Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 64 You Must Help Me
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 64 You Must Help Me

Shen Qiang grinned, "It is the President who bought breakfast. If you can get the President to give me a call, I'll buy it for you right away."

"You " Hou Qing choked on his words for a long time, and his face got flushed.

"No more words? Then don't stop me from doing my business. " Just then, the elevator arrived, and Shen Qiang entered with whistling.

He was arrogant. How could everyone endure this!

"This guy is so wild and arrogant. How can young people nowadays be like this?" Pointing at the elevator door, it took Hou Qing a long time before he could say anything.

Everyone had the same feeling. Back then, when they just arrived at the company, they respected their seniors quite a bit. However, this young man who hadn't got acquainted with the environment dared to offend the senior.

"The President asked Shen Qiang to do something else. Now, shall we take a few minutes and have a meeting?" Xia Yu walked out of the office and headed towards the meeting room.

You've had your breakfast, but everyone's still hungry. They looked at each other, but in the end, they all went there to hear what she would say.

"Everyone's pretty busy, so I'll make this short. Two days ago, Lv Wushuang asked me if there were any changes in our secretariat. Last night, the President made the decision. " Xia Yu passed a document bag to Li Feiran. "The President thought that you are outstanding in sales performance, so he decided to promote you to the Director of the Sales Department. Congratulations, Director Li."

Li Feiran was originally smiling, but after hearing what Xia Yu said, her expression froze. It sounded good that she became a director, but in fact, her salary in secretariat was gone.

With more than ten thousand missing every month, no one would be able to laugh.

"Lv Wushuang, Yang Juan, you have been in the company for three years already. In general, you guys did well in these years, but the President said even the Headquarter doesn't have as many secretaries as us, so " Xia Yu handed two document bags to them.

Am I being fired? Li Feiran, who was still feeling wronged a moment ago, instantly smelled an unusual scent. She picked up her document bag and stood up, "I'm going to report to the Sales Department. I won't disturb you guys any longer."

"Xia Yu, you just said that we had worked diligently in the company for three years. We should not rely on the streamlining list." It was not because Lv Wushuang and Yang Juan were arrogant, but they did think that they were impeccable at work.

Other people had the same thoughts, but the President had said clearly that he wanted to streamline staffs. If they spoke up for the two, the latter might stay, but the ones who would have to leave could probably be some of them.

Everyone had a family to feed, so they had to go against their conscience and remain silent.

"I am also sorry that you have to leave. Fortunately, you are the backbones in business, so you don't have to worry about a new job. "

"Xia Yu, it's not that we're making things difficult. Since the company wants to streamline staffs, why are we recruiting interns?" Although they were not worried about finding another job, it was still difficult for them to find a job as well-paid as Tengfei's.

They didn't want to leave.

"There are two interns in the Secretariat, and one of them is the Third Young Master. The entire company belongs to him, so who has the right to ask him to leave? As for Bao Na, Young Master Yan said that she should go to the Finance Department to settle her wages for these days. " Xia Yu said as she looked at Bao Na.

"It's impossible. I came here because of the Second Madame, so Young Master Yan would not fire me. It must be that you use your power for personal benefits. I will go to the Young Master Yan!" Bao Na slammed the table and rushed out of the room with anger.

"Xia Yu, can you say something good for us to Young Master Yan?" As Lv Wushuang and Yang Juan did not have a backer like the Second Madame, they could only beg Xia Yu.

Xia Yu sighed, and her eyes landed on the document bags, and said calmly, "I suggest that you guys open it up and take a look. Maybe you will change your mind after seeing it."

They looked at each other, then lowered their heads and opened the bags. Their expressions changed immediately, and they left the meeting room without a word. They went straight to their place and quickly packed up their personal belongings.

Xia Yu then turned to the remaining people and said, "The President means that the Secretariat should focus on the secretary work from now on. According to everyone's specialties, I have made a division of labor. From now on, Cai Yanyan will work with the Management Department, and Fang Feifei will work with the PR Department, Hou Qing will work with the Sales Department, and Ma Weiwei will work with the Engineering Department. "

"Then, do we still need to follow the orders?" This was what everyone was concerned about the most.

"That depends on each person's actual situation. If you feel that you have enough time to follow orders after finishing the secretary work, they will be paid as before. For those who are unwilling to follow the orders, their salaries will not be decreased." Xia Yu explained with a smile.

"That's good!" Ma Weiwei immediately broke into a smile. She was afraid of orders the most.

Fang Feifei and Hou Qing, who had strong communication skills, were also overjoyed.

There were no tasks, and as long as they got orders, they could get percentages, so they could still accept this.

"There are even better things. Don't we all have our own departments to work with? As long as we propose good advice and they accept, there will be rewards. " Xia Yu said with a smile.

As soon as Xia Yu finished speaking, there was immediate applause. Furthermore, everyone felt that Xia Yu's arrangement was fair and basically based on their characteristics and capabilities.

