Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 42 What“s Wrong With The Face
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 42 What“s Wrong With The Face

Xia Yu cast an inquiring glance at her cousin, and only let go after seeing her shake her head.

Li Jing heaved a sigh of relief, raised his head and looked at Wu Shiyu again, then said: "Miss Wu, the evidence is conclusive now, this house was indeed bought by Mr. Shen Mo, I advise you to move out as soon as possible, if we go to the court, it would be bad for everyone."

Wu Shiyu was visibly excited: "Lawyer. Li, yes, he helped me buy this house, but I negotiated with him in advance. I'll be their spokesperson, this house is just the fee, and there's even a contract to prove it."

Wu Shiyu pushed a document, signed by Shen Mo himself, to Li Jing. There was an official seal of the Shenglian company that Wu Shiyu represented.

Li Jing didn't look at it and said instead, "Miss Wu, does the price of this house match with your endorsement income? So, it's better if you don't try to argue."

"Why don't they match? I already bought this house two years ago. You can't measure it with the current price. " Wu Shiyu had to fight for what was reasonable.

"So you chose to go to court? In that case, I don't think there's any need to continue the discussion. " With such large differences, it would be a waste of time if Li Jing continued speaking. Thus, he had already begun to pack up.

"Shen Mo told you to come?" Xia Yu spoke up.

After looking at the documents of both sides, she asked calmly.

"What?" Li jing raised his head and was stunned for a moment. "No, it's the First Madame of Shen Family, Mr. Shen Mo's mother."

"Oh, may I ask how old Shen Mo is? Does he have a physical or mental illness and need to be cared for by someone else?" Xia Yu stared at Li Jing seriously, and tapped on the phone on the table.

She had turned on the recording function, and the words that came out of Li Jing's mouth now were likely to become evidence.

"Mr. Shen Mo is fine, Miss Xia, the matter is like this … " Li Jing suddenly felt very stuffy and uncomfortable.

Looking at the phone which Xia Yu had activated the audio recording function, his eloquent speech skill disappeared in an instant.

"Mr. Li, you are a professional lawyer, Let's put other things aside. Since Mr. Shen Mo did not entrust anything to you, you should know better than me whether your appearance is legal or not." Xia Yu looked straight at Li Jing, her expression was becoming more and more serious.

"But... Madam Shen …" Li Jing wiped the sweat off his forehead, not knowing what to do in this awkward situation.

"How did Mrs. Shen negotiate with you is a matter between the two of you, I have no right to ask. But you affected my sister today, and we reserve the right to legal action, and you are not the only lawyer in S City, right?" Xia Yu narrowed her eyes and leaned back.

"Miss Xia, as Mr. Shen Mo's mother, Madam Shen has the authority to exercise her power on his behalf." Li Jing knew more about the law than Xia Yu, how could he let Xia Yu defeat him so easily?

"Fine, show me Mr. Shen Mo's authorization. Also, you said that this house belonged to Shen Mo. I want to see his written testimony." Xia Yu fought with him.

"Mr. Shen Mo's autograph was here when he bought the house. It is unnecessary to give a written testimony, right?"

"We have the property ownership certificate, and my sister's name is clearly written on it. Since you do not have Mr. Shen Mo's authorization and you do not have any written proof, we have the reason to suspect that you are deliberately deceiving. "

Now, Xia Yu was sure that it's not Shen Mo who asked him to come, so she was full of confidence.

"Miss Xia, please take note of your words. I reserve the right to sue you for slander." Li Jing was also getting angry.

"You don't have any reasonable excuse for barging into the house without permission from the owner, and you are still trying to speak nonsense. Cousin, call the police and let them handle this matter." Xia Yu was not that easy to be scared, Li Jing's method was useless against her.

"Sorry, it's my fault." Li Jing knew that he would be the only one to make a fool of himself if he stayed any longer. He hurriedly stood up, put the documents back in his bag, then walked out.

"Bullying the weak and fearing the strong." Xia Yu turned off the recording function on her phone.

"Xiao Yu, it's a good thing you came. You didn't see how arrogant he was earlier." Wu Shiyu heaved a sigh of relief.

