Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 60 We Made an Appointmen
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 60 We Made an Appointmen

Xia Yu smiled and asked them to wait.

She walked to Qingqing and smiled slightly, "Miss Qingqing, before I came here, I had met director Hong Yu from your company. He had told me your godfather's words and asked me to take good care of you."

"Is that so?" Qingqing glanced at Xia Yu with contempt. Then why did you interfere?

Xia Yu continued, "Since I've agreed to director Hong's request, I have to do something. You have known our president for a long time, you should know his temper. Do you want your relationship to be affected by a necklace? "

Qingqing was slightly startled.

Of course, she knew Shen Yan's temper.

There was something in Xia Yu’s words. Raising her head to look at Xia Yu, she was somewhat absentminded.

Xia Yu did not urge her to make a decision and waited patiently.

Qingqing thought for a while. Since Xia Yu had said so, she should think it over carefully.

"What’s Miss Xia's idea?" Unknowingly, Qingqing began to ask for Xia Yu's opinion.

Xia Yu opened her bag and took out a bank card. She smiled and said, "There isn't much inside, just three hundred thousand."

It turned out that Shen Yan had already set the price. If she really wanted to make things difficult for Xia Yu, she could only ask Shen Yan for money. If Shen Yan decided not to buy it, she will get nothing and lose her face.

Qingqing was not stupid enough to offend Shen Yan, so she smiled and said, "I believe in Miss Xia's taste. This is indeed more suitable for me. I’ll take this one."

"Alright, please wait a moment!"

Since they had made their decision, the shop assistant quickly wrapped the necklace up.

Xia Yu handed the card over to the shop assistant and said politely, "Thank you!"

As they were waiting for the bill to be paid, Manager Yuan of the jewelry store came over. When he saw Xia Yu, he quickly went forward to greet her, “I just thought I saw someone familiar and it turns out to be secretary Xia. How come you're free to visit our store today?"

Xia Yu reached out to shook hands with Manager Yuan and said with a smile, "The audition of our new product spokesperson will begin soon, Miss Qingqing asked me to accompany her to choose some jewelry. "

Only then did manager Yuan apologize as if he had just noticed Qingqing, "My fault, I actually missed out such a famous star."

It was said that Yuan Li, who was the manager of the jewel store, was the illegitimate son of the jewelry shop owner. His mother passed away early, and the boss couldn't bear to see him suffer outside. He wanted to take Yuan Li back but his wife didn’t agree. Therefore, he had to arrange him to work here.

It was rumored that he and Qingqing were classmates, and they even dated for a while. Perhaps the knots in his heart had not been disappear, so he pretended not to see Qingqing.

Qingqing could only exchange greetings with him. Xia Yu could tell that she was forcing a smile.

At this moment, the shop assistant had already brought the invoice. Xia Yu took it and spoke few words with Manager Yuan before going out with Qingqing.

"Miss Xia, do you think I can enter the next round?" At the door, Qingqing stopped and asked Xia Yu.

Xia Yu smiled, "Miss Qingqing's image is very good. I sincerely hope that you can make it."


"I have great confidence in you and hope you can go further."

Xia Yu's reply made Qingqing very satisfied. Although she didn't get her beloved jewelry, but the endorsement fee was over 100 million.

Compared to the endorsement fee, this was nothing.

"I hope that Miss Xia will take good care of me. As a sincere person, I will definitely not forget the kindness and help of Miss Xia." Qingqing revealed a sweet smile.

The little queen’s popularity was not all because of image packaging. Even a girl like Xia Yu couldn't help but gazing at her smile. If a man saw her, he would definitely have fainted.

"Miss Qingqing is so polite. All I can do is just some services that I’m capable of. If you can really advance, it is all because of your capabilities." Xia Yu's words were watertight as well.

Capabilities or secret help, what Qingqing wanted was the result.

Since Xia Yu had already agreed to help her and she was in charge of the audition, with her words, it meant that Qingqing was only one step away from success.

Qingqing waved her hands to Xia Yu, took the gift in satisfaction and drove away.

A taxi passed by. Xia Yu stopped it. She gotin the taxi and told her address, the driver quickly drove away.

When Bao Na got off work, Chen Wenxuan intentionally drove to Tengfei to pick her up. She was very touched. Her man was really good to her.

"Baby, don't be unhappy. Don't you still have me?" Chen Wenxuan said as he looked around for Xia Yu.

"Can I be happy? Tell me, am I inferior to that woman?" Bao Na pouted, muttering with grievance.

"My baby is the best." Chen Wenxuan was honey-lipped.

When Bao Na heard this, she could not help but reveal a smile.

Xia Yu just walked out at this moment. The happy mood that Bao Na had for a moment immediately vanished, "Look at her, she is showing off."

"Ignore her." Chen Wenxuan replied casually, but he was staring at Xia Yu.

There was no difference from before. How did Young Master Yan fall for her?

Could it be that he had eaten too much good things, and wanted to try some new taste?

Only this explanation was barely enough to convince himself. Chen Wenxuan nodded his head nonstop.

"Wenxuan, what are you thinking about?" Seeing him so deep in thought, Bao Na was curious.

