Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 70 Leave it to me
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 70 Leave it to me

Just as she said, she came out quickly with a bowl of noodles in her hands.

"Thank you!" Liu Sijie took two steps toward Xia Yu and took the bowl from her.

"You're welcome. Lift a finger." Xia Yu replied with a smile.

At this moment, the door of the bathroom opened.

Standing at the door, she turned her head and saw Shen Yan coming out from the bathroom. He was wrapped in her towel, and his hair was dripping wet.

She was too shocked to know what to say.

How could he use her towel without asking?

She lowered her head without looking at him, but she found another problem.

The water kept dripping from his hair onto the wooden floor, forming a puddle and flowing around. She became so furious because she just cleaned the room yesterday.

Just as she was about to speak, Liu Sijie said, "Young Master Yan, I have something to report to you."

Hearing his words, Shen Yan turned around and walked towards him, "Speak!"

She stepped forward, grabbed Shen Yan, pushed him into the bathroom without a word. She closed the door and said, "Put on your clothes and then come out."

"Then bring me the clothes." Shen Yan knocked on the bathroom door.

Why should I bring him clothes? Xia Yu stood there without moving.

"I'll get it," Liu Sijie said. He had been doing all these things before, so it was a natural reaction.

However, he didn't know what was going on with Shen Yan today that he didn't want him to go. "Liu Sijie, don't go. I want Xia Yu to take. I won't wear the clothes you get for me. "

He was too picky!

"If you don't want to get dressed, then stay inside." After saying that, Xia Yu turned around and went to the kitchen.

After a while, Liu Sijie also came in. "Xia Yu, you'd better take clothes for the President."

"I'm busy now. If he can wait, he will be waiting for me until I finish my work. " Xia Yu had never seen a man like him before.

She did promise to take care of his life before the servant returned. However, now that Liu Sijie offered to help him, why does he still want her to do it?

Liu Sijie leaned forward slightly, lowered his voice, and said, "Then take your time. Take it easy."

He even smiled at her, in which he hid ambiguity.

Then, Liu Sijie turned around and left.

Xia Yu knew that Liu Sijie would misunderstand their relationship. After all, she and Shen Yan stayed all night together, and Liu Sijie saw this in the morning.

Although she was prepared for this, his words made her confused. What did he mean?

Her face fell as she turned and walked into the living room. She finally understood what Liu Sijie meant. Shen Yan was waiting for her in the living room.

He was still wearing only a towel on his waist and wiping his hair with her pink towel.

This man…

Xia Yu pointed at him, not saying a word. She turned back and went to his room to fetch his clothes.

She walked forward and threw the clothes in front of Shen Yan, "Put them on now." Her tone was unfriendly.

She walked over to the table and stuck the chopsticks into the noodles.

Shen Yan took the clothes, smiled and walked towards the bathroom.

"Did the noodles make you angry?"

After changing his clothes, Shen Yan gracefully buttoned his cuffs as he said to Xia Yu, who was using her chopsticks to poke noodles. He dressed in a grey and linen suit, and his slender body was well fitted up.

He asked knowingly!

Xia Yu raised her head and smiled angrily, "Yes, it's the noodles that made me angry."

Shen Yan did not reply. He sat down, stirred the noodles with chopsticks, and then put them in his mouth. With his innate temperament, even eating noodles seemed very elegant.

He nodded as he chewed. "Delicious!"

Then he picked up noodles and put into his mouth. He didn't eat anything last night and was very hungry now. Any food was delicious for him.

Seeing that Liu Sijie was still standing at the side, Shen Yan asked him to sit down. "Why aren't you eating?"

Liu Sijie smiled, sat down, and ate the noodles with chopsticks.

It tastes so good, so it was not that Shen Yan wanted to flatter Xia Yu.

"Delicious! Xia Yu is a great cook." Liu Sijie praised her sincerely.

Xia Yu raised her head and smiled, and continued to eat noodles.

Suddenly, she saw a pair of chopsticks reaching into her bowl and picking up a pinch of noodles. Then a face approached her, and she could see his eyelashes.

Before she could finish, her noodles were moved away by a shameless man. Shen Yan just continued eating.

Had he finished his noodles? Was he a hungry ghost?

She rattled the chopsticks in her mouth. She had seen many shameless people. None was more brazen than him.

Liu Sijie was also shocked that the President was eating the noodles in Xia Yu's bowl. This was inconceivable. After all, Shen Yan was a clean freak.

When the three of them arrived at the company together, Shen Qiang was already standing in front of Xia Yu's office.

"Sis, I have something to ask." Shen Qiang walked towards Xia Yu.

"Wait a moment. Shen Qiang, come to my office. "

After saying that, Shen Yan entered his office.

