Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 44 Are You That Kind Of Person?
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 44 Are You That Kind Of Person?

However, after the two of them sat down at the table and drank some beer, they started crying.

They were beautiful girls, why were they so unlucky in relationship?

Chen Wenxuan, you kept man, you really disappointed Xia Yu.

Xia Yu's goal in life wasn't very high, she only wanted to find a man who loved her and get married to have children. But the reality was that she was wandering alone in a strange city thousands of kilometers away from home.

Her family wasn't poor, and she had a fiery personality. She was straightforward, daring to punish evil and show kindness.

But now, the huge and bustling city and the enormous pressure in life had forcefully wiped away all the sharpness in her, the replacement was a familiar yet completely unfamiliar self.

Wiping away her tears, Xia Yu burped and poured a full cup of beer into her mouth. After drinking it, she fell down.

When Wu Shiyu saw this, she pushed her arm, "So quickly? You are really useless, let's keep drinking."

"Look, isn't that the famous model Wu Shiyu?"

"She drank so much. Did something bad happen? Who is the girl beside her?"

A few reporters were also eating together. After recognizing Wu Shiyu, they reached out to their cameras.

How could Wu Shiyu be filmed like this? When the assistant who came to pick her up saw this, she hurriedly carried her and dragged her away.

As for the drunken Xia Yu, she was still sprawled on the table, holding her cup with one hand.

The reporters took out their cameras, turned around and realised that Wu Shiyu had disappeared, they quickly came over to wake Xia Yu up, "Miss, may I ask what your relationship is with Miss Wu Shiyu, where is she now?"

Xia Yu raised her head, seeing that the people in front of her was not her cousin and they were all holding cameras. She stood up shakily: "Who are you all? I have the portraiture right. Without my permission, you all are not allowed to take photos. Delete the photos. "

Who wanted to waste time shooting you? The reporter asked again, "Where did Miss Wu Shiyu go?"

"Who is Wu Shiyu? Why should I tell you? " Although Xia Yu drank a lot, she was not totally drunk yet. She extended hr ehand to snatch the cameras from, "Delete the photos, if not, I will call the police and sue you for harassing a good citizen."

Shen Yan and the others were stepping out. Zeng Mina looked at Shen Yan and muttered, "Look, your little secretary is drunk."

He had actually seen it already, but upon hearing Xia Yu's words, he couldn't help but laugh.

This girl was already this drunk, yet she still refused to let go.

"You're not leaving?" Shen Mo turned around and glanced at Shen Yan.

"You guys go first, I'll wait a bit." Xia Yu was so drunk, if he left, he really did not know what kind of mistake she would make.

Shen Mo did not speak anymore, and left with Zeng Mina.

Noticing the ruckus over here, the waiter came over to check the situation.

Xia Yu grabbed the waiter, pointed at the reporters and said, "These people are harassing me."

"Gentlemen, this lady does not wish to be disturbed, please leave!" The waiter saw that it was indeed these people who came to Xia Yu, so he could only ask them to leave.

"Is Miss Wu Shiyu in trouble, is it an love matter? Is it true that she and the Young Master Mo are seeing each other? "

The reporters were unwilling to go and asked again and again.

"Call the police, arrest them!" How annoying, was it?

Xia Yu picked up a cup and was about to throw it over, she had never seen such annoying persons.

"It's not good to hurt people." Shen Yan grabbed Xia Yu's wrist, took the cup from her hand and placed it on the table.

It was unknown when Liu Sijie came over, but he came to the front of the reporters and smiled, "This is the secretary of Young Master Yan, is there anything you need?"

Shen Yan's secretary? The reporters exchanged glances and quickly apologized, "Sorry, we mistook you for someone else. Really sorry."

"It's alright. Guys, as you can see, secretary Xia is already drunk, so we'll be taking our leave now." Liu Sijie nodded to the reporters, and turned to see that Xia Yu had fallen on Shen Yan's body.

She reeked of alcohol. Shen Yan, who was slightly obsessed with cleanliness, frowned. He pushed her in disdain, wanted to make her stand up straight, but just as he retracted his hand, she leaned on him weakly again.

"Young Master Yan, let me help you." Liu Sijie extended his hand over.

Shen Yan glanced at the almost unconscious Xia Yu and said unhappily, "Forget it, you go drive first."

"Damn you little fox, you're treating Zeng Mina to a meal? Why did you come to this place? Is there no other place?" Xia Yu was too drunk to recognize people, but she could recognize the car. She immediately kicked it.

"Kick! Kick! Kick you blind little fox to death! In all those good girls, you chose that rotten bitch? Today, if I can't wake you up, then I'm not Xia Yu … "

With her tone, people who did not know of the situation would think that she was being jealous of Zeng Mina.

Liu Sijie glanced at Shen Yan and couldn't help but laugh.

The corner of Shen Yan's mouth twitched. How much of a grudge did she have with his car? She was so drunk but could recognize it at a glance.

