Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 63 Do You Want to Move in as Well?
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 63 Do You Want to Move in as Well?

Xia Yu washed the pork tenderloin and cut it into threads. Then, she added salt, cooking wine and Accent and stirred them a bit before putting them aside.

Then, she washed the bamboo shoots and carrots and cut them into strips. Then, she soaked the fungus in hot water …

A plate of fish-flavored shredded meat was done. Subsequently, Xia Yu made more Muppet Tofu. She found no rice in his house, so she made dough and made it lasagna.

She soon brought the dishes to the table.

They look delicious. If Shen Yan did not personally see her cooking, he would have thought that she had ordered takeout.

"Did you cook it?" Shen Yan picked up the chopsticks and tasted it; the taste was pretty good. He raised his head and looked at Xia Yu and asked: "You learned how to cook?"

Many chefs indeed praised her cooking skills.

However, she was always modest. So, she quickly took off her apron and said with a smile, "These are all homemade dishes. What do you think of it, Young Master Yan? "

"Very good!" Shen Yan praised her generously.

"My pleasure you like it. You guys eat slowly. " While they were eating, Xia Yu also cleaned up the room.

"Xia Yu, you should move in. We don't know when Aunt Wu will be back. You can help us cook and clean when you're free. " As Liu Sijie ate, he gave Shen Yan a lousy idea.

Of course, Liu Sijie was only thinking for himself. If Xia Yu moved here and did all the household chores, he would be able to relax.

"No need. I like living in my current house. " Xia Yu rejected him. She didn't want to live with a randy man.

"I'll give you ten thousand yuan per month. I will not charge you for your rent nor your meals. " Shen Yan said slowly.

Xia Yu thought that apart from living expenses, she would have to use the rest of her salary to pay off her debts. Therefore, a monthly salary of ten thousand yuan was quite attractive to her.

"It's settled then. I can also help you share part of the housework. "Seeing that Xia Yu was moved, Liu Sijie advised her.

"You must keep your word. Also, no one is allowed to throw trash around. "Xia Yu indeed could not reject a monthly salary of ten thousand.

After Hong Yu sent Qingqing home, he went to Director Qi's villa.

Director Qi was standing by the window in his pajamas. He heard Hong Yu's voice and turned his head: "You sent Qingqing back? The girl must have been frightened. "

"She much better now." Hong Yu took out a letter from his briefcase, "Director Qi, I'm sorry. It's my fault. I never thought that there would be a reporter staring at Xia Yu. "

Director Qi told Hong Yu not to be nervous, "Even tigers have time to take a nap. We have underestimated Xia Yu. "

Speaking of Xia Yu, Hong Yu admired her a little: "It's all thanks to her today."

"No wonder Zhang Hanyu recommended her to Shen Mo. She is indeed a talent. "It was rare for a young girl with a monthly salary of about 20,000 to refuse a bribe of 300,000 yuan.

Now that Xia Yu had become Shen Yan's secretary, Shen Mo's future days would not be easy. Director Qi rarely praised young men, but he remembered Xia Yu.

She was not only a talent, but she was also almost genius.

She knew that Qingqing and Shen Yan were lovers, how could she accept Hong Yu's bribe?

This was her smartness. If Xia Yu did not accept Hong Yu's bribed card, she might offend … If she accepted it, then not only would she offend Qingqing, Shen Yan would also not let her off.

This was originally a dead end, but she was able to resolve it perfectly.

"I heard that Xiao Qiang has a good relationship with her." Director Qi sat on the sofa and looked at Hong Yu.

"Yes. It is as if Xiao Qiang views Xia Yu as his master. "Hong Yu answered respectfully.

"Heh, he can even see others as masters?" Director Qi smiled and didn't say anything after that.

Hong Yu stood to the side and quietly watched him.

Director Qi was silent for a moment, then raised his head and said to Hong Yu, "You can leave."

Hong Yu left the room and closed the door.

Shen Mo was also paying attention to the news in the company today. Xia Yu had really made his eyes light up. Didn't she owe Shen Yan money? Why didn't she take the money sent over by Hong Yu?

"Xia Yu is indeed a pretty good girl." Zhang Hanyu was a little proud. After all, Xia Yu was once his subordinate. In a society where money is regarded above all else, it is rare to see people who do not give up their principles for money.

Shen Mo gave a rare smile: "So, you would insist on getting a divorce from Wanru even if you must give up all your wealth, is it for Xia Yu? I warned you, Wanru will never tolerate you falling love with someone else. If she knew that you divorced her for Xia Yu's sake, she might not agree. "

"Young Master Mo, it's not because of Xia Yu. I get divorced because we can't communicate. I introduced Xia Yu to you because she truly has the ability. " Zhang Hanyu quickly explained. It was a sensitive time for him to get divorced from his wife, and nothing could go wrong.