Shen Qiang glanced at Xia Yu. She shook her head and went into her office. Shen Qiang could only enter Shen Yan's office.

"Qiang, did you do that last night?" Shen Yan helplessly looked at his younger brother.

He was still thinking about the woman. Shen Qiang instinctively felt disgusted.

"I did want to call my aunt. However, before I called, she's already there. " Shen Qiang was not polite either. Shen Yan dared to ask if he did it. He knew clearly that no one liked Qingqing in the family. Why did he bring her here? Was he deliberately embarrassing her?

Shen yan should be thankful that Shen Qiang didn't add fuel to the fire last night. What more does Shen Yan want from him?

"Qiang, I know you dislike her!" Shen Yan took a deep breath, "But, don't you think she's innocent?"

"She's innocent? Why didn't I see it? " Shen Qiang disagreed with him.

"Why do think she's bad?" Shen Yan asked.

Shen Yan was alarmed by his mother's overreaction last night. The hatred towards Qingqing from the rest of his family was deeply rooted.

However, Qingqing participated in the company's audition, and Shen Qiang was in charge of this event. The two of them would meet frequently. Shen Yan did not want them to have conflicts in the company.

Shen Qiang had no right to bother his brother's private life. However, since his elder brother was asking him for his opinion to her, Shen Qiang felt that he should be frank with him.

"Then tell me, what strengths does she have?"

It wasn't easy to discuss a matter with Shen Qiang.

Shen Yan took a breath out. Just as he wanted to explain, someone was knocking at the door. Shen Yan raised his head, "Come in!"

"Young Master Yan, this document needs your signature." Xia Yu took out the document, flipped to the page that needed to be signed, and pointed to the place where his signature should be.

Shen Qiang took the opportunity to leave the office.

Shen Yan finished signing and threw the pen to the side. Then he took out a delicate gift from the drawer and placed it on the desk.

"Xia Yu, Qingqing helped a lot with catching the traitor this time."

Xia Yu glanced at the thing on the table and smiled, "I think that if you gave it to Miss Qingqing, she would be happier."

Young Master Yan was always generous, but this time Qingqing gambled on her acting career, would things be so simple? He's afraid she would not accept this gift.

"Don't You want the reward?" Shen Yan's beautiful foxy eyes slightly narrowed.

"You said you didn't want me to interfere in Qingqing's business."

"Since you have already interfered with my business, you don't mind having one more person!"

He remembered this sentence very clearly. At this moment, Xia Yu suspected whether he was drunk last night.

Xia Yu looked at the document in her hands and frowned, "I have many things to do."

"I didn't tell you to do it right away." Shen Yan pushed the present towards Xia Yu.

Xia Yu had no choice but to take the gift and walked out of the office.

When she went into the office, there was only a document in her hand, but when she came out, there was an exquisite present in her hand. It seemed that she was doted on by the President.

Xia Yu looked forward and returned to her office under the envious gazes and discussions of her colleagues. She threw the gift onto the table and asked Shen Qiang, who was standing beside her, "Why do you look for me?"

"It's about Qingqing. My second aunt gave the order that no matter what, we must eliminate Qingqing in this audition." This wasn't Shen Qiang's idea. When he left the house in the morning, the Second Madame specifically told him.

Xia Yu glanced at the gift on the table and gently pressed her forehead with her hand: "This is difficult. Your second brother told me to give this gift to her no matter what. "

"He's crazy!" Shen Qiang stared at the gift on the table, and his face turned green.

"I had no choice. This time, Qingqing has contributed greatly to finding the traitor, and your second brother is very touched." Xia Yu told Shen Qiang the whole thing.

The big brother never cared about the second brother, but how could he even use such a despicable method? Shen Qiang was stunned for a moment before saying thoughtfully, "Sis, let me tell you the truth. My grandma can tolerate the second brother's mistakes in other things, but if he fell in love with Wu Qing, my grandma will probably break off all relations with him."

"Is it that serious?" Xia Yu looked at the gift on the table frowningly and said, "It looks like I have to send this gift to her as soon as possible, or your second brother will owe her a favor. However, what if she doesn't accept the gift?"

"She hooked up with my second brother for money. How could she not accept this gift?" Shen Qiang said in disdain.

"That's not right. If she were willing to accept the gift, your second brother wouldn't have brought her home." Xia Yu shook her head.

"Oh, she's deliberately making things complicated. Although Qingqing is still young, she has more scheming and tricks than her mother does. " Shen Qiang's handsome face contorted a bit.

Looking at the gift on the table and Xia Yu with a reluctant expression, Shen Qiang grabbed the gift in his hands. "You don't need to care about this anymore. I'll try and see if she accepts it or not! "


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