Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 46 We Have the Chemistry
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 46 We Have the Chemistry

His gaze landed on her neck again. Although she was wearing a high-collared dress, there were still some red marks faintly discernible. If others were to see it, they would naturally misunderstood.

Shen Yan was really curious. What kind of reaction did she have when she woke up in the morning to see those red marks? He even faintly regretted not to have installed a monitor in her house.

"Is there anything?" Xia Yu felt uneasy about the way he stared at her and asked him.

"Your neck … I mean, allergies can be big or small, so let's go to the hospital as soon as possible. "

"It's no big deal."

Shen Yan stared at Xia Yu for a good while. She appeared very calm, without feeling any uneasiness.

She could have a one-night stand with someone unknown? How could she be so open-minded?

Shen Yan took in a few deep breaths consecutively, he really didn’t know that before!

Twenty minutes later, the car stopped in front of a deluxe clubhouse. Looking at the luxurious building in front of her, Xia Yu got off the car holding a kraft paper bag and room card in her hand.

"Do you remember what I said just now?"

"Here are my ears. I'll try my best to follow your instructions. If it doesn't work out..."

"Just let her take the money. You don't need to worry about anything else."

Alright, you were the creditor and the president, you had the final say.

When Xia Yu arrived, there was no one in the room. She sat down and ordered a cup of ice coffee.

After waiting for about ten minutes, the door suddenly opened from the outside. Turning sideways, she saw a young, fashionable and beautiful woman carrying a Lv bag.

Just a second ago, she was still smiling, but when she saw that Xia Yu was sitting on the sofa, her eyes paused for a moment, and she was astonished.

Her astonished gaze quickly changed as she sized Xia Yu up. Her glance swept Xia Yu from head to toe, and then landed on her face once more. "It's you?"

"It's you?" Xia Yu also recognized that this woman was the Madame Jiang she met before the bamboo fence.

Could it be that Shen Yan even had some affair with married women?

And this woman, her children were grown up. She was still fooling around outside.

Madame Jiang stared at Xia Yu, her entire body was filled with vigilance and hostility, as though she was her enemy. "Why isn't Fang Yuan here?"

She knew Fang Yuan? Xia Yu was so shocked that she forgot to answer her.

"I mean, it’s used to be her to meet me." Probably she saw through Xia Yu's doubts, Madame Jiang explained.

"She resigned." Wasn't Fang Yuan in love with Shen Yan? What’s wrong. At this moment, her values were refreshed.

Of course, that was Fang Yuan and Shen Yan’s business. Xia Yu wouldn't be allowed to express her idea.

Raising her hand, Madame Jiang took the kraft paper bag which was placed beside her and took it to the table: "Young Master Yan sent this."

The waiter knocked on the door and came in. He placed a glass of orange juice in front of the woman and quickly left.

The woman's eyes circled around Xia Yu's face again. She crossed her arms and leaned back, and said indifferently: "That's it, he regards me as beggars?"

"Your words have really stunned me. I'm just a delivery girl, how do I know who the beggar is?" Xia Yu's tone was icy cold. She hated these kinds of women who messed around, especially this woman who was married and had children.

The woman sitting opposite to her immediately looked unhappy. Her red lips parted and her tone became much worse, "Stop pretending to be stupid and tell me, who exactly are you to him? You think too much for him."

"Who I am to him has nothing to do with you. I've already sent the items over. Goodbye!" Xia Yu stood up.

The woman's expression suddenly changed and she said in a high-pitched voice, "He wants to send me away with such a small amount of money?" What does he take me for? "

Saying that, the woman picked up the kraft paper bag and threw it at Xia Yu. Feeling a sharp pain in her hand, Xia Yu looked down and found there was a red mark on her hand. In a few seconds, the red mark became swollen.

She frowned subconsciously.

Looking at the woman on the sofa opposite to her, the woman wore a look as if someone had owed a lot to her.

Xia Yu became furious at once, "Madam, I don’t know what does he deem you as? How come you didn't sign a contract with him back then? It's easier to protect your rights if you're not satisfied, but now it's of no use to shout at an outsider like me?"

"You …" The woman pointed at Xia Yu for a long time, unable to say a word.

Speechless? Xia Yu glanced at her, began walking towards the door.

Seeing that, the woman immediately stood up, blocking Xia Yu's path, and raised her eyebrows: “take the thing away!”

Did he really think that she was a cowardly lion that could be pushed around as he liked? She was someone who had seen the world. If he wanted to fool her, there was no way.

She was cutting off her nose to spite her face. All right!

Xia Yu stretched out her hand in front of her: "Since you're so sincere about letting me deliver the goods, then give me money first."


"We don’t know each other. You pay first and then I will deliver the goods. Young Master Yan gave me remuneration. "

The woman was confused and pointed at the bag, "It's all money inside, I'm worried that you'll swallow it."

"I still have the least bit of professional ethics. Otherwise, this bag of money wouldn't even reach your hands." Xia Yu said in all seriousness, as if she was really a courier.

The women despised, what professional ethics.

"If that's the case..." Xia Yu scanned her face: "Then forget it."

She turned around and was about to leave.

