Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 32 I Did it on Purpose
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 32 I Did it on Purpose

Such kind of thing often happened on the streets, Xia Yu ignored it and continued staring at her cellphone.

"You're the blind one!" It was Shen Qiang speaking with anger!

Xia Yu turned toward Shen Qiang's direction. Shen Qiang's hands were covered with ice cream and he was waving his hands.

The girl wore an enormous pair of sunglasses that covered most of her face. Absolutely she got a curvy figure and wore a limited edition light blue dress.

However, she looked much more miserable. The big stain in front of her was Shen Qiang's masterpiece.

On a closer look, they found this girl looked so familiar? She was the Little Queen Qingqing.

Before Xia Yu came to herself, Qingqing had already come to Shen Yan’s side. Pointing at Shen Qiang, she stomped her feet as she complained: "Young Master Yan, how dare he"

Shen Yan was truly the one of kind asshole. Fang Yuan was working overtime to fight for him. But he, on the other hand, had been walking in the rain with the future mistress yesterday, while today he was holding a female celebrity and swaggering around the market.

Xia Yu wanted to use a blade to cut open his chest and see whether there was heart inside.

While looking down on Shen Yan, she decided to step aside to let Shen Qiang make trouble.

"Xiao Qiang, you're grown up yet you're still so reckless!" Shen Yan frowned, he did not know what to say. He did not help Qingqing in an obvious way.

Misunderstanding? That’s normal.

It was not a big deal. If Shen Qiang just apologized, this would be over.

However, the young master's was irritated, and he started to find fault with them: "I did it on purpose. Why, Young Master Yan still trying to avenge her?"

Young Master Yan? Shen Yan frowned.

"Xiao Qiang!" Why couldn't this kid speak in polite manner?

Shen Qiang looked at his second elder brother with disdain: "Since that's the case, then come at me."

"Young Master Yan, look at him. Where does he get this attitude?” Qingqing shook Shen Yan's arm, feeling wronged.

"Shut up, who do you think you are? You think you have the right to speak? ”Shen Qiang looked at Qingqing with disdain, as if he was looking at a pile of trash.

"Don' t be so cheeky! Apologize to Qingqing!" Shen Yan could not take it anymore as he squinted his eyes dangerously.

"I apologize to her. Do you think she'll be able to take it?" Shen Qiang impulsively took out his phone: "How about calling Grandma right now, see if she wants me to apologize as well."

"You …" Shen Yan pointed at Shen Qiang with his figure, and then put it down, his tone becoming soft too: "Forget it, I won't say anymore."

Qingqing was not convinced, but since Shen Yan had already spoken, she could not say anything, and could only look at him with teary eyes, feeling wrong.

Shen Yan had gone too far. He did not break up with Fang Yuan but he held Qingqing’s hand and swaggered through the streets. However, Shen Qiang also went too far to there make things difficult for a girl.

Xia Yu rushed over to stop Shen Qiang: "You're a man and want to lower yourself to a girl's level. Aren't you afraid of being laughed at?"

Shen Qiang snorted, and turned his head.

"Where are you going?" Xia Yu’s coming over gave Shen Yan a chance to change the topic.

Xia Yu replied simply: "On the Third Young Master’s treat."

"Where is it?"

"Moon Watching Restaurant!"

"You’ve just undergone the operation and you're still eating spicy food?"

"We won't order spicy dishes."

If you didn't order spicy dishes at the Sichuan Cuisine Restaurant, what would you do?

The corner of Shen Yan's mouth twitched, and he turned to look at Shen Qiang: "How old are you to still eat ice cream?"

Eating ice-cream had something to do with age? Xia Yu was stunned for a second. Seeing Shen Qiang's expression, she was afraid that they would start a fight again, so she immediately explained and said: "I was the one who wanted to buy the ice cream. Third Young Master bought it for me."

Shen Yan pointed at Xia Yu with a face full of resentment. "Who told you to eat something cold? You didn't hear what the doctor said last night, did you? "

Why was this person more long-winded than my mother? What's the matter of eating a little?

Seeing Shen Yan’s serious face, she swallowed back the words on the tip of her tongue.

Fang Yuan was tired of printing the documents so she leaned back on the chair and dripped a few eye drops. When she got up, she found that her colleagues had all left. Outside the window was completely dark, and the clock on the wall pointed to eight o'clock.

Eight o'clock. She had dinner with a manufacturer tonight.

Luo Jiancheng was a cosmetics manufacturer and had some reputation in the industry. However, he was lecherous and had met Fang Yuan a few times before. He not only looked at her lasciviously, sometimes he would grab at her.

She had not planned to interact with him anymore, but because of the ruckus that Zeng Mina had caused at the company, she had no choice but to meet him.

This time, she was more thoughtful and also invited the marketing manager of the manufacture who was in charge of marketing. The marketing manager was a lady, and she thought that the three of them shouldn't have had such an awkward meal.

However, after she asked the waiter on the phone, she found out that the boss had abandoned his subordinate and was going to attend the dinner alone. His intention was obvious.

However, she had made an appointment with Luo Jiancheng, so she had no choice but to go.

Letting out a breath, she got up and went to the bathroom to fix her makeup.

She, who was in a terrible mood. To make it worse, she met Shen Yan on the way to the Moon Watching Restaurant. Not only he had brought a female celebrity with him, but he was even so concerned about Xia Yu.

She felt so bad so she did not disturb them and turned and entered the Moon watching Restaurant.

A waiter led the way into the restaurant. Room 203. When the door opened, the interior was filled with smoke.

"Miss Fang, you're late."

A man walked out from behind the foggy table. He had a big stomach and was smoking a cigarette. He looked Fang Yuan up and down before he stretched out his hand in satisfaction.

Fang Yuan instinctively turned around: "My apologies, Director Luo, I've made you wait for a long time!"

The man's hand was in the air, awkwardly, but he didn't get angry. Chewing on his cigarette, he rubbed his fingers in the air.

"Not at all, Miss Fang." With just one sentence, he had managed to calm the awkward atmosphere in front of him.

After saying that, he suddenly leaned his face over, almost touching Fang Yuan’s chest.

He leaned close, and his breath was filled with the old man's usual smoky breath.

Fang Yuan felt a little bit of pain in her stomach but she withheld it and just took a few steps back.

"It is a great honor for Director Luo to be here in person." She was most proficient at these kind words which were against her will. After she finished the words, she walked around Director Luo and sat down. She rang the service bell.

Soon, the waiter came in and Fang Yuan waved to him, "You can serve the dishes now."

By the side of the road, seeing that the atmosphere had calmed down a lot, Shen Yan said to Xia Yu: "It's getting late, you guys go ahead, remember not to eat spicy food."

"You are too wordy, mind yourself. Don't get involved with anyone all day, the Shens can't afford to lose this face." Shen Qiang spoke in a completely lecturing tone.

Xia Yu stared blankly by the side as he listened for a long time before came to herself.

" impudent, do you know how to show respect for others?" Shen Yan was enraged, his beautiful fox eyes squinted dangerously.

Shen Qiang laughed coldly: "That depends on who it is. Someone from the little homewrecker families, and you even want others to respect her? Ask her if she deserves it. As for you …"


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