Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 52 There Will be Someone Better for You
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 52 There Will be Someone Better for You

"Actually, I would like to treat Young Master Yan a meal. But I am just a secretary and I am now up to my ears in debts. I can only afford to eat in roadside stalls, which are not appropriate for Young Master Yan. Therefore, I think I should not invite you. " Xia Yu knew how to calculate. Treating him a meal would cost her half a month's living expenses, and this was only a conservative estimate.

"So what’s wrong with roadside stalls? Roadside stalls also have distinctive snacks. Let’s eat in a roadside stall." Shen Yan did not mind it at all, and his fox eyes swept around the roadside. He was looking for a suitable place to park the car.

Was he really going to eat at a roadside stall? This young master must have had enough good food and wanted to try something new.

"Alright, it's good as long as you don't mind." Seeing that Shen Yan had parked the car, Xia Yu did not say anything else.

"Mind what? I like eating at roadside stalls. Furthermore, with a beauty beside me, I would be happy even eating dirt." Shen Yan's unrestrained character was completely exposed as he teased Xia Yu.

He was so light-minded. Xia Yu rolled her eyes at him, "Just be clear. If we meet any lover of you, you have to explain to them. I cannot afford to offend them."

Thinking about that Shen Yan was a playboy, Xia Yu didn’t feel comfortable. She was afraid that there would be a woman who appeared in front of her while she was eating and scolded her.

She had seen too many catching the adulterers in act, and did not want to be misunderstood.

The two of them sat down at a nearby stall. The boss was fast in serving food, but the taste was quite ordinary.

However, while sitting by the roadside and eating, it was good to admire the scenery and crowds on the street. As a member of the numerous living beings, it didn't seem bad to enjoy the signs of life.

"Don't you want a rich boyfriend?" There were so many girls who dreamed of eating with him, and yet she was unwilling. Shen Yan squinted his beautiful fox eyes. One would be captured by his glance at once.

Demon. Xia Yu raised her head and looked straight into Shen Yan's eyes. Shen Yan’s expression looked like telling Xia Yu that it was a rare opportunity and you should grasp it.

Xia Yu reacted slower than he thought as she blinked her eyes lightly. After looking at Shen Yan for a few seconds, she said, "I can earn money by myself, why should I have to find a rich boyfriend?"

This answer was actually creative. Shen Yan replied with a faint smile, "Aren’t women always dreaming about finding a rich man to depend on?"

"Some women." Xia Yu corrected him.

"You haven't thought about it?"

Hearing this, she fell into a momentary silence.

She had thought of it for a moment when being pressed by the landlord for rent, seeing her beloved skirt being bought by someone else, being wronged and feeling tired from work.

Even though she had thought about it, but those so-called “rich second generations” didn't match her at all. Besides others, was this man in front of her responsible for relationship?

Xia Yu laughed blandly, then said, "Nowadays, mountain may fall and others may disappear. It is more realistic to depend on oneself."

Shen Yan chuckled and said, "Even if your boyfriend cheated on you, you shouldn't tar every man with the same brush."

Xia Yu raised her eyebrows, "It's better not to make such a joke, I don't dare to get involved with you, otherwise, I would definitely be killed because of you."

"What are you afraid of? At the worst, I can marry you! " Shen Yan's impeccable face was about to touch Xia Yu's face.

Xia Yu slapped his face away in disdain and couldn't help cursing, “Bullshit. To marry a husband like you, I'm afraid that one day I can’t help but killing you!”

"You haven't married yet, and you just started thinking about murdering your own husband. Who would dare to marry someone like you?" Shen Yan rolled his eyes at her, as if he had suffered from an internal injury.

"Don't worry, as long as you stay away from me, you will be safe."

"Is that a threat?"

Xia Yu playfully raised her eyebrows, "Of course!"

It wasn't that Xia Yu didn't want to give him the chance to joke. Although Shen Yan was still young in terms of his age, he already had a five-year-old child. This was something Xia Yu knew, and there might be other things that Xia Yu didn’t know.

"Jiang Yayan made things difficult for you, right? In the past, when Fang Yuan gave her money, Jiang Yayan always vented anger on her, and every time she almost cried. " Shen Yan took the initiative to mention what happened yesterday.

"Young Master Yan, maybe I am conservative, if I offend you, please don’t mind. Fang Yuan is your girlfriend, right? You actually let her give your lover … " Xia Yu felt that it was weird.

Conservative? How could she calmly accept a one-night stand if she was conservative? Shen Yan somewhat disdained Xia Yu in his heart.

"Jiang Yayan is not my lover. It was an accident." Shen Yan exhaled and said, "At that time, I was still in United States, and on Valentine's Day, Fang Yuan confessed to me. I always knew she liked me. I knew she was a good girl, but I really treated her like a friend. Fang Yuan is a very reserved girl. She confessed to me in front of so many people, how much courage had she mustered up? If I refused, how bad would it be for her? That day I acquiesced. But I knew that I don't love her, and I was so upset. I went to the bar and drank. When I woke up, I found out that I was in a hotel with a woman I didn't know, and then she got pregnant. "

"It's hard to say for sure about accidents. Actually, I don't think you are like what they said about you …" Xia Yu now understood why Fang Yuan could endure Shen Yan send money for him willingly.

