Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 47 Abnormal Means Evil
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 47 Abnormal Means Evil

A look of gratification flashed across Shen Yan's eyes, and he quickly regained his calm.

With a smirk, he handed a card to Xia Yu, "The password is six ones. There is some money in it, and when I need help again in future, I will transfer money into it in advance."

This meant that there was a next time?

How can he be like this? He only had handsome skin, but not a responsible heart?

Her sight rolled on the card. Speaking of responsibility, if he was responsible, how could she earn the money?

The beauties who were about to be abandoned by Young Master Yan, I was truly sorry. It was not because of me who liked money, but you had met the irresponsible guy. It had nothing to do with me.

"Is there a problem?" Seeing that she did not speak for a long time, Shen Yan spoke again.

There was no problem, Xia Yu laughed, "President has universal love."


Shen Yan's fox eyes slightly narrowed, his eyes landed on her collar once again. She was not any better than him, right?

Uha, she spilt the beans!

Without hesitation, Xia Yu put the card into her bag and smiled, "Thank you. Find a random intersection and put me down."

She wanted to leave after accepting the money? Wasn't she being too impatient?

"About that …"

"Is there anything else, Young Master Yan?"


At the next traffic light, Xia Yu got off the car. Holding a bank card in her hand, she was very curious, how much money was inside? But who knew whether he had paid Fang Yuan before.

Xia Yu thought about it, she really couldn't imagine that scene.

"Xia Yu, what are you daydreaming for?" Zhang Hanyu opened the car window and stuck out his head.

"No, I'm waiting for the taxi." Xia Yu laughed and said.

"Where to? I'll take you there! "

"It’s …"

"No need to be so formal with me." Zhang Hanyu opened the car door.

Xia Yu quickly got in the car, "I'm going home."

"I saw you get off Young Master Yan's car just now. It can't be that you still have to work on Saturday, right?" Zhang Hanyu chatted with Xia Yu as he drove.

"A small matter to deal with." Xia Yu said perfunctorily.

"A small matter? It should be a private matter of Young Master Yan. Xia Yu, we have been colleagues for three years, and I deem you as my friend. I remind you that there are some things that you have to stop at where it should stop. For example, the woman whom you gave money to for Young Master Yan today, she was really pitiful. After being dumped by Young Master Yan, she has a child with her, and Young Master Yan gave her so little living expenses every month. " Zhang Hanyu was already so familiar with Xia Yu, so there was no need to beat around the bush in front of her.

" Young Master Yan is that child’s father?" Xia Yu was a little shocked, and the image of the mischievous and tyrannical little boy suddenly flashed cross her mind.

"If it wasn't his, why would he pay monthly living expense?" Zhang Hanyu heaved a sigh of relief, they were all men, it is unavoidable for them to be amorous in the colorful world.

However, if he dared to do it, he must admit it. That woman had given birth to his son, but he didn't even give her a status. This kind of man, even Zhang Hanyu, who was also a man, despised him.

"Then that woman accepted it?" Madame Jiang didn't look like someone who was easy dispensed, why did she compromise in front of Shen Yan?

"She had cryied, she had kicked up a row, Young Master Yan was determined to not let her get in his family, what else could she do?"

Yeah, what else.

Xia Yu really had nothing to say.

"Xia Yu, Young Master Yan is used to debauchery. If you are not used to being in Tengfei, you can come to Shenglian, I welcome you anytime." Xia Yu was a girl who was obsessed with pure love. If she worked with a playboy like Shen Yan, there would inevitably be conflicts between them.

As straightforward as Xia Yu, Zhang Hanyu was somewhat worried about her.

"Thank you, President Zhang, I will be careful." No matter how messy Shen Yan's private life was, these were all his personal matters. As long as Xia Yu did her duty well, he would not make things difficult for her.

"Well, if you really feel wronged. Remember to come over, don't hold it back by yourself."

"Do you think I'm someone who would make myself unhappy?"

Hearing this, both of them laughed.

On Sunday, Xia Yu had a slumber at home for an entire day, replenishing the sleep a few days ago. On Monday, she returned to the company in high spirits.

After the meeting, the staff from the secretariat all went to eat at lunch time. After taking the documents back to the office, She and Shen Qiang also planned to go to the company's dining hall to eat.

There was a new chef in the company's dining hall. It was said that there were more dishes than before and they were much more exquisite. There was even a dessert area specially set up for female employees, which was highly praised by the female employees.

The image of Young Master Yan was lifted another rank higher in everyone's heart.

Being afraid of being late for work by taking subway, Xia Yu bought a bun and a box of milk at the entrance of the community. She walked while she was eating. The young person would be hungry soon, with such a little food, she was already hungry before noon.

When they entered the dining hall, they found that Zeng Mina and a female celebrity were also there eating.

It seemed that the Young Mistress had come to observe the emplyee’s condition, Xia Yu pretended not to see her and went to buy food with Shen Qiang.

"Hey, the employee cafeteria in Tengfei is really not bad! Later on, I will tell my dad to improve the quality of the employee cafeteria as well." Zeng Mina carried the tray as she walked with the female celebrity.

"Did You come here as a spy, didn’t you?" The female celebrity giggled.

"I was just saying it." Zeng Mina immediately became serious.

"Sister Mina, you know I was joking." Startled, the female celebrity quickly explained.

