Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 45 You“re haggling with me?
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 45 You“re haggling with me?

Secretary Xia was not an ordinary person either. If she knew that it was the President who did it, what would happen? Liu Sijie was really looking forward to it.

Needless to say, Shen Yan was really careful, after finishing all the work, he even turned on the air-conditioning and covered her with a blanket before leaving.

During the night, Xia Yu vomited twice more, and she didn't sleep well. Her mind was filled with her cousin's swollen face and the weakness that had accumulated in their hearts, which they did not dare touch easily.

A familiar yet ear-piercing voice came to her ears. Xia Yu could hear it, but she was unable to control her body. She was finally woken up by the persistent ringing of her cell phone.

She woke up, but didn't open her eyes. Xia Yu reached for her phone and turned off the alarm.

She wanted to continue sleeping but couldn't fall asleep. She resisted the sleepiness and sat up from the bed, shaking her head. Her mind was still blank as she desperately tried to wake herself up. After a few seconds, she finally regained her consciousness and quickly got out of bed to clean up.

She drank too much last night, cried and drank. Her eyes were now swollen like peaches.

She quickly brushed teeth and washed face. Looking at herself in the mirror, she was like a female ghost.

After looking carefully in the mirror, Xia Yu realized that her neck was covered in kiss marks.

Heavens, how could this be?

Xia Yu was immediately petrified.

She ruthlessly hit her head a few times as she tried to recall what happened last night.

She drank with her cousin, and they both got drunk.

After that...

Cousin was gone, someone came to her.

None of this mattered. The question was how did she get home.


She ran crazily to the bedroom and Lifted the quilt. There was only sign of one person.

No one should have come, but what did it mean about her neck?

After this surprise, she totally came back to her senses.

Xia Yu sat paralyzed on the bed, going crazy in all sorts of ways.

After a while, Xia Yu took a few deep breaths and forced herself to calm down.

No matter how hard she thought about it, she still didn't have a clue.

It's okay Xia Yu, it's okay.

What could happen if she drank with her cousin?

Cousin? Why did she forget about her? Xia Yu quickly called her cousin, "Sis, how did I get back last night?"

Wu Shiyu was extremely drunk last night, felt very unhappy after being awoken by Xia Yu. Back then, she was so drunk and she really didn't know how Xia Yu got back there.

However, she was sent back by the assistant. Since the two of them were drinking together, so she naturally thought that Xia Yu was also sent back by the assistant. "How could you go back by yourself when you were so drunk? Of course my assistant sent you back."

When she thought about how she hugged her cousin yesterday, laughed and cried, she thought that the kiss marks might left by her cousin.

It really scared her to death! Xia Yu let out a long breath, being relaxed.

Her stomach was growling, reminding her that it was empty.

She subconsciously touched her empty belly, thinking that it had indeed suffered a lot last night. She might as well go out and eat a bowl of beef noodles to reward it.

She put on a shirt with a relatively high collar, covered her neck, and left with her bag.

Smelling the noodles, her appetite was triggered. She found the nearest stall and sat down. "Boss, give me a bowl of beef noodles."

"Ok, do you want chilli?" The boss asked with a smile.

Xia Yu turned her head and said: "Yes, let's do that a bit more."

The boss replied and cooked the noodles. There weren't many people in the morning, so it didn't take long for the noodles to be served.

Before she could even eat some noodels, the phone rang. Without even seeing who it was, she instinctively picked up and said in a low voice, "Hello?"

A man said, "I'll be there in fifteen minutes. Wait downstairs."

Who's this? Xia Yu's brows furrowed, and said with even more agitation, "What nonsense!"

"Xia Yu, is this how you talk to your superior?" Shen Yan's unhappy voice came out from the other side of the phone.

Superior? Hearing the word, Xia Yu spat out the noodles in her mouth.

She bounced up from the chair. No wonder this man's voice sounded familiar.

She fiddled with bangs on her forehead, and hastily changed to a respectful and courteous voice, replying, "Young Master Yan, what can I do?"

"Business. you have fourteen minutes. Be quick, I don't like waiting." Shen Yan hung up the phone.

So early? Xia Yu stared at her phone for a while, then quickly finished her noodles and rushed to her place. Looking ahead, there was only one car parked on the street.

It was a silver Maybach, a young man in a curly-colored casual suit was leaning against the door of the car.

He held a cigarette in his left hand. As he smoked, he look down at his left wrist time to time.

Just this outfit and its aura was enough to make a woman's hormones go awry.

He was really punctual, Xia Yu thought to herself as she quickly ran over to him.

Shen Yan just finished smoking a cigarette, and threw the cigarette butt under his feet. He looked at Xia Yu, and said in a neither cold nor hot voice, "You are four minutes late. Be careful next time."

This tone, this attitude, it was completely different from Shen Yan's.

Xia Yu was stunned. Was this her own President or Shen Mo?

