Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 55 It is eating on my reputation
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 55 It is eating on my reputation

Shen Yan frowned. It was already an hour after work, he was about to leave when the phone rang. He picked it up without even looking at the number.

"Young Master Yan, I am the manager of Ru Yi Restaurant!" The manager stood under the air conditioner, getting sweat all over.

Actually, the manager called Liu Sijie first, but was told to call Shen Yan and tell him that the Third Young Master and his secretary had come to Ru Yi Restaurant to eat and drink under his name and what should the manager do.

Liu Sijie's lips curled up into a smile. Interesting, he narrowed his eyes, feeling that there was something interesting happening.

Shen Yan immediately understood. Xia Yu and Shen Qiang were both bold. When they were together, no wonder there would be chaos.

Shen Yan had experienced Xia Yu’s temper. Meanwhile, it was not the first time that his precious little brother did this kind of thing. Now he just took to it like a duck to water.

"Serve them the best dishes of your restaurant and put them on my bill!" Shen Yan said in a leisurely manner.

The manager heaved a sigh of relief. This matter was over.

Very quickly, astonishingly expensive dishes were brought into the private room.

Xia Yu remained calm. She called the waiter when he was going out of the room, "Go to the wine cellar and pick out a case of the best red wine. If we can't finish them, help me pack them up!"

The waiter nodded as calmly as he could. One case, the best. Was it tap water for free?

How much money did Young Master Yan owe them? Not only the meal, they also needed take-away.

"Well done, let's do it!" Shen Qiang felt that even his anger had been vented.

"I'm just eating my own reputation." Reputation, could it be measured by money?

Shen Qiang blinked his eyes, "That makes sense, we won't thank him. Well, how much can we eat? Why don't we call the celebrities who participate in the preliminary audition over? That will be much fun! "

"As you like!"

Shen Qiang liked lively scenes, so he called.

As the celebrities who participated in the preliminary audition did not see Zeng Mina, Shen Yan became greater in their eyes. They happily rushed to Ru Yi Restaurant when they heard that Young Master Yan was treating them to a feast there.

One private room wasn’t enough, so Xia Yu asked the waiter to arrange two more private rooms. It was like a party. The red wine Xia Yu had ordered was not enough, so they ordered another two cases.

Those celebrities knew nothing about it, just thought that Shen Yan treated them to a feast. They were so happy and posted photos of the feast on Weibo.

Zeng Mina was already not in a good mood. When she saw those photos, she got so angry that her stomach ached. From her point of view, Xia Yu was purposely showing off to her.

With her temper, she really wanted to rush over and knock over the tables, but she was afraid that Shen Mo would be angry with her. After smashing things at home for a while, she suddenly thought of someone.

Bao Na was Xia Yu's classmate. It was none of her business when classmates reminisced about the old days, right? The corner of Zeng Mina's mouth curled up into a cold smile. She felt better when she thought that Xia Yu might encounter something bad.

Shen Yan and Liu Sijie sat in the neighboring private room, drinking tea.

"Tonight, I must thank Xia Yu properly, otherwise, how could I get the chance to go to such a high-end restaurant and drink such good tea?" Liu Sijie poured a cup of tea for Shen Yan.

Shen Yan felt at ease and accepted the cup of tea, staring at the terrace outside.

Liu Sijie looked in the direction of his gaze, "Look, how relax is Xia Yu on the table, even Zeng Mina will be ashamed of herself. How long will it take to have this kind of ability? "

Shen Yan squinted his eyes and thought Xia Yu was an adult ladylike woman.

"Xia Yu served as Zhang Hanyu's secretary after she graduated, could it be that she was trained by him?" Liu Sijie continued to talk about Xia Yu.

Shen Yan pointed at the phone that Liu Sijie had placed on the table, “Just call and ask her, then you will know”.

That brat was normally easy, but compared to Young Master Yan, he was far inferior.

He had told the manager that the entire Ru Yi Restaurant would only serve Xia Yu and they should treat her well.

There was even no waiter to server them the tea. So, Liu Sijie became the waiter.

In any case, the thing that Young Master Yan lacked the least was money. They should try their best to spend it. Even Liu Sijie wanted to invite a group of friends to help him spend it.

However, Xia Yu did not drink too much. She did not plan to kill herself with drinking. If she drank to death, then Shen Yan would set off firecrackers to celebrate that no one would trouble him in the future after she died.

When it was almost 11 pm, Xia Yu thought that it was late and they still had to go to work tomorrow. So they left.

Those celebrities thanked the two of them before driving away.

Xia Yu and Shen Qiang held hands and walked towards the parking lot. When they arrived, a ray of car light shot over, causing them to subconsciously block their eyes.

Shen Qiang scolded, "Which bastard is this!"

Only then did Shen Yan turn off the lights and got off the car.

"Oh, the great president has personally come to pick us up." Shen Qiang burped, "But I wonder if he is to pick us up or to see the famous celebrities?"

