Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 65 Keep an eye on her
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 65 Keep an eye on her

After chatting with Yang ke'er for a while, the Second Madame felt much better. She thought for a while and called Xia Yu, asking her to meet at the coffee shop.

Receiving the call from the Second Madame, Xia Yu was stunned for a moment, and quickly replied respectfully, "I'll be there soon."

She was the boss' mother. How dare she refuse?

She immediately closed the file in front of her and left the office quickly.

She bumped into Fang Feifei who came to deliver the documents at the entrance of the office.

"I'm sorry!" She continued to head out as she spoked.

"Secretary Xia, you please review this document." Fang Feifei frowned. Seeing that Xia Yu did not have any intention to stop, she grabbed her arm and handed the document to her.

"Just leave it in your office. For now, I am in a hurry." Xia Yu did not have time to care about the document, and she turned around and entered the elevator.

"Ah, the Planning Department is waiting for this document!" Fang Feifei called out behind her.

Xia Yu closed the elevator door.

"The president is still in his office. What do you think shes going to do?" Very quickly, a group of gossipers surrounded Fang Feifei.

"I don't know!" Fang Feifei shrugged her shoulders. You guys saw it, right?

"How about I inquire about it for us?" Bao Na coincidentally walked in and volunteered to keep an eye on Xia Yu.

This time, she followed the orders, and it was right and proper.

"Bao Na, why are you still here? Quickly pack up and leave; otherwise, when the security guards come over, things will get ugly." Hou Qing said with a frown.

"I want to leave too, but the Second Madame does not allow it." Bao Na glanced at everyone smugly. She was the number one confidant of the Second Madame, so everyone should believe her now.

Having someone in charge is good. Everyone looked at each other, then knowingly laughed, "Xia Yu just entered the elevator and pressed the button for the first floor. I think she will be there soon."

"I'll go now!" Bao Na quickly entered the other elevator.

Xia Yu was so fast. Just as the waiter brought the coffee to the Second Madame, she arrived. "Second Madame, my apology for letting you wait for me."

She came so fast, such a sensible girl. The Second Madame was very satisfied with Xia Yu's attitude.

Smiling slightly, the Second Madame stood up and grabbed Xia Yu's hand, pulling the latter to sit beside her. She waved her hand to the waiter, and asked Xia Yu, "What do you want to drink?"

"Coffee, without milk and less sugar." Xia Yu smiled and said to the waiter.

"Alright, please wait a moment!" The waiter bowed and left.

The Second Madame laughed and said, "You kids always stay up late, relying on pure coffee to fresh up. People of our age can't endure drinking coffee like this."

"It's not good to drink too much coffee. I'm trying to control myself." Xia Yu said with a smile.

The Second Madame nodded, "That's good, you may not have the experiences since you are young, but once you are at my age and have all sorts of ailments, you will know how uncomfortable it is."

Just as they were talking, the waiter brought the coffee over. Xia Yu thanked him and gently stirred it with a spoon. She looked at the Second Madame and asked with a smile, "I wonder why is Second Madame looking for me?"

The Second Madame lightly patted Xia Yu's hands and said with a smile, "Do I have to look for you for something? Can't I have a chat with you?"

Even if she was bored to death and wanted to find someone to talk, there was a long line of people waiting to speak with her, there was no chance for Xia Yu, and she knew it.

However, since the Second Madame has said so, Xia Yu could only say that it's her honor.

Just then, Bao Na also found Xia Yu, and seeing the latter was sitting beside the Second Madame. She was happy.

She called the Second Madame just now, and now the Second Madame was sitting with Xia Yu. She must be criticizing Xia Yu.

This was all her fault. Even though she knew that Bao Na was with the Second Madame, she still dared to go against them. If you wanted to bully the dog, you should be careful of its owner. Xia Yu had never heard of this saying before, so she deserved to be criticized.

Bao Na realized that there was no need for her to watch Xia Yu, so she should leave in case the Second Madame saw her and criticized her for not working hard.

Xia Yu raised her head and saw Bao Na. The Second Madame wanted to talk to her and Bao Na was here

The second Madame glanced at Xia Yu and said, "Bao Na is a simple girl, and she grew up in a honeypot and did not know the complexities of the society. So I gave her another chance, but I also told her that there was no more."

Xia Yu listened carefully, nodding from time to time, "Don't worry, Second Madame, I won't put my personal feelings into work, and I won't use my work as a tool to deal with my personal feelings."

She was indeed a smart girl. The Second Madame held her hand and said, "That's good, that's good. I just went to the Yu Meiren Spa to do skincare. They are pretty good, so I got a VIP card for you. You can have a try when you're free. "

Xia Yu's eyes blinked several times, and she declined quickly, " The Second Madame, you're kind. However, I can't accept this card."

"What, You don't want to give auntie a face?" The Second Madame's face darkened, she became unhappy.

A VIP card of Yu Meiren was not a precious gift. In another occasion, she would have accepted it. It was just that after going through such huge chaos, and the Second Madame invited her to drink coffee in person, it was already significant during this sensitive period.

