Sweet Chief Secretary
Chapter 71 Young Master Mo Came with Fury
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Sweet Chief Secretary
Author :Qing Cheng Xiao
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Chapter 71 Young Master Mo Came with Fury

"Xia Yu, you should not have let the Third Young Master send the gift." While Xia Yu was reading through the documents, Liu Sijie pushed the door and entered.

Xia Yu raised her head and asked: "He went to see you?"

"He asked me about Director Qi's number. He said that if Qingqing did not accept the gift, he would make Director Qi pass it to her. "

"This man has a solution."

"Xia Yu!"

Liu Sijie looked at Xia Yu reluctantly. No wonder that Young Master Yan said that she was brave. She was going to make things even more complicated!

"Mr. Liu, you know we don't have much time left. There were still conflicts between the mother and sons and brothers. It seems that Qingqing wanted Young Master Yan to help to achieve reconciliation between the two families. However, in my opinion, things are not that simple. " Xia Yu played with the pen in her hand and looked at Liu Sijie seriously.

"What do you think her purpose is?" Liu Sijie asked her angrily. He felt that Shen Qiang must have brainwashed Xia Yu.

"Let's put ourselves in her position. If I were Qingqing, what benefits would I get if Director Qi restored good relations with Shen Qiang and his mother? Could it be that she was doing this for her godfather? If that's the case, then why did they try to break up his family before? " Xia Yu said lightly.

"Relationships are very complicated and hard to explain clearly." Liu Sijie viewed this matter more objectively than Xia Yu.

"I'm not judging them by putting them all in a moral court of law. I mean, if they want to reconcile, there are many ways. " It was clear that Qingqing had other motives. It was no wonder that Xia Yu would suspect her. "Young Master Yan has already had many troubles. He should avoid trouble as possible."

The Second Madame standing at the door nodded when she heard what Xia Yu said. It seemed that she was like what Old Madame had said, a thoughtful and reliable girl. The Second Madame quietly left Tengfei, not allowing anyone to discover her.

Shen Qiang was meeting Qingqing outside the company. He placed the necklace in front of Qingqing. "This is a reward for you from my second brother. He appreciated your help."

"Young Master Yan didn't say that. You lied to me!" When Qingqing looked at the gift, her heart trembled. Wasn't this the gift that Shen Yan wanted to give her yesterday?

It's not that she did not believe anything that Shen Qiang said. Shen Yan indeed bought this gift. If not for Shen Yan's permission, this gift would not have appeared in Shen Qiang's hands.

Qingqing's eyes were brimming with tears. She thought Shen Yan would treat her as his friend, but she was only a person that he would throw away after using her.

"Did I come here only to deceive you? Who do you think you are? " Shen Qiang curled his lips in disdain and turned to leave. He disdained to be with someone like her.

If Qingqing was only half believing and half doubting just then, but now, Shen Qiang's words were like a sharp sword, mercilessly cutting off her last bit of hope.

Ordinarily, Shen Qiang would not even talk to her at all. If Shen Yan had not asked him, he would not have come to speak to her.

Qingqing laid on the table and started to cry, disregarding that she was in a coffee shop.

"Sister Mina, look at Qingqing." Jiang Wen puckered her mouth and said to Zeng Mina. They saw Shen Qiang walk in a rage, then quickly left in a frenzy. Although they did not hear what they had talked about, they could tell that Qingqing had a big problem.

Zeng Mina laughed coldly: "Wu Qing's mother seduced Shen Qiang's father back then, causing his parents to get divorced. Shen Family hates Qingqing and her mother to the bones. No one expected that Wu Qing was trying to seduce Shen Yan again. Wasn't she courting death? Go and find out what happened. "

Jiang Wen quickly understood. No wonder that after hearing about the scandal between Young Master Yan and Wu Qing, Zeng Mina was so excited, and even especially took her to celebrate. She said that no matter what, Shen Yan would not become a candidate this time.

It was a pity that Xia Yu didn't accept Wu Qing's bribe, nor did she follow Shen Yan's order to buy the necklace for Wu Qing. Only in this did Shen Yan escape trouble.

"That Xia Yu is a lucky star to Young Master Yan." Jiang Wen returned very quickly and told Zeng Mina all the news she had gathered. She could not help but comment on Xia Yu, but she realized that she said the wrong thing and quickly lowered her head, "Miss Zeng, I'm sorry!"

Zeng Mina snorted and stood up. Was she a lucky star? She planned to destroy the star immediately.

Jiang Wen followed behind Zeng Mina, and there's a sly look in her eyes.

Zeng Mina quickly went to see the First Madame: "Aunt, what Shen Yan did is so undue this time. Tengfei was cutting staff, and he was afraid that the employees would object, so he framed Young Master Mo, saying that there are a few people that were arranged by Young Master Mo as spies. "

"Nonsense!" First Madame was instantly enraged.

"Wu Qing personally told me. She said that Shen Yan had promised her that as long as she could do as he asked, he would help her level up in the audition. " Originally, Zeng Mina wanted to say these words to Shen Mo directly, but after thinking about it, she felt that it would be better if the First Madame told him that.

As expected, First Madame's exaggeration made Shen Mo's face colder and colder.

When Xia Yu was clarifying the situation on the Press Conference, Shen Mo had already guessed what had happened. He did not act right away because he was still unclear on the progress of Wu Qing's relationship with Shen Yan.

Shen Mo thought in his heart that since Shen Yan wanted to burn the bridge after crossing it, then he would be courting death. Shen Mo quickly arrived at Tengfei.

