Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 57 You Framed Me
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 57 You Framed Me

"Sis, what are you thinking about?You have lost in thought." After Shen Qiang entered and sat for almost half a minute, Xia Yu was still in her original position and didn't move at all. Shen Qiang waved his hand in front of her.

Only then did Xia Yu recover herself. She laughed and said, "No, I just met two acquaintances, which reminded me of something."

Young Master Jiang was quite adorable when he behaved well, but as such a young kid, he didn't have a complete home. Now that he was still young, when he grew up and found out that he was actually an illegitimate child, he would feel much pain then.

People would always meet acquaintances. Shen Qiang did not pay attention to that. As the waiter was serving the dishes, so he started to eat without any hesitation.

It was hot in the summer. Xia Yu continued to eat spicy things, her stomach began to ache before she reached home. Putting hands on her stomach, she managed to hold on with difficulty.

Shen Qiang chatted with her while driving. In the beginning, Xia Yu was chatting happily with him, but after a while, she started to answer perfunctorily.

Sensing that something was wrong, Shen Qiang turned to look at Xia Yu and was shocked, "Sis, your nose is bleeding?"

Xia Yu only felt ache in her stomach, did not think that she got nosebleed. Extending her hand to touch her nose, what was on her hand was blood.

Shen Qiang panicked, and quickly drove towards the hospital, "Sis, hold on for a while."

After going through the blood test and drip, Shen Qiang finally send Xia Yu back home in middle night .

Lying on the bed, Xia Yu felt as if her entire body was floating in the air.

Xia Yu was so sick and her small face was deathly pale. Shen Qiang thought it was better to let her rest at home tomorrow, so he applied a day off for her.

The corner of Xia Yu's mouth twitched when she remembered that Shen Yan had said he would give her a day off. A cracked bell could never sound well. He should be a fortune teller rather than a company president.

The next day, when Shen Qiang placed Xia Yu's application for leave on Shen Yan's desk, Shen Yan immediately understood what was going on. He thought to himself, it seemed that this little girl could not let it go. He only glanced at it indifferently and said that he got it before he let Shen Qiang go.

When did second elder brother become so reasonable? He didn't even ask the reason and directly approved the application. Shen Qiang was completely confused. When he walked out of the office, he couldn't help but look back.

After resting for a day, Xia Yu felt much better. In the morning, she punctually went to work.

When she arrived at the entrance of the company, she heard someone desperately honking the horn behind her.

She walked further and gave way to the car behind her. However, the driver didn't seem to be satisfied and was still desperately honking.

Xia Yu turned back in anger. She wanted to see who was so immoral and not knowing that randomly blowing a horn was noise pollution.

When she turned around, she was stunned before she could even open her mouth.

The people who were honking behind her were her ex-boyfriend Chen Wenxuan and Bao Na.

Xia Yu thought she had he been possessed by the God of Misfortune because so many unlucky things happened to her one after another. She could even encounter scum at the entrance of company.

Bao Na, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, was showing off as if she would never stop until she stepped on Xia Yu.

Xia Yu's mouth was smell, and she felt suffocated in her heart. She really did not want to see the two of them, so she moved further.

Who would have known that her retreat would cause the other party to become harsh. Chen Wenxuan pressed on the horn heavily, and then lowered the window of the car. He stuck his head out and looked at Xia Yu, "Xia Yu, I already told you to break up, why are you still pestering me?"

Xia Yu's eyes instantly widened as she pointed to her nose, "I am pestering you?"

"If you don’t want to reunite with me, why are you blocking my way?" He put his arm on the car window as he looked at Xia Yu askance.

Xia Yu turned away fiercely and walked towards the entrance of the company.

However, just when she entered the office, the director of the business planning department anxiously asked her to the office.

The director slammed a folder on the table and asked, "Secretary Xia, what's going on?"

Xia Yu took the folder and looked at it, then asked, "Director Qin, what's wrong?"

"What's wrong? You dare to ask me what's wrong? Don’t you know how important the makeup ads are? You made mistakes in such an important advertisement! " The director launched an attack at Xia Yu, "I know that you people around the president are superior to others. You look down upon the little directors like me, but work is work, can’t you be more serious? You know what? Just now, our department almost had a breakdown with the customer. If it really goes like that, can you afford it? "

Xia Yu held back for a long time, and after Director Qin finished speaking, she said, "The secretariat is responsible for the inspection and some of the contents has already been modified and reported to the president for his personal inspection. He signed it and sent it over to you guys. In addition, your department has also signed on it. This copy isn’t the modified version, right? After looking through the documents, Xia Yu threw it to Director Qin.

Director Qin, who was originally burning with anger, suddenly changed her attitude.

She had forgotten that Xia Yu was the veteran secretary. Although she had not been here for long, but how could she make such stupid mistakes?

"Call Bao Na in." Director Qin held back for a long time before she finally uttered these words.

"Bao Na?"

"She just joined the company. She knows nothing. An idiot."