Gifts blinded the eyes, not to mention that she was the president's mother. Xia Yu might be smashed to smithereens if she wasn't careful.

Second Madame, couldn't you find someone else? Such as Bao Na, who was your confidant, you did not have to worry if she dealt with things for you. "Please don't make things difficult for me, okay? "

Xia Yu felt like that she was being roasted on the fire, but the Second Madame had already pushed the card to her. If she did not accept it, she would be punished as well.

Helplessly, Xia Yu forced out a look with surprise and gratitude, "Thank you, Second Madame."

"That's good." Seeing that she accepted it, the Second Madame was satisfied. She picked up the coffee and took a sip, put it down, then raised her head and looked at Xia Yu, "Qingqing has passed the preliminary audition, right?"

She knew it! The Second Madame did have a purpose for this!

"Yes, she did very well. Many netizens support her." Since the Second Madame had asked, then Xia Yu had to explain seriously even its crap. Then she briefly introduced the event.

"I don't care what you do, and you must not let her pass in the next round." The Second Madame obviously wasn't here to hear crap. She raised her hand to stop Xia Yu and immediately went to the point.

The conflict between the Qingqings family and Shen Family was not a small one, and even Shen Qiang did not give her a good face. The Second Madame made it so clearly, Xia Yu considered it in her mind.

"The event is completely open. The result is based on the votes from the netizens."

Xia Yu explained the rules of the preliminary audition in detail.

What the Second Madame wanted was not introducing. "Keep an eye on it."

"Yes, Second Madame, I will." Xia Yu answered straightforwardly and respectfully.

Her attitude was not bad, and she was clever, much better than Bao Na. She could become her people gradually. The Second Madame was very satisfied.

"So bitter!" The Second Madame looked at the coffee and frowned, then quickly explained to Xia Yu with a smile, "We are used to drinking tea, unlike you young people."

Xia Yu laughed. Now there was coffee in the tearoom of the company. "Yes, Young Master Yan also likes to drink coffee, right?"

The Second Madame said, "He doesn't drink coffee. His is allergic to it. It is inherited from his father and grandfather.

"Are you sure?" Xia Yu's stopped stirring the coffee. She raised her head and looked at Second Madame with a complicated expression.

The Second Madame started laughing. She was Shen Yan's mother, how could she not know what her son liked and disliked?

"You just became his secretary for a short time and might not know him well. After a while, you will know. Liu Sijie also knows that."

Bao Na returned with a bright smile on her face.

Normally, when she had this kind of expression on her face, it meant that she was having a good time.

Hou Qing winked to Cai Yanyan, asking her to go over and inquire about the situation.

In any case, Bao Na was just reinstated, so Cai Yanyan should congratulate her. With a smile on her face, she said, "Nana, congratulations on returning to us."

"What kind of relationship does auntie have with my mom? There is no way for that woman to kick me out." Bao Na was just thinking how to explain it to everyone that the Second Madame helped her out when Cai Yan came over, she finally got the chance.

The Second Madame came in person? No wonder the president compromised.

Xia Yu should be dealt with by people like Bao Na. Cai Yanyan pretended to be concerned and said, "You also saw Young Master Yan buying breakfast for her personally this morning, so it's better to be careful. After all, this is in the company, and the Second Madame doesn't come here often."

It was not the first time Bao Na suffered from Shen Yan. Of course, she knew the consequence, "I don't understand why does he have feelings for such a dumb woman. Does he have myopia?

"That's right, and she isn't very pretty either. How could the president be attracted by her?" Cai Yanyan looked in the direction of Xia Yu's office and said something that Bao Na liked to hear.

"She must be good in bed." Bao Na sneered, thinking of that Young Master Yan wanted her to apologize to Xia Yu, she was filled with anger.

She remembered that matter. Sooner or later, there would be a day that Xia Yu paid with interest.

"Let's not talk about her. It's a good thing that you're back. Why don't we go to the dining hall together to celebrate?" Seeing that it was getting late, Cai Yanyan pulled Bao Na and left.

This woman was really tough; she came back so quickly.

How could the Second Aunt get into this? Did she feel that the company was not lively enough, so she personally made a disturbance.

Looking at the back figures of Bao Na and Cai Yanyan, Shen Qiang shook his head, waiting for them to leave before heading to the dining hall as nothing had happened.

Bao Na and Cai Yanyan went to the dining hall as they chatted.

During lunchtime, Cai Yanyan introduced the various groups in different departments of Tengfei to Bao Na.

When she raised her head and saw Li Feiran passing by with a tray, Cai Yanyan smiled to her, but she directly ignored her and walked away.

Cai Yanyan sulked, but could not vent her anger. She could only keep it in.

"Li Feiran is a bitch. As long as there is money, she could do anything, hugging the supervisor's leg, crawling onto a client's bed, causing colleagues to take the blame. Right now, we are just looking forward to the day the client's wife comes over and give her big slaps, and then she'll stop. " Cai Yanyan said as she ate, and her eyes were filled with disdain.


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