"What did they say? I am unscrupulous, cruel and merciless, toying with others’ feelings, getting someone pregnant without promise?" Shen Yan's eyes were filled with ridicule.

Seeing his strange expression, Xia Yu hurriedly shook her head, "That's not what I mean. I feel that Jiang Yayan also had fault, and you have fulfilled your obligations."

Jiang Yayan's aggressive face flashed across her mind, and the guilt she had felt for her in the past two days disappeared as well.

It was a drunken mistake, but Jiang Yayan threatened him with the child, it was not frank and forthright. Even if she had misunderstood her at the beginning, it didn’t go too far.

"But I still feel guilty towards Fang Yuan. After so many years, I also want to love her, but I just can't."

"So you used me to anger her away?"

"I wanted to anger her away, so I brought Qingqing with me to the vicinity of the Moon Watching Restaurant. But when I saw her exhausted look, I just couldn’t do that. Coincidentally, Xiao Qiang came over with you, I thought that greeting you would divert her attention from Qingqing. But who could know … It was a coincidence!" Shen Yan sighed.

"Forget it, let's not bring it up. Today, I will treat you, consider it as my apology to you!"

Drinking water could make someone choke, someone like Xia Yu. "Is that why you come? You don’t have to treat me the meal, I'll forgive you. However, you would really kill me this time, hurry up and explain it to Fang Yuan. I learned that she will leave soon.”

"I can't give her the love she wants. Don't you think it's depressing for her to be with me? It may be better for her to leave." The self-deprecating look in Shen Yan's pitch-black eyes was clearly seen by Xia Yu.

"Love is hard to explain, so don't blame yourself too much." Maybe because Shen Yan's expression was too depressed, at this moment, Xia Yu couldn't help comforting him.

Shen Yan looked at Xia Yu and suddenly laughed, "Do you think that I am actually not as bad as you thought? We have the same misfortune, why not choosing me? I promise I'll treat you well! "

“Why can't this damned man stand even a little praise?” Xia Yu looked at him, "You don't have to pretend to be stupid. You and I are not on the same channel."

"Do you know that even my last shred of pride was discouraged by your words?" Shen Yan looked hurt.

"Stop it, if I could discourage the dignified Young Master Yan, would I still be a little secretary?" Xia Yu did have a clear estimation of herself.

"Then, I am still good for nothing according to you?" Shen Yan looked at Xia Yu's face, as if he wanted to see through her.

"Someone who can make the Old Madame to change tactics, how could he be good for nothing, right?" Xia Yu’s eyes met Shen Yan's gaze. "That night, if Zeng Mina didn't call Old Madame, you definitely would have a way to deal with it, right?"

"You guess?" Shen Yan withdrew his gaze from Xia Yu's face and smiled slightly.

"Like I said, how could someone who can challenge Young Master Mo die so easily? If some foolish director dares to make a film like that, he would be scolded to death."

"I didn't expect you to think so highly of me. Just because of your words, even if I can't become the male lead, I will still strive to live to the end."

"I'm really looking forward to your spectacular performance."

"I'll do my best not to let you down."

The two of them smiled at each other and clinked their cups.

After finishing the meal, Shen Yan sent Xia Yu home. Just as he drove the car to the entrance of his own residential complex, he saw a familiar figure.

He stopped the car and got out. "You're here."

"Yup!" The wind blew her long hair up. She reached out her hand to stroke it, then raised her head to look at him.

He wore a black business suit, tall and straight.

"Fang Yuan, let's have a talk!" He could not marry Fang Yuan, he could not deceive himself anymore. They had been friends for many years, and the longer it lasted, the greater Fang Yuan would be hurt.


"Let's go inside!"

"No, let's talk in the car."

"Okay!" After Shen Yan finished speaking, he opened the door of the car. Fang Yuan got in, and he followed.

"I know what you want to say, Shen Yan, can you listen to me first?" Fang Yuan spoke up first, "I never thought that the person you liked would be Xia Yu. You like her so much that I don't even deserve to be jealous. Shen Yan, I have never failed like this! "

Fang Yuan laughed miserably. They had known each other for so many years. However, she lost to a person Shen Yan had known for a short while. She was unconvinced, but she was also helpless.

Her face looked paler against her red lipstick.

"I'm sorry!" Other than these words, Shen Yan didn't know what to say, and he didn’t want to explain it.

Shen Yan thought about it a lot in these days. He didn't want to hurt her. She was such a smart, beautiful, generous, virtuous and considerate woman. No man had the heart to hurt her.

Shen Yan could not bear it either. It was the reason why he delayed for so long. But he knew they couldn't be like this any more. He had to make a prompt decision, otherwise, it would be even more cruel to her in the future.

"Fang Yuan, there will be someone better for you!" Shen Yan's voice was gentle and low. He was afraid that it would cause her to shed more tears.


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