Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 66 Rotten Tomato
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 66 Rotten Tomato

Bao Na thought back to when she had received the termination letter, and how Cai Yanyan had looked happy at her misfortune. But now that she had returned to her post, Cai Yanyan's attitude towards her had completely changed. She was friendly and considerate to her now, as if nothing had happened. This kind of person always said one thing to a man's face and another behind his back. She was indeed a bitch, and she had to keep a distance from her in the future.

"Don't underestimate this kind of person. The fact that she can have a foothold in the company meant that she had her own unique law of survival. You might as well study hard. " Cai Yanyan added.

Of course, Bao Na was not someone who could be easily bullied. There were some issues that she was aware of. The other two were fired, but she was promoted instead. She thanked Cai Yanyan and said, "I will be careful. Thank you for your reminder, Sister Cai."

"It's not enough for you to be careful. You have to become a friend of her as much as possible. If you can use such a person, she can become a weapon for you. " Cai Yanyan smiled mysteriously.

Xia Yu had a strong personality, but always alone. She had no territory of her own nor extensive relationships. She disdained to play dirty. This was her fatal weakness.

Bao Na's performance at work was evidently much worse than Xia Yu's. At most, she could only harass Xia Yu once in a while, but if she really wanted Xia Yu to admit defeat, she would need someone like Li Feiran to fight alongside her.

It would be too difficult to become friends with Xia Yu.

Bao Na had already been in the Secretariat for a few days, but Li Feiran was ignoring her. Bao Na still remembered yesterday when they were both in the elevator, she took the initiative to greet Li Feiran. But Li Feiran didn't say anything.

Bao Na's face had turned red immediately, making her feel extremely awkward.

Bao Na felt that standing with Li Feiran made her feel uncomfortable, let alone becoming friends with her. She couldn't help but shake her head. "Becoming friends or not depends on fate. The two people must have something in common to become friends."

"Nana, you are new in the workplace, so you don't understand the secret behind it. There was no real friendship in the office. Everyone hides a dagger behind a smile. You must get used to this situation as soon as possible, or you will lose out. " Cai Yanyan's tone sounded like a master was teaching her disciple.

"Not everyone is like that. Sister Cai, you're pretty nice." Even if Cai Yanyan had not said these words, Bao Na could have seen a clue. When the people from the Secretariat saw Xia Yu, they acted as if Xia Yu was their close relative, but after Xia Yu left, they started to scold her.

Bao Na thought that only hawkers in the market would say those harsh words, but high-class white-collar workers like they could do the same.

"Didn't I just say it? Most office friendships are not real. Do you think they'd really care about each other? " With every word that Cai Yanyan said, Bao Na earnestly nodded her head. She acted as if she would think over and remember everything she had said. Cai Yanyan smiled. "You don't have to be so nervous. Everyone has their circle of friends. Since you are close to Second Madame, even if they want to bully you, they must consider it carefully. "

Bao Na sighed and said: "But I have yet gotten any deal. Even if Second Madame stands up for me, I would still feel humiliated. "

In the southeast corner of the dining hall, Xia Yu and Shen Qiang sat facing each other.

Xia Yu stared at the dishes, with her stomach growling. However, she was sad so that she couldn't eat anything. She said grumpily, "I want a simple job. I make as much money as I can. However, why is it so hard? "

The company was full of infighting and backstabbing. Even if she could avoid it, she would be completely exhausted.

"Did my aunt embarrass you again?" Shen Qiang guessed. He had also seen Bao Na and Cai Yanyan mumbling as if they were discussing something.

Xia Yu raised her head and looked at her surroundings. There are special rules in selecting the right seat at a table. She smiled and replied, "She didn't embarrass me. It's just that I suddenly felt touched. It is said that lewdness is the worst of all sins. In my opinion, money is the worst of all sins. Some people can do anything for money. "

Shen Qiang agreed, "Before gold, even kings take off their hats. Your position is a good one and everyone is jealous of you. They see you like a thorn in their side and want to get rid of you. They don't care how cruel the process is, they don't care how you feel. "

"Is my position a good one?" Xia Yu felt helpless, she laughed: "In this position, I need to serve a lot of people. I'm willing to give it to whoever likes it. Is this position as good as you say it is? "

Shen Qiang felt that it was wrong for Xia Yu to be this careless, and he should remind her: "You know that You know that one should always guard against the harm others might do to him. Although your position isn't very high, you have the chance to get close to my second brother, so there are a lot of people who want to get this position. "

Hearing him mention Shen Yan, Xia Yu remembered something, "Your second brother doesn't drink coffee?"

"He's allergic to coffee. Sis, why are you asking this? "

"My job is to take care of his life. I need to know his habits."

The company had just undergone a major personnel change, and the people in the Secretariat were much more obedient than usual. They had been working all afternoon.

Before getting off work, Shen Qiang had already done grocery shopping and was waiting to go home with Xia Yu.

Just as they were about to go to the parking lot, the old woman came up with the cart. When Shen Qiang saw her, he said to Xia Yu: "Sis, wait for me here for a while, I'll be back soon!"

