Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 62 I Want to Thank Him
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 62 I Want to Thank Him

Xia Yu laughed and replied: "Thank you for your praise, but I know who I am. It's the Young Master Yan. "

Since there was nothing to hide, Xia Yu told him the truth.

"Young Master Yan highly valued Miss Xia, which means that you are critical in the company." Hong Yu knew Shen Yan's temper that there is a clear line between work and non-work hours, and he would not discuss business after work except for with a few core members,

"I'm grateful that Master Yan is willing to give me a chance." Xia Yu smiled. After that, they started to chat casually.

Hong Yu was very talkative, and the atmosphere was perfect. They both felt regretful that they did not meet each other earlier.

Hong Yu originally wanted to invite Xia Yu to another place after dinner, but just as they were about to finish the meal, his phone rang. He took it out and looked at it, and his face grew complicated

He glanced at Xia Yu, who was sitting opposite of him. He was about to speak, but he said nothing.

"What's wrong?" Xia Yu answered with concern.

She asked without much thinking, but Hong Yu quickly answered: "Something happened."

He spoke out in front of her that something happened. Did that mean that it had something to do with her? She looked over with a questioning gaze.

"The fact that I gave you the card that day was known by a reporter and even took a photo." Hong Yu could not help but sigh. Xia Yu was not a famous person. Why did someone pay attention to her?

This was troublesome, and Qingqing's acting career could end.

"The phone call?" Xia Yu did not appear to be panicking.

"It was Director Qi who called. The reporters blocked miss Qingqing at the company's entrance." Hong Yu suddenly had a headache. He was full of experience, yet he still failed miserably this time. He was too careless.

Xia Yu took out her mobile phone and checked the news online, only to realize that it had a significant influence.

Not only was there evidence of Hong Yu bribing her, but there was also the matter of Shen Yan and Qingqing. She did not know who poked it out.

Facing the reporter's questioning, Qingqing was incoherent. She even spoke with a crying voice; it seemed like she could not hold on much longer.

She did not know whether Shen Yan was looking for her for the matter, but Xia Yu stood up and said, "Let's go. I'll go with you to clarify this."

Explain?Now that the evidence is conclusive, how can you explain it? Hong Yu sat there without moving.

"You don't believe me?"

"But …" Hong Yu could not continue. This was not a question of whether he believed her or not.

"No matter what, we can't just sit here, right?" Xia Yu was already walking out.

Hong Yu had no choice but to follow her since the President told him to go back and settle the matter.

The two of them did not speak along the way and soon arrived at the entrance of Global Arts.

Someone said, "Director is coming." A few reporters who were further away from Qingqing quickly turned around and looked at them.

Even before he got out of the car, a crowd of reporters had surrounded him.

Especially when the reporters saw that Xia Yu also came over, they naturally would not miss out on such an excellent chance, "Miss Xia, may I ask how much money did Mr. Hong Yu give you?"

With great difficulty, Xia Yu got off the car and leaned on Hong Yu's car. She said calmly: "Three hundred thousand!"

Upon hearing these words, Hong Yu closed his eyes.

Isn't Xia Yu too honest?

The reporters were all becoming speechless. She was not afraid of death.

After a few seconds, they reacted, "Did he give you this money to help Miss Qingqing level up secretly?"

"No, Mr. Hong Yu asked me to buy jewelry for Miss Qingqing. I have the invoice as proof of that, and also a shop assistant from the jewelry store could testify that I'm not lying."

Xia Yu took out the invoice calmly.

When those words came out, not only the reporters but even Hong Yu was surprised.

How come?

However, the invoice was completely real, and the necklace was still on Qingqing's neck. It's absolute truth.

The evidence was conclusive. The reporters could not find any flaws on this matter, so they could only put it aside.

"Miss Xia, we have received news that Miss Qingqing is currently in a relationship with Young Master Yan. Is it true?"

"Everybody, you should ask her, right?" Xia Yu glanced at Qingqing and said with a smile.

Without waiting for the reporters to speak, Qingqing impatiently said, "No, absolutely no."

She already said that there was such a thing, so there was no need for Xia Yu to explain again. Xia Yu just smiled without saying a word.

However, the reporters did not stop; they continued to ask, "Many people saw that Young Master Yan dated with Miss Qingqing, so Young Master Yan personally gave his card to you to buy a necklace for Miss Qingqing, right?"

The reporters had conclusive evidence, so Xia Yu could not fool them.

Xia Yu did not expect that the reporters knew so many details. It seemed that there must be a traitor in the company.

When Shen Yan gave her the card, it was in his office, and it was just the two of them.

Xia Yu calmly took out two cards and handed them over to the two closest reporters. "Since you have the video, you may take a look. Are these the two cards?"

The reporters nodded affirmatively after seeing it and returned it to Xia Yu.

This card was the one with which I paid for the necklace, and Young Master Yan gave the other one. In a few days, it will be Young Master Yan's mother's birthday. Young Master Yan is too busy these days, so he asked me for help with her mother's birthday gift. The Second Madame likes collecting stamps, so I have contacted the stamp collecting master Mr. Zhang Xiaoxiang this afternoon. He promised a deal with me, so everyone can go to check it. "

The bank transaction was there, and it couldn't be fake.

