Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 43 You Have Guts
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 43 You Have Guts

When Shen Yan went to the office, Shen Mo was busy. He raised his head and glanced at Shen Yan, "I still have two documents to sign, suit yourself."

After saying that, he ignored Shen Yan.

Shen Yan was really suiting himself. After looking through the office, he finally found a box of top-quality red tea. Only then did he sit down and drink in satisfaction.

After about ten minutes, Shen Mo finished his work, and raised his head to look at the leisurely Shen Yan. He asked, "What did you come for?"

Shen Yan drank some tea and enjoyed it with his eyes squinted. Hearing his elder brother talking to him, he raised his teacup and said, "Let's have a meal together tonight, the three of us."

The three people that Shen Yan was talking about were him, Shen Mo and Zeng Mina.

Previously, Shen Yan liked Zeng Mina, but Zeng Mina liked Shen Mo. She pestered Shen Yan all day long, wanted him to ask Shen Mo out.

In order to get a smile from the beauty, Shen Yan would pull big brother out whenever he had the time. Speaking of which, he could be considered as the matchmaker for the two of them.

"I'm available, just call her." Shen Mo felt that the three of them hadn't been together for a while, it was time to get together, so he agreed.

"It's better if you call. She won't answer me." Shen Yan put down the teacup in his hand and shrugged his shoulders.

"Alright, I'll call her later." Shen Mo nodded.

"Then it's a deal, let's go to the old place." Shen Yan said as he stood up, and when he left, he raised his teacup and took another sip, as if he was not enough with the tea, "This tea is not bad."

"Director Zeng brought this back from a business trip. If you like, take it." Although Shen Yan had lived abroad for many years, he had always liked to drink tea, Shen Mo knew that.

"Your future father-in-law gifted it to you, how can I take it. I'm leaving." If it wasn't his, Shen Yan would never take it.

Shen Mo did not say anything as he continued to do his own things.

Just as Shen Yan was about to leave Shen Mo's office, Zhang Hanyu came over to look for Shen Mo.

The two of them greeted each other at the entrance before passing by each other.

Zhang Hanyu pushed open Shen Mo's office door and asked, "What did he want?"

"He said that it's been a long time since he had a meal with Zeng Mina and me, asked us out." Shen Mo stopped working and indicated for Zhang Hanyu to sit.

Zhang Hanyu sat on the sofa at the side, "He still has the nerve to say such words?"

"Although he has a playboy reputation, but he definitely won't act rashly." Shen Mo knew his little brother.

"Alright then. Since you have an appointment, I'll come back another day." Zhang Hanyu wanted to talk about Fang Yuan's resignation. She was Shen Yan's chief secretary, her resignation meant that Shen Yan had undergone a huge change in personnel.

He had to plan this out with Shen Mo.

Shen Mo nodded and stood up: "Do you know that Xia Yu has become Shen Yan's chief secretary?"

"She? Young Master Yan really dares to use people!" Zhang Hanyu was positive about Xia Yu's ability, but she had still just joined Tengfei, not to mention she was an ex-subordinate of him.

Did Shen Yan really have no other people or he really believe in Xia Yu?

"Yeah, in terms of personnel, he is indeed bolder than me." From the information that Shen Mo had received, it seemed like Shen Yan had his eyes on Xia Yu, which was why she was promoted.

Using Xia Yu meant that his future strategy would have a huge change. Zhang Hanyu was a little worried: "Young Master Mo, do you want me to talk to Xia Yu?"

"She's just a little girl." Shen Mo did not place Xia Yu in his eyes at all, "Just keep an eye on Liu Sijie."

Liu Sijie was the brainpower of Shen Yan. Shen Mo only thought highly of him.

"Yes sir!" Zhang Hanyu finally swallowed his words and followed Shen Mo into the elevator.

It was rare for Shen Mo to take the initiative to call Zeng Mina once. When she received the call, she quickly flew like a rocket to him.

What was even rarer was that when she suggested that they go around together, he actually agreed to it.

It was still early for meal, and it had been a long time since Xia Yu and her cousin went shopping. Coincidentally, they stood at the entrance of the shopping mall, so the two of them laughed as they entered the elevator.

But just as they stepped out from the elevator, they saw Zeng Mina holding onto Shen Mo's arm and walking towards him.

This was really a narrow path for enemies. Xia Yu hadn't said anything yet, Wu Shiyu subconsciously wanted to escape, but she was stopped by Xia Yu. Since she was going to participate in the preliminary audition of Tengfei, she would meet Zeng Mina sooner or later.

Shen Family was the bully. Was it a sin for her sister to like him?

If they didn't agree, that's their freedom. But slapping people, what did that mean?

Xia Yu blamed Shen Mo for what the First Madame did.

"Young Master Mo, Miss Zeng, are you shopping?" You didn't want to see us? Now we hung out in front of your eyes, how did you feel, disgusting?

Xia Yu pulled Wu Shiyu's arm and went over to greet him. Wu Shiyu could only bite the bullet and follow her.

"That's right. My mother's birthday is in a few days, so we're here to choose a present!" What Zeng Mina meant was that they would give a gift to her mother together. She smiled and looked at Xia Yu. Out of the corner of her eyes, she glanced at Wu Shiyu, "I heard that Miss Wu also registered to participate in the audition. Are you trying to build a good relationship with Secretary Xia?"