"Don't let this kind of person in again."

"Got it."

Wu Shiyu smiled.

The red handprint on her face became even more obvious.

Xia Yu shifted her gaze back onto her face. "You still haven't answered me, what's wrong with your face?"

Wu Shiyu's eyes flashed as she stood up and walked to the lavishly decorated washroom. Standing in front of the washbasin, she opened the tap and washed the ashtray clean, not answering Xia Yu's question.

Xia Yu went forward and grabbed her face, at first, Wu Shiyu was still resisting while saying everything was fine. Xia Yu's expression was extremely terrible, as though she was going to flip out at any moment.

Since she couldn't resist her, Wu Shiyu could only say: "Okay, I'll show you."

With such a clear handprint, Xia Yu felt both angry and pained at the same time. She said loudly, "Who hit you?"

In fact, Xia Yu had guessed that Li Jing was going to sue her cousin with the contract. If she must hand over someone, she looked at her own cousin, "Is it Zeng Mina?"

Wu Shiyu lifted her chin and moved her face away from Xia Yu's hands. Looking in the mirror in front of her, she replied indifferently: "She didn't come, but Shen Mo's mother did."

Xia Yu instinctively frowned, and in her mind, she somehow thought of the woman who drove the luxury car at the entrance. As she did not care at the time and did not see the woman's face clearly, she raised her eyebrows and asked: "It can't be the one driving a yellow sports car, right?"

Wu Shiyu tilted her head and glanced at her, then asked her, "How did you know?"

Xia Yu's face darkened, and immediately said fiercely, "I just met her at the main entrance, why didn't you tell me earlier, otherwise, I would stop her, I don't think I won't be able to fight her."

After Wu Shiyu heard it, she suddenly burst out laughing. With one hand on the edge of the washbasin, she stared at Xia Yu with great interest.

Did this girl know what she was saying? That woman was her boss's wife. Did she not want to work anymore?

Xia Yu was so angry that she almost went mad, she frowned and looked back at Wu Shiyu: "What are you laughing at? Have you been foolish for being beaten? You aren't someone who could suffer a loss in the past, what right did she have to hit you? "

In the past, when Wu Shiyu was with her son, for the sake of lover, Wu Shiyu had given her face. That was called filial piety.

But it was different now, hadn't that scum son of hers already dumped Wu Shiyu?

Xia Yu angrily stared at her own cousin, like she would immediately rush into Shen Family and pull Shen Mo's mother out to vent her anger for her cousin.

The more indignant Xia Yu was, the more wild Wu Shiyu's laughter became.

So angry! she could not help but extend her hand towards her. "Stop laughing, hurry up and tell me what happened."

Leaning on the washbasin, Wu Shiyu stopped laughing, "Forget it, a dog bit you, then you bite it back?"

Xia Yu used a stern and warning gaze to stare at her, and said extremely earnestly: "Not biting back, but destroy, prevent that beast from getting an inch nearer."

Seeing that, Wu Shiyu sighed: "I wonder where Old Madame heard it from, she said that Shen Mo gave this house to me. She was unsatisfied, came here to cause trouble. You saw the lawyer too."

After beating Wu Shiyu, she instructed Li Jing to sue Wu Shiyu till she went bankrupt before she left.

Xia Yu did not see her arrogant looks. Otherwise, with her temper, she would fight.

Encouraging her son to start a mess and then wanting to take back the things he had given away? What kind of people was she?

Xia Yu became angry when she heard it, and asked with wide eyes, "Then why didn't you fight back?!"

When facing such a unreasonable person, one should make tooth for a tooth, be more vicious than she was, only then would she be obedient.

Wu Shiyu sighed and said: "Xiao Yu, putting aside her status as Mrs. Shen, she was an elder, right? How is it proper for me to fight against her?"

This kind of person was unworthy of being a senior.

Xia Yu wanted to say something, but she was pulled out by Wu Shiyu. It had been a long time since the two sisters had a meal together. It was a rare opportunity for them, so they can not be disappointed by an unreasonable Old Madame.


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