Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 53 Beauty and Wisdom Coexis
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 53 Beauty and Wisdom Coexis

"I get it!" It was actually Fang Yuan who took the initiative to break up with him. The smile on her corner of lips looked extremely sad, "I came to ask you to do me a favor."

"Go ahead."

Fang Yuan looked at the handsome face of Shen Yan. She proposed to break up in a fit of pique. She felt that she had a place in Shen Yan's heart, at least, she was more important than Xia Yu. She thought he would ask her to stay, but he didn't. Shen Yan chose Xia Yu without hesitation.

Her heart throbbed in pain. She sweetly smiled, looked weak and beautiful, "Don't let my parents know for now, okay?"

Shen Yan said with difficulty, "Alright!"

Fang Yuan made him feel guilty and ashamed of himself. He had always been free from harm and done as he wanted in relationships, but from now on, he owed Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan looked at the man who had a calm gaze and spoke again, "Then that's it, I'll be going."

"I'll send you off."

"Don’t bother!"

"Fang Yuan!"

"You don’t have to do that!" Fang Yuan raised her voice.

"How about Liu Sijie sending you home? It's very difficult to find a taxi here!" Shen Yan's voice was gentle, carrying a hint of request.

"Alright!" This was the villa complex, and even in daylight, it would be difficult to get a taxi here, let alone at night. To decline again would be pretentious.

Shen Yan called Liu Sijie. After Liu arrived, he watched Fang Yuan getting in the car, then turned around and walked towards his own car.

Fang Yuan turned around to take a look at him. She actually discovered that his figure gave off a desolate and bleak feeling. However, Fang Yuan could tell that his footsteps had become a lot more relaxed than before.

In the darkness, his black clothes looked like a black whirlpool pressing down on Fang Yuan's heart. She put her hands on the chest, felt painful and it was hard for her to breathe.

But what could she do?

They arrived at Fang Yuan's residence without saying a word on the way. Just as Fang Yuan was about to get off the car, Liu Sijie said, "Fang Yuan, don't get mad at Young Master Yan. Zhang Hanyu is Young Master Mo's number one think-tank. The current president also admired his abilities greatly, and practically no one can compete with him. Xia Yu had been his secretary for three years, and she knows more than us. Young Master Yan had no choice but to do so. There is already no way back for him."

She knew how tough Shen Yan had been through all these years, she had always been aware of it. Or else, she would not follow him and bear all the hardship without complaint in these years. However, did this have anything to do with loving her or not?

Fang Yuan took a deep breath and got off the car.

The car door slammed. Looking at Fang Yuan's vanishing figure, Liu Sijie sighed, then took out his cell phone, "Young Master Yan, it's me!"

"You sent Fang Yuan back?" Shen Yan was also in a heavy mood. He could imagine how Fang Yuan was feeling right now, but since he had already done it, he had to harden his heart.

"Yes. Young Master Mo and Zhang Hanyu have stayed in the office for a long time. Meanwhile, Zeng Mina went to the Old Residence of Shen Family. I think she went to look for the First Madame, or even the Old Madame.” Liu Sijie felt that he needed to report these things to Shen Yan.

"They were as expected, just keep an eye on them. You should start preparing for the reform of Tengfei’s personnel, take the secretary department as a demonstration.” There were still a lot of things that needed to be done for Shen Yan, especially the company's chaotic personnel arrangement. He had to stabilize the company as soon as possible.

"I'll go preparing now." Liu Sijie hung up the phone and directly drove to the supermarket to buy a big bag of coffee beans. He would work all night.

Shen Yan was not relaxed at all. After Xia Yu got off his car, she immediately got in Zhang Hanyu's car.

Shen Yan didn’t know what they had said, but he could tell that there was tacit understanding between the two of them. After all, they had worked together for three years!

Three years meant more than a thousand days, wouldn't it be too much of a risk for him to employ her? But, other than Xia Yu, who else could possibly hit the Achilles heel of Zhang Hanyu?

People had to gamble once or twice in their lives, otherwise, they might regret, right? Since there was no other way out, he chose to gamble. Winning or losing was better than regretting.

Looking at his phone, he wanted to call someone to share his thoughts, but after looking at it for a long time, he realized that even though there were quite a lot phone numbers in his phone, there was no one that he could have a heart-to-heart talk.

He sighed and threw the phone to the side and plumped on the bed.

At this moment, the phone started to ring with all its might. When he picked it up, he saw that it was from his friend Zhang Peng. "Young Master Yan, everyone is here at Red Lip, we are waiting for you. Will you come?”

"I’ll be right there." Shen Yan jumped up from the bed. It was a long night and he would be lost in thoughts while facing the walls by himself. He’d rather go out and relax.

Thirty minutes later, Shen Yan appeared in No.7 private room of Red Lip.

Standing at the doorway, he lifted his eyes and looked around. In the large luxurious private room, there was a row of men and women sitting on the couch.

A young man about Shen Yan's age was the first to speak loudly, "Who is this? I thought you may have new favorites and has forgotten your old friends. "

" A cracked bell can never sound well." Shen Yan was rarely so serious.

