Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 59 Do You Want Me to Write a Thank-you Letter?
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 59 Do You Want Me to Write a Thank-you Letter?

Bao Na immediately put away her phone and ran over with smile.

Xia Yu did not know that Bao Na had seen all of this. After separating with Hong Yu, she went to her own office. Taking up the documents on the table and looking at it seriously, she did not even realize that the door was opened.

Shen Qiang stood at the door and watched for a while. Seeing that she had no reaction, he spoke, "Sis!"

"Go ahead, what’s up?" Xia Yu didn't even raise her head as she casually replied and continued to look at her documents.

"Sis, where's your moral integrity?"


Only then did Xia Yu raise her head. Shen Qiang was standing at the door and bitting his lips. On his face was an expression of disappointment.

Had the child been following her all along?

Xia Yu smiled, reaching out to take her bag. She opened it to take out the card Hong Yu had given her just now, held it up in front of Shen Qiang and said indifferently, "It's here."

"Sis, I thought you were different from the others."


"I misread you. I thought you would not bow for money."

"I will if there is enough money."

Xia Yu looked at the card a few times, then calmly put it in her bag.

"Hadn’t you handled the matter of Zeng Mina well?" Shen Qiang raised his voice and looked at Xia Yu stubbornly.

Xia Yu smiled lightly and said, "I am Young Master Yan's secretary."

"Tacky!" Shen Qiang satirized her.

Xia Yu did not think much of it, "A saint can’t be a secretary."

"You …" There was no way to communicate with such a person.

Shen Qiang turned around to leave. When Zeng Mina wanted to go through the back door, she did not approve even if she may offend Shen Mo. At that time, he thought she was a person of principle.

Only now did he realize that he was wrong, what Xia Yu did was just because Zeng Mina was the future eldest young mistress of the Shen Family and Xia Yu had no profit to reap from her.

As long as it was profitable, she would reveal her true colors.

"Where are you going? Take these documents and hand them out." Seeing that Shen Qiang was about to leave, Xia Yu called out to him.

"I'm not free!" Can't she do it by herself? Shen Qiang replied ruthlessly, without the slightest intention of stopping.

"How can you brat behave like this!" Xia Yu still had a bunch of things to do, but Shen Qiang ignored her after Xia Yu called out to him a few times.

Xia Yu could only give up and continued to look at her documents.

Shen Qiang hid at the back door of the company and sulked. He sat there for two hours, a few colleagues also asked him for help, he pretended not to hear and ignored them.

In front of the back door, there was a small alley. Since it was an alleyway, only a few people passed by and a lot of rubbish was thrown here.

The sales department had a press conference today. The outer packaging of those products was removed, and for convenience, the staffs directly threw them into the alley.

An old scavenger woman saw they threw these things away, she pushed the cart over to pick them up.

"What are you doing?" Being ordered around by her colleagues, Bao Na was full of grievances, and she vented her anger on this old lady.

"Miss, since you don't need these things anymore, what's the use of piling them up here? How about letting me take them away?" Said the old scavenger woman, smiling.

Hey! She had really underestimated the old lady. Although she looked dirty and uncivilized, her words were still very skilled.

Hearing her words, Bao Na felt that this old lady was saying that she was doing them a favor and Bao Na should thank her.

"Do you want me to write you a thank-you letter?" Bao Na looked at old madame with a weird expression.

"How could you say that, girl." Old madame was speechless for a long time.

She was just a scavenger. Whether Bao Na would let her take them away or not, she could just say it. Was there any need to be so vicious?

"Yes, you should go back and write it now." Shen Qiang was still angry. Seeing that Bao Na was bullying the old lady, he couldn't hold back and said it to Bao Na.

Bao Na saw that it was Shen Qiang. She didn’t pay much attention to him. They were all new interns, she was not inferior to him.

She rolled her eyes at Shen Qiang, "Geek!"

She slammed the door and entered.

A rookie could gave her a hard time. The more Bao Na thought, the angrier she became. She hid in the bathroom, called Chen Wenxuan and complained to him, "Wenxuan, that bitch Xia Yu, she is an asshole. She dares to go against me just because she had slept with Shen Yan for a few times. I feel so unhappy.”

"You said Xia Yu and Young Master Yan? When did that happen?" What Chen Wenxuan cared about was not that who bullied whom, he was interested in his foolish ex-girlfriend’s romance.

The two of them had been together for five years, and the most intimate act they had ever done was kissing the face. Young Master Yan's reputation wasn't obtained for nothing. He could even melt an iceberg. Great, amazing.

"Wenxuan, your wife has been bullied and you only care about your ex-girlfriend? Since you like her so much, why don't you go back to her? I'm afraid that she has a rich second generation and forget you already." Bao Na felt aggrieved.

All these years, she gave Chen Wenxuan everything that he asked for, and never sought anything in return. When he finally broke up with Xia Yu, she thought they could be together forever. But when Chen Wenxuan heard Xia Yu's name, he forgot her immediately.

