Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 50 Is My Sister Young Master Mo“s Mistress?
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 50 Is My Sister Young Master Mo“s Mistress?

Shen Mo instantly understood that Zeng Mina had fallen into a trap.

"You immediately submit your resignation letter to Shen Yan and get your ass over Shengda!" Shen Mo's tone was unquestionable, but he felt rather helpless in his heart.

He, as the dignified Young Master Mo, was actually unable to do anything to a young girl.

If you were not happy, you could be angry at Shen Yan. Glancing at Shen Mo, she quickly lowered her gaze.

Was this an order? Ah, if she disobeyed, could he eat her?

Xia Yu did not speak, nor did she move.

The two of them looked at each other in this way.

Two minutes later, the man with glasses appeared. After calling Xia Yu's name, his gaze turned to Shen Mo, and a hint of suspicion appeared on his face, as if he was confirming the relationship between the two of them.

Seeing the man with glasses coming over, Shen Mo's face became even more gloomy and the fingers on her arm suddenly tightened.

She felt as if her bones were about to shatter. It was so painful that she took a deep breath.

"Young Master Mo, you shouldn't be so rude to a lady! Don’t you see she's in pain? " The man was unsatisfied with Shen Mo. He raised his hand, as though he wanted to pull Xia Yu over, but he gave up in the end.

"Aren't you being too officious!" Shen Mo glanced at the man with glasses, it was obviously a warning.

The man's expression changed. Right at this moment, Shen Yan walked over, his gaze swept over them before looking at the man with glasses.

"You are all here! Xiao Qiang was angry, he thought that you have all left.” Shen Yan squinted his eyes and looked at his elder brother with a seemingly smile.

What kind of person was Young Master Mo? Today, he actually condescended to argue with a secretary, wasn't he afraid of degrading himself?

Shen Mo's gaze stayed on the light-minded handsome face of Shen Yan for a moment, then let go of Xia Yu. She immediately distanced herself from him and walked towards Shen Qiang, returning to the place where they drank.

"Brother, you have more experience than me. I hope you can give me some suggestions on the advertisement of Tengfei's moisturizing cream." While asking suggestions from Shen Mo, Shen Yan walked side by side with Shen Mo to their reserved seats.

"You are the person in charge of the company, I should not give you advice, right?" Shen Mo sneered. He thought to himself, “Do not think that you can push Zeng Mina away just like that and do not underestimate me.”

"Brother, you know me well. I'm good at eating, drinking, and having fun. However, I'm really not good at choosing a spokesperson. Since there are quite a few big stars in the registration list, even sister Shiyu has signed up. " Shen Yan frowned and sighed.

It would be annoyed if only a few stars took part in the audition. On the other hand, if there were too many of them, it would also be a headache.

Look at how cocky he was! Shen Mo didn’t want to bother with him.

"Brother, I should have taken care of sister Mina, but sister Shiyu is also not an outsider. I admit that I had a temper yesterday." Shen Yan lowered his voice, looking extremely apologetic.

Shen Yan was telling him that it was not Shen Qiang who was instigated by Xia Yu yesterday, it’s Zeng Mina who found fault with Wu Shiyu. Furthermore, she went too far. Therefore, he had no choice but to deal with the matter personally.

No matter what, Shen Yan was the person in charge of the company, he would not lie for such a small thing.

"You …" Shen Mo felt as if there was a fishbone stuck in his throat. Meanwhile, water was seemed to drip from his already paralyzed face.

If it was really Zeng Mina's fault, what else could he say?

"Brother, the audition is just a show. Since our people are also participating, we of course would not let outsiders reap the benefits. Please give me a clear answer, who do you want me to choose, sister Shiyu or sister Mina? As your younger brother, I will definitely follow your advice." Shen Yan promised sincerely.

That’s it! Shen Mo could only suppress his anger.

This time, Xia Yu sat beside Shen Qiang. Separated by a few seats, Shen Yan held onto his wine cup as he drank, and occasionally glanced at Xia Yu.

Shen Mo remained silent with a sullen face. He had never seen such a reckless woman. If she was rather capable, then she shouldn’t have been to Shen Yan's company. Now she wanted to put on airs, she should be careful not to fall on to the ground.

Shen Mo sulked again as he looked at Xia Yu.

"What happened?" Shen Qiang asked in a lowered voice, his eyes were filled with curiosity.

Xia Yu shook her head and said, "Nothing!"


"We'll talk about it at work tomorrow." Xia Yu lowered her voice.

Shen Qiang was such a shrewd person, since Xia Yu said it in that way, it must be related to work.

He did not continue asking since Xia Yu didn’t want to speak anymore. He chatted with the people beside him after a pretended laugh.

This was really annoying. Xia Yu poured herself half a cup of red wine and drank it all. It was so strong that she almost choked and coughed a few times.

"Are you alright? It's easy to get drunk like this. "

The one who spoke was the man with glasses. He was originally sitting elsewhere, but now he had switched seats with someone else and was sitting next to Xia Yu. With a worried expression, he handed her a tissue.

Xia Yu thanked him after she received it.

"You're welcome." The man's eyes intentionally glanced at Shen Mo. He was puzzled, he had never seen Young Master Mo being angry at a secretary before.

Xia Yu did not answer and did not take the initiative to chat with him afterwards. She drank the wine by herself.

After a while, someone proposed the game of "beer bottles spinning " to choose the person to drink beers. The atmosphere immediately became excited.

