Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 54 I Just Didn’t Explain
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 54 I Just Didn’t Explain

After leaving Wu Shiyu's house, Zeng Mina originally wanted to complain to Shen Mo. However, she didn’t expect that Shen Mo dropped her off halfway, and went to Zhang Hanyu.

How could he not be anxious? Though Shen Yan was upset on the surface, he had already been the candidate. Moreover, he had even kicked Zeng Mina out of Tengfei without batting an eyelid.

He was so smart. With Zeng Mina's relationship with him, even if he did not want her to stay in Tengfei, he would not be able to say anything.

Who would have thought that he employed Xia Yu and attracted Wu Shiyu's attention with the preliminary audition, which forced Zeng Mina into a complete mess. Furthermore, Shen Mo was also in a passive position and had no choice but to ask Zeng Mina to withdraw.

He had truly underestimated his opponent. He had to kick Shen Yan out before he could recover. Otherwise, even if he won the competition in future, his dignity would be tarnished. After all, the two of them were not on the same level.

How would Zeng Mina know what he was thinking? She felt that Shen Mo wanted her to withdraw because he favored Wu Shiyu. They were already engaged, what did it mean as Shen Mo was still thinking of Wu Shiyu?

But Shen Mo did not even give her a chance to talk, so Zeng Mina could only complain to the First Madame.

That was how the Second Madame knew that Fang Yuan had resigned and Xia Yu had become Shen Yan's chief secretary.

The Second Madame didn't interfere with her sons’ work. Firstly, Shen Yan was just a little star beside Shen Mo, who was the sun. Under the powerful rays of the sun, it was impossible for him to emit light.

Furthermore, she felt that now that her son had grown up, it was time to give him a chance to show his abilities. Moreover, he had a meticulous secretary Fang Yuan by his side, so she was not worried.

But this time, her son had abruptly employed Xia Yu. Not to mention whether she was as capable as Fang Yuan, her son should not trust her because of her connection with Shen Mo.

The Second Madame was truly worried, so she got Shen Qiang to call Xia Yu and asked her to take the initiative to return the position of Chief Secretary to Fang Yuan.

Xia Yu's first reaction to the call was that Fang Yuan had a good reputation in Shen Family. Of course, she was also bright-minded.

Going to work in Tengfei was an accident, and being the Chief Secretary of Shen Yan was even more of an accident. She had never thought of snatching anything from others, so Xia Yu said to Shen Qiang straightforwardly, "Persuading her is not a problem. However, I don't know whether it will work or not, after all, I'm not very close with her."

"Just try your best. No matter what, I'll thank you first." If it wasn't for his Second Aunt, Shen Qiang would not call Xia Yu. Although he hadn’t known Xia Yu for long, in comparison with Fang Yuan, he thought highly of Xia Yu.

"Alright, I'll call her right away." Xia Yu did not hesitate. After hanging up the call from Shen Qiang, she called Fang Yuan.

Xia Yu called three times in a row until Fang Yuan answered the phone. Before she could even speak, she was criticized by Fang Yuan, "Xia Yu, for some things, one time is enough. Doing it again and again, you will not be able to show off your tolerance, but make others feel disgusted."

"Fang Yuan, since you said it like that, then I will be frank. That's right, I replaced you, but this was Young Master Yan’s arrangement, there's no reason for me not to obey. Meanwhile, I was entrusted by the Second Madame to call you, if you think it's disgusting, just ignore me. " She was not in a good mood as she was disappointed in love. However, there were many people who had been disappointed in love. Xia Yu also wanted to scold someone, but was it meaningful?

"You also said that Young Master Yan had made arrangement. Why should I go back? I don’t have that kind of capability to drive away Young Master Yan's girlfriend." With a boyfriend supporting her, a girl could be so confident. Fang Yuan sneered.

"Fang Yuan, that’s enough. I’m not his girlfriend!" Xia Yu was enraged and shouted in the phone.

"Just a moment ago, Shen Yan personally told me that, do you still want to deny?" Fang Yuan hung up the phone with a slap.

He told her personally? Shen Yan, you bastard, how could you explain it to Fang Yuan like that? Xia Yu was so angry that she lifted her phone and wanted to smash it onto the ground, but after thinking about it again, she gave up because it was expensive.

Now, there was nothing she can do to clear her name. Shen Yan, I never thought that my reputation would actually be ruined by you. Xia Yu walked in the room as a caged animal.

She could not allow this scumbag to sully her reputation. She had to explain it to Fang Yuan immediately, and she called Shen Yan without hesitation.

"Hello, Xia Yu, what's the matter?" Shen Yan held onto his wine cup in one hand and his phone in another.

"Shen Yan, you bastard, what did you tell Fang Yuan?" Xia Yu was furious as she spat out dirty words at once.

With Fang Yuan … Oh no, this young miss was accusing him. Shen Yan was so shocked that he immediately stood up.

"Hey, what did you say? The damn signal, why I can’t hear it clearly! "After Shen Yan finished speaking, he hung up and turned off his phone. At this moment, Xia Yu was like an angry lion cub, he can’t provoke her right now.

"Hey, talk. Hey …" After Xia Yu shouted a few times in the phone, a beeping sound came from the other side. Shen Yan had already hung up.