They were all excited, and their hearts were full of joy.

Bao Na walked out of the meeting room and looked back. Without thinking too much, she could guess that it was Xia Yu's idea.

She bewitched Shen Yan and asked him to fire her.

It wasn't easy for her to get the position of President's Secretary; she was not reconciled to being fired.

She would not let Xia Yu look down on her. Ever since Bao Na came to this company, she did not have even one good day. She was an extremely stubborn lady, so she had to get her face back.

Without more words, she took her phone and went to the back alley. She called the Second Madame and said in a sobbing tone, "Auntie, Young Master Yan wants to fire me, please help me."

Before the Second Madame went to Bao Na, the latter came to her.

The Second Madame also got to know Bao Na from Shen Qiang. After working for a few days, she didn't get any achievements but got into troubles. As a classmate of Xia Yu, since she did not have equal ability, she should just work properly.

But she was a jealous person. Not only did she report things without clarifying them, she even boldly sold the false evidence to the reporters.

Fortunately, Xia Yu handled it well. Otherwise, she would really lose her face. Even though, the rich friends kept on calling her, asking her if the matter between Shen Yan and Qingqing was real.

She was getting dizzy by the noise of friends. At home, and still had to be careful of the Old Madame.

The Old Madame could not be blamed for not showing due respect to her. She had spent a lot of effort to convince the Board of Directors to give Shen Yan a chance. How long had it been since he took up his duties? Wasn't it equivalent to slapping the Old Madame's face?

It would be better if there was someone else behind this, but it was caused by the Second Madame’s people. Where could she hide?

Bao Na had a lot of reasons, but the Second Madame only summed it up as jealousy. Her personal grudge with Xia Yu was just a small matter. The reputation of the company and Shen Yan was more important.

It was true that she and her mother were classmates, but Bao Na needed to work hard.

There was no reason for her to drag her own child into this for the sake of someone else's child.

"I can't do anything about your work. You'd better take care of yourself." The Second Madame snapped at her.

"Auntie, I admit that giving the video to the reporters was not considerable, but Xia Yu's getting close to Young Master Yan is definitely not simple. Young Master Yan is kind-hearted, and he got fooled by her. I'm your eyes in the company. This time, I really know that I was wrong. Can you just give me one more chance?" When Bao Na knew that the Second Madame was going to give up on her, so she panicked and said a lot in one breath.

As a mother, she naturally knew what kind of person her son was. If he didn't have to compete for the position of president, he could just play with Xia Yu for freshness and give some money to her later, and it's not a big deal.

However, it was a special time, so she had to be careful. If Xia Yu was an ordinary person, the Second Madame would have found an excuse to fire her. But for the matter of yesterday, Xia Yu dealt with it very well.

She was a capable person, and now that her son needed talents, so the Second Madame would not act rashly.

But what Bao Na said made reasonable, she needed eyes in the company.

"Don't cry anymore. I'll forgive you. There won't be the next time. Go back to work." Bao Na was still useful, so she kept her.

"But "

"Aren't you relieved when I'm telling you to go back?"

After the Second Madame finished speaking, she did not wait for Bao Na to speak and hung up the phone.

With the Second Madame's words, Bao Na was relieved. She wiped her tears, looked around, then quickly entered the bathroom and fixed her makeup before walking towards the president's secretariat.

During the time she was doing her makeup, Shen Yan received a call from his mother. "Xiao Yan, I've told you so many times that Bao Na's mother and I were classmates. She asked me to give her daughter a job, and why didn't you give your mother face?"

After Bao Na caused such big trouble, his mother still pleaded for her. Shen Yan was speechless. "Mom, this is a company. "

"Don't speak to me like that. Just let her go if you don't want to give your mother face." The Second Madame was not willing to listen to Shen Yan and immediately hung up.

Sigh, Mom. Shen Yan was speechless as he stared at the phone for a long time.

The Second Madame's mood was also heavy. She looked at her phone and sighed, then dialed a number, "Hello, Ke'er, it's me!"

"Second Aunt, I was just about to call you, and you called. It seems like the two of us really have the same thoughts." The one who answered the call was Yang Weiye's niece, the eldest daughter of Yang Family, Yang ke'er.

"Ke’er, I can only talk to you now." The Second Madame sighed, seemed that she's getting older.

Although she was the Second Madame, the Old Madame was not too preferential to her. But since the two children grew up, Shen Mo has become more and more outstanding. As her own son, he was not bad, but compared with Shen Mo, there was still a big difference.

She knew that when Shen Mo took over the position of president, she and her son would have to rely on him. Thus, she had always been careful of the First Madame.

But who would know that her proud and arrogant son actually wanted to compete with Shen Mo.

It's fine if you wanted to compete, but you should better be cautious.

"Second Aunt, what happened to you?" Yang ke'er sensed that the Second Madame was unhappy; she asked with concern.


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