Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 36 Let“s Forget I
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 36 Let“s Forget I

People only heard the new’s laughter and never noticed the old’s cry. Although these words were cliché, it was still very suitable to be used under such circumstances.

When Fang Yuan was almost done vomiting, Xia Yu went into the restaurant and asked the waiter for a cup of water. She washed her mouth and drank a few mouthfuls of water before she felt slightly better.

Shen Qiang carried her along.

Xia Yu stood by the side and watched as he dragged her to the intersection. Maybe it was because the moonlight was too bright at night, she could even clearly see Fang Yuan’s exposed chest due to her missing button.

She was wearing black underwear, the most conservative cotton full cup style. However, it only served to make her skin as white as mutton-fat jade.

A car was parked at the intersection opposite to the Moon Watching Restaurant. The half-used Audi was Shen Qiang's car, he asked Fang Yuan for the key to open the car door.

Xia Yu stepped forward, wanting to support Fang Yuan, but she had already climbed into the car by herself.

Just as she was about to close the car door for her, the phone rang. It was Shen Yan.

"Have you finished dinner? Let Xiao Qiang send you back. I told Aunt Wu to wait for you. " Shen Yan's mood was not bad, his words filled with gentleness.

"Don’t bother. I'll just go home by myself." Xia Yu subconsciously looked at Fang Yuan who was bent over on the seat and declined Shen Yan's good intentions.

"You're still injured after all. It's always good to have someone to take care of you …"

"I really don't need to trouble Aunt Wu. Let it be."

Xia Yu finished speaking and hung up the phone, then she noticed that Fang Yuan had gotten out of the car again.

"Fang Yuan, where are you going?" Xia Yu supported Fang Yuan who was stumbling.

"I think I'll take a taxi back." Fang Yuan fiercely shook off Xia Yu's hand and continued to stagger forward.

Her eyes got red, and she almost cried.

Let alone the fact that Fang Yuan was still clear-headed, even if she was unconscious, she could still discern Shen Yan’s voice.

How sweet! Did I disturb them?

"Fang Yuan!" Xia Yu took more steps forward, she was truly unsure why she got mad.

"Enough! I told you I’ll go back by myself, don't follow me!" She suddenly turned her head and shouted at Xia Yu.

Xia Yu was startled. She stood there, her eyes full of doubts. She was at a loss as she did not know why she had offended her.

"Xia Yu, do you know the kind of person I hate most in my entire life? People like you, who pretends to be a good person! " Fang Yuan glanced at Xia Yu fiercely, and then resolutely turned around and staggered forward.

She stopped a taxi which passed by and got into the car. Soon, the car disappeared in the night traffic.

Xia Yu was stunned for a few seconds, after she regained her senses.

"Sister, Sister Fang Yuan is not in a good mood. Don’t mind." Shen Qiang was also shocked by the expression on Fang Yuan's face. Honestly speaking, he had never seen Fang Yuan lose control of herself to such an extent before.

Xia Yu could understand the feelings of Fang Yuan, and she also had suffered tiredness. Especially for the secretaries like them, it was a thankless profession.

They had to face customers, serve their masters as well as their masters' family and friends.

At any moment, they could be slapped in the face. Even if they were slapped in the face, they would still smile and ask the other party if his hands were hurting. This half of the face was swollen due to the slap. But they had to bow with a smile and say that they were sorry.

But no matter how exhausting it was, Xia Yu had never thought of flinching. She had always believed that her hard work would not be in vain and would eventually pay off.

Back then, when she had chosen to stay, Xia Yu had already made sufficient preparations.

As she had chosen the road herself, there was nothing to complain about.

"I'm fine, let's go!" Xia Yu exhaled a long breath, and when she raised her head, she saw a bright and clear bright moon.

Fang Yuan got off the taxi at the entrance of her residential community and stood against the wall for a while.

The night breeze was very cold. After being blown by the wind, she felt her chest churn. She endured the vomiting and took a few steps forward, only to see a car beside her suddenly light up.

Someone got out of the car.

After getting used to the strong light, she could clearly see the person in the light's shadow. She didn't make a sound and pretended as if she didn't see anything and continued to walk inside the building.

Shen Yan caught up her.

"Didn't you say that you had a meal with a manufacturer?" He stared at Fang Yuan and noticed a button was missing from her chest. A small amount of jade colored flesh appeared brighter under the moonlight.

Shen Yan's expression became even angrier.

She ignored him, snorted and continued walking until she reached the lobby of the apartment. She had no intention of stopping.

Shen Yan could only step forward and pulled her hand, "Don't force me to be angry."

However, he was able to see her face clearly when he held her. The lights in the hall were bright, and Fang Yuan’s face looked even paler under the white light. There was even sweat on her forehead.

"What's wrong?"

"Can you let me go?"

Shen Yan immediately released her and retreated a few steps.

He reached out his hand reflexively, but after seeing Fang Yuan stabilizing her body, he put it down.

"Not feeling well?"

Still ignoring him, Fang Yuan fished out a key card and went upstairs.

Shen Yan restrained the urge to ask and followed along the way. He only opened his mouth again after he had entered the house and turned on the lights.

"You look so terrible, don't you..."

But before Shen Yan could finish speaking, Fang Yuan had already rushed to the bathroom with her hands covering her mouth. Bumping onto the door, there was sounds of vomiting from the bath room.

Hearing the fierce vomiting, Shen Yan was feeling extremely scared. After quite a while, the stir inside the bathroom stopped.

"Fang Yuan?" He knocked on the door from the outside.

Fang Yuan did not listen to him, she just curled up by the toilet. She did not eat at noon as she was busy with the company matters. At night, she accompanied Luo Jiancheng to eat, but she only drank a bit of wine. Her stomach had already been emptied out, and now she felt her heart been dug out at this moment.

She rested on the ground for a while, then stood up and washed her face with cold water. The person in the mirror looked haggard and disheveled, like a ghost that had wandered in the middle of the night.

As there was no sound from the living room anymore, Fang Yuan rubbed her face dry and went out just to find Shen Yan was standing by the door with the medicine in one hand and half a cup of water in the other.

"Take it."


"Take the stomach medicine first."

Fang Yuan felt her throat tighten and her chest become stuffy.

Raising her head, she found the rare gentle gaze of Shen Yan. Naturally, her heart somewhat palpitated.

In the end, she took the cup and swallowed the medicine. After the mouthful of warm water, both her stomach and mind began to recover.

"Thank you!" She returned the water cup back to Shen Yan.

Shen Yan laughed, "you're being so polite with me." After saying that, he turned around to get some water. However, he heard a faint voice floating over from behind him.

Fang Yuan said, "Shen Yan, let's forget it."

Shen Yan's body froze for a moment, the hand holding the cup tightened, "Fang Yuan, what's wrong with you?"

She was too abnormal today, and she looked completely different. Shen Yan felt somewhat uncomfortable.


They met when they were studying abroad. Fang Yuan fell in love with the handsome and humorous Shen Yan.

Even though she knew that their identities were completely different, she had loved him for so many years without caring about the gains and losses.

Even if Shen Yan kept on making rumors, even if Shen Yan was holding another woman's hand in front of her.

She had always thought that as long as she was by his side, she would be able to endure anything. But now, she realized that she was also an ordinary person. She would be angry, she would be jealous.

"Fang Yuan, are you sure you want this?" There was an inquisitive tone in his voice.


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