The woman grabbed her arm and raised her chin, and said: "Don't try to scare me, when did you and Young Master Yan get together?"

Did she really think that she was easy to fool?

"Watch your mouth." Xia Yu frowned, she was muttering to herself. What taste did Shen Yan have, he actually got together with this kind of trash.

The woman scoffed and continued, "You're angry that you've been exposed, why do you do that if you're afraid that people will talk about it. You pretend to be an innocent bitch and want a memorial archway?"

Xia Yu was amused: "I've already become a whore, what do I need to build a memorial archway for? If I really have affair with him, you can get the money? What a dream!"

"You … Can you be any more shameless? " The woman obviously did not expect Xia Yu to say something like that.

"Idiot, if I were you, I would take advantage of this opportunity to earn some money. You won’t find another chance like this, you’d better think about it properly." Glancing at the woman, Xia Yu bent down and picked up the bag.

It was filled with money. Xia Yu thought to herself, she was unable to earn so much money for one year’s hard work, yet this woman rejected it, there was something wrong with her head.

Xia Yu weighed the bag in her hand. It was heavy.

"I ask you again, don’t you really want it?" Xia Yu took out her phone and turned on the recording function.


"Whether you want it or not, give me a clear answer."

"What do you mean?"

"Nothing, I just wanted to keep some evidence. It was you who didn't want it, it's not that I didn't send it over." Xia Yu said indifferently.

The woman was stunned. "If I don't take it, what will happen?"

Well, Xia Yu chuckled and said: "Nothing, he had given you money, and it was you who declined, so he couldn't force you right?"

Xia Yu was telling her it was okay whether she would take the money or not. If she didn’t take it, it would be saved. The woman pouted in her heart. If that's the case …

"Give it to me." The lady snatched the bag back. Xia Yu was right about one thing, it would be fine to earn some money, why should she refuse the money?

That’s right. Only the fool refused money!

Under the woman's furious glare, Xia Yu left the clubhouse with a calm expression. She stopped at the door for a moment, wanting to see if there was a taxi. Then her cellphone rang.

She answered the call and a familiar male voice came, "I'm diagonally opposite to you."

It was Shen Yan's voice. Xia Yu instinctively looked towards the other side of the street where the silver Maybach sports car was parked.

Saying nothings, she pressed the hang up button and walked to the other side of the road.

Shen Yan was sitting in the car. He slightly raised his head and looked at her: "your speed of settling affairs is much faster than I had expected."

Shen Yan revealed a gratified smile.

Xia Yu sat in the front passenger seat and chuckled: "I was sending the money, who would refuse it?"

“How about you have a try and give me a bag of money. I will take all of it.” Xia Yu smirked and glanced at Shen Yan from the corner of her eyes.

Heh, Shen Yan started the car.

It was undeniable that what she said made sense.

The car continued to drive forward. As Xia Yu was thinking how to ask him what else he wanted to do, she heard the man beside her saying, "Xia Yu, you have been working in Shengda for three years. You must have some understanding of our family's situation. "Even though you are the cousin of my big brother's girlfriend, I believe in you. I also believe that you can handle many things well, so I hope that we can cooperate sincerely."

There was no free lunch. He must be up to something.

Xia Yu felt her heart beat, something was wrong!

After pausing for two seconds, she asked, "Young Master Yan, my cousin is an ex-girlfriend of Young Master Mo, not girlfriend. Also, since I have signed a contract with you, and have become your secretary, settling your problems is part of my job, Young Master Yan can rest assured. But just as you have said, my cousin had a deep relationship with the Young Master Mo after all. "

They had known each other for just a few days. Moreover, her cousin was Shen Mo's ex-girlfriend. Even though they had broken up, Shen Mo was still willing to give her cousin a favor and let her stay, which was not in line with his ritual. It could be seen that Shen Mo had deep love for her cousin.

Why should he trust her? Xia Yu was not naïve too. Under such circumstances, she just listened to Shen Yan’s words.

Shen Yan's lips curved up in a beautiful smile, and he replied with a faint smile: "Rather than believing in your moral quality, it's more about the feelings. I think we have the chemistry and you're not a local citizen either. It is hard for outsiders to work here. I guarantee your official job in Tengfei, as long as you still want to do it, no one can squeeze you away. Furthermore, regarding my personal matters, I will definitely not treat you unfairly. "

So sappy! She felt goose bumps all over her body.

Xia Yu smiled, listening seriously.

At first, she only thought his voice was nice, but after he finished speaking for three to five seconds, she slowly came to herself. Was this man a bogy? He not only had good looks but also good voice? In such a superficial society, he was more competitive than others.

He was expressing kindness to her. With Shen Yan's words, even if Xia Yu was not able to do whatever she wanted in S City, it would be smooth for her.

No matter what, he was already her boss. One honors all; One damns all. She knew it.

she was not a ninny who had just left school. If she wanted to keep a foothold in S city, she would need a reliable job with high salary.

After considering the pros and cons for a short while, Xia Yu opened her mouth and said: " Young Master Yan, thank you for your favour, Young Master Yan's image is the company's image, I understand that!"


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