Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 56 You Should Give Me the Receip
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 56 You Should Give Me the Receip

Xia Yu was in the same room she stayed in before. At around seven o'clock, after Xia Yu finished packing and came out, Shen Yan and Liu Sijie were already waiting for her.

Shen Yan took out a key and gave it to her, saying that it would be convenient for her to come in future. Liu Sijie also had a key too.

Although she felt a little conflicted in her heart, she still accepted it.

Shen Yan seemed to be very satisfied, and they went to the company together.

Halfway to the company, Xia Yu received a message from Chen Wenxuan, telling her to wait at the company entrance and he would be there soon.

He was so eager to get the insurance policy. Xia Yu did not bother to argue with him over such a small matter. According to him, it belonged to him, so he could just take it. She hoped that he would never appear in front of her again.

The rain had not stopped yet. Xia Yu was standing under the porch at the company entrance. The rain was dripping down from the eave of the porch, and she was waiting for Chen Wenxuan there. She heard footsteps coming from behind.

"Where is it?" it was Bao Na's voice.

When Xia Yu turned back, Bao Na was already standing beside the entrance column, carrying her bag.

Xia Yu said in a cold and detached voice, "Did Chen Wenxuan ask you to come?"

"We are all one now. Cut the crap and give me the thing. "

"I don’t want to know the relationship between you and him. What I want to know is whether or not he asked you to come over."

"You!" Bao Na was so angry that she almost shivered, “You make two bites at a cherry!”

"I just want to confirm if you have the authorization of Chen Wenxuan. If you don’t, I'm afraid I won't be able to explain it then."

"So you would not give it to me?"

Xia Yu shrugged. "I didn't say that!"

If it was in the past, Xia Yu would definitely hand it over to Bao Na without hesitation. However, ever since Chen Wenxuan had called her in the middle of the night and urged her to give him the insurance policy, she felt this that man was very unfamiliar.

Therefore, she had to confirm whether it was the Chen Wenxuan that she knew or not.

Bao Na was no longer anxious, and laughed, "Alright, no problem, just wait for him, I have a lot of time!"

As she spoke, she took out her phone and called Chen Wenxuan.

Xia Yu, "..."

"By the way, don't look at me in such a weird manner. It's only the matter of time before I get married to Wenxuan. You’d better look out for yourself." When Bao Na said this, her face had a tinge of smugness.

Xia Yu suddenly laughed out loud. Whether they would get married or not had nothing to do with her, she did not know why Bao Na needed to report to her.

Could it be that she wanted to ask her for a money packet or something?

The two of them just stood there, not saying anything.

The rain was a little heavy, and the water was falling straight down from the eaves. In front of them was the main street of the commercial district, cars were passing by.

On the opposite side of the street, a black Volvo had been parked there for more than half an hour.

The air inside the car was cold, and the driver was holding onto the steering wheel, feeling nervous.

"President Zhang, it seems Xia Yu is occupied."

Zhang Hanyu tapped on the leather armrest beside him, "Are you in a hurry to go back?"

The driver curled his mouth and didn't dare to say anything else.

Zhang Hanyu, who was sitting in the back seat, put away his computer and turned to look outside the window. The car window was covered with water flowing downwards, and through the water flows, he could see the lights and traffic. On the other side of the street, there was the porch of Tengfei.

Zhang Hanyu roughly estimated that they had already been standing there for at least more than ten minutes. His corner of mouth could not help but twitched.

After a while, Chen Wenxuan came over, "Where is it?"

Xia Yu took the insurance policy out and handed it over to him, but then she took it back, "You have to give me a receipt."

"What do you mean?" Chen Wenxuan frowned, his face was full of anger.

"Literally." Xia Yu still maintained her indifferent look.

Chen Wenxuan stood still in front of Xia Yu for a while, then he took out the pen and paper to write a receipt.

Xia Yu passed it to him, "Check carefully. If there is no problem, then we are even now."

Chen Wenxuan was a little bit stunned, then he held Bao Na's arm and left.

"I asked her to give it to me. She just dawdled over it. She is weird." Bao Na muttered.

"Ignore her, she's a psycho." However, Chen Wenxuan's heart was in pain, as though he had been slashed by something in the heart.

"She is the secretary of the President. I'm afraid that she will be expelled again soon. Which boss would keep a psycho?" Bao Na never hesitated with depreciating Xia Yu.

"Baby, when did you become so mean? No matter what, she is still the secretary of Young Master Yan. " Chen Wenxuan agreed with Bao Na, but he did not realize that his words actually sounded jealous.

"So what? Wasn't she still being bossed around? It would be different if I’m here. " Bao Na said scornfully.

"Baby, you are the best." Chen Wenxuan pinched Bao Na's small face.

"Of course, I’m your wife, you know me!" Bao Na leaned against Chen Wenxuan.

Chen Wenxuan held her waist, and the two of them left while chatting and laughing.

Looking at their figures, Xia Yu had a fishy feeling in her heart.

That man was the one she had loved for five years? She didn't hesitate to fall out with her family for him. How blind was she? She just didn’t see his true colors.

Xia Yu could not help but shiver. She did not know whether she was angered by them or because it was really cold.

"Sis, why are you standing at the entrance? Come in!" Shen Qiang came to urge Xia Yu when he saw that she had not come in for a long time.

