Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 48 What’s Wrong with the Push?
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 48 What’s Wrong with the Push?

"Zeng Mina, not everyone is as dirty as you." Zeng Mina was stepping on Xia Yu’s cellphone and she had no intention to let go. Could Xia Yu beat her up and make her move?

Xia Yu was not that violent yet, and furthermore, even if she picked up the phone, it would not work again.

Forget it, Xia Yu didn't want to pick up the phone then, she pushed Zeng Mina who was standing in the middle of the way. Zeng Mina tilted while Xia Yu strode away.

After a fit of sulks in the office, she realized what had Zeng Mina just said. She discovered that her cousin had been angered away by Zeng Mina.

No wonder her cousin called her. Well, she was too careless. It would be good if she was there by her cousin’s side.

Since her cellphone was broken, she used the telephone to call Wu Shiyu, asking for information, but it turned out that her phone was power off.

She stood up and decided to go to the rehearsal venue. If Zeng Mina really angered her cousin away, she would not spare her. Just as she walked out of her office, she heard Fang Feifei and Li Feiran discussing about the rehearsal.

"Zeng Mina is too overbearing, Wu Shiyu has already given way to her, but she is still not letting her go."

"Tell me about it. She is showing off, reling on her status as the young mistress. A few famous star have decided to withdraw from the competition."

"Participating is also a form of partner training, everybody knows that. Why should they waste their time here!"

"Tell me about it."

As expected, it had something to do with Zeng Mina. When she thought of her own cellphone, Xia Yu became even more furious.

She should have beaten that bitch up when no one was around. If her face had been scratched, how she would participate in the preliminary auditions and become the spokesperson.

Xia Yu's eyes were blazing with fury, her fists involuntarily clenched, as if a storm was approaching.

It just so happened that at that moment, Shen Yan called her over to the president's office.

Xia Yu could only go to Shen Yan's office.

When she went in, she found Zeng Mina was also sitting there.

That was good, so she would not have to search all over the place for her. Right now, she temporarily ignored Zeng Mina and focused on the important matters, so Xia Yu asked, "What's the matter? Young Master Yan. "

Shen Yan showed her a videoclip of her pushing Zeng Mina on the mobile phone. "I need your explanation, why?"

He was just rejoicing that Zeng Mina and Wu Shiyu did not make any trouble when they were both on the same stage. However, this girl had caused such a big trouble, and even pretended that nothing had happened.

Would this girl die if she couldn't be so high-profile? Shen Yan squinted his eyes in a dangerous manner. Suppressing his anger with great difficulty, he kept his voice lowered. But he also realized, he could not let Xia Yu behave like this. Otherwise, with her character, in the end, even he might not be able to control her.

He was trying to seek justice for his beloved, Xia Yu could not wait much longer, so she decided to start now, "Is she made of gold, what's wrong with pushing her? Has she lost a piece of meat or something? "

She thougt, “The video had been filmed, you must did it on purpose. Do you think that I was afraid of you just because of this?”

“I admitted I pushed you.”

“So what was the big deal? Were you going to call the police or push me back?”

"What are you looking at?" When Shen Yan saw that Xia Yu looked at him as if she was going to explode, he was slightly angry.

Was it reasonable in pushing others?

Just based on a videoclip, he was blaming her. It was obvious that he was biased towards Zeng Mina.

Xia Yu was always open to persuasion, but not to coercion. The more Shen Yan behaved like this, the more she would do against him. Before Shen Yan could say anything, Xia Yu shot towards him like a machine gun.

"I was born like this. If Young Master Yan doesn't like it, I'll go out now!" Xia Yu kicked open the door of the office and walked out with her head held high.

"You …"

The door of the office was already opened, and the scene was that Xia Yu rushed out furiously, while Shen Yan was flabbergasted, not knowing what to say.

A normal person would think that Xia Yu had taught Young Master Yan a lesson.

Seeing that the secretaries outside were all stunned while whispering to each other, Shen Yan felt extremely embarrassed.

Zeng Mina was also stunned.

How come she didn't realize that Shen Yan would be such a coward!

"Shen Yan, I won't trouble you anymore." Zeng Mina stood up and walked out.

I showed you the videoclip, as well as the witness.

She did not expect Shen Yan would do her justice and make Xia Yu apologize to her or anything like that. She just wanted him to understand that it was Xia Yu who was making troubles and she did not put on airs.

Now that Shen Yan had personally seen Xia Yu's true colors, she had achieved her goal and naturally would not stay for long.

"Xia Yu, you stop right there!" Shen Yan was completely enraged, and he almost made a big hole on the table.

It would be okay if Xia Yu didn't give him face when there was no one else, but in front of Zeng Mina, how could he endure this?

An ordinary person would naturally humor Shen Yan and also take a step back. But Xia Yu didn't, she didn't have any intention of stopping, and directly returned to her own office, closing the door with a bang.

"What a temper!" Zeng Mina sighed.

Shen Yan's handsome face instantly turned from white to red, then from red to black.

What was this woman's brashness for? Did she really think that he couldn't punish her?