Shen Yan ignored his sarcasm and walked up to Xia Yu, asking with a smile, "Are you satisfied?"

"Just so so." Xia Yu curled her lips. She did not look straight at him.

"So you have vented your anger, right? Well, let's go?" Shen Yan reached out his hand to pull Xia Yu.

Xia Yu shook his hand off, "Don't touch me!"

Shen Qiang hid Xia Yu behind him and said, "Right, I'll send Sister Xia back!"

They were in a deadlock when Liu Sijie appeared out of nowhere, "Third Young Master, Old Madame wants you to go back!"

Shen Qiang worriedly looked at Shen Yan, whose eyes were emitting a cold light, and said to Xia Yu, "Be careful."

Damn brat, how dare you to say that. Shen Yan ignored him, opened the car door for Xia Yu. Then he closed the door and got in from the other side.

Liu Sijie spoke as he drove, "This is the new list of the secretary department personnel last night. Xia Yu, take a look. If you have any opion, bring it up, we can discuss it later."

Xia Yu took it and looked through, then casually said, "You really want to streamline the personnel, no wonder someone asked me this morning."

The secretary department was indeed a mess. There were a lot of people, almost as many as the President secretariat at the head office. If they were really doing their jobs, then so be it. However, most of them were just doing sales to earn extra money.

If they want to sale, they could go to the sales department. Staying at the secretariat, they got double salaries from the secretary department and the sales department. As a result, they didn’t do well as secretaries and the sales volume also did not go up.

Even if Liu Sijie hadn't mentioned it today, Xia Yu had planned to talk with him soon.

Liu Sijie was startled and said, "Are you sure that you heard about it this morning?"

"Yeah, I met a colleague in the elevator. She asked me about that." Xia Yu looked up at Liu Sijie with a face full of doubt. Was there any problem?

"I just called Liu Sijie to prepare the draft last night. I don't even know if he has finished preparing it, but someone already knew?" Shen Yan said indifferently.

"Where did you work last night?" Xia Yu also felt that something was wrong.

"After I bought the coffee beans, I found that I was near the company, so I went up there." Liu Sijie was also shocked, could it be...

"Ask the engineering department to check it out tomorrow. We won't go to the company today, we go straight to my villa." After Shen Yan finished speaking, he leaned against the backrest.

It started to rain halfway, and the rain was getting heavier and heavier.

After they entered the villa, Shen Yan led them to his study room.

Seeing that Liu Sijie was familiar with the place, Xia Yu knew that he often came here.

The decoration of the study room was very simple. It was no different from a normal study room. Aside from the documents, there were all kinds of books. It seemed that Young Master Yan was a person who loved books.

They firstly discussed the issue of the personnel change of the secretary department. Xia Yu was the manager, so Shen Yan let her talk first.

"I also agree with the streamlining of personnel, but I have a small request. Don't follow the names on the list and let me have a look at it first."

Liu Sijie nodded, "I also think that the people left in the secretary department must be reliable. After all, they are closest to the president."

They came to a consensus very quickly. At this moment, Xia Yu's phone rang.

She took a look, it was Chen Wenxuan.

Ever since they broke up, Xia Yu had not contacted him at all. She really did not understand why he called so late in the night. After frowning for a while, she took her phone and left the study room.

"Hello, what's the matter?" Xia Yu's tone was cold.

"Xia Yu, didn't we buy insurance before? Do you still have the policy? Since we've already broken up, you have to return it to me. " Said Chen Wenxuan

"Chen Wenxuan, I paid for that insurance, why do you ask me for it?" Xia Yu pouted, why had she not realized that Chen Wenxuan was such a man before?

"It was you who paid for it, but you said it's my birthday present. The thing you gave me is mine, and my name is written on it." Chen Wenxuan said as he thought Xia Yu had the intention to keep it for herself.

He remembered it so clearly, Xia Yu laughed coldly and said, "It's the middle of the night, and still raining, are you planning to come over to get it now?" Xia Yu said sarcastically.

Chen Wenxuan did not speak immediately, as if he was considering. But he spoke again soon, "Then tomorrow, I'll go to your company, and you can give it to me."

Xia Yu did not speak. She directly hung up and pushed open the door and entered the study room.

"What's the matter?" Shen Yan asked, seeing that Xia Yu's expression was not good.

"Nothing. A friend has left something in my place and asked me to return it to him tomorrow." Xia Yu perfunctorily answered. Seeing Liu Sijie took out a stack of documents from the bookshelf, she asked, “Are we going to discuss all these tonight?”

God, when would this going to end? It looked like she would not be able to sleep tonight.

Sure enough, Shen Yan continued, "This is the plan of this year. Take a look at the draft that I have prepared in the past few days and give me some suggestions."

Xia Yu glanced at Shen Yan and looked through the documents.

It was a very detailed plan, and even the details were clearly listed. No to mention making the proposal, it would also take a lot of time to gather information. It seemed like he had really put a lot of effort in it.

They worked until around 4 o’clock in the morning before they finally took a nap.


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