"I'm thinking, no matter how she looks, I don't think that Young Master Yan would like her."

"It doesn't matter whether Young Master Yang likes her or not. She is his secretary, so she can get a lot of profits."

"What profits can a secretary get?" Chen Wenxuan expressed his doubt.

Bao Na immediately said, "Lots of profits. I personally saw the agent of an entertainer giving her a bank card yesterday."

"What?" Chen Wenxuan was startled. Then she must get a lot of profits. He turned to look at Bao Na, "Your mother is close with the Second Madame, ask her to transfer you to the secretariat too."

Why didn't she think of it? Chen Wenxuan’s words reminded her of that.

Bao Na was the daughter of Second Madame’s classmate, this identity meant something. In less than two days, she had been transferred to the president's secretariat.

Shen Yan called Xia Yu over and explained a few things to her, then he let them do their own things.

Xia Yu's expression remained indifferent, as if she did not care who that was.

But Bao Na was different. When she parted with Xia Yu, she intentionally glanced at her.

Not to mention whether Xia Yu and Young Master Yan had a romance or not. Even if it was true, Young Master Yan was famous as a playboy. The interest he had in Xia Yu had not disappeared yet. After his passion disappeared, the president’s secretariat would naturally be hers.

Now that she had taken one step forward successfully, she wasn't in a hurry to get into a fight with Xia Yu. She had the patience to do so.

Just as Xia Yu was about to enter the office, Luo Jiancheng came over with his big belly. Seeing Xia Yu, he squinted his eyes.

Ever since he had been set up by Xia Yu, he had always kept Xia Yu in mind.

He was furious, but for some reason, he just couldn't hate this little girl. In the night, her figure would always appear in his mind.

He had seen a lot of women, but it was the first time to see a woman as special as Xia Yu.

Arrogant and domineering!

No one would ever forget such a woman.

"Miss Xia, it’s wonderful that you are here. How about having dinner together?" Luo Jiancheng had already stood in front of her. His eyes which were squeezed into slits landed on Xia Yu’s breast.

Xia Yu had fishy feelings in her tongue.

"My apologies, president Luo, I have an appointment tonight. Maybe another day." Although she did not like him, she still had to be polite. Xia Yu had a smile on her face.

Had he been rejected?

Luo Jiancheng was obviously dissatisfied with her perfunctory attitude. Seeing that she was indifferent to him, Luo Jiancheng intentionally said in a strange tone, "You are trying to get rid of me as soon as you finish your job, right? I'm also your customer, why don't you make an appointment with me? "

She should know that he hadn’t gotten even with her in terms of the contract matter last time.

He even had the nerve to talk about the contract matter.

Xia Yu despised him in her heart. When she was about to talk to him, a phone call came in.

It was from Hong Yu. Right in front of Luo Jiancheng, Xia Yu answered the call, "Hello, Mr. Hong!"

Qingqing had told everything after she went back. President Qi felt that Xia Yu was very smart, he was very satisfied with her attitude and asked Hong Yu to thank her.

Since the president had personally instructed him, Hong Yu naturally did not dare to neglect. On the other hand, Xia Yu had left a good impression to him. There was no doubt that she was beautiful and real.

“Miss Xia, how are you. You are busy, right! ”Hong Yu casually asked her because of hearing the voice in the phone.

Xia Yu held onto her phone and lowered her gaze, and softly replied. "I do have something to do."

Hong Yu immediately smiled and said, "Then let me cut a long story short. Our company wants to order a batch of makeup from you. I've reserved a table at the Moon Watching Restaurant near your company. How about we eat and talk? "

"How can I let Mr. Hong spend money?"

"Miss Xia, our company has always been cooperating with your company well. Being so polite means that you regard me as an outsider. So, I'll see you tonight."

"Alright, see you tonight!"

Xia Yu was not a fake person. After agreeing with Hong Yu’s invitation, she hung up and looked at Luo Jiancheng.

The meaning was obvious. Now you knew that I didn't lie to you, right?

This girl was indeed different from others. Someone had taken the initiative to place the order in front of her and had even reserved a table in the restaurant.

"I made the appointment with Miss Xia first, right?" That person had only made a phone call and he was standing right in front of her. No matter what, he was more sincere.

"President Luo, before you came, we had already made an appointment. Furthermore, our president is still waiting for you in his office." Damn wolf, nobody wanted to eat with you. Xia Yu said as she walked towards her office.

"This time, I’ll forget it. Next time, you can't break our appointment."

Luo Jiancheng was unhappy, but he couldn't find an excuse.

He snorted and walked towards Shen Yan's office with extreme unhappiness.

When Bao Na heard that Xia Yu's customer had taken the initiative to ask her to sign the contract, she felt jealous and hatred.

In the past days, she had spent too much on Chen Wenxuan and she did not have much savings left. However, she was too embarrassed to ask her parents for money.

She was born in a well-off family. After graduation, she did not work. If it’s not for supporting Chen Wenxuan, she would not have been here.

Didn't Xia Yu just earn some extra money? In any case, that’s dirty money, so how about asking her for it?


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