Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 51 Can’t You Pace Yourself?
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 51 Can’t You Pace Yourself?

As a public figure, Zeng Mina did not dare to cause a huge ruckus. She only brought a few people with her to show off in front of Wu Shiyu.

On one hand, she wanted to save face; on the other hand, she wanted to make Wu Shiyu step back and withdraw from Tengfei's preliminary audition. She didn’t expect this would provoke Shen Mo.

Not only that, there were two more following behind him.

Seeing Shen Mo, Zeng Mina felt somewhat diffident. Previously, Shen Mo had warned her not to provoke Wu Shiyu.

Therefore, she had to make the first move before Shen Mo lost his temper.

"Shen Yan, you are so disapointing. For the matter of spokesperson, even a secretary can make trouble with you. What is the meaning to be a president?"

Zeng Mina had been wondering why Xia Yu was close with Wu Shiyu. While Xia Yu called Wu Shiyu sister, Zeng Mina had finally known why.

She finally understood why Xia Yu was so stubborn.

As Shen Mo was already very angry, Shen Yan could only try his best to extinguish the fire. Smiling, he said, "Mina, how could you say that? Xia Yu, apologize to Miss Zeng."

He subconsciously glanced at Xia Yu. She looked calm.

She just turned a deaf ear to his words.

"Well, I can’t afford it." Zeng Mina sneered. She thought to herself, Xia Yu must be Shen Yan’s ancestor rather than his secretary.

She didn’t have the luck to enjoy Xia Yu’s apology.

Why were you making a ruckus at a time like this? Shen Yan winked at Xia Yu but she completely ignored him.

Shen Yan could only smile and personally come over to Zeng Mina, "Mina, I apologize to you on her behalf. You should be the bigger person, don't lower yourself to her level."

"I can't afford it!"

Just as he was about to speak, Xia Yu spoke, "Miss Zeng is sensible!"

"Xia Yu, you're too presumptuous!" Shen Yan's handsome face turned cold. It was inappropriate.

"Are you trying to use your power to suppress me?" Xia Yu’s lips curved slightly.

"You still dare to object?" Shen Yan's tone became a bit more serious.

"Yes. At the worst, Young Master Yan will fire me. In S city, Shen’s is not the only company, I do not believe that I will starve to death after leaving Shen’s. " Xia Yu looked into Shen Yan's eyes.

Did Young Master and Young Mistress think you were so great? Don't forget, without the hard work of us, you would not have your current status.

"Xia Yu, can't you just speak properly?" Shen Yan realized that he had stirred up a hornet's nest. She had dared to question his brother in front of so many people at the bar just now, wasn't he just asking for trouble?

"Look, what I said was right, the secretary is the boss in Tengfei." Zeng Mina said in a mocking tone.

"Miss Zeng, that day in the President's office, I already told you clearly. If you don't have confidence, I'll immediately prepare a contract for you. It was you who insisted on participating in the preliminary audition. Don't deny it, I recorded it in my phone. Would you two young masters like to hear it? " Xia Yu took out her phone.

"You … sharp tongue!" Zeng Mina really wanted to gag Xia Yu.

"Speaking of sharp tongue, how could I compare to the future Eldest Young Mistress? Breaking into someone's house and telling others to scram. Since Young Master Mo is here, let me ask on behalf of my sister, did Young Master Mo give this house to my sister, or did my sister buy it by herself? " Xia Yu turned around to look at Shen Mo.

"Do I know your sister very well? Why should I buy her a house? " Shen Mo said coldly.

"Yes, or no?" Xia Yu pressed on.

Shen Mo was furious as he had never been questioned like this. But he couldn’t lose temper, because it was Zeng Mina who was causing trouble for no reason.

"Xiao Yu, forget it. It is no big deal if I am wronged. You're still working in Tengfei, be careful of people making things difficult for you." Wu Shiyu took a step forward and held onto her sister's arm and slightly shook her.

Why did she say that? Shen Mo felt that he was extremely passive.

"I made a mistake, okay?" She had truly underestimated the sisters. One had a sharp tongue, while the other had hidden needles. The two of them cooperated perfectly.

If this continued, not only would she lose her face, even the Shen brothers would lose their faces too. Zeng Mina had no choice but to surrender.

Xia Yu looked at Zeng Mina and Wu Shifu, as if she understood something. She said, "You made such a big fuss and even dragged Young Master Mo into this just because you are afraid of losing to my sister? You can just tell Young Master Yan or Young Master Mo about your thoughts. With your identity as the future Young Mistress, wouldn’t they take care of the matter for you? "

"You …" Zeng Mina was speechless for a long time.

Xia Yu's words made everyone speechless.

Shen Mo had never felt so powerless before. He had always been the one holding the initiative. But today, he didn't even have the chance to speak.

After a moment of hating in his heart, his hawk eyes turned to Zeng Mina, "Are you made of iron? You can't even take care of the contract with Shengda, why ask for another? Decline Tengfei's offer. "

"Young Master Mo!" Zeng Mina was not convinced. She had gone through so much trouble to get this position of Young Mistress, but in the end, she was still inferior to Wu Shiyu. She really did not know what was the meaning of this title.

