Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 49 What the hell is in your mind?
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 49 What the hell is in your mind?

Chapter 49 What the hell is in your mind?
"Sister Mina, I address you as sister for the sake of my eldest brother. Please care about my brother's feelings when you do such a silly thing in the future. He doesn’t want to be as cheeky as you.” Shen Qiang frowned. he became speechless in terms of Zeng Mina. How could she did not show any regret?

Silly? Who had the time to waste here with that little slut?

"Xiao Qiang, she is just trying to sow dissension in our family in the name of the company." The future young mistress would not be able to directly advance and even needed to participate in the audition with a bunch of outsiders. She never heard such things before.

"How did she sow dissension? Since you say we are family, then I'll go to your Zeng’s and kick up a row as I want. If you agree, then I'll apologize for her." Was Xia Yu wrong to stick to her principles as an employee of the company? Shen Qiang felt that Zeng Mina's words were really funny.

This child actually dared to say that she kicked up a row.

"Xiao Qiang! Can't you see that she did it on purpose because she was jealous? " Zeng Mina gasped.


"Do you mean that she likes my eldest brother? Zeng Mina, what the hell is in your head. " Shen Qiang was flabbergasted by Zeng Mina's words.

"Shen Qiang, stop pretending to be stupid. I'm talking about Shen Yan, she likes Shen Yan!"

"Well, so what’s wrong with that? Even if she likes my second elder brother, it's normal since they both have not married. In my opinion, they are a good match for each other." Shen Qiang took a step closer to Zeng Mina, and said with ridicule, "Besides, your words are completely incredible. You're my eldest brother's fiancée, but you keep one eye on this one and the other on that one?"

"I …" Zeng Mina subconsciously took two steps backward. Only then did she realize that she had said something wrong out of anger, "Shen Qiang, I'm warning you not to speak carelessly."

"I should tell you that." Shen Qiang laughed coldly, "How many camps do you want to step in? Stand firmly and be careful with your crotch!"

After Shen Qiang finished speaking, he turned around to leave.

"Shen Qiang, you have been completely brainwashed by Xia Yu." Looking at Shen Qiang, Zeng Mina’s tears began rolling down her cheeks.

Everyone said that the third young master was mean, but today, she learned how mean he was.

Why I could step in different camps was because your brothers were willing to accept it. If you were not convinced, you can reason with them!

After feeling hatred in her heart for a while, Zeng Mina tremblingly took out her phone and called Shen Mo, "Young Master Mo, Shen Qiang bullied me … "

Shen Mo was in a meeting. When he received the ridiculous call from Zeng Mina, he was so angry that he almost smashed his phone.

"Are you so bored?" After coldly said these words, he immediately turned off his phone.

Zeng Mina stared at her phone blankly and didn’t come to herself for a long time.

Xia Yu had a hard day until it was time to go off work. She stood at the entrance of the subway in a daze for a while.

She wondered if she should buy a cell phone first or go back home.

But if she bought the phone, she would not have the money to buy a present for Shen Qiang. However, it was really inconvenient to not have a phone, so she was at a loss.

Phone was important, so was friend.

After the afternoon, her anger was almost gone, and her mood was not as bad as before. It was just a phone. She wanted to see if there were any activities of recharging phone bills and getting phones for free in the business hall, so she could make do with it first.

Xia Yu finally thought through and was about to buy the phone when someone grabbed her hand.

Turning back, it was Shen Qiang.

"Hey, what are you doing? You are absent-minded." Shen Qiang asked when he was fastening his seat belt after he dragged Xia Yu into his car.

"What can I do? Go home." Seeing that it was Shen Qiang, Xia Yu was relieved.

"I thought you are still angry with the thing happened in the afternoon."

"I'm not that free."

"See if you like it?" Shen Qiang passed a box to her.

"What is this?" Xia Yu asked.

The package was very delicate, and one could not tell what was inside.

"Open it, then you will know." Shen Qiang said with a smile.

After she opened it, it turned out to be a new phone. It was the latest model, and there were even diamond pastes on the backside, although those pastes didn't match with the aesthetic standards of girls.

Xia Yu looked at it and threw it back to Shen Qiang. This phone was much more expensive than hers, she couldn't afford it.

"I don't want it!"

Shen Qiang's face suddenly changed. He ran around in the afternoon, got a new sim card for the phone, and pasted diamonds, she just said she didn’t want it?

"Sis, I had a tiring afternoon."

"My phone isn't that expensive!"

"You use it first. It wouldn't be convenient without a phone!"

"Then, the money, I'll pay you back after I get my salary." What he said made sense. It was really inconvenient without a phone.

"Pay what? My second elder brother paid for it, so you can accept it at ease. If you don’t spend his money, in the blink of an eye, only God knows which woman he spent it on. " Seeing that Xia Yu was hesitating, Shen Qiang spoke carelessly.

He did not get tires for nothing this afternoon, he used his second elder brother's card to buy a lot of things.

He really did know his brother.

Xia Yu held the phone in her hand and looked at it over and over again. Naturally, she liked it, and furthermore, she discovered that the phone numbers in her sim card had been found back.