The card given by Young Master Yan also had a reasonable explanation, and the reporters quickly calmed down.

It was only at this moment that Hong Yu finally took a deep breath and got off the car.

What a meticulous woman! Hong Yu had never admired anyone before, but at this moment, he found her wholly admirable.

It was as if she knew that something like this would happen, and she had arranged everything perfectly. After giving Xia Yu an in-depth look, he walked towards Qingqing.

Qingqing ran to hug him then started to cry.

Only now did she understand why Xia Yu had made her choose a necklace worthy of three hundred thousand that day. It was not because Shen Yan is petty, but Xia Yu is very cautious.

Xia Yu indeed had foresight. Just now, it was hazardous, and Qingqing was on the verge of collapse.

Next, it would be easy for Hong Yu to deal with.

Xia Yu saw that the reporters who were surrounding her already dispersed, so she walked to the side of the road and took a taxi. In the cab, she called Shen Yan. "Young Master Yan, what's the matter?"

"Come to my house!" After saying that, Shen Yan ended the call.

Xia Yu quickly asked the driver to take her to Shen Yan's villa.

Shen Yan was the only one in the huge villa, holding a cup of red wine. It seemed like he did not drink it.

Raising his head and looking at Xia Yu, he moved his body slightly: "You're here."

"Um, where's Liu Sijie?" Xia Yu sat down opposite of Shen Yan.

"He is still at the company. Thank you, about the stamps. " Shen Yan laughed evilly.

That night, Liu Sijie worked overtime at the company, and the news leaked out the next day. Even Liu Sijie had been targeted, so how about this President Shen Yan? He didn't disturb anyone as he performed a play with her Wu Qing when she participated in the audition.

Sure enough. When he just gave his bank card to Xia Yu, the reporters on the other side received the news.

He wondered how they would react when they saw Xia Yu's explanation to the reporters.

Would he rush into the office immediately to get rid of the camera?

Liu Sijie was waiting for them at the company, and he wanted to know who the hell the traitors were.

Damn man, don't laugh like that! All right? Xia Yu took a deep puff, "It's good that Second Madame likes them. It's getting late. If Young Master Yan doesn't have any other instructions, I'll go."

"Wait. He'll come over after he finishes."

Xia Yu had no choice but to sit down again.

"Xiaoqiang should be happy now." Shen Yan lit up a cigarette and took a breath, smiling as he looked at Xia Yu.

Shen Yan did not let Shen Qiang take this plan because he was afraid that Shen Qiang would be unhappy to know that he used Wu Qing.

A man shouldn't look like this. Although it was just a usual glance, Xia Yu could still feel her heart beating faster.

Thinking about Shen Qiang's expressions the two days, Xia Yu also laughed and said, "He must be pretty uncomfortable these days, right?"

"Not only uncomfortable. He would lose his temper to anyone who encountered. Even my big brother is not immune." Speaking of this, Shen Yan laughed. He probably thought about Shen Mo's expression back then.

She laughed and felt a lot in her heart. She could tell that Shen Qiang was different from the other rich second generations. He was sincere and kind, and He indeed treated her as a friend.

After that, they did not talk about Shen Qiang anymore but started to exchange views on the problems the company had.

Shen Yan surprised discovered that many of Xia Yu's opinions coincided with his. This made him both surprised and happy.

As talking about familiar topics, even time passed by incredibly quickly.

"Young Master Yan, we've captured them. The camera has been removed, and this is what they said." Liu Sijie entered and threw a file bag onto the tea table.

Shen Yan opened it and looked, pointing to the confession. He laughed: "Looks like my big brother cares about me. He sent so many people to protect me, and I have to thank him."

He squinted his foxy eyes and lit up another cigarette. Shen Yan took a few puffs.

Liu Sijie laughed. Upon receiving Shen Yan's call, he was so busy that he did not even have time to drink water. Thinking of water, he was thirsty. He picked up a bottle of water and unscrewed the lid, taking a few irrigations without hesitation."

"You must be hungry. I'll order food now!" Shen Yan took out his phone.

"Why bother? Just take the leftovers out of the fridge and heat it." Liu Sijie wouldn't be able to wait that long, because he was starving now.

"Something has happened to the servant, and she might not come back for some time. There's no more cooked food in the fridge."

It was no wonder that Xia Yu did not see Aunt Wu. She thought that she already went to bed because it was already late. Xia Yu laughed and said, "If you do not mind, I will cook."

It was already midnight, and this place was quite remote. Many fast food restaurants had already closed. Even if there were one or two still open for business, by the time they finished cooking and delivered here, it would already be breakfast time.

"You can cook?"He rolled his foxy eyes on Xia Yu, with doubt in his eyes.

"I can cook some simple home dishes? Do you eat spicy dishes?"

"Hm! Make some fish-flavored pork and Mapo Tofu! "

Shen Yan didn't mind.

Xia Yu swiftly tied up the apron and opened the refrigerator.

The refrigerator was full of many things. Xia Yu took out some pork tenderloin, some canned winter shoots, dried fungus, carrots, tofu, onions, ginger, garlic, and so on.


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