The two of them found seats and sat down. Zeng Mina said in a low voice, "you know that Young Master Mo is currently competing with Young Master Yan. This is Tengfei, it would make people misunderstand!"

She pursed her lips toward the female celebrity, signaling Xia Yu was coming over.

All the celebrities of the preliminary auditions knew a little about the conflict between Xia Yu and Zeng Mina. Everyone had different opinions on Xia Yu.

Some said that Xia Yu had stuck to the strict rules, while others said that Xia Yu had only wanted to establish her might.

Some people were even more direct, saying that Xia Yu was courting death. But this was still Young Master Yan's territory. Since Xia Yu dared to do this, it showed that she was confident.

This female celebrity was here to participate in the preliminary auditions, she did not have any hopes of being promoted. She just wanted to boost her popularity to be with the famous stars. Zeng Mina took the initiative to speak to her, so she fawned over her.

Although she wanted to act as the supporting female lead in Zeng Mina’s films, since Xia Yu did not even give face to Zeng Mina, she did not dare say anything as she quickly lowered her head to eat.

"Have a taste of this pork chop. It tastes really good." Shen Qiang was satisfied with the food in the dining hall.

"You gave the advice of improving the food quality, right?"

"Well, such a big company, with so many employees working so hard, not even able to get a good meal, is that a right thing?"

How could ordinary food won Shen Qiang, a rich second generation’s favor? However, he did not want to go out to eat every day, so he suggested his second brother improve the food quality in the dining hall.

Shen Yan also thought that Shen Qiang's suggestion was not bad. He mentioned it during the middle ranking officials' meeting, but he never expected that they would all agree to it, then he made the decision.

Xia Yu wasn't that particular. Most of the time, she would just casually eat something, as long as she would not starve to death.

She ate a piece of sweet sour steak and it tasted good.

The chef's cooking was very particular. Not only was the color beautiful, the meat was very soft and tender, and it was also not greasy.

Shen Qiang chatted with Xia Yu as they ate, "Sis, it's my birthday tomorrow, you must come."

"I might not be free." Xia Yu thought that Shen Qiang's friends were either rich or noble, and most of them were students. She felt that there was a generation gap between them, so she tactfully rejected Shen Qiang’s invitation.

"Sis, you're not giving me face, right?" Shen Qiang immediately became unhappy.

"I didn't say no, I'm busy lately, I'm afraid your second elder brother might assign a temporary mission for me." Since Shen Qiang had already said so, it wasn't good for her to say no.

"Don't worry about that, I promise you that you'll be free then." Seeing that Xia Yu agreed, Shen Qiang immediately put on a beaming smile.

After they finished their meal, the two of them went up and coincidentally saw Shen Yan.

He seemed to be in a good mood, walking more lightly than usual.

Remembering Zhang Hanyu's words, Xia Yu tried not to prove her existence as much as possible. If there was nothing else, she would not go to disturb her boss in his office, because Shen Yan’s smile was just too strange after the meeting.

Even she couldn't stand it any longer. Based on her many years of experience as a secretary, abnormal meant evil. It was better for her to be careful.

Wu Shiyu also came to rehearse, and when she rested she would send messages to Xia Yu. The two of them were just chatting.

Just as Xia Yu returned from sending the documents, she received a call from her. Xia Yu told Shen Qiang to go back to the office first while she went to answer the call in the stairway.

"Little Yu, that's all for my rehearsal today. I'll be going back."

"So fast? I thought we could have dinner together when I am off work. " Xia Yu said with a smile.

"Not today. I still have things to do. Maybe another day."

"If that so …" Xia Yu had not even finished speaking when her arm was struck by someone. Her phone flew out of her hand and smashed onto the staircase of the floor below.

Xia Yu could not care about anything else, she ran over to pick up the phone. The screen was broken, and there was no response while scratching with her finger.

She had only used this phone for three months, who was so rash, walking without looking? Xia Yu angrily turned her gaze away from the broken phone, preparing to find the person who knocked into her to argue with, only then did she realize that Zeng Mina was standing at the spot where she was just answering the call.

Xia Yu's expression changed from pain to fury. Although she did not lose temper, her tone was unavoidably bad, "What are you doing? The phone is broken and the call is cut off! "

"Is that justified to make phone call during work time!" Zeng Mina gloated. There was no one else and it was the blind spot of monitor, so what could Xia Yu do to her?

"What does it have to do with you? Weird." Xia Yu also knew that she had been holding back these days and looking for trouble.

At this moment, her attention was completely focused on her broken phone. She frowned as she wondered if she could still have it repaired. It would cost money to buy a new phone.

She still owed Shen Yan the fare. She wished that she could save on her food to pay her debt. Her phone was broken, so it would cost a lot of money.

"Isn’t that bitch Wu Shiyu complaining, right? She invited you to dinner in that high-end restaurant last night. You shall not take gift, for gift blinds the wise, and perverts the words of the righteous. Do you want to stand up for her? Just come at me, I'm not afraid. " As she said that, she purposely knocked Xia Yu again, causing the phone to fall to the ground once more. Zeng Mina stepped on Xia Yu's phone, and with that, the phone was completely finished.

Raising her delicate face, Zeng Mina felt proud of herself. That slut Wu Shiyu was really at the end of her wits, even fawning over a little secretary. Even though Xia Yu looked somewhat capable, could she really make it?


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