Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 69 Why Don“t You Have Two?
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 69 Why Don“t You Have Two?

She did not know if he had understood what she said. He calmed down. When she relaxed, she found herself sitting on his stomach.

Their gesture looked like she was assaulting him. She gave an embarrassed snort and jumped off him, with her face red.

"It's all your fault! When you're drunk, you should go to sleep. Why do you keep moving? " Xia Yu ruthlessly slapped him a few times before she was finally relieved.

She wrung out the towel again and wiped his body.

After thinking it over and over again, she decided to take off his clothes and pants.

Men only wear bathing trunks in the swimming pool. She consoled herself by thinking that they were swimming in the pool.

It was easy to take off his jacket, but hard to take off his pants. She didn't know what to do but to scratch her hair and helplessly say, "Shen Yan, in my previous life, I must have mistreated you before abandoning you. That's why you're enslaving me in this life!"

She slapped him angrily for a few times, then reached out to untie his belt, buttons, and zipper.

However, her hands were shaking all the time. She suddenly clapped her right hand with the left hand. "Why are you trembling? Useless. He is just a man. You've seen many men. What's there to be afraid of?"

She made up her mind to pull down his pants and covered him with the quilt. She got off the bed, put on her slippers, went to the end of the bed, pulled open the quilt, and pulled his pants out.

Then she tucked him up.

After completing these, she took a deep breath. Despite the air-conditioning in the room, she sweated all over. She decided to take a bath, so she picked up the basin on the bedside table and went to the bathroom.

Coming out of the bathroom, she felt refreshed all over. She had changed into her housecoat. Her white cheeks were now slightly red, like a ripe peach. She draped her hair over one shoulder and wiped it with a towel without using a hairdryer.

After drying her hair, she went into the living room and laid the pillow on the sofa.

Shen Qiang hasn't come back yet, and she didn't know if he brought the key or not. She would sleep in the living room, so it would be easier for her to open the door for him in case he didn't have the key.

Lying on the sofa, she looked around, and her eyes fell on the clock on the wall. It was already one in the morning. She still had to go to work tomorrow.

Touching her wet hair, she curled her lips in a grimace. Her head rested on the arm of the sofa, and the gesture made her uncomfortable.

She lied with brows frowning. It was already late at night. Maybe it was because she was so tired that she fell asleep unconsciously.

At this moment, a figure suddenly walked out from the storage room and walked to Xia Yu's side. He found that she was sleeping tight, so he walked to the side and took out his phone.

"Second Madam, Xia Yu has already fallen asleep. What should I do now? " So there was a third person in this house. He was precisely the one that the Second Madame had arranged to catch adultery.

Shen Yan and Xia Yu were both sleeping soundly.

It was impossible, the man thought, for two of them to have sex on their initiative. If he wanted to do anything, he had to get permission from the Second Madame

"They're both asleep. What are you still doing there? Disturbing their sleep?" The Second Madame growled. She had never seen such a stupid person. Now that he had discovered that there was no illicit relationship between them, he should leave as soon as possible.

Fortunately, Xia Yu's attention was on Shen Yan. If she found out that the Second Madame had arranged someone else to spy on them and told Shen Yan about it, there would be another significant disturbance in his house.

"Second Aunt, are you relieved now?" Shen Qiang felt like laughing as he looked at the Second Madame.

"Xiaoqiang, your second aunt is not petty. However, your second brother really can't make any more mistakes. "The Second Madame didn't want to do such a thing either.

However, she had already done so. Shen Qiang knew that it was useless for him to blame her at this point, but he felt he needed to remind the Second Madame, "aunt, no matter what Bao Na's parents are like, Bao Na is not someone to be trusted."

After so many things, the Second Madame could also understand. All of this was because Bao Na had called to tell her that Xia Yu and Shen Yan 'lived together,' so she went to Shen Yan's home.

It all turned out to be a misunderstanding. However, at least she caught Shen Yan and Qing Qing, so she did not go there in vain.

Bao Na was still useful. The Second Madame didn't want to let her go yet. "Xiaoqiang, I know what to do."

Xia Yu had no idea what happened last night. The next morning, she felt as if she were holding something warm, which was sometimes moving.

Didn't she sleep on the sofa last night? She suddenly opened her eyes, only to see Shen Yan's foxy eyes.

She gasped, sat up in surprise, and her head just knocked against his chin.

"You can sleep a while longer. I've already asked for leave for you." When Shen Yan woke up, he found himself sleeping on the bed. His clothes had already been taken off. He went to Shen Qiang's and Liu Sijie's room and found no one there. Then he turned around to see Xia Yu sleeping on the sofa in the living room. He knew that Xia Yu had helped him undress and dragged him onto the bed.

Yesterday, whether it was for business or his personal life, Xia Yu did a lot.

She must be exhausted, or she wouldn't still be asleep at this time.

