Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 40 The Most Inconceivable Misunderstanding
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 40 The Most Inconceivable Misunderstanding

"Xia Yu, Shen Yan has chosen you, and I'm not a stubborn person, but you are still holding it back. This is the first time I've seen someone so hypocritical like you." Fang Yuan reached out her hand to wipe away her tears.

"Fang Yuan, who told you that I'm dating Shen Yan?" Xia Yu was so shocked that she almost jumped up. No wonder Fang Yuan treated her like that last night.

"I saw it with my own eyes. Do I need others to tell me?" Fang Yuan hung up the phone with a clatter.

Saw? Saw what?

Xia Yu was confused.

She thought that Fang Yuan had saw through Shen Yan, so she chose to resign and live a new life. She didn’t know Fang Yuan resigned because she had misunderstood them.

She seemed to be a very shrewd person, but why did she have this kind of thoughts?

The old saying seemed right. As long as a woman falls in love, her IQ would immediately be negative.

Xia Yu felt uncomfortable in her heart.

Just speaking of the Young Master Yan, Xia Yu really did not think that he was wonderful. He was not loyal in love and had so many affairs.

For someone like him, how could she fall in love with him? It would be better to buy a piece of Toufu and knock herself into death than being gossiped by others for being with him.

After exhaling a few deep breaths, Xia Yu adjusted her mood and returned to her office.

Shen Qiang was reading a book on the sofa. Hearing her footsteps, he raised his head and said, "You have been out for so long."

Xia Yu did not answer. She took the book from Shen Qiang's hands and read it. She recited it out loudly, "The History of Sui and Tang Dynasties."

"What did my brother say to you?" Realizing that there was something wrong with Xia Yu, Shen Qiang lifted his head and asked her.

"He said Fang Yuan had resigned and wanted me to take over her position." Xia Yu sat on her seat. She was so depressed that she wanted to beat someone. She couldn't understand why Fang Yuan would deem that she was dating Shen Yan.

"She resigned? Um, my playboy brother, he always treats those who are loyal to him with contempt and fools around with women who are disreputable. "

After chasing after second elder brother for so many years, in the end, she still couldn't take it anymore. Shen Qiang's heart sank.

"Brat, which one of your eyes see me as a playful women?" Xia Yu stared at Shen Qiang and asked.

"I didn’t... Wait a minute, could it be that Fang Yuan have misunderstood my second elder brother and you? " Shen Qiang stood up in shock, and the book in his hands fell to the ground.

"Brat, you're quite smart. You hit the mark with a single guess." Xia Yu jumped from the desk and picked up the book on the floor, then started flipping through it.

"Didn't I say it before? If it was those little celebrities or something, why would Sister Fang be so angry?" Shen Qiang looked at Xia Yu and suddenly laughed, "Sister, I have to say, you and my second elder brother is a perfect match."

Xia Yu pushed Shen Qiang, telling him to shut up immediately. Shen Yan? Com on! "Shen Qiang, I have not offended you, so don't curse me like this."

"Sister, is my second elder brother really so bad in your eyes? Other than being a bit fickle in love, he's still very outstanding in other aspects. " Shen Qiang didn't know whether to laugh or cry as he looked at Xia Yu. This was the first time he saw a woman who despised his second elder brother.

"I don't have the habit of sharing men with others, so you should persuade Fang Yuan to come back and let her match your second elder brother."

"I will definitely persuade her, but I am not sure if she will come back. well, if my second elder brother, who takes happiness for granted would not be on his good behavior, he will probably lose both the power and beauty like the Emperor Yang of the Sui Dynasty."

In that case, Shen Yan might just jump off the building. Xia Yu laughed, "Brat, the leadership has nothing to do with the private life, right?"

"Why not? Emperor Yang of the Sui Dynasty killed his father and brothers and he was completely ignorant. What did the history records say about him? Tyrant! " Said Shen Qiang, pointing to the book in Xia Yu's hands.

He knew the fact that Emperor Yang of the Sui Dynasty killed his father and brothers. But, Shen Yan was just a little fickle, was that comparable?

Looking at the book in her hands, Xia Yu threw it on the table, then used her fingertip to tap on the cover of the book, "I do not agree with what you said, Emperor Li Shimin, who killed his own brothers, threatened his father and had a lot of concubines, was still a great emperor. Do you think he did less than emperor Yang of the Sui Dynasty?"

"But he brought prosperity to this country."

"You're right, he had political achievements."

"But grandma also wants second elder brother to be on his good behavior. She also says that if he is like my eldest brother, then she'll be relieved." Shen Qiang clearly remembered grandma's earnest words last night.

Xia Yu was an outsider, how would she know the situation in his family? His eldest brother was outstanding in every aspect since he was young. Although grandmother did not explicitly say it, she had always raised the eldest brother as the successor of the family.

It was only after his two elder brothers had grown up that grandma put on airs to take care of second elder brother’s feelings.

In terms of personal feelings, Shen Qiang liked Shen Yan more. Although Shen Yan was always mean, perverse in doing ways and fickle in love, but Shen Qiang could feel a deep affection from him.

His eldest brother was different. He was always aloof, distant and cold.

Therefore, Shen Qiang hoped that his second elder brother could win. Even if he couldn't, he had to try his best to have more say in the company, but he always let Shen Qiang down.

"Li Yuan also likes his eldest son, Li Jiancheng, but the one who became emperor was Li Shimin. The one who can hold the position of president in the Shen’s is the one who is capable to hold it. " Xia Yu looked at Shen Qiang and laughed, "That's why I said your second elder brother's love affair would be a unimportant gossip at most."

"But if he was marked as an obscene person it will be a stain on him for the rest of his life." Shen Qiang frowned and said with worry.

If you had the ability, you could control your second elder brother. Seeing Shen Qiang's expression, Xia Yu wanted to laugh, " That's not a big deal. These vulgar words are used to describe those vulgar men, they don’t have something to do with your second elder brother.”

“What do you mean?” Shen Qiang was startled, "What is related to my second elder brother?"

"Playful and unrestrained. Didn't you read the magazine? Isn't that how they describe your second elder brother?" Xia Yu said in all seriousness.

"Sis, I'm serious."

"What I said was the truth!"

These two people were really bold, they were actually discussing the affairs of the president loudly.

Liu Sijie stood at the door for a while. He can’t keep listening and knocked on the door, "You are busy."

"Oh, what's up, Chief Assistant Liu?" Shen Qiang walked up to welcome him with a smile.

"I am here for Xia Yu. Young Master Yan has asked her to take over the job of Fang Yuan. As Fang Yuan could not come, so I come to hand over the work.” Said Liu Sijie, who was smiling.

“Let's skip the handover temporarily. Let Young Master Yan explain to Fang Yuan that I have nothing to do with him at all. I promise Fang Yuan will come back soon.” Xia Yu said, exhaling a breath and shooking her head.

"Explain? Fang Yuan misunderstood you and Young Master Yan? " Liu Sijie looked at Xia Yu in confuse.

"She misunderstood that my second elder brother liked Sister Xia. I was planning to tell him when I am off duty." Shen Qiang spoke out for Xia Yu.

"What?" This was the most inconceivable misunderstanding that Liu Sijie had heard. He raised his head and looked at Xia Yu.


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