Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 58 The Company Survival Rules
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 58 The Company Survival Rules

Tut, he was indeed a business man. Pay a bill for a deal. He was absolutely fair, so fair that one would be speechless.

Xia Yu could not decline. She nodded and left.

"Fang Yuan has been classmates of Young Master Yan for so many years, yet he doesn’t take much count of her as Xia Yu. What background does Xia Yu have?"

"Didn’t You hear it from the business plan department? Young Master Yan didn’t even give face to his mother. What kind of background do you think she has?"

Xia Yu came out with the invitation letter and walked into her own office, encountering all sorts of gazes.

"Sis, what's wrong with that Bao Na?" Shen Qiang moved closer to her.

"She's crazy." Xia Yu didn’t bother to mention her.

"My aunt stuffs everyone here." Shen Qiang nagged as he sat down.

His gaze stopped at the invitation card that Xia Yu had taken back to the office. "What is this?"

Xia Yu waved it in front of him, "Do you want to go? Together?"

"Alright!" Shen Qiang immediately agreed.

In the afternoon, they did not stay in the company and went to attend the event.

Xia Yu even dressed up for it.

She had attended similar events before. With the old people, she should dress in a dignified way so they wouldn’t be annoyed. She also wore flat-heeled shoes.

"Actually, your elder brother should really attend more of these events. It would be very helpful in promoting his public image." That night, after looking through the plan written by Shen Yan, Xia Yu had a lot of respect for him. He had a head on his shoulders, and he was not the playboy as the outsiders said.

However, in the eyes of outsiders, his unruliness was deeply rooted. If he could not change his image, no matter how hard he worked, he might not be able to achieve the desired effect.

"Do you think he doesn't want to come? He just can’t do it?" Shen Qiang heaved a long sigh and said helplessly.

Did he mean that there was something more? Xia Yu looked at Shen Qiang suspiciously, "What happened?"

"You'll know when you get there." Shen Qiang heaved a sigh and stepped on the gas.

Soon, they appeared in the hall of the beadhouse.

"Miss Xia is passionate about charity. She must be a very caring person." Said someone at the side.

Xia Yu turned around and saw that it was actually Hong Yu, whom she met on Shen Qiang's birthday. She smiled and greeted him, "I'm just trying to make up the numbers, what I do is limited. But Mr. Hong, you spend not only money but also efforts.”

"Miss Xia is so modest. Third Young Master came too." Hong Yu smiled and extended his hand towards Shen Qiang.

Shen Qiang seemed to be very reluctant. He snorted, and his eyes wandering around the hall.

"Miss Xia is here on behalf of Young Master Yan, right? There are a few friends over there. How about talking for a while?" Hong Yu greeted the men with eye contact and smiled to Xia Yu when he spoke.

" Mr. Hong, please do as you please." Xia Yu also saw the few people over there, but she was not familiar with them. Since Shen Qiang seemed to be reluctant, she declined Hong Yu’s proposal.

"Alright, here's my business card. I'll contact you another day." Hong Yu handed over his business card to Xia Yu with both hands.

Xia Yu received it with a smile. After exchanging business cards with him, she watched him leaving. She retracted her gaze and looked at the business card, it said Chief Executive Director of Huan Yi Film and Television, Hong Yu.

Xia Yu did not take it to heart and casually put it in her bag.

She turned to look at Shen Qiang, only to see him staring blankly. Following his gaze, Madame Jiang and her son appeared in the crowd.

No wonder Shen Yan wouldn't come. In such an occasion, meeting them was indeed very embarrassing.

"That woman did this on purpose, she's trying to force my second elder brother to death." Shen Qiang resentfully said, "Do you know, Sis? She actually asks my elder brother for five hundred thousand as living expenses every month. If not, she would threaten to commit suicide. I heard from Sister Fang Yuan that five hundred thousand is not enough to satisfy her recently. "

Xia Yu knew that. She had sent money to the mother and the son a few days ago.

"I heard from your second elder brother that it was an accident."

"Isn't it? That day, my second elder brother drank until he was unconscious. That was the first time he met this woman. Tell me, why my second elder brother is so unlucky?" When Shen Qiang said this, he was somewhat grinding his teeth.

It seemed Shen Yan didn’t lie to her. Xia Yu looked at Madame Jiang again and continued, "Ask your second elder brother to find a chance to talk to her again. Perhaps he can find a solution."

Since they did not love each other, Xia Yu felt that Madame Jiang went a little bit far to pester Shen Yan like this.

"Unless my second elder brother marries her, there will be no solution!"

This woman was an insatiable greedy person. It would be strange if she was willing to let go of a gold mine like Shen Yan.

Marry an almost unknown person? The corner of Xia Yu's mouth twitched a few times and she didn't say anything for a long time.

After the event ended, Shen Qiang directly sent Xia Yu home, and she immediately fell asleep on her bed.

Until midnight, Shen Yan called her. He didn’t ask about the event but give her a command, ”Go to the Sales Department on behalf of me tomorrow, tell them to entertain the customers who will attend the sales event."

"Yes, I will do it well." Faintly responding, Xia Yu fell asleep again.