Originally she wanted to verify it, but Shen Yan had already opened the car door and entered.

Xia Yu was still standing at the side of the street, looking at the man in the driver's seat, her expression changed a few times, then she awkwardly smiled and said: "Young Master Yan, you changed the car again? Rich people are different. "

"I don't want to change it, didn't I have no choice but to be forced by you?" Shen Yan said as he showed a video of Xia Yu kicking his car hard.

The scene was familiar, but Xia Yu was sure that she had never done this before.

Xia Yu frowned and looked for a while, she did not have an impression, so she curled her lips and said, "Did you make it on computer? It looks so real."

"The video in the security room of Ruyi Restaurant is more real. Do you want to personally check it?" Shen Yan turned off his phone, "I didn't offend you, why did you have to go against my car? No matter what, I am still your boss, right? "

With the solid evidence, Xia Yu chuckled. She really did not remember that she kicked Shen Yan's car, "I drank too much, please don't mind."

"I think I had offended you. It seemed that you were just randomly kicking a car when you were drunk. Why did you came to mine with so many cars there?" Shen Yan forced himself not to laugh, pretending that he didn't know anything.

"I really wasn't intentional, it's a coincidence. I will take the responsibility of repairing, don't worry, Young Master Yan." After saying that, Xia Yu felt like her heart was being cut by a knife. This guy's car was expensive, the cost to repair it was much higher than others.

She had not paid back the old debts yet. Was he really going to work for him for the entire life to repay his debts?

"Your attitude isn't bad. Just consider the fact that you drank too much yesterday, let's forget about it. Shall we get down to business? " Shen Yan did not pester her excessively.

"Thank you, Young Master Yan. Today is Saturday."

Xia Yu's memory had always been good. At the morning meeting the day before yesterday, he had personally said that he only requested for the employees to make full use of their working hours, and did not advocate working overtime.

These words were still there, how could he lose his memory?

He turned his head and raised his chin to look at Xia Yu who was beside the car. Without changing his expression, he replied without any hesitation, "So, the car money, are you going to keep paying even after you retire? I'm giving you a chance to earn some extra money. "

Although he said calmly, Xia Yu felt a chill down her spine.

Working for the debt, she said it herself.

Just as she was still hesitating, Shen Yan opened his mouth again: "Get in!"

She didn't dare to say no, so she got in the car first before saying anything else.

After Xia Yu getting in the car and fastening her seat belt, Shen Yan kept staring at her neck, "What's wrong with you?"

Xia Yu subconsciously tugged at her collar, trying to stall him, "Nothing, skin allergy!"

"Is that so?" Shen Yan wanted to laugh in his heart, but pretended knowing nothing. He leaned in a little closer, "Let me see, it doesn't look like it!"

Wasn't this nonsense? It's not allergy, okay? But Xia Yu was unable to say these words.

Seeing him approach, Xia Yu shifted her body backward and said warily, "There's no need to look, I have already used the medicine."

"But …"

"Men and women should keep distance!"

Hm?! These words sounded like she was saying "you are a pervert"?

The fox looked at Xia Yu for a while, he could not keep looking anymore.

Shen Yan took out a small brown paper bag and a room card, and handed them over to Xia Yu.

The moment she took it and felt the weight of the bag, her first thinking was money.

What was he going to do?

Xia Yu looked at Shen Yan suspiciously.

As Shen Yan started the car, he said, "Give it to the person who comes in the private room later."

Hearing that, Xia Yu's heart jumped. She look at him and asked, "Who is it?"

"You'll know when you see." Shen Yan obviously didn't want to say too much.

"Young Master Yan, is it appropriate for me to give it?" Xia Yu rejected him flatly. She had never seen such a scum. He was a human, so why coudn't he do things with humanity?

"Xia Yu, you kicked my car and I didn't say anything. Why are you still haggling with me?"


This evil capitalist did not lose anything.

Okay, he had her mistake, Xia Yu could only agree.

Xia Yu put the bag aside and took out her phone to play with it. An unfamiliar number appeared in front of her eyes. It showed this was an important person.

When did she add this number? How come she didn't have any impression of it? She stared at it for a while and could not help but made a sound, "Eh?!"

"What's wrong?" Shen Yan glanced in her direction.

"There's an extra number in my phone." Xia Yu frowned, trying her best to think, but she could not.

"If you're not familiar with it, then just delete. Is there any reason to be so annoyed?" Shen Yan said calmly.

"I can't delete it. I've marked it as someone important."

"Then call back and ask."

"I don't even remember who it was. What can I say after calling?" Xia Yu was extremely distressed. She couldn't just say "I forgot who you are. please tell me, thank you", right?

If she did, that person would break with her immediately.

"So it's like that." Shen Yan pretended to understand and nodded, his stomach was already hurting from the laughter.

Bad girl, spoke nonsense after drinking. Now you had problem.


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