Shen Yan was grateful to her in his heart. He went over and picked her up and put her on the bed, trying to make her sleep more comfortably. Unexpectedly, she woke up.

Xia Yu didn't listen to a single word he said.

She felt her head buzzed and then her mind went blank. Was she dreaming? She quickly closed her eyes, and when she opened eyes again, she saw the frowning handsome face.

Isn't she dreaming?"Ah!" she screamed, rolling to the ground with the quilt.

Shen Yan felt strange. Why was she like this? So many girls dreamed of being hugged by him, to be in close contact with him!

However, Xia Yu seemed to see a ghost, which severely hurt Shen Yan's self-esteem.

"Why are you yelling? Am I a ghost? "

She ignored him and looked down at herself. She was still wearing her housecoat, which made her relieved.

She fixed her hair, threw off the covers, and sat up.

"You … I... Why are we in bed? " She remembered very clearly that she slept on the sofa last night.

Shen Yan stood up straight and rubbed his temples as if he was still suffering from yesterday's drunkenness.

"How could I know? I was drunk and didn't know anything. You didn't answer when I woke up and asked you to prepare clothes for me. I found you still asleep. " Shen Yan's foxy eyes circled Xia Yu's body. He paused, curled his lips, and said, "You said that you were sleeping on the sofa, and now there are just the two of us in this bedroom. Are you …"

"How is this possible? I slept on the sofa last night. " She interrupted him. She didn't drink yesterday, so it was impossible for her not to remember what happened last night.

Did he mean that she had climbed onto his bed? She looked around. It was her bed.

"If it is as you said, and there's only one possibility- you sleepwalked!" After a night's rest, Shen Yan felt much better.

Xia Yu's overreaction made him not know whether to laugh or cry. So he tried to tease her. He had a serious tone, but a sneaky smile in his heart.

Xia Yu,"…"

Her mouth twitched. Did She sleepwalk? Why didn't she know before?

She quickly got up and stepped barefoot on the floor. She opened the wardrobe and took out her clothes, but when she was about to go to the next room to change, she saw her slippers in the living room.

Slippers were lying quietly by the sofa.

Did she sleepwalk? She couldn't help but recall what Shen Yan's said, which scared her.

Looking up, she saw the pendulum on the wall. Was it already 10 o'clock? Ten o'clock! It's over. Why didn't her alarm ring? She hurried into the next room to change clothes.

Then she rushed into the bathroom, washing her face and brushing her teeth. After running out of the shower, she saw Shen Yan leaning on the bed with a lazy look, with his fingers sliding on his cell screen.

The large doll hanging on the phone looked very familiar.

Her cell phone?

How could he use someone else's cell phone without permission? She immediately grabbed the phone and said, "I'm already late for an hour!"

He gripped her wrist, "I approved your leave for today."

Xia Yu,"…"

What's the use of him approving her leave? She had so many things to deal with. Even if she could rest today, she would have to finish them later.

She was about to throw his hand away when she heard a slight whimper in his soft voice, "I'm hungry!"

What? Xia Yu even wondered if it was an illusion.

"Then go back to your room and change, go out to eat," she said sullenly. What's wrong with him?

"I'm going to change now. Will you cook some noodles for me? " Shen Yan lightly said.

It seems that he took her for granted, Xia Yu became angry. He treated her as a servant. "You eat out yourself."

"If you make me a bowl of noodles, I'll give you a thousand yuan." He rubbed the hair on the top of his head, looking lazy.

She squinted at Shen Yan.

"I'll cut a thousand yuan off your bill."He raised his eyebrows slightly as a meaningful smile emerged from the corner of his mouth.

Xia Yu bit her lips. In her previous life, she must have not only abused and abandoned him but had undoubtedly sold him in a brothel for money.

"You didn't eat anything last night. One bowl of noodles shouldn't be enough, so why don't you have two? " She turned and left.


"It's a deal. Cut two thousand yuan off my bill! " Xia Yu walked out of the room.

Shen Yan was stunned. He thought about what she had said and laughed.

When she returned, she had a pen and a piece of paper in her hand. She threw them in front of Shen Yan, "Words alone are no proof. Write it down. "

Shen Yan looked at the paper and pen on the bed, smiled.

Soon, Xia Yu came out of the kitchen with two bowls of egg noodles. She set the dishes on the table and went to her bedroom.

On the night table, the pen was on the paper. She was about to look at the handwriting on the paper when she heard the door lock twisting.

Then she went out to take a look. It was Liu Sijie.

"Xia Yu, you're here too!" Liu Sijie greeted Xia Yu.

"Yeah, have you had breakfast?" Xia Yu smiled and said.

"Not yet." Liu Sijie glanced at the table, found that two bowls of noodles were placed on the table, steaming hot.

"Take a seat, and I'll be back soon!" Xia Yu turned around and walked to the kitchen.


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