"Young Master Yan, who is this young lady? Tell us!" Zhang Peng took out his phone and showed Xia Yu's photo in front of Shen Yan.

"My secretary!" Shen Yan continued to walk inside.

The private room was very large, and in the middle was a pearl curtain screen, which divided the room into two parts.

Shen Yan came to the other side of the screen. However, he did not expect that on the couch, a man and a woman were passionately hugging and kissing each other. They did not mind that they were in a public place.

"Get out and make room for Young Master Yan." Zhang Peng kicked them, and they rolled their eyes at him.

They were unsatisfied, but still went out obediently.

"Is she really just your secretary?" Zhang Peng took a cup and filled it up for Shen Yan.

"So, who do you think she is?"

Shen Yan leaned on the couch, burnt a cigarette and took a deep breath, then exhaled smoke.

Looking at the phone again, the man's eyelids twitched as he asked in surprise, "She is really your secretary?"

Shen Yan acknowledged as he took his cup and had a sip.

Hearing Shen Yan's affirmation, the man was full of surprise. He raised his eyebrows and asked, "You started to enjoy office romance, aren't you afraid that Beauty Fang will be jealous?"

Shen Yan's face carried an unconcerned expression, and he replied indifferently, "Which eye of you saw that we are in a relationship? Furthermore, even if I'm with her, it has nothing to do with Fang Yuan. She has resigned.”

The man looked incredulous, "Is that true? Is she jealous? "

"You also know Fang Yuan is indecisive. She is always overtaken by misgivings and fear. Taking the matter of Yayan for example, every time she would be speechless in front of Yayan. Xia Yu is different, Yayan doesn't even have the chance to speak in front of her. "

Zhang Peng laughed, “Tuk- tuk, I really didn’t expect that she was really a talent, and she is pretty, don't you have any other thoughts about her?”

You brat, you had only seen her face but not her way of doing things. When you experienced it, I would admire you if you could still say that. Shen Yan snorted sarcastically and said, "About what? Can you think something healthier?

Young Master Yan just said words like that? For a moment, Zhang Peng had the urge to send him to the hospital to examine his brain.

Zhang Peng said, "You really don't have a thing for her? Then I'm going to chase after her."

This time, Shen Yan answered faster than before, "No!"

Zhang Peng stared at him and said, "You just said you have no interest in her! Like I said, who wouldn't be attracted by beauties?"

Shen Yan glared back, "How vulgar you are. I won't deny that she is a beauty, but I take a fancy to her intelligence."

"There aren't many girls with both beauty and wisdom. I like her!"


Shen Yan was really not in a good mood. He did not want to talk nonsense and just kept drinking. Soon, he felt somewhat intoxicated.

"Young Master Yan, what's the point of drinking alone? Let’s play the finger-guessing game. " Qingqing sat down beside Shen Yan.

"Drinking and finger-guessing game are boring." Zhang Peng's eyes wandered on Qingqing's body as he laughed mischievously, "How about this, if Young Master Yan loses, Qingqing strips one layer of her clothes at a time, alright?"

"Zhang Peng, do you want to die? Scram! " Qingqing pretended to be angry and pushed him.

Zhang Peng pretended to be pushed down and purposely fell to the side.

Qingqing ignored him and continued to speak with Shen Yan. "Young Master Yan, the preliminary audition for your company’s spokesperson will officially start tomorrow, right?"

“Yes.” Shen Yan replied indifferently as he waved the wine cup in his hand.

Zhang Peng approached. "What, does Little beauty Qingqing want to participate as well? If you want to, just register, with your relationship with Young Master Yan, you will be one of the top three. Right? Young Master Yan? "

"Xia Yu is in charge of the audition. If you really want to participate in it, just register online." Shen Yan ignored Zhang Peng and directly told Qingqing.

"But it will start at nine o'clock tomorrow, can I make it if I register now?" Qingqing had thought about it for a few days. With her reputation and popularity, she was confident.

But hearing that Zeng Mina had also registered, Qingqing thought she did not have much possibility to win. After all, she was the future eldest young mistress of the Shen Family. However, seeing that so many celebrities had registered, she was not reconciled to giving up.

"Although the time is short, you are still able to make it in time to register online." Shen Yan said as he raised his head to look at Qingqing, who was full of expectation.

"Baby Qingqing, quick!" Zhang Peng urged Qingqing to quickly register via her phone.

As if waking up from a dream, Qingqing quickly took out her phone.

"Young Master Yan, baby Qingqing is not an outsider, you must take care of her." Zhang Peng kept putting in a good word for her.

"I will if I can. But Xia Yu is in charge of this matter, you can ask Zeng Mina, what favor did she get." Shen Yan took out his phone and sent a message to Xia Yu, asking her to add Qingqing’s name.

Just as Xia Yu finished showering and was lying on the bed to catch her breath, a message came in.

Speak of the devil. Xia Yu was actually wondering why Qingqing did not participate in the competition in these days.

So be it. It was not a big deal.

She had just finished adding Qingqing's documents when Shen Qiang called her. "Sis, Sister Fang Yuan decided to leave, my second aunt is wondering if you can help to persuade her?"


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