"Why are you still standing here?" Fortunately, it was at night. If the reporters knew about it, only God knew what would they write. Lady of quality? Stupid.

Zeng Mina followed behind Shen Mo in extreme dissatisfaction. When she passed by Xia Yu, she gave her a fierce glare which would probably make cowards lie on the floor.

Just waited, if I couldn't finish you, I won't be called Zeng Mina.

She got into Shen Mo's car angrily. It quickly disappeared.

From the beginning to the end, Shen Mo had not looked at Wu Shiyu. Those who did not know the truth would think that they did not know each other.

Such a cold-blooded man. It was bitterly disappointing.

Sister, did you see that? This was the man you deeply loved.

Xia Yu’s eyes met her sister’s. Even though she hid it well, Xia Yu could still see the bitterness in her eyes.

Walking to her and holding her ice-cold hands, Xia Yu forced out a smile, "The wind outside is heavy, so go back to your room and rest."

Shen Mo left, there was still another important person. Anyway, they had to greet him.

Wu Shiyu encouraged herself before she was able to come over and apologize to Shen Yan, "Young Master Yan, I'm really sorry. My sister is a straightforward person, I hope Young Master Yan can forgive her since she didn’t have bad intention."

She didn't have bad intention? She just did it on purpose.

Shen Yan's fox eyes turned. He could tell that Wu Shiyu had a deep affection for his elder brother.

What a pity!

After all, it was a private matter of his elder brother. It wasn't appropriate for Shen Yan to question about it. His lips curled up into a beautiful smile,” I can understand that. Xia Yu was eager to protect you.”

"Thank you for your understanding!"

"Never mind. It's getting late, so I won't disturb you any longer." Shen Yan glanced at Xia Yu, and said snappily, "Come, I'll send you back."

After getting in the car, Shen Yan didn't immediately start the engine. Instead, he leaned on the driver's seat, squinted his eyes, burnt a cigarette, and said, "Can't you just pace yourself?"

"Young Master Yan, don't you feel guilty about saying these words? Your elder brother was not faithful to my sister. My sister accepted her bad luck and didn't say anything, but how could the people of Shen Family keep disturbing her? " Xia Yu sneered, proud president, she was still afraid after the event.

However, worm would turn, let alone she was human.

"Zeng Mina still hasn't married with my brother, she can't be considered as someone from the Shen Family." Shen Yan glanced at Xia Yu. Even if this girl was going to throw a tantrum, she would still find the right target. He was innocent!

At this time, Shen Yan felt he had gotten unwillingly dragged into it.

"What about Shen Mo's mother? Is she one of the Shen Family?"

"What's the matter with her?"

"Do you see the wound on my sister's face? That was done by Madame Shen."

Just a moment ago, Xia Yu seemed to have mentioned that Madame Shen had beaten Wu Shiyu up. It was too far.

After extinguishing the cigarette, Shen Yan used his hands to rub his handsome face, and sighed, "Actually, my elder brother doesn't feel well either. But being born in a family like ours, since he has enjoyed a life that ordinary people won’t have, of course he would have to bear the pressure that ordinary people would never have to face in their entire lives."

Such a glorious excuse, Xia Yu almost wanted to laugh, "Our statuses and positions are different, we understand and retreated, so there is no need to be overbearing, right?"

Shen Yan thought to himself, “Why am I so passive when talking to this girl?”

Turning his head to face her, Shen Yan made a gesture of suspension, "Can we stop now? We outsiders shouldn't get involved. Now that my elder brother has asked Zeng Mina to withdraw, there won't be any conflict in future. "

"Aren't you waiting for this day? Now that the problem has been solved, you should buy firecrackers to celebrate. "

"Am I just such a guy in your heart? Didn't you see how angry my brother was just now? In the future, be more courteous to Zeng Mina." It was true that he did not want Zeng Mina to participate, but he also did not want to hurt everyone's feelings because of this.

Shen Yan was so upset that he burnt another cigarette.

It seemed that this guy wanted to be both a whore and a virgin. Tsk, tsk, how chould he take all the benefits!

Xia Yu's face was filled with contempt and her tone carried undisguised ridicule as she fiercely said to him, "I was born like this. I can't change my temperament soon, how about Young Master Yan putting in some good words for me in front of Eldest Young Master and future Young Mistress? I'll thank you in advance! "

After saying that, Xia Yu cupped her fists at Shen Yan seriously.

This girl was not someone who was easy to deal with!

Shen Yan turned his head to look at Xia Yu.

Xia Yu looked straight into his eyes. Time stopped at this moment, and only their breathing could be heard in the car.

In the end, it was Shen Yan who burst out laughing, "Enough, stop that. Sit tight, let’s go. "

Xia Yu also laughed and buckled up the seat belt.

"Thanks for the phone." Her hand touched the phone in her bag, she took it out and waved it in front of Shen Yan.

This was the best phone that Xia Yu had ever used, no matter what, she had to thank him.

Shen Yan subconsciously took a glance at it, the latest version with first-class functions. Xiao Qiang really knew how to spend money, "You won’t just thank me verbally, right?”


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