Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 61 Give me the hush money
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 61 Give me the hush money

After making her decision, Bao Na returned to her office and sent a message to Xia Yu to invite her to the coffee shop opposite the company. Bao Na repeatedly emphasized that there was something very important, she wouldn't leave until she saw Xia Yu.

Even after waiting for a long time, Xia Yu did not reply. Bao Na was still worried and picked up her phone to call: "Xia Yu, did you read the message I sent to you?"

"I'm busy now." After giving a short reply, Xia Yu was about to hang up.

"Xia Yu, we were classmates, I will not harm you. I hope you can take it seriously." Before Xia Yuhung up, Bao Na hurriedly said.

"All right!" Xia Yu immediately ended the call.

What could she talk about with Bao Na? Xia Yu didn't want to go but still wanted to hear what she would say. So she arrived at the appointed place after lunch.

"Xia Yu, do you feel that there's something special here?" Bao Na gracefully stirred the coffee as he looked at Xia Yu with a flickering smile.

It's just a normal coffee shop. Xia Yu came over once or twice a day, and she really could not see anything special.

Bao Na sneered, and gave her a hint: "I feel that you really like sitting in this seat."

A few days ago, at the same place and position, Xia Yu accepted a card from another person. Bao Na believed that she still remembered it.

Xia Yu really did not understand what she meant. She sat down and said with obvious impatience, “frankly speaking, if you have something to say, I don't have the time to guess."

To be frank, Bao Na was not happy to see her unpleasant face.

Bao Na curled her lips: "All right, then, after all, we were classmates, and I will not stop your money flowing, but shouldn't you pay the hush money to me?"

Hearing that, Xia Yu immediately stood up: "I think you're crazy."

"You're not yet qualified to threaten me," Xia Yu thought.

She directly turned around and left.

Seeing Xia Yu leave, Bao Na's expression became extremely awkward. It took a long time for her expression to return to normal barely.

Bao Na had wanted to let her go, but now Xia Yu couldn't blame others for her own mistakes.

Perhaps out of anger, Bao Na took out her phone and called Ni Suzhen, "Auntie, there's something that I've thought about for a long time, but I still feel like reporting it to you. Xia Yu was too bold that she overtly accepted the money from a candidate in the preliminary audition and promised to help her level up. "

"Do you have evidence?" Ni Suzhen's face darkened. She thought to herself, "Xia Yu sure has guts. She has been in the company for less than a month, and she dares to do such a thing."

"Yes, I took a photo, and I'm sending it to you now." Bao Na pressed the button on her cell phone and sent it out.

Xia Yu was asking for death so she couldn't blame her.

Only after doing all that did she stand up and walk out with satisfaction.

Just as she left the coffee shop, a young man stopped her, "Miss, was what you said true?"

"What?" Bao Na raised her head. She did not know the man in front of her.

The man showed his work card. "I'm a reporter for Weekly. Don't worry, as long as the clues you provide are valuable; you'll be paid much."

Heh, she never thought that this was a way to earn money. Bao Na immediately took out her phone with a smile: "Yes, of course, it is!"

"Follow me." The man brought Bao Na into the coffee shop again.

It didn't take them too long. In just ten minutes, the two walked out of the coffee shop with satisfaction.

Having a windfall, Bao Na was in a good mood for the entire afternoon.

Without knowing it, Xia Yu still went to work on time as usual

After changing her clothes, Xia Yu went out of the company and headed straight to Moon Watching Restaurant.

After all, Hong Yu was a big client for the company. Even though he gave her business with intention, the benefits were real, after all.

If this contract were signed, she would receive quite a bit of commission.

Being late for the first meal would leave a bad impression, so Xia Yu arrived ahead of time.

After entering the restaurant, a waiter came to receive her. After asking about the situation, the waiter brought her to a seat near the window of the hall.

Hong Yu was good at dealing with affairs. Gossip would be inevitable if just two of them were in a room. It would be much easier in the hall.

Xia Yu subconsciously gave him a lot of points.

After Xia Yu sat down, the waiter politely asked, "Would you like to order now?"

Xia Yu smiled as she replied, "After my friend arrives here."

"Okay, then call us if you need anything."

The waiter nodded and left. Xia Yu took out her phone and looked at the time. She had promised Hong Yu that she would meet him at 7 PM. It was still ten minutes left.

While she was waiting, Xia Yu was not idle either. She opened the folder and read.

"Miss Xia?"

After a few minutes, a familiar male voice came from behind.

Xia Yu subconsciously turned around and looked around. She immediately saw the pot-bellied Luo Jiancheng a few meters away.

He walked towards her in large strides. When he was standing in front of her, he raised his eyebrows and pretended to be surprised. "It really is you!"

Though she did not like him, she could not pretend not to know him. So Xia Yu stood up, looked at Luo Jiancheng and said: "Mr.Luo, you are here. What a coincidence."

Luo Jiancheng laughed vulgarly: "It's not a coincidence. I came here especially for you."

Xia Yu despised him in her heart, but her face did not reveal any expression and was as polite as normal.

As they were talking, a line of six or seven men and women all dressed up beautifully, were walking towards Luo Jiancheng. A man looked at Xia Yu, and his eyes lit up, "No wonder you insist in coming here to have dinner. You have an appointment with this beauty!