"Oh, I'm coming." Xia Yu barely managed to follow Shen Qiang into the company.

Shen Yan stood by the window and looked at the other side of the street.

Zhang Hanyu was really in a good mood as he was observing the scenery on the street.

Good, very good.

After a short time, he saw Chen Wenxuan passed with Bao Yu. His fox eyes slightly narrowed. Could it be that Xia Yu was waiting for them at the entrance?

Twenty minutes later, the rain did not seem to stop, and Zhang Hanyu did not seem to have any intention of leaving either. The driver became impatient. He rubbed his hands and turned up his collar.

"President Zhang, I'll go out and find a place to smoke."

Zhang Hanyu, "...Go."

"What?" The driver did not hear it clearly, wasn't President Zhang here to look for someone?

"Why didn’t you drive?" Zhang Hanyu frowned.

"Yes sir!" The driver drove the car away hurriedly.

After returning to the office, Xia Yu curled up in the swivel chair. Seeing it with her own eyes made her feel strange. Before last night, she didn’t know if she should harden her heart and completely forget about him. But now, her mind had completely changed.

The reality completely shattered the last bit of her beautiful memories of him. Her parents were right, she really loved the wrong person.

Didn’t girls always have besties? The ones who cried, laughed and played with you when you were frustrated in work, hurt in love and wronged.

But only now did Xia Yu realize that she didn't have such a person. All these years, she had focused on Chen Wenxuan and neglected many beautiful things.

Just as her mind was wandering, her phone vibrated. She took it out and saw that it was from Shen Yan, "Are you alright?

Xia Yu frowned and thought about the fragmented sentence for a long time before finally replied, “Not bad.”

Shen Yan replied instantly, “It's good that you're fine. Believe me, that man isn't worthy of you. You don’t need to feel sad because of him.”

It turned out that he had saw Chen Wenxuan. Xia Yu got it and she was somewhat delighted in her heart.

She didn't think too much about it. She just thought that there was someone cared about her, at least he was trying to comfort her right now.

Shen Yan said, “How about I give you a day off and ask Xiao Qiang to accompany you to relax?”

Xia Yu laughed, “I'm okay.”

Shen Yan, “Alright. If you're unhappy, then don't hold back. I can't help you in other matters, but I can borrow a shoulder for you to lean on.”

Xia Yu said, “Thank you.”

Although the words about Shen Yan were complicated, and Xia Yu hated his unruly appearance, but she had to say that he was a very humane president.

Although he would play tricks on people, make Xia Yu extremely angry that she really wanted to tear him apart at those moments, but she had to admit, he was very meticulous.

Maybe it was because she had chatted with Shen Yan, Xia Yu felt a lot better, and became enlightened.

In fact, many things in life were like the setting sun and the rising moon. Only after the sun set, the moon could rise. Only after the past was forgotten, one could walk forward.

In the president’s office, Shen Yan looked at his phone in a daze for a while.

Did that girl really get over it, or was she just holding on?

After a while, he took out a cigarette from his pocket and put it into his mouth. He lit it with a click sound. Squinting his eyes, he took a drag on the cigarette then stuck it between his fingers, and blew out a smoke ring.

The smoke ring floated in the air for a while before dissipating.

When Xia Yu was off duty, Shen Qiang was leaning on the door of the office and waiting for her, "Sis, where are we going tonight? My treat!"

"Go home." Xia Yu could not afford to eat outside every day.

"Sis, my mom went to the temple to have vegetarian food with my grandma, and my two brothers aren't at home too. It's boring for me to be alone at home, so can't you just take pity on me?" Shen Qiang put on a pitiful look.

"You win. Let's go!" Actually, Xia Yu did not like eating alone, as she understood Shen Qiang's feelings very well.

"Sis, you're the one who cares me most!" Shen Qiang immediately changed his expression into smiling and dragged Xia Yu to the elevator.

They chose Moon Watching Restaurant because it was near.

"If that bastard Chen Wenxuan dares to wait you here, I will cripple him!" Shen Qiang said just as they were about to enter the Moon Watching Restaurant.

The moment he said that, Xia Yu was stunned. Why did he rub it in to mention that bastard’s name?

Xia Yu rolled his eyes at Shen Qiang, but she was still quite grateful in her heart, and replied without hesitation, "Alright!"

They chose an elegant room and ordered dishes. While waiting for the food, Shen Qiang went to the rest room. The private door was open and Xia Yu sat in the seat opposite to the door. Therefore, she could clearly see everything outside.

Two familiar figures appeared in front of her.

Madame Jiang held her son's hand and led him inside, while nagging at her son, "Son, how many times have I told you? It's not good for your health to drink too much coffee, yet you won’t listen to me."

Young master Jiang smirked and replied, "I like it."

"Even if you like it, you can't drink like that." Madame Jiang sighed and said, "Same as your damned dad!"

Young Master Jiang made a face at his mother, "Aren't you the same? You obviously don't like spicy food, yet you still bring me here every few days. "

"It’s different. Mom was invited here by others. Don't speak nonsense when you get in. Just eat a little bit if you like it. If you don't like it, you still should keep silence, understand?" Madame Jiang explained to her son.

"I know!" Young Master Jiang nodded obediently. Compared to his naughty behaviors before, he looked like a completely different person. Xia Yu was a little stunned.


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