Hardly when the work time began the next day, Xia Yu was already standing in front of the Sales Director's office. She knocked on the door. A man's voice came from inside, "Come in."

Xia Yu open the door and entered. Behind the desk sat a young man in formal attire.

The sales director was called Zhang Yuan. He was 33-year-old, unmarried. He valued beauty and profit. If there was a female subordinate who was easier to bully, he would privately ask her out for a meal.

As Xia Yu already had a verdict on him, she would not like him although the man in front of her was somewhat handsome. She only gave him a formal smile, then nodded and said, "Director Zhang, the president is on business trip. Please take care of the company business.”

Zhang Yuan raised his head and looked at Xia Yu with his long and narrow eyes. The secretary was not nobody. The smile in the depths of his eyes grew stronger, and then he smiled and said, "Secretary Xia, you can just call over, why bother to come here yourself? Please tell the president to be at ease, I guarantee that there won't be any mistakes."

They shook hands across the desk.

Xia Yu did not stay long. It was enough for her to come over and do as what the president had commanded. If she stayed, she would be the overseer. She understood that!

Bao Na crossed past her. When she saw Xia Yu again, she no longer had the arrogance, but pretended that she didn’t see her, and then directly entered Zhang Yuan's office.

“Director. I'm Bao Na, the intern.”

Zhang Yuan handed a folder to her and said, "This is the charter of the Sales Department. Take a look at it first. If you don't understand, ask me."

Yesterday, the news of Bao Na challenging Xia Yu had spread in the company.

The company survival rules had always been the winner took all. Bao Na could be said to have been demoted to Sales Department, so how would Zhang Yuan like her.

Bao Na was not stupid, she could naturally see that. She nodded and said very modestly, "I will memorize the document as soon as possible."

Leaving the office with the document, she glanced at Xia Yu's back figure as growing hatred mounted in her heart. But she had to admit that Xia Yu was not bad looking, and Shen Yan was a playboy, so it was normal for him to be enchanted by her.

She kicked the cardboard box at her feet angrily. Just as she was about to find a place to study the document, a young man wearing glasses greeted Xia Yu, "Miss Xia, what a coincidence!"

The man who was speaking was Hong Yu. It seemed that he was also here to participate in the sales department's press conference.

Customer was god. In front of God, Xia Yu naturally could not be sloppy, "Good morning, Mr. Hong. The reception room is here, please!"

Since the colleagues of the sales department were busy, Xia Yu had to personally bring him there.

"Miss Xia, is it convenient for you to have a chat? " Since the press conference had not started, Hong Yu wanted to communicate with Xia Yu about one thing. As they met here, he could handle it first.

Xia Yu naturally did not reject. She smiled and said, "The coffee of the opposite coffee shop isn't bad. Mr. Hong, how about we going there?"

"Alright!" Hong Yu was a straightforward person. He turned around and followed Xia Yu to the coffee shop.

After chatting for a while, Hong Yu took out a card and placed it on the table in front of Xia Yu. He said with a smile, "I believe that Miss Xia has already known that Qingqing also registered to participate in Tengfei's preliminary audition. She is a star in our company and also the foster daughter of President Qi. Meanwhile, she is also a friend of your president, so I hope that Miss Xia could take care of her. "

Xia Yu glanced at the card on the table. Without being pretentious, she smiled and accepted it, "Mr. Hong, you are too courteous. I am in charge of the audition this time, taking care of each star who participates in the contest is my duty."

He was too kind. It seemed that they had heard the news of Zeng Mina.

He did say that Qingqing was Shen Yan's favorite. As long as she did not speak ill of Xia Yu to Shen Yan, it would be good enough. What else could she do to her?

Alright, she took the card very naturally and put it into her bag. Then, she took up the cup of coffee and took a sip.

Hong Yu was experienced and knowledgeable. However, a straightforward person like Xia Yu was really rare.

He was stunned for a moment, but it was all over in the blink of an eye.

Wasn't that what he wanted? The words he prepared were not used. It was a pity that he didn’t display his eloquence in front of her.

Nevertheless, fulfilling the mission was the most important thing. Hong Yu's attitude became even more hospitable, "When our president knows about it, he will definitely be extremely grateful to Miss Xia. The press conference is about to start. I'll be taking my leave first, let’s keep in touch! "

Hong Yu shook hands with Xia Yu with a face full of smiles, and they left the coffee shop together. They parted in the main hall of Tengfei. One went to the press conference, the other returned to the office.

When Bao Na who had been following behind Xia Yu saw Xia Yu accepting the bribe without any hesitation, all sorts of envious and jealous feelings arose in her heart.

They were both green hands here and both of them came in through the back door. However, one was showing off and amassing money, while the other was hated by everyone.

This was too unfair. Even if she had won over Chen Wenxuan and defeated Xia Yu, so what? She just turned around and seduced a rich second generation.

Bao Na didn’t want her to be too complacent, so she took out her phone and called the second madame Ni Suzhen.

Before she could finish speaking, she heard someone calling out to her, "Bao Na, you are employed to talk on the phone, right? If you like it so much, you might go home and talk as you like."

" I am coming..."


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