"I was just saying that. Why are you so nervous? " Shen Mo turned to face the window and could not help but say two words, "Xia Yu!"

In the morning, Shen Yan directly gave Xia Yu a list of members of the secretariat: "Other than the few who were expelled, there are only these few lefts. Transfer Li Feiran to the Sales Department. Tell Bao Na that she doesn't need to come to work anymore. "

Xia Yu put the document into her own bag. Last night, the few of them had discussed for the better part of the night. There was no longer any suspense regarding the change in manpower. When she arrived at the company, she would directly announce it.

As soon as she entered the office, she found a delicate breakfast on the desk.

Seeing the package, Xia Yu knew that he had bought breakfast from that porridge shop.

Xia Yu laughed. It seemed like Shen Qiang's no longer angry.

"Sis, hurry up and eat. I'll stand guard at the door for you. " Shen Qiang's scoundrel smile appeared at the door.

"Then I'll eat it." Xia Yu quickly opened the box.

Shen Qiang laughed as he walked in. He was about to say something to her when his cell phone rang. Shen Yan called him to go to the President's office.

"Sis, you can eat without worry. I'm going to the office now. You are safe until I come out. " Shen Qiang walked towards Shen Yan's office.

After a while, Shen Qiang came out, with a breakfast in hand, he directly entered Xia Yu's office.

"This was personally bought for you by the President. Hurry up and eat, don't disappoint his kind intentions. " Shen Qiang looked at Xia Yu a few times. How unexpected! Shen Yan did not allow employees to eat in the office.

It turns out as the Chief Secretary, Xia Yu had immunity. The President had personally bought her breakfast.

"Is there dirt on my face?" Xia Yu subconsciously touched her face.

"No!" Shen Qiang shook his head.

Xia Yu was relieved and continued to eat her breakfast.

Shen Qiang still stood at his original position, looking at her without blinking.

"Did President say something?" Xia Yu asked after drinking the last mouthful of porridge.

"He said you could cook a few common dishes tonight. Spicy chicken and boiled fish must be served. " Shen Qiang looked at Xia Yu, but he did not notice that his tone was a little sour.

What Xia Yu noticed was that Shen Yan treated her as a servant. "I knew that he didn't treat me to breakfast because of good intentions."

Shen Qiang didn't care what they planned to eat for dinner. The only thing he wanted to know was since when did Xia Yu and Shen Yan start living together?

"Sis, the two of you are developing your relationship really quickly." When did you move to his house? "

No wonder Xia Yu helped his second brother. So, it turned out that the two of them were already lovers. Shen Qiang had always wondered why his second brother was not sad at all when Fang Yuan left. So, it was because Shen Yan had a close female friend that was even more capable than Fang Yuan.

But since Xia Yu was smart, how could she not understand the situation? The big brother of the Shen Family was someone who took the relationship seriously, but he gave up his true love for his own career and became engaged to Zeng Mina.

Wu Shiyu was Xia Yu's cousin. Xia Yu understood the specific situation very well. But she still made such a decision now, and she would regret it in the future. Shen Qiang sighed in his heart, worried for Xia Yu.

Seeing Shen Qiang's expression, Xia Yu knew that he had misunderstood their relationship. The corner of her mouth twitched. "I just moved in last night. Do you want to move in as well? "

"Ah?!" How can I move in? " He was not a shameless person.

Shen Qiang rejected Xia Yu's invitation.

"What are you thinking? The servant of his family went back to her hometown, and I was just a substitute. " Xia Yu rolled her eyes at Shen Qiang.

He should know who his brother was. Other than his good looks, Shen Yan had no other specialties. Even if Xia Yu was too hungry to be picky, she wouldn't choose him.

"So, I can really move in?" Shen Qiang's eyes lit up. He had wanted to move out of his house for a long time.

"He's your brother. If you can't move in, who can? " Xia Yu laughed, but her heart was empty.

Thinking about her moving into his house, she regretted it. She had always had her principles, business is business.

This was also why she didn't make a mistake while being Zhang Hanyu's secretary for three years. But ever since she became Shen Yan's secretary, she discovered that her previous principles were quietly changing. It was a bad feeling, but she had no intention of changing it.

"I'll call my mom later. I'll be staying there tonight." Shen Qiang happily went around the room once, and then happily ran out.

"Shen Qiang, where are you going?" Hou Qing asked as he saw Shen Qiang running towards the elevator.

"I'm going out to buy something." Shen Qiang did not think too much into it, and answered casually.

"We haven't eaten breakfast yet, so please bring some food back for us." Hou Qing said loudly. Just now, President had personally brought breakfast to the office and even bought one for Xia Yu.

He took it for granted that everyone would be able to eat in the office in the future.

"This is not good. President said that no food in the office. " Shen Qiang rejected his request.

"Then what did Secretary Xia eat just now?" Hou Qing replied Shen Qiang angrily.


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