Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 34 All Business People are Profiteers
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 34 All Business People are Profiteers

"Not really. We take what we need." Xia Yu was as calm as if she was talking about today's weather.

We took what we needed, What a good word, Luo Jiancheng really had the urge to rush over and strangle Xia Yu to death.

Shen Qiang involuntarily clenched his fists, preparing to protect Xia Yu at any time.

Xia Yu slanted her eyes as she looked at Luo Jiancheng with obvious contempt.

The scene was deadly provocative.

Luo Jiancheng's eyes squinted into dangerous shapes as he clenched his fat fists again and again. In the end, he took out a pen from his pocket and signed his name on the contract.

He could not let go of his anger, as he threw the contract in front of Fang Yuan. He shouted angrily, "Are you satisfied now? Delete the video!"

Xia Yu's eyes swept across the scattered pieces of paper on the ground. With the flipping of her fingers, the video disappeared.

"Director Luo, you may rest assured." Xia Yu looked at him with a smile, just like they were happily talking about cooperation just now.

She was a responsible collaborator as she did her best to help her partners.

"I'll remember you!" Luo Jiancheng pointed at Xia Yu's nose and grinded his teeth.

"Thank you, it’s my honored to have your attention. Take care, I won't see you off!" Xia Yu bowed slightly, courteously making way for the entrance.

"Hum!" Luo Jiancheng angrily rushed out of the room.

From the time when Luo Jiancheng entered the private room till he left, Fang Yuan didn’t speak a word. In fact, even her posture had not changed at all.

Xia Yu twisted the hard object consciously or unconsciously as she laughed.

She came to Fang Yuan and bent slightly, her shoulders shading the light above Fang Yuan’s head.

"Are you okay?"

Fang Yuan lifted her head and smiled bitterly, "I'm fine, thank you!"

"Sister Fang, here you are!" Shen Qiang had already picked up the contract on the ground and handed it over to Fang Yuan with both hands.

Fang Yuan took it silently and suddenly felt like crying.

There was already something shiny flashing in her eyes. She quickly turned her head away, "Can you let me alone?"

Her voice was clearly choked with sobs.

"We're in the innermost room. Call us if you need anything."

Xia Yu reached out her hand and the wine cup clicked. She stood up and left, and the light above Fang Yuan’s head was instantly seen.

When Fang Yuan had turned around, Xia Yu had already left the room with Shen Qiang. She had even carefully closed the door for her.

Looking down at the bottom of the glass, she saw a red stain, swaying in the light. It was the button on her chest that had just been ripped off by Luo Jiancheng. A little on, red and shinning.

Moon Watching Restaurant was located diagonally across from Tengfei. It was a high-end restaurant in the area. The chefs there were genuine Sichuan Cuisine chefs and had won many top prizes. Many people came here in admiration of its fame, but it was hard to book a table there.

Xia Yu wasn't a Sichuan girl, but she liked Sichuan cuisine a lot. She was very satisfied with Shen Qiang's arrangements.

The waiter carried a bowl of spicy prawns onto the table. Just by looking at them, one would be able to have an appetite.

"Try it out!" Although Shen Qiang was a little slovenly, and he was young, but he was attentive.

He placed the peeled prawn on Xia Yu's plate.

Xia Yu tasted it and could not help but nodding, "Very delicious."

"Sister, the way you signed the contract was really special."

Shen Qiang felt that he was already arrogant enough, but Xia Yu's actions kept refreshing his knowledge, he had never been so surprised before.

"There's no rule on what method I must use. As long as it's legal, what's wrong with it?"

Xia Yu felt that there was something wrong with Shen Qiang's question. That old wolf used the excuse of signing a contract to take advantage of Fang Yuan. What she did was nothing in comparison with what he had done.

"But, since he was not willing to sign the contract, will he cooperate with us?" Someone who lacked courage could not dare to see the distorted face when Luo Jiancheng left. Even Shen Qiang doubted if he would have a nightmare tonight.

From Luo’s expression, it was not hard to guess that the future cooperation would be full of twists and turns.

Xia Yu fiddled with the chopsticks in her hands, laughed and said: "Do you think he is willing to give up the chance to work with a company like Tengfei? I can guarantee that as long as Tengfei changes the cooperative manufacturer, he will immediately panic. "

"But …" The quality of Tengfei’s products was beyond doubt, but Shen Qiang had personally witnessed how difficult it was to find and cooperate with manufacturers for Fang Yuan.

"I heard that the two production lines of Luo Jiancheng have already been closed for three months. If he is forced to close them for another three months, no matter how good the equipments are, they will only be sold as junk."

"You mean he's more anxious than we are?"

"You tell me."

Who would close the door against money to decline a profitable business deal? People like Luo Jiancheng were spoiled by those like Fang Yuan. It was clearly a win-win situation, yet he took it for granted and wanted more.

Xia Yu had always abided by the principle of a fair deal, she felt that she was right.

"Sister Fang was tricked by that old wolf?" Shen Qiang chuckled a few times.

Old bastard, so treacherous. He was clearly waiting for the rice to cook a meal, yet he played hard to get.

That “all business people are profiteers” was indeed true!

"So, before signing the contract, you must be fully prepared. We are dealing with people who are smart, and we will be very passive if we make any mistake."

Having been in the business world for so many years, how could Fang Yuan not understand the mystery behind it?

In the end, the reason why she suffered a major setback due to carelessness was because of love that had befuddled her.

As Young Master Mo held the advantage, Shen Yan was always restricted by others. If he could not keep up with them in terms of achievements, he would be knocked out. For the sake of someone she loved, how could she not fight to death?

"But with all that was done today, will Luo take revenge?" Shen Qiang was still very worried. Xia Yu’s actions just now was an undisguised threat.

Who was Luo Jiancheng, how could he be threatened by a little girl like her? If he was given the chance, he would peel off many layers of Xia Yu.

He sincerely broke out into cold sweat for Xia Yu.

"Surely, he would retaliate. But am I that stupid? Will I just stand here waiting for him to take revenge?" Xia Yu disapproved and placed a piece of prawn meat into her mouth. As she ate, she said to Shen Qiang, "It's really not bad, why don't you try it?"

"If you like it, then eat more." Shen Qiang peeled another one for her.

Shen Qiang had seen a lot of secretaries and all the female secretaries were very pretty. There was no doubt that Xia Yu was also very beautiful, but the most impressive characteristics she left on Shen Qiang was not her face.

How to describe Xia Yu? She seemed to be doing things in irregular ways, but she would not lose her sense of propriety. Even though one was angry to death because of her, one had no choice but to admit that she was more reasonable.

From the beginning, Shen Qiang was completely attracted by her.

Xia Yu laughed, "Don't frown on my table manners!"

"Not at all!" Shen Qiang lowered his head and helped her peel the prawns, his voice was soft and gentle.

The low voice, the delicate features, and the lights in the restaurant made beautiful scenery.

To be honest, this young man was quite handsome when he got serious.

Xia Yu raised her head and looked at the man opposite her. He was still a university student and should be called a big boy. He was still wearing his light blue work shirt with a stiff shape. However, in order to peel the prawns for her, he rolled up both sleeves, exposing a large portion of his well-proportioned arms.


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