Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 31 It’s none of your business
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 31 It’s none of your business


With a thump, Shen Qiang was stunned. After a while, he came to himself and shook his shoulders: "Sister, don’t play tricks on me, you are telling lame jokes!"

It would be a nightmare for Shen Yan to sleep with Xia Yu.

Everyone doubled up with laughter. Why was this child so amusing?

Xia Yu retracted her arm, and stared at Shen Qiang with a seemingly smile and said: "It's not funny, why are you talking so much nonsense?"

She reached out and snatched the key from Shen Qiang's hand and threw it to Fang Yuan.

With a grateful smile, Fang Yuan took the key and walked towards the elevator.

Everyone laughed for a while before dispersing.

"Sister, you might have really gotten into trouble this time. Their relationship is truly not ordinary." Fang Yuan had entered the elevator. Seeing that the elevator door was about to close, Shen Qiang stood by the side anxiously.

It was as if Fang Yuan had bravely gone to the front line and would never return.

Xia Yu glanced at him and said: "Who had a date yesterday and did not attend the board meeting?"

Shen Qiang was startled: "of course, my second elder brother."

“The girl he dated with was Fang Yuan?"

"... Of course not!"

"That’s it."


"He is a philanderer. You still expect him to think of Fang Yuan?"

Xia Yu said as she walked towards her own office and quickly came out with a bag in her hands.

"Sister, where are you going?" Shen Qiang followed her like a shadow.

"Find something to eat!" Xia Yu continued walking.

"Let's go together." Shen Qiang made his decision. He didn't care whether Xia Yu was willing or not.

Xia Yu glanced at him but did not object.

"Sister, listen to me, my second elder brother really treats Sister Fang differently." Shen Qiang went back to the topic again.

Xia Yu abruptly stopped. She turned around and looked at Shen Qiang with a serious expression.

"It has something to do with you?"

Shen Qiang shook his head.

"It has something to do with me?"

Shen Qiang shook his head again.

"That’s it? Go have a meal "

Even Young Master Yan didn't mind, why should they care about that?

Xia Yu leading the way, they walked towards the nearest fast food restaurant.

Xia Yu's words did make some sense. Shen Qiang thought over the matter carefully and he realized he has indeed cared too much about it.

They each ordered a set meal and sat down face to face.

Shen Qiang faced the road. Halfway through his meal, he raised his head.

To his surprise, he saw Shen Yan's limited-edition black Land Rover riding past. Although it was just a glance, he could see that the one who was in Shen Yan's car was the popular Little Diva Qingqing.

"You are right." Shen Qiang fiddle with the food in front of him with the chopsticks.

As Xia Yu was eating, she raised her head and asked: “what?” when she noticed Shen Qiang had stopped eating and blurted out some words, She didn’t get it, raised her head and asked, “What?”

"He's a philanderer."

"You saw Shen Yan?"

"With the Little Diva."

"It’s just a storm in a tea cup." Anyway, he was too young and made a fuss about it. Xia Yu doubted as if he had grown up in the Shens and said: "Young man, when you grow up, you would be like him."

Rolling his eyes at Xia Yu, Shen Qiang appeared somewhat passionate as he said seriously: "No, I won't be like him."

Okay, fine? Xia Yu was really surprised by how passionate he was.

Pushing the plate in front of her, Xia Yu looked at Shen Qiang and said:" I'm full, if you don't want to eat, let's go back to the company? "

How could a young master like Shen Qiang have fast food! He just wanted to follow Xia Yu.

Now that Xia Yu said that they could go, he threw the chopsticks and stood up, then looked at her smilingly and said: "Sister, if I invite you to have a dinner with me tonight, you won't decline, right?"

"Am I stupid to decline a treat to a meal?" Xia Yu agreed without hesitation: "Go and find the place where Fang Yuan treats the manufacture. We'll be going there as well."

"What?" Shen Qiang was stunned.

"The place where she treats the manufacturer definitely won't be bad. Young Master Shen wouldn't be reluctant to treat me to dinner there, right?" The corner of Xia Yu's lips curved up into a beautiful shape.

Shen Qiang also laughed, "As you like, but don't call me Young Master Shen in future."

Xia Yu made a gesture of OK and the two of them left the fast food restaurant.

"Xiao Yu!" As soon as Xia Yu reached the entrance of the company, Aunt Wu came to greet her. Seeing Shen Qiang, she greeted him in a low voice: Third Young Master, then she put a thermal container into Xia Yu’s hands, "This is the soup I made for you. You have just undergone the operation, you should eat something with nutrient"

"Thank you, Aunt Wu. You don't need to come over here. I'm fine." Xia Yu hurriedly thanked her.

Aunt Wu laughed. "How dare I? Young Master Yan told me to take good care of you, if you lost weight, how could I explain to him! "

Shen Yan’s wild and unrestrained handsome face instantly flashed across Xia Yu's mind. No matter what, she got stabbed because of him, and indeed she had undergone an operation. He should permit her to have two days off.

What was this now? He wanted her to be grateful for his kindness for this little favor?

This evil capitalist, he was really good at scheming!

These words were useless speaking to a servant, so Xia Yu could only smile and say nothing.

It was time for lunch break. People were coming and going at the entrance of the company, so Aunt Wu didn't have to evade others.

Therefore, many people knew that it was Young Master Yan’s servant who sent soup for Xia Yu on his instruction.

Young Master Yan had personally sent a servant to take care of Xia Yu. How dignified!

Xia Yu, what virtue and ability did you have to receive such care and concern from Mr. Mcdreamy?

Where was the justice!

Especially the female employees, when they thought of Shen Yan's handsome face, they could not help but wish that they could immediately got stabbed and be wheeled into the hospital and enjoy this special treatment.

Zeng Mina’s words in the makeup room flashed across Fang Yuan's mind.

Well, Xia Yu, you really have something on the ball!

Even Zeng Mina had never enjoyed such honor before!

No wonder she had stood up in the office just to cover up for herself.

As Fang Yuan entered the office, she heard all kinds of envious and resentful words from the staff.

When Xia Yu returned, Fang Yuan was already printing documents in the office.

Seeing Xia Yu talking and laughing with Shen Qiang as they returned, Fang Yuan had a unspeakable feeling.

We could not go so far to say that Fang Yuan was jealous of Xia Yu.

But all in all, she just could not let it go.

Half an hour before off duty, Shen Qiang was already waiting in Xia Yu's office. As soon as the time came, the two of them left the office together.

"Sister, it's still early. Let's hang out before having dinner, okay?" Shen Qiang asked for Xia Yu's opinion.

Xia Yu did not object, and the two of them walked side by side on the sidewalks, chatting.

These two were definitely a handsome couple, attracting a lot of admiring glances.

"Go eat some ice cream!" Xia Yu pulled Shen Qiang towards an ice cream shop that was not far away.

The store was flourishing with long queues.

"I'll go buy it."

"A large box."

Although the sun had already set, Xia Yu still felt it was very, very hot.


Shen Qiang replied and happily ran to the queue.

Xia Yu waited, and habitually took out her phone to flip through.

"Are you Blind!" A girl's howl pierced into Xia Yu's eardrums.


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