Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 41 It“s Not a Good Time
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 41 It“s Not a Good Time

Xia Yu shrugged her shoulders: "That's what I'm told by Fang Yuan."

Liu Sijie was stunned for a moment. What things were there in Fang Yuan's head: "I will tell Young Master Yan about this matter. As for Fang Yuan, Xiao Qiang, don't look for her. Xia Yu, whether Fang Yuan will return or not, you have to take responsibility for the Secretariat's work, this is Young Master Yan's decision. "

"Then I'll temporarily do it instead of Fang Yuan." Xia Yu understood. Fang Yuan made such a huge blunder, even if the misunderstanding was resolved, she wouldn't come back soon.

"Mm, then it's decided." After Liu Sijie finished explaining, he went to Shen Yan's office. He had to immediately report such a huge blunder to Shen Yan.

Hearing Liu Sijie's words, Shen Yan didn't speak for a long time.

If he knew that Fang Yuan would misunderstand the relationship between him and Xia Yu, why would he put on a show with Qingqing? And even caused Xiao Qiang to quarrel with him.

"Young Master Yan, do you want to send Fang Yuan off the day after tomorrow?" Shen Yan didn't say anything for a long time. Liu Sijie wasn't sure either, so he asked tentatively.

"I'm not going. Go send her off for me." Shen Yan raised his head, glanced at Liu Sijie and said, "You must arrange her work at her hometown properly, and definitely do not let her know."

"Yes. If there are no other orders, I will be leaving first." Liu Sijie left quickly.

Shen Yan looked at the door, rubbed his face and thought about what Liu Sijie had just said.

Fang Yuan suspected Xia Yu and he had affair. Her imagination was plentiful.

However, he didn't know what Xia Yu's reaction would be when she heard this news. Suddenly, Shen Yan really wanted to know.

After thinking for a while, Shen Yan smiled and picked up his phone to call Shen Mo, "Brother, where are you?"

"The office!" It was just two simple words.

"I'll come to you in half an hour."

This time, Shen Mo didn't even make a sound, and directly hung up the call.

After Shen Yan put down the phone, he went out. Jiang Wen, who was hiding at the side, quickly ran over to Zeng Mina, "Sister Mina, the news is so explosive. Fang Yuan misunderstood Young Master Yan and Xia Yu, she had already resigned."

"Really?" Zeng Mina was extremely shocked, Fang Yuan was practically Shen Yan's shadow. Zeng Mina thought that she would follow Shen Yan for the rest of her life, but who would have thought that she would suddenly resign? It was really a surprise. "You didn't hear it wrong, right?"

"It's real, it can't be more real." Jiang Wen confirmed.

"Hehe, I never thought that Xia Yu would have such uses." Zeng Mina smiled brilliantly. One had to know that Fang Yuan was Shen Yan's number one trusted aide, who was equivalent to Liu Sijie.

Her leaving was equivalent to Shen Yan losing an arm. How could Zeng Mina not be happy?

"Wu Shiyu has also registered to participate in this year's audition." After saying the good news, Jiang Wen reported the bad news.

"This shameless woman, what is she doing here?" As expected, Zeng Mina was unhappy.

"How about you tell Young Master Yan?" Jiang Wen guessed what Zeng Mina was thinking and gave her a plan.

Zeng Mina shook her head, "It's useless. Shen Yan had said it earlier, there's no way he would not let Wu Shiyu register."

"But we can't let her participate in it so smoothly!"

"Who needs you to say that? I have my own ideas about this. Let's go to the Shen Family. " After hearing such news, Zeng Mina did not have the mood to continue rehearsing.

She had to inform the First Madame of this news as soon as possible. For now, the First Madame was the only one who could drive Wu Shiyu away.

Xia Yu was completely unaware of Zeng Mina's plan. Fang Yuan's sudden resignation had made her very busy, so she didn't even have time to pick her cousin up.

Until Xia Yu received Wu Shiyu's text messag, she found out that she had already arrived. After work, Xia Yu hurried over to her place to meet her.

At the entrance of the community, she met a woman who was driving an expensive sports car. Even the security guards greeted the woman in the sports car, and she didn't even turn her head, not to mention any sort of response. After the lift pole was raised, the sports car sped away. In the blink of an eye, it was already dozens of meters ahead.

The treatment for the rich was different, Xia Yu had to accept it.

She went to the guard's office to explain her purpose of visit. She gave her cousin a call in front of the security guards. After her identity was verified, she passed through the security check and was then let in.

Without a car, Xia Yu walked through the ridiculously large community. She passed through an outdoor golf course, a few coffee shops and restaurants in several blocks and arrived in front of a three-storey European-style villa.

She was glad that her cousin's villa was not on the other side of the artificial lake. Otherwise, she would have to walk for at least another twenty minutes.

She stood at the door and looked in. Suddenly, through the window of the villa, she saw a familiar figure sitting with her back facing her.

Opposite her cousin was a young man wearing a blue business suit and glasses. Looking at his appearance, he looked to be in his thirties.

Xia Yu hurriedly walked in. When she entered the villa, she saw her cousin holding a cigarette between her fingers.

The man's expression was also very serious. There were documents on the tea table, so it seemed like they were discussing business.

"Did I come at the wrong time?" With a frown, Xia Yu looked at her cousin. Looking at her troubled expression, she started to worry.

Wu Shiyu turned her head and stood up. She forced a smile at Xia Yu, "Xiao Yu, you're here? It's not a big deal, this is Lawyer Li Jing from Li Jing's law firm, and this is my cousin, Xia Yu. "

Seeing Li Jing had stood up, Wu Shiyu introduced them.

The two of them shook hands, greeted each other, and sat down.

But when she saw a palm print on her cousin's left cheek that it was bleeding, her expression immediately changed. She glared and asked, "What happened to your face?"

Wu Shiyu instinctively turned her head, and conveniently put out half of her cigarette in the crystal ashtray. She did not answer but asked, "How are you doing in Tengfei?"

Xia Yu frowned, "I'm fine, I'm asking you, what's wrong with your face?"

Wu Shiyu did not utter a word.

Xia Yu turned her gaze towards Li Jing, her tone was cold. "Lawyer Li, can you help me solve my doubts?"

There were only two of them in this room, and her cousin had just returned home, so Xia Yu had a reason to doubt about it.

Li jing raised his head and looked at Wu Shiyu, and after a moment of hesitation, he said, "You should ask Miss Wu, I'm not very clear about this."

His eyes were twinkling, and he was hesitating to speak. There must be a problem.

This was her own sister, how could Xia Yu let her be so wronged without caring about it?

Without saying a word, Xia Yu took out her phone, turned on the recording function, and placed it on the tea table.

"Miss Xia, what do you mean by that?" Xia Yu's expression was not good, and Li Jing became alert.

"Mr. Li, there's only the two of you here, and the wounds on my sister's face are fresh. If you don't give me an explanation today, then I'll call the police and let them deal with it."

"Don't be rash, Miss Xia. I study law, why would I make a move on Miss Wu? Ask Miss Wu if you don't believe me. " Xia Yu did not seem like she was joking, Li jing quickly explained.


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