Shen Qiang saw that she was looking at her phone, he casually asked while driving, "Do you like that pattern?"

Xia Yu did not expect him to ask such a question, and her expression changed slightly, "Not bad, it's just that the pastes are a little bit ugly, did you paste it?"

Xia Yu was straight forward. Shen Qiang coughed, "How bored do you think I am to do this. The seller pasted the diamonds of course. If you don't like them, you can just take them off!"

The seller just had such a level? Xia Yu couldn't help laughing, "It's fine, let it be then."

"As long as you like it." Shen Qiang also laughed.

On Tuesday, Shen Qiang didn't go to work. He was probably busy preparing for his birthday party.

At seven o'clock, Xia Yu changed her clothes and left. On the way, she went to the store and chose a birthday present for Shen Qiang.

The birthday party was in a bar.

Although Xia Yu came to bars frequently, but she did not really like the atmosphere there. As soon as she entered, the loud music in the bar nearly made her deaf and she did not get used to it quickly.

"Sister Xia, come here!"

Seeing Shen Qiang waving at her, Xia Yu immediately walked over. With a glance, she discovered that most of the guests were students like him, and there were a few more mature boys and girls, but Xia Yu did not recognize any of them.

Shen Yan also came. He was drinking a cup of red wine with his eyes lowered. He didn’t look at Xia Yu.

Xia Yu passed the gift to Shen Qiang and said "Happy birthday", then she walked to a corner and sat down.

Beside her was a man she did not know.

After Xia Yu sat down, he started to introduce himself. His first name was some Yu, however, she didn’t hear it clearly as it was too noisy around.

"Xia Yu!" She also introduced herself simply.

"Xia refers to the summer, Yu refers to the rainy season, right?"

Looking at the man beside her, Xia Yu laughed, "Yes!"

The man wore frameless glasses and looked especially gentle. The corner of his mouth wore a faint smile, signaling that he was very friendly.

After the two of them chatted for a while, Shen Qiang pulled Xia Yu and a few others and asked them to go to dance. Just as Xia Yu stood up, the man also stood up and walked to the center of the dance floor.

Her heart beat fast with the loud music, Xia Yu saw that people around were frantically swinging their bodies. The man called some Yu suddenly extended his hand and touched her arm, approached to Xia Yu and whispered in her ear, "Hi!"

"Hi!" Xia Yu swayed her body and smiled.

She took a step back, making some distance between them. However, there were already a lot of people on the dance floor. Just as she took a step back, she bumped into someone, someone’s embrace to be exact.


A pair of big hands grabbed her waist with force. Xia Yu thought that he was pushing her away, but she didn't expect that he pulled her closer to him.

Xia Yu turned her head back in shock, and an enlarged, stern face appeared in front of her.

Shen Mo?!

Her mind went blank, and she felt like her waist was on fire, so was her back. She could actually hear her fast heartbeat under the deafening music.

Shen Mo's gaze was as sharp as a sword, his face was carrying a touch of anger, and before she could come back to her senses, he had brought her out of the dance floor.

"Let me go!"

When she regained her senses, Xia Yu wanted to struggle free. She slapped Shen Mo's arm hard, wanting him to let go of her arm.

Shen Mo only shot a cold glance at her, his expression was sullen. Violent winds and rain gathered in his deep eyes. He did not stop until they reached a relatively quiet corner.

Xia Yu subconsciously retreated until her entire back was pressed against the icy cold wall.

Shen Mo was standing in front of her, very close to her. Even though the light in the corner was dim, she could clearly see the expression on his face, and it was incredibly cold.

A huge pressure came over, "Young Master Mo, what are you pulling me here for!"

Suppressing the fear in her heart, Xia Yu spoke out again!

He was too close, and she could smell his breath. Her heart was already beating fast, but she still had to put on a calm expression.

Shen Mo laughed coldly. He extended his arms and pressed them against the wall, trapping her inside.

"Xia Yu, are you really going to go against me?"

It was only when Shen Mo called Zeng Mina to ask her to accompany him to participate in Shen Qiang's birthday party that he found out that under Xia Yu's instigation, Shen Qiang had disgraced Zeng Mina.

This woman had provoked conflicts time and time again. What was she trying to do?

"How could I dare, Young Master Mo?"

Xia Yu tried her best to look at him. Even though she was afraid, she forced it out.

Didn't dare? Shen Mo thought that she had a lot of guts.

"How about Mina?" Even though she knew that Zeng Mina was his fiancée, she still dared to spout nonsense.

"Young Master Yan said that he would personally explain it to you."

Mina, Mina, he called her so affectionately.

She was your woman, not Shen Yan's woman. You couldn’t just ask Shen Yan to let her mess around.

"What did you say?"

If Shen Yan took care of it personally, the matter was most likely strange. Shen Mo frowned and squinted his eagle-eyes slightly, his gaze stayed on her face for a good while, as though he was trying to tell if she lied or not.

"Didn't Young Master Yan communicate with you? I guess he was too busy. He's right here. How about I going over and asking him? " Xia Yu glanced in the direction where Shen Yan was sitting.


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