Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 37 I Regarded Her as My Master
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 37 I Regarded Her as My Master

"Yes, I'm tired. My parents are getting older. I want to go back to accompany them. " Fang Yuan replied with certainty.

It was better to let go than to hold on to the hopeless love. Wouldn't it be more comfortable for everyone?

Shen Yan did not hesitate, he turned around and walked out.

Fang Yuan was stunned for a moment before smiling bitterly. He might have been waiting for these words for a long time.

It seemed that she had really troubled him.


Just as Shen Yan was about to step out of the room, Fang Yuan began to speak.

Shen Yan's tall body trembled. He turned around and saw a contract in Fang Yuan’s hand, "This is the contract signed by with Director Luo tonight. Take it, I won't go to the company tomorrow."

Shen Yan took the contract, his hands somewhat trembled.

He was clear about Luo Jiancheng’s character. Could she …

He could not tell what it felt like in his mind. His beautiful fox's eyes dimmed, "You …"

"Don't misunderstand, the contract was signed by Xia Yu, I do not dare to claim credit for it." Fang Yuan said calmly," Shen Yan, although it is cliché, I still have to thank you. Thank you for taking care of me and my family all these years."

"Fang Yuan, we need to have a good talk." Looking at the contract in his hands, Shen Yan felt as if his throat was choked by a fishbone.

Didn't he want this? Why did he feel guilty? This kind of feeling had never happened before.

"It’s unnecessary, Xia Yu is really capable. She can help you and she is much capable than me." Fang Yuan returned to the bedroom and slammed the door with a thud.

Thinking about Fang Yuan’s last words, Shen Yan drove the car towards the old mansion.

Xia Yu had signed the contract for Fang Yuan. The story behind this contract must be interesting!

When Shen Yan arrived at home, Shen Qiang was still awake, telling his grandmother jokes that made her burst into loud laughter.

He was surprised when he saw Shen Yan. His face quickly became gloomy, and he immediately ignored him.

"Grandma, it's so late. You're still awake?" Shen Yan smiled and greeted his grandmother.

"Aside from eating, the other thing grandma could do is sleeping. It's great that Xiao Qiang came to chat with me." Grandma was also very happy to see her second elder grandson back, so she pointed at the sofa and asked Shen Yan to sit down.

"Xiao Qiang came back rather early." Seeing his little brother's expression, Shen Yan knew that he was still angry and he took the initiative to greet him.

"I come back early every day, unlike those diligent little bees that are flying among the flowers." Shen Qiang did not calm down just because his second elder brother took the initiative to show the white feather. His words liked sharp blades.

“Xiao Yan, you have to fix this problem. Now that you are also a President of a company, you need to pay attention to your own image. In this aspect, you need to learn from your big brother. "

This grandson was good in every way, except that his private life.

Grandma could pretend that she didn't know anything about what happened yesterday, but this child couldn't continue to be like this forever.

Shen Yan smiled at his grandmother, his pair of fox eyes sweeping across Shen Qiang's face, "You only talk about others, aren't you dating a girl tonight?"

"I had a dinner with Sister Xia, is that a date? Just a moment ago, grandma said that she wanted me to invite her over. Do you dare to bring your little celebrity back? "

Shen Qiang thought that his second elder brother was getting impudent. He actually wanted to compare with him? Were they comparable?

He was a colleague of Xia Yu. Their relationship was pure and can withstand any sort of examination.

It was embarrassing for Shen Qiang to talk about what Shen Yan had done with Qingqing. Nevertheless, Shen Qiang felt that it was still an obligation to remind him since he was his brother, "Brother, as the saying goes, the bitch is merciless, and the actor is ungrateful. Those little celebrities look gorgeous, but they are full of poisons, how would Grandma feel if you are poisoned?"

This brat felt uneasy in his heart. If he did not vent his anger, he would be choked to death.

Shen Yan laughed, he then rose up and sniffed at Shen Qiang: "You even drank too."

"I had half a cup, Sister Xia said that she couldn’t drink too much. We should drink well rather than getting drunk."

Shen Qiang did not deny it.

Grandma nodded and smiled, "Well said, Xia Yu is a reliable child."

She was reliable? The corner of Shen Yan's eyes twitched, if she had seen the way Xia Yu dealt with matters, she would not have said it like that.

"Just the two of you?"

"Of course. It's just us two, my treat."

“Sister Xia. It seems like you two have gotten along quite well."

Shen Yan sat back down, lazily leaned on the sofa and rested his feet on the tea table.

"Of course. Sister Xia is so nice and loyal, definitely!"

This kid had always had always been picky. He had never praised anyone so highly.

Shen Yan’s fox eyes wandered around on Shen Qiang's body.

This brat had become handsome in the past few years, he looked like the actors in South Korean TV dramas.

Xia Yu was quite a few years older than him.

Shen Yan chuckled and said: "You fancy her?"

"Xiao Qiang, tell me more about that girl." Grandma became alert, sizing up his grandson.

This child had also reached the age of serious relationship.

"Grandma, don't listen to brother's nonsense. We are just colleagues."

"Really? Then why didn't you invite anyone else?"

"You asked me to learn from her, Can I reagard her as my master?"

"Student and master, then husband and wife?"

"Brother, look at your vulgar look." Shen Qiang didn't try to hide his disgust, thinking that not everyone was like Shen Yan, who wanted make love with any beautiful lady.

"Alright, the two of you start making a ruckus as soon as you meet." Old Madame laughed happily while holding two grandsons in each of her hands.

Shen Yan laughed, and did not tease Shen Qiang anymore.

As capable as Xia Yu, this brat willingly acknowledged her as his master, it was indeed not bad.

Didn’t he know who his own cousin was? He had only been in the company for three days, but there were already many people came to complained about him. Xia Yu had only been with Shen Qiang for one day, and she had already won him over.

However, this brat was already crafty enough. If he continued to hang around with that girl for a while longer, what would he be? Shen Yan looked forward to what would happen next.

"Looks like you guys got along pretty well. I'm relieved now." Shen Yan lit up a cigarette. Just as he took a drag, he remembered his grandma was by his side, so he extinguished the cigarette.

He held up the teapot on the tea table and poured some of it into the cup, then asked Shen Qiang, "Did you guys meet any acquaintances during the meal?"

After making such a huge detour, Shen Yan got down to business. Shen Qiang straightened his back.

"Such as?"

"A colleague from the company signing a contract or something?" Shen Yan’s fox eyes squinted once again, landing on Shen Qiang's face.

He was really well-informed. Shen Qiang laughed lightly, "So, it was just that when we passed by Sister Fang’s private room, they were all a little angry, so Sister Xia became the peacemaker."

"It sounds pretty simple."

"Isn't that so? Sister Xia only said two sentences and Director Luo signed the contract. " Shen Qiang glanced at his second elder brother. He had been so fickle in love, not knowing that if not for them, his girlfriend may have eaten by the wolf.

By the way, Xia Yu was really brave enough.

Only people with identity like Shen Yan would dare to threaten Luo Jiancheng, even he did not dare to do so.

But Xia Yu had the gut!


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