The others all smiled as if they were in an ambiguous relationship.

Some people laughed and asked Luo Jiancheng to introduce the beauty, and the others heckled.

Without waiting for Luo Jiancheng to speak, Xia Yu spoke up naturally and unrestrainedly: "Xia Yu, Shen Yan's secretary in Tengfei."

Young Master Yan's secretary could not be careless.

The men smiled and nodded at her. Some of them even took the initiative to shake hands with her.

Moreover, those young women looked at Xia Yu up from head to foot. It's said that Young Master Yan was a playboy, and his aesthetic style was unique. His secretary needs to be looked at carefully.

Some expressions that could only be understood by women were flashed past among those women; they did not say anything.

Xia Yu certainly would not take the initiative to go over; there was an awkward silence.

Luo Jiancheng coughed and looked at Xia Yu: "Didn't you already have an appointment with a customer, where is he?"

Xia Yu said, "He hasn't come yet."

Luo Jiancheng asked as he already knew, "Man or woman?"

She answered honestly, "Man!"

Luo Jiancheng's face revealed an indifferent expression. He raised his eyebrows and said, "Why doesn't he come earlier? Making a woman like you to wait for him here, does he have any qualities? "

Xia Yu did not answer his question and told him, "Have dinner with your friends. Don't waste your time."

Luo Jiancheng stood in place and did not leave. Instead, he turned his head and spoke to the people around him: "You guys go to the rooms first. I'll have a chat with her for a while."

The few ladies turned around and left, glancing at Xia Yu with slight disdain; the men looked meaningfully at Luo Jiancheng, and then turned to leave.

Luo Jiancheng pulled out a chair and directly sat opposite of Xia Yu.

Xia Yu slightly raised her beautiful eyes but restrained her displeasure.

Luo Jiancheng, on the other hand, remained calm and said to her, "Have a seat!"

He acted like he was the host.

Luo Jiancheng lifted the small silver teapot, took a cup and poured himself a cup of water. Then, he lowered his eyes and said: "I'll sit with you for a while so that you won't be bored by yourself."

Xia Yu said: "We have an appointment at 7, and he will be here soon."

He looked at his watch, then picked up his cup and sipped his tea. "Isn't there still two minutes left?"

Xia Yu was speechless.

He sat down as he pleased, and she only turned her head to look out the window, in the direction of the door.

He was also her client, all right? Luo Jiancheng asked with slight dissatisfaction," What kind of client are you going to meet?

Xia Yu turned her head and looked at him, and indifferently replied: "A customer of the company."

Luo Jiancheng frowned and asked: "How much did he spend on you?"

Xia Yu stared at him. She had already endured for a long time: "What do you mean?"

Luo Jiancheng squinted and said: "I just want to know, how much money should I pay that you will be willing to come out for a meal."

Xia Yu was holding the cup tightened, as though she was about to grab it and pour water over his head.

It took a long time to calm herself down; she finally managed to suppress her anger, "Mr.Luo, your friends are still waiting for you."

She is kicking him away tactfully. Luo Jiancheng pout his lips, and said: "We are both clients, how can there be a difference in treatment?"

While the two of them were talking, Hong Yu just arrived and called out with a smile: "Miss Xia."

The two of them instinctively raised heads and looked over.

Hong Yu, who was wearing a light blue shirt and casual western pants, held a bunch of lilies in his hands.

Xia Yu stood up quickly with a smile.

It was a handsome young man. Luo Jiancheng's eyes turned blank, and he stood up as well.

Hong Yu already walked over with large strides: "I'm sorry that I am late. There's a bit of traffic on the way." Hong Yu smiled and explained to her. He turned his head and smiled at Luo Jiancheng, "Mr. Luo is here too."

Luo Jiancheng extended his hand, smiled and said: "I came here to have dinner with friends and coincidentally met Miss Xia. I didn't expect that Miss Xia's guest was Director Hong."

Hong Yu shook hands with Luo Jiancheng and had small talks with him.

Seeing that there was nothing about him, Luo Jiancheng walked towards his room.

Once he left, Hong Yu immediately handed over the beautifully wrapped flowers to Xia Yu. He smiled and said: "This is for you. I hope you don't mind my being late."

Xia Yu received it, and said with a smile: "Thank you."

The two of them sat down and chatted casually. Then, the waiter came over.

As they were ordering food, Xia Yu's phone in her bag rang. She took out the phone and saw that it was Shen Yan who sent a message.

It said: Call me after dinner.

Xia Yu also felt confused in heart, but she still replied with a word, OK.

Very quickly, Shen Yan sent another message: Drink less. If you went mad with alcohol again, don't mention that you are my secretary.

When did she get mad with alcohol? Xia Yu's brain was full of question marks. She wanted to ask explicitly. However, after thinking about it again, she gave up in the end.

On the opposite, Hong Yu raised his head and looked at her: "Is your boyfriend looking for you?"

Xia Yu laughed and said: "No, I don't have a boyfriend."

Hong Yu has bright skin, with a gentle and elegant temperament. He said with a slight smile: "I don't believe it, Miss Xia. You are so beautiful and outstanding.


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