"Laughing? help me get her into the car." Shen Yan glared at Liu Sijie in annoyance, and in the end, he laughed out loud.

Although Xia Yu was drunk, she was still cautious. Just as they got her into the car, she realized that something was wrong and stared straight at Shen Yan, "You, what are you trying to do?"

"What else can I do? I'll take you home. Tell me, where do you live? " Shen Yan was really speechless, was this the master that Shen Qiang admired?

"Who are you?" Xia Yu tried her best to open her eyes wide and look at him carefully, as if she had discovered something. She then said, "Your looks are pretty good, are you that kind of person? Let make it clear first, I spent all my money on my ex-boyfriend, now I don't have any money. You can send me back and leave. If you do not take advice, you will bear the consequences."

During speaking, she could not help but burp, which made Shen Yan frown.

Hearing her said such nonsense again, he was so angry that he almost threw her out.

She actually thought of him as a prostitute!

However, her raising ex-boyfriend made Shen Yan unable to restrain his laughter. Such a cunning person like her could still be fooled. Shen Yan recalled the scene that Chen Wenxuan made a ruckus while lying on the ground.

That man wasn't that good. It seemed like this girl was really short-sighted.

She couldn't even recognize him. How much did she drink?

Liu Sijie, who was driving, could not help but burst out laughing.

Shen Yan's fox eyes slightly narrowed, and he also laughed along.

His gaze stopped on her face. Through the weak lights on the car, Xia Yu looked even more charming and alluring.

Shen Yan could not help but look at her in a daze. Scholar wrote about a drunk beauty under the light of a lantern, that's how she looked, right?

"What are you looking at?" Xia Yu shook her head, Shen Yan already had two heads in her eyes.

She looked really funny. Shen Yan couldn't hold back and wanted to tease her, "No, it's not easy to be in our business. It's so hard to get a customer, if I give up, it would be such a pity. Why don't you buy me on credit, leave me your contact information and pay it back when you have the money."

"Eh, you really know how to do business. But I really don't have money and I even owe my exploiter boss a lot of debts, it would be hard for me to pay him back in my life. It's not easy for you either, I can't drag you down." After saying that, Xia Yu could no longer hold on and fell asleep.

Exploiter? Was this the image of him in her heart?

Looking at Xia Yu, the corner of Shen Yan's eyes twitched.

Liu Sijie, who was at the side, held back his laughter.

This Secretary Xia was so interesting, let's see what would happen in the future.

"Stupid girl, if I don't teach you a lesson, you won't know how powerful Young Master Yan is."

He reached out to grab Xia Yu's bag and took out her phone, but she set up a password.

"Xia Yu's birthday." Generally, passwords were birthdays of one's family members and boyfriend.

"Let me check for you." There was her birthday in the HR department's file, so it wasn't hard to find out.

Not long later, the HR Department reported Xia Yu's birthday to him.

Shen Mo tried it out, and it's not her birthday. After frowning for a while, he asked, "What was her ex-boyfriend called?"

They had seen each other for a long time, so the possibility of it being his birthday was very high. Liu Sijie said, "Chen Wenxuan, this might take a while. Wait a minute."

In less than twenty minutes, Chen Wenxuan's birthday was found out.

That's it. Shen Yan never thought that this girl would care about Chen Wenxuan so much .

He smiled mischievously as he saved a number into her phone, noting that it was someone important, then added her QQ and WeChat before putting the phone back.

"President, where are we driving to?" At the traffic light, Liu Sijie asked.

Oh, he forgot about this. Shen Yan quickly shook Xia Yu awake, "Where do you live?"



"What does it matter to you?"

"Then I'll leave you on the street." Shen Yan was so angry. He sent her home and she was still so mean.

"Room 802, Unit 10, Cuiwei Community, Hanju Street, Zhonghua Road. Thank you!" Xia Yu understood, the driver brother was sending her home.

After saying that, she tilted her head and fell asleep again. No matter how hard Shen Yan shook her, she couldn't wake up.

Even if he sold her now, she wouldn't know.

The traffic at night was not bad, and soon, they arrived at Xia Yu's place.

He threw her onto the bed.

Xia Yu was like a dead dog, with no reaction at all.

It was hard enough to bring her home. He couldn't just leave like this. He should leave her a mark to remind her, so that she wouldn't drink so much in the future.

Shen Yan bent down and looked at her for a while. He wanted to kiss her small mouth, but the smell was too unpleasant.

He then took a deep suck on her neck. A blood-red mark quickly appeared on Xia Yu's delicate skin.

Shen Yan took a careful look. It was not bad, but too boring, he was not satisfied yet. He quickly left a few more marks until he was satisfied.

Tomorrow morning, when this girl woke up and saw the kiss marks on her neck, would she think that she had a affair after drinking?

When he thought of how Xia Yu was going to react, Shen Yan couldn't help but snicker.

When the President got naughty, it was truly a headache. Liu Sijie stood at the side, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.


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