Just as Wu Shiyu was about to answer, Xia Yu continued, "This is also human nature, after all, normal candidates cannot compare to Miss Zeng. As the saying goes if you have people in the imperial court, then it's easy for you to be an official, right!"

When Xia Yu said this, her eyes unintentionally swept across Shen Mo's face. She held Wu Shiyu's hand, andfelt the iciness of her fingertip. In her heart, she scolded Shen Mo from head to toe.

Shen Mo frowned when he heard Xia Yu's words. He was a cultured person, so naturally, he would not make things difficult for a secretary.

In front of Xia Yu, Zeng Mina could not gain any advantage at all. This girl's mouth was poisonous. Engaging in a battle of words with her, it would be good if you were killed immediately, what's worst was you ended up in half-dead.

Her gaze turned to Wu Shiyu, and laughed, "I heard that Miss Wu is in love, and he is a great director, right?"

Where did this come from? Wu Shiyu laughed awkwardly, but did not explain.

Xia Yu continued, "It's too early to say this. Miss Wu just told me that she wanted him to go back and ask his motehr. If she agree, then Miss Wu will consider the matter of relationship. If she doesn't, then he should give up. After all, there are too many mama's boys now. If the mother doesn't agree after they started seeing each other, it would be too awkward. How do you think, Miss Zeng? "

When she said that, she glared at Shen Mo. Tyrant President? it's not someone you could pretend to be, the temperament was something that would only be real if it was emitted outwards.

The target was very clear. Zeng Mina sneaked a glance at Shen Mo, thinking that the matter of Xia Yu dating Shen Yan must be real, if not, she would not treat Shen Mo like an enemy.

If Xia Yu knew that Zeng Mina thought of her in this way, she would probably be disgusted to death. Other than his face, what else did Shen Yan have?

Shen Mo's expression did not change, and did not even look at them, but Zeng Mina knew that he was already infuriated, and this was the result she wanted.

In less than three days, Xia Yu would definitely be hit by Shen Mo, she was waiting for that. With the good mood, when she looked at Xia Yu again, her smile became even more beautiful, "You guys continue shopping, Young Master Mo and I still need to pick the present, so we won't disturb you."

"Alright, we have matters to attend to so we have to leave first. Miss Zeng, Young Master Mo, take care!" Xia Yu waved at the two of them while smiling.

Wu Shiyu only dared to look over after a long time. She only saw the back of two people, and even their back figures were matching each other. Xia Yu heard her faint sigh.

Xia Yu did not have much appreciation for Shen Mo. Sometimes she wanted to laugh when she saw magazine reporters writing about him as a business genius.

It's not that Xia Yu underestimated him on purpose. Spending the prestige of the ancestors, who couldn't do that? If he joined a company after graduation, started to work as a basic employee, and became a department manager now, Xia Yu would think that he had a business mind.

Furthermore, he was a responsible man in relationship, a useless mama's boy. The moment his mother objected, he immediately became listless.

This man, in Xia Yu's eyes, was just average, especially his coldness. Wherever he went, the temperature would plummet, like a walking ice cave. Only her cousin thought of him as a treasure.

Xia Yu glared at Wu Shiyu, "What are you looking at, if you have the ability then get that man back."

It was only then that Wu Shiyu realised that Xia Yu glared at her angrily, she looked like a little lion cub.

"Xiao Yu, can we not talk about them?" Wu Shiyu took a deep breath. In fairy tales, princess would always get marry with the prince. She was not a three year old child, she understood that.

"Who wants to talk about them? This is bad luck that we coincidentally meet them. " Xia Yu said unhappily.

"Mm, where do you want to eat? How about Ruyi Restaurant? " Wu Shiyu and Xia Yu loved Sichuan Cuisine very much, and the food of Ruyi Restaurant was absolutely great.

"But I don't want to go there." Xia Yu was a little hesitant.

"Let's go, I want." Xia Yu was pulled away.

When the two of them were about to go inside, a black vehicle stopped in front of them.

"Xia Yu, you and Miss Wu are here as well?" Shen Yan got off the vehicle, the two fox eyes stared at Xia Yu. Even when he was not laughing, there was a hint of a smile on his face, those with low immunity would probably faint immediately.

"Yeah, who did Young Master Yan make an appointment with?" Xia Yu smiled and greeted him.

"My big brother … And Miss Zeng. " Shen Yan took a deep breath. He initially did not want to mention Zeng Mina, but she had already walked over with Shen Mo along, so he could only tell.

"Secretary Xia and Miss Wu are here too? Why don't we have the meal together?" Zeng Mina smiled sweetly.

Without waiting for Xia Yu and Wu Shiyu to speak, Shen Mo pulled Zeng Mina inside: "Go inside, why are you standing at the door?"

He didn't even spare Wu Shiyu a glance, like she was transparent.

Shen Yan secretly took a deep breath in and nodded at them before walking in.

Damn it, Xia Yu shook Wu Shiyu's hand and said: "Sis, they are also here, do you still want to go inside?"

Wu Shiyu was inwardly furious, she gritted her teeth and said, "Go, why not? Why should we leave because of that bastard?"

"You have guts, sister!"


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