She was not satisfied and called again. His phone was already turned off.

“You can run but you can not hide. I don’t believe you are not going to work tomorrow.” Xia Yu thought to herself.

Lying on the bed in a huff, Xia Yu was unable to fall asleep. No matter how hard she tried to calm down, she just couldn’t. She only slept for a while in the early morning. After washing up, she grabbed her bag and went to work.

"Xia Yu, have you heard that our secretarary department will be streamlined, and this time there will be a lot of people being streamlined." Lv Wushuang of the secretary department asked Xia Yu for confirmation.

"Is that so? Where did you hear that? " Xia Yu looked at Lv Wushuang.

"I just heard other people talking about it. No matter what, you are the chief secretary. It must be a rumor if you don’t know." Lv Wushuang, who was not sure about it, said as she laughed.

The elevator stopped and the two of them stepped out together.

"Sis, what did she say when you called Sister Fang Yuan?" Shen Qiang pulled Xia Yu to the side and whispered.

"Let's not talk about this first. Is he here yet?" if Shen Qiang did not mention Fang Yuan, Xia Yu was going to return to her own office, and when he mentioned her, Xia Yu remembered that she would get even with Shen Yan.

"He's here, in the office."

Xia Yu immediately walked towards Shen Yan's office. Without knocking on the door, she immediately pushed the door open.

Shen Yan was discussing something with Liu Sijie. When Xia Yu suddenly barged in, both of them looked up at her.

"What's the matter?" Shen Yan asked.

Xia Yu sneered, saying nothing. She directly walked to Shen Yan's table and stood there, then fiercely slapped the desk with both her hands.

Liu Sijie was stupefied by the two loud bangs.

Why was this girl so mad? He sneaked a glance at Shen Yan. Seeing that he did not have any reaction. So he did not say anything, just stood by the side, quietly observing the situation.

"You told Fang Yuan that I was your girlfriend?" Xia Yu went straight to the point.

Shen Yan squinted his fox eyes and chuckled, "It's just her random guess, I just didn't explain." Just? This bastard actually said just!

Xia Yu was so angry that she grabbed the documents on the table and was about to throw them at Shen Yan, but she stopped halfway.” Well, you are good”.

"I have no choice but to do that, you say the price. " Since it was already like this, it would be unreasonable for Shen Yan to explain it to Fang Yuan again. After thinking about it, compensation was actually the best choice.

"Price my ass! In the eyes of Young Master Yan, anything can be bought with money, right?" Xia Yu finally threw out the documents in her hands, and it was not just that, she also threw everything on the table away and then left.

"Young Master Yan, this …" Liu Sijie looked at the mess in the pffice, not knowing what to do.

"Tidy up. Go on, where were we?" Shen Yan was calm.

When Xia Yu rushed out of Shen Yan's office, Shen Qiang was still waiting for her.

He followed her, "Sis, when did Wu Qing get added?" Shen Qiang pointed to the registration form and asked.

Xia Yu pointed at the door and said, "The one inside gave the order personally."

"We can't allow her to participate!"

Xia Yu pointed again, "Talk to him!"

Shen Qiang rushed in directly, "Why did you allow this woman to participate?"

What happened today? So angry. Liu Sijie smiled, "Third Young Master, the company can't force people not to register. You are in charge of the entire process of the audition, and no one is forcing you to pick anyone, there is no need to be so angry."

What Liu Sijie meant was that Shen Yan agreed to let her register. As for whether she could win or not, he would not interfere.

"Alright, you have to keep your words." Shen Qiang pointed at the two of them before stepping out of the office.

Xia Yu was leaning on the door, and when she saw Shen Qiang coming out, she asked, "Are you alright?"

Shen Qiang said with an upset expression, "Let's go!"

Xia Yu didn't ask anymore as the two of them walked towards the audition venue together.

"Are they alright?" Liu Sijie asked.

"What problem could there be?" Shen Yan was not worried. He continued working.

Although they were extremely unhappy, once they started working, Xia Yu and Shen Qiang forgot the unhappiness and kept busy until the end of the audition.

"I'm so tired, Sis. Who do you think will make it into the next round?" Shen Qiang shook his aching arm and asked Xia Yu.

"This depends on who has a higher popularity. The results will come out in two days." Xia Yu packed up the documents and stood up.

"Sis, how did you talk to Sister Fang Yuan last night?" Shen Qiang was still concerned about that matter.

"Your brother is trying to anger her away on purpose. What else can I say?" The moment Shen Yan was mentioned, Xia Yu immediately gritted her teeth.

How could he do that? Hearing this, Shen Qiang was also stunned.

Fang Yuan must be blind to fall in love with him. Xia Yu was the most innocent one who was swept up in it, "Sis, sorry, it's all my fault, you are so wronged."

Shen Qiang felt really sorry for that. If he had not called Xia Yu, she would not have been satirized by Fang Yuan, "Moon Watching Restaurant, on my treat!"

“Moon Watching Restaurant, we will go to Ru Yi Restaurant.” Someone wanted to pay. Today, he would pay, "Young Master Yan will pay!"

"Alright, let's go now!" Was there any need to be polite with him? They went to Ru Yi Restaurant without delay.


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