"Shen Yan, forget it, it doesn't matter if I have been somewhat wronged. I don’t want to hinder your work. ” Zeng Mina shook her head.

But in Shen Yan's eyes, she was saying that he could not even temper an employee, as the president, he was so incapable.

It was one thing for others to look down on him, but when the woman he liked did so, he couldn’t endure it any longer.

No matter what, Xia Yu could not stay here any longer. Shen Yan picked up the internal phone on the desk and called the security guards.

"What is this for?" Before he could speak, Shen Qiang immediately hung up the line.

"You want to rebel?" Shen Yan glared fiercely at Shen Qiang. Why did this brat just arrive so late? He could not hold on any more.

Shen Qiang walked to the door and closed it, "I don't have a gun or a cannon, it's impossible for me to rebel with my empty hands. What happened just now, everyone has the same look as crow."

"It’s because of Xia Yu. If it is not your second elder brother who has a good temper, others would make her scram." Shen Yan was already panting because of anger, so Zeng Mina had no choice but to speak for him.

"My Second elder Brother really has a good temper. Otherwise, he wouldn't have let others ride him and shit on his neck." Shen Qiang looked at Zeng Mina, and his eyes were as sharp as knives, causing Zeng Mina's heart to tremble.

Who were you referring to?

It was his own will, alright? Zeng Mina's expression was bad enough already, and now, it became even worse.

If Shen Qiang was not an important shareholder in the company, and his vote would still be useful when the board of directors voted, Zeng Mina would have already fallen out with him.

Zeng Mina did not speak, and Shen Qiang didn’t want to bother with her either. He took out his phone and played a video, and directly handed it to Shen Yan, "brother, to be angry is not good for health. Just look at the video and calm down.”

Who didn't know how to make videos?

Shen Qiang's video was much more exciting than Zeng Mina's. First, it was the rehearsal when Zeng Mina egged several celebrities on to tease Wu Shiyu, while she mocked and ridiculed on the side. Then, she smashed Xia Yu's phone on the stairs.

Shen Yan raised his head and looked at Zeng Mina, spinning the phone in his hand towards her.

"You …" Zeng Mina was shocked and speechless.

You didn't want to sow dissension and make sarcastic remarks? Shen Qiang took the phone from his second elder brother, put it back into his pocket, and said slowly, "You want to ask when I shot the video, right? Didn't you see me when you were showing off your power in front of Xia Yu? "

"Shen Yan, I …" Zeng Mina's usual arrogant eloquence did not work now.

"You what? If you have something to say, then say it. Don't complain in front of my eldest brother later, saying that we two brothers are teaming up to bully you." Shen Qiang had no favor for Zeng Mina at all, especially when he saw her toying with his two brothers, which made him angry.

If she was good-looking and had a high quality, then it would be fine. However, she was clearly an idiot, he really doubted the insights of his two big brothers.

"Xiao Qiang, I haven't criticized you yet. Why did you let Wu Shiyu participate in the preliminary audition? Also, who do you think Xia Yu is? She is swaggering in front of me.” Originally, Zeng Mina wanted to endure it reluctantly, but Shen Qiang actually helped an outsider rather than her, so she just directly spoke out her opinion.

She finally said what she wanted to say out of desperation? Shen Qiang glanced at Zeng Mina, "tell me, why can't Wu Shiyu participate in the preliminary audition? How did Xia Yu show off in front of you? Didn't you mean that those who don’t follow you should die? Then let me tell you, don't even think about it."

"You …" Zeng Mina was speechless. Stomping her feet, she turned to look at Shen Yan, “Just look at what he's saying!”

Shen Yan was dizzy from all the shouts, and could no longer endure this, now Zeng Mina went directly to him.

He snappily said, "that's enough, everyone, stop it."

"He bullied me." Zeng Mina stomped her feet.

"I'm bullying you by telling the truth?" Shen Qiang was also angry.

"I don't care, you apologize to me!"

"Why should I?"

"Anyway, you apologize to me!"

"Enough, shut up! Miss Zeng, this is Tengfei Cosmetics Co., Ltd. If you are bored to death and want to find someone to have fun, you have come to the wrong place. Now, get out.”Shen Yan bellowed, after taking a few deep breaths, he walked to the door and opened it.

Miss Zeng? He had never called her like that before.

"Shen Yan, I …"

"Get out..."

Shen Yan said with an ice-cold and distant tone.

Zeng Mina fiercely glared at Shen Qiang and quickly walked out.

The secretaries outside were stunned, Young Master Yan was actually angry at Zeng Mina, how angry was he!

Shen Yan sighed, took out a card and threw it at Shen Qiang, “Go, buy a new phone for Xia Yu.”

"Bro, was my performance good just now?" Shen Qiang picked up the card and approached, smiling mischievously.

"Scram!" Shen Yan burst out laughing.

Without saying a word, Shen Qiang went out.

Humming, Shen Qiang who was in a good mood was stopped outside the door by Zeng Mina. Shen Yan had never gotten angry at her, but he said such harsh words to her today.

It was not as simple as Zeng Mina being wronged, "Xiao Qiang, you actually treated me like this for that bitch Xia Yu, do you care about your eldest brother?"


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