"Big brother, why are you here?" Shen Yan welcomed him with a smile. He knew that his elder brother would never come here for no reason. He had to be careful.

However, Shen Mo directly asked him, "Shen Yan, do you know that I'm your big brother? When you framed me, did you ever think that I'm your big brother? "

"Brother, what do you mean?" Shen Yan thought that he should admire his big brother since he was able to act so righteously after making mistakes.

"Wu Qing has already told the truth. Do you want to deny it? " Shen Mo slammed the table fiercely, completely enraged.

Wu Qing is truly a heartless actress! Shen Yan told her that he had no feelings to her then she sold him out right away. Today's matter was a lesson for Shen Yan, and he should learn from it.

Wu Qing? Shen Yan squinted his eyes slightly, "Brother, you should make it clearer."

"Isn't it clear? Should we go and tell Old Madame? "

"All right. I'm not afraid of you!"

Shen Mo's forceful attitude finally infuriated Shen Yan completely.

"Then what are we waiting for? Let's go!" Shen Mo said fiercely.

"Please!" Shen Yan swept the items on the table to the ground, pushed the door open, and stood at the door, waiting for Shen Mo.

When Liu Sijie heard the voice, he ran over and saw the computer on the floor without saying a word. This was the first time he had seen the two brothers lose their temper like this.

At this time, who would dare to interfere?

How could he let them go to fight before the Old Madame? Shen Qiang hurriedly called Zhang Peng, asking him to come over and try to mediate.

At this time, it chanced that Luo Jiancheng was in the company, and seeing that the two of them were angry, he quickly changed the topic: "I'm so lucky today to meet three young masters of Shens at a time! I'll treat you a meal in Ruyi Restaurant! "

Shen Yan and Shen Mo both knew that no matter how furious they were, they couldn't reveal it in front of others. The two of them quickly took their anger back.

Shen Mo was always offish. Although he was not angry now, he still looked a little scary. Shen Yan is the master of this place, so he immediately revealed a smile, "It should be my treating."

"Yo, I came at the right time." Zhang Peng liked to have a big meal with friends. When he heard that someone would stand treat, he immediately came over. "Just us is not interesting, let Xia Yu and Liu Sijie come with us."

After that, Liu Sijie called Shen Mo's secretary and Zhang Hanyu. The eight of them went to the Ruyi Restaurant together.

After they had a meal together, the tension eased a lot. Zhang Peng proposed to go to the Red Lips (a karaoke club). Luo Jiancheng was the first to agree. Shen Yan did not have any objections, and Shen Mo could not leave. Then all of them went to the Red Lips.

"Sis, the two big playboys Luo Jiancheng and Zhang Peng, have been paying attention to you for a long time, and you must be careful." Shen Qiang purposely walked at the back and warned Xia Yu softly.

"I'll act according to circumstances." Xia Yu had already known this a long time ago. She was trying to figure out how to leave earlier.

After they played in the Red Lips for a while, Luo Jiancheng started to get closer to Xia Yu.

Shen Qiang pushed Liu Sijie who was beside him. Just as Liu Sijie was about to dodge, Xia Yu suddenly grabbed his clothes, looking like she was about to vomit. Although Liu Sijie turned his head quickly, a little of Xia Yu's vomit still fell on his shoes.

Liu Sijie subconsciously retreated, dodged to the side, and in the chaos, he stepped on Zhang Peng's feet.

This happened too quickly, to the point where Shen Yan, who was far away, still did not notice the chaos that had occurred.

Shen Qiang rushed over to support Xia Yu, almost knocking Zhang Peng down. He glanced at Liu Sijie with disdain, "Don't shake your shoes. The vomit is all over the place."

Zhang Peng's body was clean. However, he also picked up a few tissues and wiped his clothes a few times as if there was something dirty on him.

Liu Sijie raised his arms and looked down at his shoes, feeling helpless.

Shen Qiang suppressed a smile and said to Liu Sijie, "Hurry up and go to the bathroom to clean up. Why are you still sitting here?"

Liu Sijie shook his head and opened the door, leaving the room.

Shen Qiang held Xia Yu's arm, frowned and said: "She can't drink anymore. I'll take her back home first. "

He dragged Xia Yu up from the sofa. She was drunk like mud. Her long hair hung scattered on either side of her face, and her head was down. No one could see the expression on her face.

Shen Qiang looked at Zhang Peng awkwardly and said, "Young Master Zhang, I'll take her home first. I won't accompany you. Brother Shen Yan, help me accompany Master Zhang. "

Zhang Peng originally wanted to chat with Xia Yu, but seeing that she was in such a state, he nodded and said, "Be careful on the way home."

Shen Qiang supported Xia Yu out of the room, without raising her head, Shen Qiang asked in a low voice, "Sis, are you drunk or are you just pretending?"

Xia Yu's footsteps were unsteady, her eyes were blurry, and she replied softly: "We must act like it's real. Let's go out first. "

Shen Qiang knew that she was acting. As he thought that Zhang Peng and Luo Jiancheng's faces had turned green just now, Shen Qiang was pleased.

He looked down at Xia Yu. She was not drunk at all, yet she pretended that her legs were weak. It was hilarious.

She stumbled out, looking drunk. In fact, she lowered her head and was struggling to suppress laughter.

On the way, Shen Qiang could not help but laugh, "How did you attract Young Master Zhang? He is famous for being difficult to deal with. You'll be in trouble in the future. "


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