Perhaps he had figured out that Bao Na was not in good mood, Chen Wenxuan immediately smiled apologetically, "Baby, what are you thinking about? I just feel that with Xia Yu's rigid character, how could Young Master Yan fall for her? Did you get it wrong? "

After all, Chen Wenxuan had been a classmate and lover of Xia Yu for many years. He knew Xia Yu well.

He thought that the possibility that Xia Yu and Shen Yan were being together wasn't high.

"How could it be wrong as all the staffs in the company said that? Furthermore, she doesn't even give face to the future Eldest Young Mistress. If she has no romance with Shen Yan, would she dare to do such a thing? " The more Bao Na thought about it, the angrier she got. She thought that she could rely on the Second Madame to suppress Xia Yu in the company, but the one who was defeated was herself.

Bao Na's words made sense. He had truly underestimated her. Chen Wenxuan was stunned for a while.

"Wenxuan, are you listening to me?" There was no response on the phone, so Bao Na asked him.

Chen Wenxuan recovered himself and hurriedly answered, "I'm listening. Nana, don't provoke her. Let’s find some solutions when things get clear.”

If Xia Yu really had a romance with Young Master Yan, then Bao Na was courting death to go against her.

It was not that he did not care about Bao Na. He just could not understand how could Xia Yu and Young Master Yan be together.

"How could I dare to offend her now?" Even if Bao Na wanted to provoke her, she needed time to do so. She was so busy and the snobbish ones in the company kept on ordering her around to do things.

"Good baby, give me some time to inquire about it, I won't let my baby be wronged." Right now, Chen Wenxuan's mind was filled with Xia Yu and Shen Yan.

Although he did not completely believe Bao Na's words, he still had some doubts. If Xia Yu really had nothing to do with Shen Yan, she would not decline Shen Mo’s offer to be the public relations manager and went to work in Tengfei.

He had truly underestimated the little girl. She could even handle the Young Master of Shen Family who was a huge gold mine. If he knew it would be like this, he wouldn't break up with her.

Chen Wenxuan was secretly regretting in his heart and was not in the mood to talk with Bao Na, so he immediately hung up the phone.

By the time he found out the truth, it was too late.

Bao Na said hello two times, but there was no reply. She could only stand in the bathroom and sulk.

Just then, the staff of the sales department were looking for her desperately. Bao Na wiped her eyes and hurried out.

At the back door, Shen Qiang saw that the scavenger lady was so old, he felt pity. He took out his wallet, gave some cashes to her.

"Grandma, you can take these. Don't pick these things anymore."

Seeing that, the old lady’s expression immediately changed. She said unhappily, "What do you mean, young man? I am old, but I can still work.”

Shen Qiang was surprised by her words and couldn't help but feel respect for her. "Grandma, that's not what I meant. I just thought it was hard to pick these things.”

The old lady smiled, "Put the money away. I've been working all my life and I would feel uncomfortable if I stop working for a day. Tell me, does anyone else need these things? "

"Grandma, ignore her. No one wants these, take them away."

Shen Qiang put away the money, helped the old lay fold the cardboards and place them on the cart.

"Young man, you are a good person." The old lady looked at Shen Qiang gratefully.

Shen Qiang smiled and said to her, "Grandma, these kinds of boxes would be thrown away almost every day from the company. From now on, you can come here and take them."

"That's great, young man. Thank you!" Soon the grandmother pushed the cart away.

Seeing the old lady left, Shen Qiang turned around. Just as he was about to go in, he saw Xia Yu standing at the door and smiling at him, "I didn't expect you to be so caring."

Just look at the old lady, even though it was hard, she earned money righteously. Take a look at Xia Yu. The company had given her such a high salary, but she was still not satisfied.

When he thought of Xia Yu’s accepting bribes, he became angry without even blinking his eyes. He ignored her and walked straight inside.

Xia Yu did not mind. She turned to look at Shen Qiang's back figure and said, “I'm going out to accompany Qingqing to buy something. Watch over the audition, call me if there is something wrong”.

"You're at work." Shen Qiang said without turning his head.

"President's order." Wasn't this child too angry? Xia Yu frowned.

"Toadeater!" Shen Qiang quickened his pace.

Xia Yu ignored him and took a taxi to the jewelry store.

Qingqing had been waiting for a while. The moment she saw Xia Yu, she began grumbling, "What took you so long?"

"I'm sorry, it was my fault." Xia Yu also did not explain and smiled at Qingqing, "Is there anything you're interested in?"

At this moment, the shop assistant came over, and said with a face full of smile, "Miss Qingqing has taken a fancy to this one."

Someone had already skillfully displayed it for Xia Yu.

The little queen could not have bad taste. Xia Yu only glanced at it before shifting her gaze to the price list.

Five hundred thousand, Miss Qingqing had a good appetite.

Xia Yu smiled, then pointed to a necklace which would cost 300 thousand and said, "Miss Qingqing's skin is more suitable for this necklace, what do you think?"

"This …" The shop assistant subconsciously looked at Qingqing, waiting for her instructions.

"Miss Xia, what do you mean?" Qingqing was furious. Xia Yu was just a secretary and the money was not hers, why was she so stingy.

The shop assistant turned to look at Xia Yu.


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