Director Qin picked up the phone and called Bao Na.

Bao Na said she was going to work here and she really did it.

The business planning department asked a rookie to follow a makeup advertisement project, were they just too careless.

Bao Na happily entered the director's office. Not long after, she rushed to Xia Yu's office with a sullen face.

After smashing the thing in Xia Yu's hand to the ground, she pointed at Xia Yu and cursed, "Xia Yu, you're really ruthless! You deliberately framed me! "

"Framed you? Who are you? Do you have the qualification to be framed?" Xia Yu frowned. She managed to hold back from directly kicking her out.

"You lost Chen Wenxuan, so you hate me! You knew that I joined this company, and you set me up so that I can't pass the probation period, right? Xia Yu, you are evil! No wonder Chen Wenxuan would break up with you. You are so vicious, I curse you, you will never get married! " Bao Na shouted presumptuously.

As a rookie, Bao Na had such a huge news, all of the staff stood up and waited for the fun.

Xia Yu also didn't expect that Bao Na could be so cheeky to say such a thing in public. She was speechless, looking at Bao Na for three seconds.

"Really? Then you're really unlucky." She had nothing to say to such a person.

Bao Na probably did not expect that Xia Yu would say this. Her face turned red, and she immediately became ruthless. She pointed at Xia Yu and said, "You, just wait!"

After saying that, Bao Na angrily turned around and left.

What did she mean? Xia Yu was the president’s people, and from the very start, she had been promoted to a high position, who would dare to offend her?

However, Bao Na did not seem to be simple either. She just started working, and had been assigned a very important case.

Maybe she could really compete with Xia Yu. Everyone was looking forward to it.

Xia Yu did not care about her. Lowering her head, she continued do her own stuff, as if Bao Na had never come.

Bao Na left from Xia Yu's office and directly entered Shen Yan's.

She really wasn't an ordinary person. Now it’s getting more interesting. The staffs looked at each other, they were curious.

At this time, Shen Qiang walked into Xia Yu's office. After looking at Xia Yu who was busy for a while, he finally spoke, "Sis, Bao Na is the daughter of my second aunt's classmate."

Shen Qiang did not expect Xia Yu had such a grudge with Bao Na. Seeing Bao Na's unreasonable behaviors, he was afraid that Xia Yu would not be able to work peacefully in future.

"Is that so?" Xia Yu said indifferently.

Shen Qiang came over and said, "Don't worry, my second elder brother is fair."

While the two of them were conversing, Shen Yan called.

Xia Yu glanced at Shen Qiang. He was fair?

Shen Qiang was also a little bit confused. What was wrong? He couldn’t think of something wrong.

Xia Yu came to the door of Shen Yan's office and knocked. When Shen Yan asked her to come in, she pushed open the door.

"President, what’s the matter?" Xia Yu directly ignored Bao Na who was standing at the side.

Shen Yan nodded towards Xia Yu, and looked at Bao Na with his fox eyes, "You made a mistake in your work. The first thing you thought of was not to remedy the situation, but to shirk your responsibility. You were wrong. Then you made a ruckus and affected other colleagues. Originally, you were going to be fired directly, but since you just joined the company, I'll give you another chance. Now, apologize to Secretary Xia. "

Even if Bao Na was extremely unhappy in her heart, she wouldn't dare to say no in front of Shen Yan.

However, her voice was as low as a mosquito's buzz. "I'm sorry!"

Shen Yan frowned, "Louder!"

"I'm sorry!" The voice improved a decibel, barely audible.

"Go out and do your work. If it happens again, just scram!" Shen Yan waved his hand and sent Bao Na away.

"Thank you, president!" Xia Yu had known that Bao Na would be scolded as she made a ruckus in the office.

But to her surprise, Shen Yan asked Bao Na to apologize to her.

After all, she was his mother's people. Even if he didn't give her face, he had to give the empress dowager some face.

Looking at Xia Yu for a moment, then Shen Yan chuckled, "What are you thanking me for? Could it be that in your eyes, I'm just a muddleheaded president, allowing employees to regard the company as a market, acting as they like?"

Xia Yu smiled and said, "Young Master Yan, you know that's not what I meant."

She even learned to be modest, it was not easy!

"Are you feeling better? There's an event that I need you to attend on behalf of me. " As he spoke, he opened the drawer and took out an exceptionally delicate and beautiful invitation letter.

He handed it over to Xia Yu with a smile.

Xia Yu was confused! It seemed that he was deliberately favoring her.

Shen Yan did not care about Xia Yu's expression and continued, "The specific address is right there. I have a business meeting, and really have no time."

Xia Yu opened the invitation letter and saw that it was an event organized by the Chamber of Commerce to visit the nursing home.

Why was Young Master Yan interested in attending such an event?

Looking at the invitation in her hand, Xia Yu stood there and stunned for at least 10 seconds before she regained her senses. He didn't have her back for nothing, she still had to pay the price.


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