Shen Qiang hurriedly ran towards the office building.

Xia Yu called out to him twice from behind, but he did not answer. Xia Yu didn't know what he was going to do, so she stood in place and waited for him.

After a while, Shen Qiang came out with a bunch of abandoned boxes.

Just as Xia Yu was about to ask what he was planning to do, he had already walked up to the old woman and placed the boxes on her cart.

He said, "Grandma, you come over every two days. I keep all the discarded cartons from the company for you."

"Thank you, young man. There aren't many children as kind as you these days." the old woman said gratefully.

"Never mind. Grandma, you're welcome." Shen Qiang laughed. Seeing that there was also a cloth bag containing a lot of vegetables in the old lady's cart, he asked, "Grandma, do you have a lot of family members? Do you need so many vegetables? "

The old woman took down the cloth bag and showed it to Shen Qiang, then said with a smile, "I didn't buy this, I wanted to sell it. After I sell this scrap, I'll go to the market and sell vegetables. "

"Grandmother, some friends are coming to my house for dinner today. "Sell me the vegetables." Without a doubt, Shen Qiang took the old woman's bag, and then, he took out two hundred yuan from his wallet and placed it in the old woman's hands.

Xia Yu nodded to the old woman, then left with Shen Qiang. "I don't know you are helpful!"

"Help others when you can!" Shen Qiang turned to look, the old woman had already pushed the cart away.

"You helped her because she picked up scrap?" Xia Yu laughed and asked.

"Isn't that an acceptable reason?" Shen Qiang asked.

Xia Yu nodded: "She is deserving of sympathy. "Let's not talk about this. After buying so many vegetables, how do plan to deal with it?"

Xia Yu looked at the vegetables and frowned.

The tomatoes were rotten, the vegetables stale. She didn't know how long these vegetables had been stored. Are they edible?

Shen Qiang looked carefully and laughed: "This tomato is only half rotten. If the bad parts were cut off, it would still be edible. As for the vegetables … "

The vegetables had turned yellow. He also didn't know what to say, and could only smile foolishly at Xia Yu.

Xia Yu also laughed, and pushed him: "You said that your second brother is extremely picky with food, why would he eat this? Let's find a place where Grandma can't see them and throw them all away. "

Xia Yu didn't want to eat such vegetables, let alone the Shen Brothers!

Shen Qiang laughed and nodded, at this time, they arrived at the side of the car, and he went into the car with Xia Yu.

After arriving home, Shen Qiang worked hard to help Xia Yu with cooking.

However, he was more of a hindrance than a help. So, Xia Yu told him to clean up.

Shen Qiang wiped the furniture a few times, then collapsed on the sofa to rest.

His wallet fell out of his pocket. He picked it up, opened it, counted the bills, and found a few hundred dollars missing.

He counted them carefully again and checked his supermarket ticket again. It was indeed a few hundred dollars less.

"Hey!" He was surprised!

"What's wrong?" Xia Yu asked as she came out carrying a plate of freshly cooked dishes. He saw Shen Qiang counting his money.

"I'm going to treat my classmates to Karaoke in a few days, so I'm checking to see if I have enough money." Shen Qiang kept the purse.

"Look for your second brother for reimbursement!" After Xia Yu placed the dishes on the table, she went back to the kitchen.

After work, Shen Yan did not go straight home but instead went to a jewelry store. He bought the necklace that cost $500 thousand. Qingqing risked her reputation for helping him, so he had to thank her.

After wrapping up the gift, he called Qingqing.

The phone had only rung twice, and Qingqing immediately answered: Young Master Yan, what's the matter?

"Are you available? Come out." Shen Yan's voice was magnetic.

"Yes!" No matter how busy she was, she must find a time when Young Master Yan asked her to come. Qingqing was so excited that she almost ran to Shen Yan and arrived in no time.

Shen Yan passed the necklace to her: "Do you like it?"

Qingqing pushed the gift back and said unhappily: "Young Master Yan, I helped you because I don't like Young Master Mo's overbearing ways. I'm not asking for compensation."

That day, Shen Yan found a camera in Liu Sijie's office, and another one in his own office. He and Liu Sijie discussed and decided to find the traitor.

Shen Yan was not satisfied with the several ways of finding the traitor. Afterward, he thought of Qingqing and had her go back and ask Hong Yu to bribe Xia Yu, thus attracting Shen Mo's attention.

After that, Shen Yan brought Qingqing out to different occasions with high-profile and intentionally passed the card into Xia Yu's hands in the office.

Shen Mo was deceived, he passed the video over to the reporter. Coincidentally, Bao Na also found out about the matter of Xia Yu taking the bribes and gave the evidence to the reporter. The evidence was now even more complete.

After Xia Yu gave a calm explanation in front of the reporters, the meticulous Shen Mo immediately realized that something was amiss. Before he could take action, the hidden traitor went to remove the cameras because they were afraid of being exposed. In the end, they were caught by Liu Sijie on the spot.


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