It was Shen Qiang's birthday, he would turn the beer bottle.

Amidst the laughter, Shen Qiang turned the beer bottle. Xia Yu was already prepared to drink when the bottle pointed at her, but the bottle moved again, and stopped in front of the man with glasses.

"Hong Yu, please!" Shen Yan placed a large cup of beer in front of the man with glasses.

At this time, Xia Yu finally knew what the man's name was.

The corner of Hong Yu's mouth hooked up as he pushed the glasses on his nose with his finger, then he boldly drank it all in one gulp.

Everyone applauded.

Shen Qiang continued to turn, and the atmosphere became more and more exciting, even Xia Yu had drunk two cups.

Sitting together with Shen Mo, Shen Yan would occasionally glance at Xia Yu, who behaved calmly.

During the commotion, Xia Yu's phone rang. She went to the side to answer the phone. After a while, she came over and directly walked to Shen Mo, "Young Master Mo, can we have a private talk?"

"You think you're qualified to talk with me alone?" Shen Mo did not even raise his eyes. His voice was not loud, but it was full of killing power.

Shen Qiang, who was enjoying the commotion, suddenly stopped and dropped the beer bottle and came to Xia Yu. He asked in concern, "What's wrong, sister Xia?"

Shen Mo looked for trouble with Xia Yu the moment she came over. Although Shen Yan had saved her from embarrassment, but Shen Mo's expression was still sullen. After Xia Yu answered the phone, she immediately went toward Shen Mo. The phone call must have something to do with Shen Mo.

Xia Yu was invited over by Shen Qiang, so he had the responsibility to take care of Xia Yu.

"It's nothing, the future young madame came to my sister’s house to make a ruckus, saying that my sister is Young Master Mo's mistress. I just want to ask Young Master Mo if this is true." Since you didn't want to talk about it alone, that was fine.

Shen Mo's mistress was Xia Yu's sister?

Everyone was stunned.

This girl, she really didn't know how to talk. How could she ask such a question in front of so many people?

Shen Yan sneaked a glance at Shen Mo, only to see his expression changing again and again in a moment.

"Xia Yu, watch your words!" Shen Mo threw the cup in his hand onto the table with a thump. This woman, was she seeking death?

However, Xia Yu was a blunderer. Since she chose to speak, she threw caution to the wind. She actually went against Shen Mo, "Young Master Mo, just one word, no, two words, tell me!"

Everyone looked at Shen Mo.

So Young Master Mo was actually mild on the outside but wild on the inside as he didn’t show off. Others thought he was not interested in love affairs, but it turned out that he enjoyed it secretly.

"Who's your sister?" Shen Mo was furious, wasn't Shen Yan said just not enough? Now, he was being questioned by Xia Yu in front of everyone again.

He was the dignified Young Master Mo, how could he tolerate impudence like this?

He was denying it, Xia Yu laughed coldly in her heart.

“It is true that men are heartless animals. Fortunately, my sister didn't hear that. Otherwise, how sad she would be.”

Xia Yu's heart turned cold because of Shen Mo's words. Raising her head, her gaze stayed on Shen Mo's face for a moment, only to see a face full of impatience.

“Fine, since you didn’t admit that, then don’t blame me about it.”

Xia Yu nodded, she threw caution to the wind and her expression did not change, "Young Master Mo's meaning is that you do not know my sister, right?"

"What? Do you think I should know your sister?" Shen Mo's patience had already reached its limit, her eyes were like arrows going straight towards Xia Yu's heart.

"Of course not, I just want to figure it out as there are so many people here who can be witnesses, I hope Young Master Mo can say the same thing in front of the judges." Xia Yu did not retreat, and she didn’t lose under his gaze.

"Xia Yu, do you know what you're saying?" Shen Yan felt that it was time for him to speak something. No matter what, Shen Mo was still his big brother, he had to give him face. How could Xia Yu be so impudent?

"Young Master Yan might not know this. But when my sister returned home, Mrs. Shen broke into my sister's house and gave her a huge slap in the face. Today, the future Eldest Young Madame brought her bodyguards to break into my sister's house and tell her to scram! We understand that the poor should not compete with the rich. As long as there is a tiny chance for us to survive, we will endure it. " Xia Yu looked at Shen Mo as she spoke. This was the truth, you decide what to do yourself.

Realizing the matter had completely exceeded his ability, Shen Yan consciously took two steps back.

"Are you sure? The crime of slander is not a small thing. " Shen Mo felt restless. What did his mother do?

He had already engaged to Zeng Mina according to her wishes, why was she still not finished?

Xia Yu laughed coldly, "Why don't we call the police? I believe the law is fair."

Since it was to this extent, it was useless for Shen Mo to say anything more. With big strides, he walked out of the bar.

"Sis, what's going on?" Looking at Shen Mo's back figure, Shen Qiang turned to Xia Yu.

"Child, don't meddle in it. Drink your beer." Shen Yan rolled his eyes at Shen Qiang.

"Sorry for ruining your birthday." Xia Yu was worried about her sister, she greeted Shen Qiang and followed Shen Mo closely behind.

"Wait a moment, I'll send you off!" Xia Yu dared to beat Zeng Mina as she dared to question Shen Mo in front of the crowd.

She would teach her a lesson, even if she was not going to beat her up. But this girl was very strange. Who knew what things she would do? He had to watch, keep an eye on her, and not let things go out of hand.


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