

Shen Qiang frowned.

Those so-called bosses were not just going to have dinner, they were going to eat her as well.

You had worked for so many years, why you were not conscious with your own safety?

"well, that is my honor!" She was serious and was not joking.

Fang Yuan was the first to confront Zeng Mina, there was nothing she could do about Zeng Mina. But Xia Yu sent her away with only a few words.

Right now, the entire company was talking about Xia Yu, naturally, Fang Yuan felt somewhat depressed because she entered the company much more earlier than Xia Yu, and she had worked with Shen Yan longer. She was embarrassed.

Therefore, she had to achieve something.

"Sister Fang, you don't have to curry favor with those manufacturers. You're different from others!"

"What's the difference?"

"Of course. You're president Shen's …"

He had indeed seen Shen Yan bring Fang Yuan with him once or twice, but his brother was an expert in secret love.

He had carefully observed the two of them although he had just joined the company for several days. They both acted like they were doing business and hid themselves pretty well, but Shen Qiang stopped halfway through his words as he didn't have the guts to continue.

You knew quite a bit of gossip although you were still a rookie.

Fang Yuan stared at him with a smirk on her face, "Go on, who am I to the general manager?"

For a moment, Shen Qiang got stuck. He frowned, "I can't say clearly, I always felt you are special for general manager Shen. As for the relationship between you two …. "Hum, hum, hum!"

Who doesn't know how to pretend to be ignorant?

The young man's pupils lit up as if he had seen through everything.

The other secretaries at the side all started laughing, "Shen Qiang, if there really was something between Young Master Yan and Fang Yuan, Young Master Yan wouldn't have seen her be played by Zeng Mina."

"What do you all know? He's scrupulous in separating public from private interests." No matter how much Shen Yan disliked Zeng Mina, he couldn't let her scram.

But if she cuckolds him by meeting the manufacturer alone, that will be different.

"Oh? We get it!" Everyone laughed again.

Xia Yu stood at the door while holding a pen and listening to their casual conversation, she walked over and suddenly grabbed his shoulder as she realized that Fang Yuan had gotten annoyed.

"Little wolf, how can you be so sure that they have something else?"

"This... Sister Fang is his chief secretary! " Of course he had proof, but if he spoke out all the secrets, wouldn't the little fox cut him into pieces and throw him into the sea to feed the fishes?

Shen Qiang prevaricated over it.

“I get it”. Xia Yu laughed and swept her eyes across his face: “I am also hired by Young Master Yan, so according to your theory, do we have more things between us?”

Shen Qiang nodded: "Generally speaking, yes."

"Oh? Then, did I sleep with him? "


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